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    Well anyone with sense will know this release is still unfinished so won't need to rush to buggy content and will just use stockpiled points. It still amazes me that there are people willing to give SSG any money at all, be it for VIP or expansions.
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    https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?675548-Stout-Axes-unable-to-enter-Moria https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?675548-Stout-Axes-unable-to-enter-Moria&p=7961205#post7961205 Stout-Axes unable to enter Moria After completing Vol II Book I Chap 9, and being given a legendary weapon by Hundi, he does not offer the follow up chapter 10 to have it identified. I conferred with other Stout-Axes and this is the case for them as well. Is there perhaps a specific racial flag that was not updated, like the undying deeds were for High Elves? Edit: This was an unboosted character. Other stout axes I talked to were also around lvl 47-52 RACIAL TRAITS ALSO BUGGED: Enmity of the Orcs and Enmity of the Cultists both reward the Heart of Fire trait. A classic example of Tragedy/comedy duality of LotRO and SSG/Turbine. No Stout Axe Dwarves can enter the beginning part leading to Moria. No Stout Axe Dwarves can obtain Legendary items. Whats more concerning to me is posted later. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?675548-Stout-Axes-unable-to-enter-Moria&p=7961386#post7961386 "Well, tbh, although he exaggerates, he is right. I cannot understand why you do not see that. They sold a race which is unfinished and cannot have access to crucial parts of the game. I mean, come on, this is unacceptable. And it is very ominous about the new expansion they are selling. They could not make it right so a new class have access into Moria, are you optimistic that the new expansion will be playable at first days with 1 or 2 rushed beta tests in one month? Let's be reasonable here, shall we? It is a mistake, a serious one, and it is a clear sign of what they are selling and what is coming. My only hope is that this is a wake up call for them. I really do." Its always something with SSG. Always
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    The fact that this pre-order went out without any preview of the content on BR should be a red flag.
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    Its official. Splay is now on the ballot in 48 states. I'll be running on the Death Match platform. Every candidate must face off against me, in a no holds barred death match, at an arena of my choice. #Splay for President 2020 In the event no one is left by the voting date, I will win by default.
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    The early zones until 75 are fun and enjoyable looks great and unique. the real pain start once you start leveling everythin between 75 - 110/115 (this is when I stopped playing).
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    They're banking on gamblers and big time whales, subbers and small time micro-buyers are irrelevant.
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    I still amaze people actually defend their pricing. In gw2 you pay for each xpack 30$ (two so far) and you unlock almost everything the game have to offer. In swtor you sub for one month and it unlocks all the content that has been released until that point. And again people won't be able to buy it with points until march 2020, are they trying to kill the game or did it work for them with mordor?
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    I picture him more like a Grodbog drone (lvl 1, 50 hp, from Skumfil instance) mind-fused to one of those bratty bare-ass goblin mini-bosses (from the brainless RoR Goblin Town instance) who pretend they're king, which is super easy to do when you're surrounded by nothing but lickspittle. How do you troll a cancer like that who wouldn't go away and must always get the last word? I monetized him. I made a bet with a Lotro-playing friend, then posted some questionable "lore" content in a general-discussion forum thread, counting on Radhruin_EW to take notice and get hooked into a reply-barrage. Hoo boy, he didn't disappoint! - And I made $6, two bucks per each react. The icing on the cake was informing him he was being owned. To which he obviously replied with his typical thick imbecility, but then a couple other posters chimed in with amusement - and he disappeared entirely for days. Only to reappear later in another sub-forum making long, articulate "lore" posts in actual topical discussion - clearly belaboring himself to re-establish whatever 'community cred' or hurt ego his goblin insect brain is capable of containing. It was a fun time.
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    As long as there's enough people this time who do make the mistake you made last time, SSG are covered.
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    Made the mistake of pre-ordering mordor ultimate bundle or whatever it was called in the blind hope that it would turn out OK. Never doing the same mistake again. And I simply cannot believe that they haven't even beta tested it yet as far as I know. I'll be sure to grab a lot of popcorn to watch the meltdown on the OF when they release this pile of shite onto those few poor souls still playing this game. I mean jesus, just when you think that you've seen it all, they manage to surprise you again. It's pointless to even try and understand them. You'll be fighting a losing battle. At this point it's a complete money grab. They aren't even pretending anymore (SSG). Everything is; That'll do.
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    There are three Republicans hoping to primary against Trump. Mark Sanford, Joe Walsh(no, not that Joe Walsh), and Bill Weld, I'm not too familiar with their platforms. Although a incumbent facing opposition from their own party has not lost the nomination, none in the last 50 years have won the general election afterwards. The idea is that a incumbent facing a strong primary will divide the voter base. At least two states have refused to even put anyone else on the ballot for the Republican nom. I'm not sure if anymore have followed.
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    Interesting is that a conservative guy was not allowed to run in the 2018 provincial elections for the same offence. https://www.stcatharinesstandard.ca/news-story/9606315-trudeau-s-blackface-backlash-brings-back-memories-for-strange/
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    At least we now know that Doro is a communist . 57 % regulationnism ... 33 % ecology ? Go hug a tree comrade 😁
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    That person joined november 2007 ... 12 years invested ... 12 years . They just invested too much time of their life to admit something is wrong with the game .
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    I remember BeardedMinstrel saying once on lotro reddit somewhere around Mordor launch after multiple bug fixing attempts " ... it just shows how SSG is the most thoughtful and considerate gaming company " . With customers like that why not make suckers pay 5 times ?
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    To add to this, LoE will again be required on your gear (as it was in Mordor), which means they are going to be basing the majority of gear progression as you level around loot-boxes (just as it was in Mordor where teal gear in loot-boxes had more LoE than anything dropping in quests, etc). Only this time, the keys for the loot-boxes will be store only right from the start. $40.00 for a standard edition "expansion" for this game is too much, no matter how people try and justify it otherwise.
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    All of the addicted masses will drool and completely forget they already paid for Minas Morgul with the Mordor expansion. All of the ocd taint will buy it today because the new dwarf triggers their compulsion fix. Nice carrot to dangle in front of donkeys who can't see beyond ten feet. Again staggered content release. No details of the instances beyond two words, Seven and Shelob. I will laugh loudly, if in the future, I find all 7 instances are copy pastes of the Epic Battles. I'll not pay for staggered release content in way of pre-order. When I pay for a product, I want the product the moment the transaction is complete. Not the essence of the transaction. I'll also not pay (Using LP) for the content 5 months later at a price based on the content being new, because by then it won't be new. SSG has not impressed me. They have managed to find the sweet spots in what drives or compels some types of people to trigger spend, but I'm not one of these. Nope, I know a good portion of this expansion will be broken and incomplete. Just for the record. You read it here first. I, 100% know when the instances release there will be things seemingly broken that all the die hard, raid types will gain benefits from, which will shortly after, be denied to the remainder of the playerbase. So-called oversight or mistakes. They aren't and never have been. They are product driven decisions that allowed those addicted end game grinders to find meaning in their pathetic expenditures. I've already decided LotRo is in my past. I've spent the past month saying good byes and slowly been parceling out my assets. Going to players who actually can use stuff. Avoiding hoarders and collecto-maniacs. Turning my Gold coins back into to gold and giving away a caps worth of gold daily. Once done, I will socially divest and go silent save for one last endeavor which may take several weeks, but will only require minimal input from friends I made over those 12 years. The last thing I plan to do is create a video with my Black Arrow and post it on LotRO forums via Ytube. I found some music I'd like to place in the video. At the last of the video, I will show my character page Freep and Creep going thru the motions of deleting all my characters. Then it will be done. With closure taken place, LotRO will be a memory across a bridge I will never travel over again. Twelve years is a long while to spend at doing anything consistently, but its time to move on.
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    What Trump needs to do ( after re-election ) is to repeal 22-amendment that limits presidential terms . Just imagine the collective triggering that would cause . #Trump2024 #Trump2028 #Trump2032 All hail God-Emperor
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    Wowzer. I was reading the paragraph and thinking, 'Olsen probably didn't take well to having his grand assertion challenged.' But to actually block someone for contributing to discussion with a different viewpoint - damn that's rich. Admittedly, after I typed my earlier long post about Olsen, I was almost hoping to be proven wrong. Turns out he's even scummier than I thought. Who the fuck puts a gag on creative interpretations in a class presumably devoted to literature? Oh, a small-time academia reject incapable of creative interpretations himself, that's who. Sounds like all he does is regurgitate the obvious for an oblivious audience that eats his vomit and claps. The pretense of omnipotence ("this is what Tolkien really means"), the one-way transfer of information ("I talk you absorb"), pontificating posturing, fear of criticism (inherently, fear of exposure) - what's with Tolkien scholarship being such a prodigious breeding ground for narcissists? Likely due to "fandom fans" who are its target audience - enthusiasts with less credentials who implicitly "know less", safe audience who cannot criticize, challenge, or expose charlatanry. Just another kind of "fan servicing" turning it into culty preachy bullshit. A dynamic attracting narcs on both sides of the podium - a hierarchy of tiny fragile egos posturing before incrementally smaller, more fragile egos. While any legit teacher worth a damn would kill to be challenged and contradicted by folks thinking for themselves. Looks like Olsen's PhD from Columbia U didn't prepare him for the notion that not everything is the way it appears inside his head. Or that things in the world (and in art) are more complex than black-n-white, good-n-evil - shocking, I know... Yet another case study in PhD degree being no guarantor of intelligence - all it attests to is its owner's ability to jump through hoops and follow administrative guidelines - a newly hatched young professional programmed "what" to think instead of being taught "how" to. I won't even mention that someone claiming to have such prestigious background in medieval English literature should probably be aware of how darkly ambiguous and messy theological notions get in medieval English mystical literature. But hey, why bother with any depth or diligence when you can feed your flock of ignorants such e-z fodder as "Eru good, Melkor bad" and put anyone on ignore who tries to turn it into actual discussion. What I mentioned earlier about Olsen's self-perpetuating mediocrity... That is the crux of his entire operating scheme, arguably against the very grain of education ethics. While the brick-and-mortar educational institutions are built on the premise of graduating class - i.e. ever new waves of incoming students who gain/grow and move on - what are livestreams and podcasts built on? Audience retention, subscriptions, patronage. Inserting this livestreamer mentality into what is being billed as 'educational program' is fucking obscene. His modus operandi is to keep an audience hooked and coming back for more. How do you do that? By making sure your content doesn't challenge, doesn't inspire growth, doesn't cultivate creativity, doesn't encourage "students" to think for themselves. In fact, by making sure all those things are stamped out, discouraged, ostracized. Keep the ignorants ignorant and they'll keep returning to feed on more of the same. Eru forbid he actually apply rigorous standards to his lessons and offer actually substantive content - it will result in his students outgrowing him, and may even lead to competition if they smarten up and start podcasting Tolkien themselves! Signum University: stomping out learning and claiming monopoly on "Tolkien lore" by treating its presumed "students" like co-dependent online followers, inspiring mediocrity, keeping them addicted, and ensuring they end up more ignorant than when they start. Dynamic not unlike religious cults. On the subject of what is it about live streaming that brings out sociopathological / narcissistic traits... Imho it's more to do with Tolkien IP than streaming activity itself (the latter still being a trap for exhibitionists of course). Tolkien IP is a unique case as far as fandom cultures go, for having that "scholarship" layer as far as its author's academic affiliation and his approach to world building. Can't think of any other IP in similar shoes... C.S. Lewis was a university prof, but his Narnia stuff is nowhere near as famous and is less nerdy, closer to religious sermons than anything academic-inspired. It's that "academic" factor in Tolkien that seems to attract mediocre also-rans, parasitic ego-predators, and sycophantic fawners like flies to shit. Same crowd that incessantly fellates his "Professor" title, as if they earned the right to call him that - what bosh. Funny how nobody calls C. S. Lewis "the Professor", even though he also was one. Or how nobody calls Christopher Tolkien "the Professor" even though he too, like his father, held a professorship in Anglo-Saxon at Oxford and his list of scholarly publications is substantial. Yet you never hear of "professor senior / professor junior." Nope, just one "Professor" title figure to suck up to. One ring to rule them all. And the absurd irony that the literary output of the very same author who saw clear through all those sycophantic trappings of human psychology, would attract so many of precisely those types. Like Saruman and Grima after the Shire's Scouring. Peel away the put-on charisma and illusive grandeur of Orthanc, and what is left? A couple of shallow narcissists squabbling for micro-power over each other with their micro-aggressions, just empty suits and overall a pitiful sight. Interestingly, in one of his letters Tolkien mentions his revulsion at being called a "professor." Goes to show who those inbred sycophants are really servicing.
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    I don't recall anyone asking her to do anything. So, why is it a point, by her, to even comment, on something like that? SSG didn't court her. The players didn't ask for her. The only thing she needed to do "in the name of peace" was shut the fuck up. She has only herself to blame. I can tolerate an imbecile being one, but she is an indignant, imbecile. The sooner someone clips her wings, the sooner she can fall from grace.
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    I took one on the chin and listened to the archived version of her stream. She said that, due to the new job, she won't be here for the next two weeks, and she's not entirely sure she'll be back afterward ("there's a 50/50 chance I won't come back."). That certainly applies to her own show (Gondor Has No Druids) on lotrostream, and it sounds very much like she's no longer going to be on Cord Of the Rings, either. She hasn't been on Cory's Mythgard in Middle Earth stream in quite a while. She not going to stop streaming, however; she'll just be streaming exclusively on her personal channel. She mainly complained about she's been done wrong by both SSG and the community. She said that she's tried to be a liaison between the community and company, to bring questions and concerns to the team, but has gotten no where. She claimed that she created a document with all the questions that have been asked in the official stream, but no one at SSG ever bother to answer then. She also claims to have created training guides covering the basics of each class, but then got slammed for that content. She also seemed to slam Severlin for not managing the game very well. It does sound like Ballie's post is a huge part of her decision.
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    6 Free Batman games on the Epic Games store https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/collection/batman-free-week The Arkham collection and 3 Lego Batman games. Each of the 2 packs is normally £47.99 on the Epic Games store but its the Batman 80 anniversary so gets them and dont give WB any money
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    Slight necro, since I guess this new stuff is pretty on point. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-49763805 "Trudeau can't remember how often he wore blackface" The man constantly trying to appease the delicate sensibilities of those most vocal on the left finds himself at their mercy now for something that's really not that big of a deal. I guess it's one of those things where as they develop what they find offensive, people should be held retroactively accountable. Can't wait for the next thing to be something like "it's offensive to wear clothing from other cultures", then he gets ripped apart for wearing all the Indian stuff whenever he could.
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    In that case...never mind :) Seriously, thanks for that. Sounds like maybe they deserve each other.
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    Source: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?537832-A-nice-polite-forum&p=7065085#post7065085 Sad. I really can't wait four months (since the release of HD) for a simple fix. I will miss LOTRO.