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  1. To be honest, all those recent happenings suggested the exact opposite of Renaissance to me. Another up-and-comer kid inherits the "exec producer" role that bounces his way in a game of "hot potato," while yet another exec producer passes the buck and bolts. It's a clueless circle, and no one wants to touch the potato, but someone's got to juggle it. It's been the same "exec producer" carousel since Paiz got punted (and good fucking riddance to that one). Ever since, Lotro's been a revolving door of well-meaning [but inept] token office-sitters that recycles every 2 - 3 years or so. They're paid to be the Lotro dev team figureheads in PR, but in reality they're just middling managers out to pad their cv's before moving up the career ladder to greener pastures. And there you have the simple truth, which explains why Lotro is treading water (and is something the Lotro-hopefuls refuse to see, in the same carousel of new optimism - new disappointments). These "exec producer" up-and-comers are looking out for their careers, fellas. They're not looking out for Lotro. Their priorities are catchy bullet points on their linked in profiles. They're not here to realize grand visions for the game, because in order to have grand visions for the game one has to actually, you know, be a creative imaginative Lotro player and not a mediocre administrative assistant promoted into executive managerial role due to ability to jump through hoops and perform assigned tasks. Creatives create, uncreative types go into management and admin;) To anyone who's wondered how come Lotro is treading water and its deliverables keep falling short of the game's potential... this is why. It's sad to see the recurring cycle of Messianic hope at each new "exec producer's" arrival, when in reality, players are simply projecting their own love for the game onto this new corporate persona, thinking it shares their visions and aspirations. All it shares (with previous execs) is the certainty of Lotro being a career stepping stone to elsewhere. Cannot expect commitment and dedication, let alone any semblance of visionary future direction, from this premise. Those acrobatic admin monkeys won't know how to spell "vision" if you spot them all the letters. Wonder not at their incompetence, it's baked into the job description. If they'd been competent they'd be overqualified for the role. In fact, the carousel of "exec producers" recycling every 2 - 3 years may be an intended feature of Lotro business operations precisely for this reason. Gives the new admins a chance to cut their teeth in a low-key office environment, while the playing masses buy into each arrival with resurgence of hope (and spending) on a game they still think is high-key. And looking at Lotro forums... it's working as intended.
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  2. Lol. You must be like 8 years old if you even notice the f word let alone make a lengthy thread about it. This whole thing looks like an 8 year old neighbour kid yelling "he said poop!"
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  3. to be honest, i don't understand why saying the F-word is such an issue in some countries. It isn't the case in Europe as far as I am aware, so I don't think it's an issue for EG7
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