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    Just for disambiguation... Autism is a neurological condition marked by sensory disregulation (of which its mildest form was known as Asperger's Syndrome until 2013, when it was reclassified as part of autistic spectrum to account for multimodalities and variation in its expression, per DSM-V). It's not a disease. Lots of pejorative ignorant stereotypes still circulate, unfortunately, so wanted to clarify. The oft-stereotyped "social handicaps" originate not from any mental deficiencies but from increased sensory sensitivities (leading easily to sensory overload) wherein cognitive processes that for most people are automatic require conscious effort to operate. If anything, it is a systems-based logical thinking capable of hyperfocus, excelling in pattern recognition, and requiring predictable structures to comfortably function. (The give-and-take of social banter is of course anything but predictable or patterned). This is as contrary to a manipulative mindset as it gets. Often leading to too much honesty for one's own good. This inability to grasp others' intentions or read between the lines can make autistic folks (even adults) prime targets for naricssists, abusers, etc. That being said... The Vanya creep is obviously a mentally ill sociopath, but please don't lump autism into this psycho shit. Just a toxic and fucked up personality. Interestingly, there's a trend among borderlines/narcissists/antisocial-personality-disorder-types to self-diagnose themselves as "autistic" then come online playing victim, because autism is received with more sympathy in today's culture than the toxic pathological BPD/NPD mental disease shit. Can see through these from 1000 miles away. Has nothing to do with any real actual autism, and all it does is contribute to negative stereotypes as they bring their toxic borderline/narcopath bullshit along. Social posturing and attention-seeking is as opposite of autism as it gets. (You can tell these fakes apart by their persistent self-labeling themselves as "Aspies", obviously ignorant of the fact that this term was clinically retired years ago and has since been replaced by level 1 ASD. Anyone claiming an outdated colloquial term for attention is a red fucking flag.)
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    Her 40s level range suggests Trollshaws and Misty Mountains, the zones that were brutally raped by the so-called "region revamps." This was in the spring of 2014, still under Turbine. (Which of course makes no difference, same shit different turd shapes). Yet it brings to mind what an insidious precedent this has set, something that has sailed entirely under the radar when it happened and whose magnitude of damage to the game can only be appraised now, in light of everything that has followed since. Having repeatedly alted through (and loved) the original Trollshaws and Misties pre '14, I can point out some of the most egregious bullshit of these zone-rapes just to illustrate calling them rapes is no exaggeration: Misty Mountains BEFORE: Your traveling quest hero arrives to Gloin's Camp and meets the iconic dwarf sire, who asks for help with establishing good diplomatic relations with Elven neighbors and offers a series of quests to that purpose. Mindless killing quests become relevant and meaningful: you are in fact gathering animal pelts that the dwarves will turn into luxury gifts for Rivendell, and your efforts are rewarded not only with + Rivendell Reputation but with Gloin's appreciation texts giving more flavor and atmosphere to it all. He also offers you a personal gift: Gloin's Crossbow, an item with a personal touch to remember this quest chain by. AFTER: Your traveling quest hero enters the Misty Mountains region for the first time. New unfamiliar zone, different landscape, so you stumble around aimlessly and suddenly get a pop-up "remote quest": Hey there's too many critters running around, maybe you should thin their numbers. You click "accept" on this pop-up and start killing 10 critters til it's done. Time to turn in the quest, another pop-up: good job, here is your + Rivendell Reputation rep and Gloin's Crossbow. This quest is a daily repeatable, but you can reset it now for Mithril coins and get even more Rivendell rep! All this for derping around aimlessly. You never set foot in Gloin's Camp. You don't get to meet Gloin. You don't get to interact with him at all. Instead, this quest chain was killed and turned into several discrete "remote pop up quests". One of which has the temerity to offer a reward originally associated with that iconic quest NPC. And now? Gloin has NO MORE quests to offer directly, ever. No more quest ring over his head. BEFORE: After helping Gloin, your traveling quest hero receives the attention of his friend based in the same Gloin's Camp. Mindful of secrecy, the dwarf offers several quests to scout the different enemy strongholds in the snow, all intended as atmospheric introductions to the zone and its history. Secrecy adds to immersion element, you wanna help dwarves out and travel out of sight, even if it means covering great distances back and forth. AFTER: Gloin has zero quests for you, so you derp around through the zone, completing one random pop-up quest after another, til you reach what looks like a new quest hub. Right in the middle of the crossroads between enemy camps: who is it but the same dwarf NPC who got yanked out of Gloin's Camp and put here instead. Nice secrecy, bro. Yes, he still offers these scouting quests. How convincing are they now, with this dude parked in full sight in what should be untraversible and hostile wilderness? Meanwhile, Gloin's Camp is rendered redundant, with no quest-bestowing NPCs there anymore. A player might never even discover it. Trollshaws: BEFORE: Entering Trollshaws for the first time was the first real taste of untamed wilderness. No markers, no directions, you were meant to find your own way and this was the whole savage charm of it. Intentionally left rough, unpolished. Deep woods, new dangers at every turn. Your destination quest hubs are well-hidden out of enemy eyes and friendly eyes alike, and ominous foreboding of this haunted wilderness is fully reflected in creepy sound effects and empty spaces intentionally left unfilled. AFTER: Entering Trollshaws for the first time, you are greeted with the following sight: literally every critter mob in sight has a quest ring over its head. You kill one to see what happens, and get a pop-up: "good job now kill 9 more." You kill more and get another pop-up: "good job, here is your + Rivendell rep." These pop-up quests are daily repeatables and can be reset with Mithril coins, as the pop-ups remind you. So you derp around looking for more critters to kill, til you stumble upon a bunch of Elves parked IN FULL SIGHT right along the Great Road, who happen to be chilling out and vector you to Thorenhad - you know, the secret quest hub stronghold you were supposed to find in the wilderness on your own. The whole zone was stripped of its rough dangerous mystique and turned into this mindless theme park click fest. BEFORE: Your traveling quest hero arrives to Thorenhad, full of Elven NPCs each with their own quest lines and stories. There is one haunted-looking fellow standing by merchants quarter, who tells you about the Valley of the Wolves and what unwholesome creatures they are. He does not recommend you explore that valley, but feels a great danger brewing there that must not be ignored. Your curiosity is peaked and of course you go. The graphic details of the wolf pit it sends you to, fully matches the haunting writing of quest text. There is a half-decaying Elf corpse sitting up in the shadows there, looking suspiciously werewolfish and demonic... whose presence is never explained. And after you complete this quest? Every time you walk within close distance of this Thorenhad Elf NPC, he will /say: "Do not return to the Valley of the Wolves." Like, holy shit. Some things were meant to stay unresolved. The whole text of that quest chain was full of ominous foreboding, a genius of subtle storytelling that literally gave me chills every single time. AFTER: Your traveling quest hero derps around the zone until you stumble upon that wolf pit and get a random pop-up quest to explore the cave and kill a bunch of wolves. Well, okay. Here is your + Rivendell Reputation, bye. You run to Thorenhad to check up on the haunted fellow who used to be original quest bestower, and guess what. He offers nothing now. Tbh, I don't even recall if this NPC is there at all anymore. Just like that. Such a compelling masterpiece of quest design just trashed and pissed on and shat on and flushed. There is far more, but these particular examples alone are already unforgivable. Back in 2014, sure enough there were player rumblings about turning Middle Earth into a theme park, but it is only now in retrospect something else becomes very clear. These were no haphazard clueless butcherings of older content. There was a method and a logic driving these "changes" to original game design, with clear long-term goals in mind. We can now, of course, all recognize what they are. Conditioning players to treat LotRO as a theme park casino, not as an immersive MMO. Conditioning the "payer" mentality: notice these "zone rapes" were implemented in for-purchase quest packs, not in f2p zones. Those who bought these packs and played through these "new revamps" without knowing what originals were like, will have already bought into this clickbait design and more likely to open their wallets again. Conditioning players to accept random pop-ups "as intended" - imagine all those lore-gasming roleplayers accepting quest popups without ever complaining how "immersion breaking" they are. That is some pro level brainwashing. Auto-bestow quest pop-ups prepare players for LotRO Store pop-ups and condition the click-and-buy mentality. Removing (!!!) interactions with quest-bestowing NPCs conditions players for a pay-to-win mentality. Trivialize landscape questing and players won't regret skipping them. Target what makes the game personally meaningful: stories, quests, adventures along the way. If players derive satisfaction from personal gameplay, they will not spend $$$. Gut these meanings and trivialize landscape gameplay to make players feel restless and unfulfilled: they will start shelling out cash to "buy" meaningful game experiences (Valared toons, LI imbuements, dicking around with housing decorations, etc). Everything is WAI. Sobering to think how far back this "SSG" monetizing philosophy extends, but not at all surprising. Only now the chickens are coming home to hatch.
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    Well you are here soooooo..........
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    (snip) Cordovan modelled the desired behaviour: valar and skip Skip the time, skip the grind, skip the game He did it without even pulling his wallet, which tells the audience: yes, it's that easy Those who followed suit are now willing to buy lootboxes as well WAI
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    There are one or two threads where folks are venting their disappointment. The only issue...SSG isn't doing anything they haven't done before (i.e. Mordor). All this anger over something that isn't going to change. SSG already showed you who they are--years ago. If you continue to stick around and play the game, you have no one to blame but yourself.
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    Okay that is just the most batshit answer you could give. First as previously mentioned, not all women can take the pill for a wide range of reasons. Second, where the actual flying fuck is the responsibility of the man in your "argument"? He can wear a condom or get a vasectomy. But condoms can break (happened to me) vasectomies can reverse themselves. Then there's a host of socioeconomic reasons why even a couple who would want a child and get pregnant decide that it's not in their best interest or that of the child to carry a fetus to term. And if you even fucking dare to say that the women can just put the child up for adoption, you are so fucking skewed and blind in your supposed moral "superiority" that I am immediately done with you. If you even dare to bring up that sort of bullshit, I will very "respectfully" tell you to FUCK. OFF. Get a fucking grip and take your "pro-life" bullshit elsewhere. I'm perfectly fine debating the morals of abortion, but not with someone who is this far up their own/whichever overly religious moron they follow's ass that they're completely incapable of reason. I speak from experience when I say an abortion is not something you do lightly, nor is it something without potentially far reaching psychological effects. Don't even fucking dare.
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    That may be a joke but I think it would take at least this many films to cover everything that happens in The Silmarillion.
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    Ignoring that I was just pointing out yet another example of your spasticated double-think, I'll bite. Except it was Iraqis who did that, in response to a US airstrike. Shenanigans with ships, which were false flags. And flying a red flag after having a general murdered, yeah they're in their rights on that all things considered. Which is just talk, which you say is cheap. You mean the US starting a conflict with Iran. Benghazi is in Libya, not Iran. There's only something like 2,000 miles between them, but I'm not surprised you'd confuse the two. Using some idiotic excuse like "but dey both Muslim!" won't cut it. Saudis. In fact, going by the default narrative, Saudis led by a man the US propped up. Again, no surprise you'd pick something that stupid. You'd have to provide evidence that many of the terrorist attacks in Europe have been due to Iranians. Obviously, you won't provide that, like every other claim you make, but I'm just letting you know that bullshit doesn't stand until you do so. Go suck Trump's dick a little more, you ignorant cunt. Every post you've made on any subject relating to politics has been either blinkered or flat out wrong. Honestly, it's laughable but you're just as cowardly as Trump and won't face up to your own failures. Go ahead, post some shitty car or some other shallow nonsense to cover yourself. Maybe make some weird brag over interconnected web of thoughts, like you're somehow a genius. I'm up for a laugh.
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    Trollshaws has you find some objectives by looking for specific markers on the ground. After they went all cut-n-paste happy to liven up the landscapes a while back, there are now rocks, weeds, bushes, flowers, etc plopped via algorithm all over the place that hide a lot of the things you're supposed to be looking for. The roads are obscured by grass/vegetation a lot now too in many places in the world. And don't get me started on the ubiquitous use of the Mithril Coin to ease the way: travel to NPC, reset daily tasks, reset daily repeatable quests, travel routes, ILI tiers...they even have a MC button attached to the "repair equipment" icon that comes up when your crafting tool wears out.
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    This is the dumbest shit I have ever read on these forums and I want my 5 minutes back.
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    Watching to see if the Curator philosophy gets expanded to other barter type exchanges in the future. I read the post with the mention of Puppy-Huggles and noted the Post Script added at the bottom of their post. I so want to make a post asking if their puppy fetish is attributed and enhanced by meds. Also to look for a meme of a person strangling a puppy to death with hugs. On the subject of the Task wallet thinger. It kind of amazes me that all these players praising it haven't noticed that the higher priced LP sale includes a medium version. This implies a large version in the future. I also imagine all the addicted players still call the Double LP Bonus as a double point sale. Completely passing by them it isn't a double LP sale. It's possible in their minds these sales have been around long enough they no longer make the distinction between two very different amounts and how they are recognized. If this is the general case, someone at SSG gets a win there. LotRO players can't math. I sure would like to see the data on who, why, what, and how much players spend. Also to see how the data changes an SSG broadens their manipulative shenanigans. Somebody in their marketing understands how to prey on addiction. That's too bad really. They could be marketing to bring in new players with a more honest approach. Instead they've chosen to prey on their existing player base. I guess it is easy to abuse your family than to find strangers who will endure the same abuse.
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    https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?672055-Why-is-there-still-no-improvement-about-the-scrolls-issue-grind-SSG&p=7975292#post7975292 Wait... What! Reading the bold line above was like getting hit in the head with a club. 5% bonus club bonus for being a Hobbit. Cause this one left a mark. And before morning coffee. Three minutes later and I'm still bring to absorb this. Ten minutes now, and still, this is real? I see the words and am at a near complete loss to comprehend these implications being applied on a micro and macro scale. I am concluding for this moment, I am speechless. 2nd cup of coffee and I'm still scratching my head, but I'm not giving up, to wrap this up in some condensed form for mental digestion. Last I knew, Cordovan was somewhere before Rohan. If such was the situation, then that means Cordovan skipped all of Rohan. Skipped all of Gondor. Skipped all of Minas Tirith. Skipped all of Ithilien. Skipped all of Mordor. Skipped all of Northern Mirkwood. Skipped Mounted Combat. Skipped Epic Battles. Skipped every deed throughout all those areas. Skipped every daily in those same areas. Skipped half of the game and the Middle Earth map. Oh, and here is a big one. Skipped half of the Epic story. The story the whole game is based upon. Well, that is unfortunate. It would have been a benefit for all concerned to have SSG see the game first hand in some real time scenario, so they could assess the multiple shortfalls and search to provide a means for repairing them. This includes the length and tedium incorporated into character progression. This now will not happen. Ever! I can't give my headspace anymore time for this. SSG, Enjoy your game. Sometimes WTF! doesn't come close to what needs to be said. After a few moments, to grasp what I read, I had a lot to say, but didn't. It sure as fuck wasn't because of fear of being banned. The care factor dropped into minus numbers. I can't say, I ever had that take place before, in my life. Period. Usually for me its just a 0 sum, which I view as neutral. This however fell into a bottomless pit of hearing fuck you's during the free fall. I don't think this was Cordovan's decision. At least not in whole. That places the onus on that freaky fuck Severlin. (Let his ghost troll an empty game for all I care.) Though I quit LotRO and do not plan to return. Ever! It would have been a nice thought that eventually, at some point, there would be a reckoning. An awakened moment where these people at SSG would have to openly and honestly accept they inherited a shitshow and would be willing to confront this truth and set things on a path to be considered right, correct, and proper. Having Cordovan Valar his main character is proof positive SSG will not accept their due destiny to endure all the bullshit they put all their customers through. Though willing participants, the players begrudgingly endured all their manipulations, they too deserve the fate they signed up for by continuing. In short there is no justice in Cordovan's actions choosing to use a Valar. No justice at all. Had I been him, I would have not agreed to do this, but instead created a new character with a Valar use to appease his freaky overlords. Thereby retaining the somewhat viewed as "original goal" which was to showcase LotRO by playing and leveling a character and using live streams as a Promotion as well as a connection to the customer. Play his main for fun and play the Valared for current content promotion. SSG in every way is challenged averse. These fuckers always choose the path of least resistance, only to choose easiest path, even if it creates other problems. Putting themselves in some circular stupidity I can't comprehend. Edit: I went back to the forum page I quoted and reread the quote I responded to. Which is this. "Alas though, the CM has decided to bypass it and bring in a brand new Valared level 120 character" This seems to be as stated a "brand" new character. Imo as I said above would be an acceptable choice to me, but here is the kicker. Will Cordovan still use and level his original character? I doubt this, but time will tell. Even so, I can't be dissuaded. I'll still not open up the launcher either way.
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    I can see the thread being locked soon. Other postings are leading it to that sort of dead end. I threw out some thoughts and a couple questions in a post I included to the thread. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?676872-New-Lotro-Interview-articles-19-11-20&p=7974731#post7974731 Deepthroat that Funberry Before I forget. I wanted to ask in the thread what race would Severlin's ghost be? I know the answer. TROLL
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    Back early in this thread Almagnus wanted us to take a test so he could adjust his responses. I am no fool. A person of conviction doesn't amend their opinions based on what others say. Its been more than evident for most of this thread Alamgnus has been baiting, to see what bites. When ever he is locked locked, he skips passed those questions or statements, because he knows they reveal flaws, in his logic and his choice of endorsement. Often lacking substance and even more so, absent of content containing objective truth. Constantly siting any link by others as biased, when at every step, Almagnus uses sites of equal or more to depth bias. The sad part about him is, he is a Trumpeteer, because he couldn't handle a woman as Commander and Chief. I didn't vote for Hillary Clinton, but not because she is a woman. Now, Almagnus is stuck supporting a moron, because it's, all he has. Choosing to wear one tinfoil hat as opposed to another one. Almagnus could wear Tim's hat, but what would Tim be without one? I'm convinced Almagnus might be good at one thing, but choosing a President isn't it. Nearly everything sited in this thread by Almagnus about how Trump is intelligent, insightful, and on track, is now proven to be false. Everything from world and domestic policies including industry, agriculture, health and human resources are falling down one after another like dominoes. It's expected a recession is in the works. Which means a rise in unemployment, increased housing prices, increase in commodities. The fact the Fed lowered interest rates again has further implications, problems are on the horizon. Investment brokers are hesitant and only seek short term goals atm. Having the president use any and all means to obstruct his impending, impeachment is also contributing to his bad policy choices. In turn changing, how the finance markets make their daily choices. Once, consumer confidence is shaken it's all over for Trump. Even now as I type this, Republican Senators are trying their best to find a way, to not convict Trump on the Articles of Impeachment, soon to be put in front of them. If Trump can't be put on a leash, Mcconnell will have no choice, but to urge his party to vote for removal of the President. All it will take is one word from Trump to piss off Mcconnell and its over. Honestly, I can see this happening, and at the end Trump will go apeshit crazy and call everyone treasonists, bastards. Do I think Mcconnell will stand aside and let Trump hang? You betcha I do. It has to be hard enough for Mcconnell to be the front man for his party, let alone having to deal with a crazy loon like Trump. So, you fuckin idiot. You want to quote me and quip off some dumbass remark, then go ahead. But... just know this. I got your number buddy.
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    Tonights my last LotRO log on. I won't bother updating MM. Twelve years is long enough to have Tolkien's story done. I ended the night after saying a few personal fairwell, then with this in world chat. The same words I hear, when I first enter Middle Earth, on my Minstrel Brammble twelve years before. Led Zeppelin's Ramble on. Leaves are falling all around, it's time I was on my way Thanks to you, I'm much obliged for such a pleasant stay But now it's time for me to go, the autumn moon lights my way For now I smell the rain, and with it pain, and it's headed my way Sometimes I grow so tired But I know I've got one thing I got to do Brammble on
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    Right.. Obviously you don't know, since you're railing against the "illegal inquiry of the democrats". Okay, what I read matters greatly. I'll take that argument. Media bias is a thing. That's why there's sites like https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/. They objectively judge sources on left/right leaning, science or pseudoscience. So, when you disqualify my opinion because I'm European, it matters, but when I state that what the US does impacts the EU, you disqualify it? The EU is one of the biggest trade partners of the US. Get a fucking grip. Wake up call. China is taking over cheap labour. No amount of chest pounding Trump does will change that. Chinese workers accept much lower wages than we do, both in the US and in the EU where minimum wages are far higher. It's basic economics and you're guilty of it too. If you can buy product X for $19.99 in the US, or for $2.99 in China, you'll buy it from China. Trump's tariffs only mean it's more expensive for you to buy things manufactured with products from China (or any other country he hasn't slapped tariffs on). You do know tariffs are a tax on the consumer, not the producer right? Every president before Trump has been careful to keep long standing allies as allies. While not every president has been equally kind to trade partners and countries, they haven't just shunned all of them. Trump seems to only favour those countries that have dictators or strongmen leading them, like Russia, North Korea, Saudi-Arabia or China. The last only in private though, because the Trump family seems to get an aweful lot of trademarks pushed through.. Actually, the only thing that benefits China is exactly what Trump is doing. Making imports from western allies even more expensive with his silly tariffs. It makes for even higher cost disparities between European and Chinese products, leading to even more business going to China (and even more businesses in the US going out of business). Their abhorrent human rights policy has absolutely zero to do with the economics, that's just deflecting. Yes I suppose you would call it that, because I disagree strongly with your views. Your "MAGA!!!!!111oneone" ideas are just plain fucking stupid. Maybe move back to the bayou, live on a boat and stop pretending you can participate in intelligent discussion?
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    False equivalence, because it implies everyone has to be equally as ignorant as you are.
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    But, the servers are supposed to be rebooted weekly. Lately the scheduled reboots have been preempted by near-weekly patches and updates. And even with the frequent reboots , there are still a number of unscheduled reboots. Now, there is this (https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?&postid=7965207#post7965207) : Do other MMOs have this issue? Or is LOTRO literally being held together with chewing gum and duct tape?
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    You know Interfax is a Russian state agency right?
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    Since this thread got a rez, on the subject of original post: I seldom check my OF PMs, but found this gem waiting for me there: You have received an infraction at The Lord of the Rings Online Forums. Reason: Community Rules Violation: Please read the Community Rules and follow them. ------- is fellating his university title ------- This infraction is worth 1 point(s) and may result in restricted access until it expires. Serious infractions will never expire. Original Post: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?p=7954125 Originally Posted by djheydt Word of Professor. I'm curious, did you take a course with him to earn calling him that or is fellating his university title somehow meant to rub off on you? All the best, The Lord of the Rings Online Forums Had it coming and well worth it - in both senses. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Good to know Arkenstone players sobered up and ran him off, that was his new stomping ground. Seemingly no attempt to infiltrate Crickhollow or Brandywine, but Crick population is too chill-out-casual for any drama and Brandy regulars are too hard-nosed for his snowflake ego. Landroval is so thoroughly steeped in NPD he would blend right in and none the wiser. He might be anon on his recognizable porn toons, but willing to bet he's got a bunch of new Landy-exclusive lowbie alts sprinkled throughout the server RP clusterfucks. Affirmative on the list name changes. If a toon on friend/ignore list undergoes name change, it automatically replaces old name and toon remains on same list under new name.
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    Related to this topic is something that has been going on since Embers came about. The currency has a 10k cap. If a player chooses they can transfer their embers through the shared storage to another server. Essentially giving the players stash of 50k embers. All well and fine. Seems legit though I don't see it as intended or playing the game with an honest spirit of intent. I've read many post on the subject and in particular about SSG oversights and outright development mistakes. I personally, am unwilling to fuck with my shared storage doing item transfers. Other's have made it a way of LotRO life. From the AH pvpers to Raiders moving their endgame gear around as they server surf, to remembering how the gold sellers used shared storage to pollute Middle Earth. Sept 25th we get this obscure post made outside of patch notes where all transfers are immediately closed. Sighting some vague reasoning about player impact. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?675433-World-Character-Transfers-Temporarily-Disabled World Character Transfers are currently disabled while we work to resolve a log in issue impacting some players. Sept 30th this thread appears. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?675585-Embers-transforming-into-Motes-automatically-when-lvl130-cap-is-released Oct. 2nd Cordovan comments. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?675585-Embers-transforming-into-Motes-automatically-when-lvl130-cap-is-released&p=7962042#post7962042 It is my belief that what I stated earlier is consistent with our long-term statements about Embers and Motes, so a suggestion that anything is changing along that line is news to me. The content used to earn Embers and Motes will shift so that Embers are typically earned by playing the most relevant end-game content. Any currency already earned will remain intact and unchanged. Oct. 3rd a player post this. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?675585-Embers-transforming-into-Motes-automatically-when-lvl130-cap-is-released&p=7962161#post7962161 are we 100% sure? look at the photo i posted (not mine) Originally Posted by Cordovan Any currency already earned will remain intact and unchanged. are you confirming that we can spend the embers we have saved up in the 130 expansion, and that they will not be auto-converted to motes like they were when the cap was raised from 115 to 120 a year or so ago? Look at that. 174k Embers on one accounts shared storage even though the cap is 10k. Another thread started about the same subject. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?675639-Reactivation-of-Transfers-Between-Servers In it, is a player some know and even from some on this forum. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?675639-Reactivation-of-Transfers-Between-Servers&p=7962251#post7962251 Would really like to see these opened again. I play on multiple servers and transfer gear and items between the servers to set up my characters. I just leveled my Gladden hunter to 120 and need to get it all set up Am a bit squishy in level 115 Abyss gear. Not only embers are being transferred but bound gear as well. I don't have anything good to say about Chromite so I'll say nothing beyond what I already said here and that just a statement of fact by quoting his OF post. Minas Morgul is due to release. SSG has been doing for months, what ever they can to stall player progression. Some of it is obvious. To get players to spend, by placing irrational road blocks in player paths. The other has been to keep players logged on as long as possible. Consider what is openly known. The embers cap can be circumvented. Players can do the Anvil on one server and gear their alts on another server with the same gear they are already using and other gear they won as a reward. Transfers are being closed due to possible player impact? I can see again the average player getting fucked in the ass, because every time something which amounts to SSG having lack of foresight, becomes an advantage to those willing to venture beyond honesty. All too often hiding behind the logic that if SSG can't see that far ahead its not the players fault. Lack of foresight, allowed the gold spammers in the game. Lack of foresight, allowed raiders to exploit endless looting of boss chests. Lack of foresight, allowed players to cap embers of day one of Mordor release and never having to do any quest, rewarding embers. In the end is the players who will so greedily grab what ever they can as long as they can and I also include in this buying gold and keys from the gold sellers. What did the players lose? The chat is now self moderated by timers and a new filter. The filter fucked up the naming process. Kinship's and pet names as well. More loot was bound than I can recall in a long while. Now chest rewards are bound, including scrolls. In this insanity, players lost degrees of freedom, because the developers and the players are just fucking stupid. Greed fucking, both ends of the fucktoy, being the average player who plays and avoids exploiting and questionable practices. Its just a disgusting cycle that seemingly can never end, leaving a spum trail in its path. There is more but, I'll not openly list what I know, in a place where the info can be accessed by lurkers. Sidenote: I gotta LOL at players going to servers to gain a raid title where they know they have no competition. Expect Gladden to be the next server to lose its raid titles to transient whores.
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    Well anyone with sense will know this release is still unfinished so won't need to rush to buggy content and will just use stockpiled points. It still amazes me that there are people willing to give SSG any money at all, be it for VIP or expansions.
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    https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?675548-Stout-Axes-unable-to-enter-Moria https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?675548-Stout-Axes-unable-to-enter-Moria&p=7961205#post7961205 Stout-Axes unable to enter Moria After completing Vol II Book I Chap 9, and being given a legendary weapon by Hundi, he does not offer the follow up chapter 10 to have it identified. I conferred with other Stout-Axes and this is the case for them as well. Is there perhaps a specific racial flag that was not updated, like the undying deeds were for High Elves? Edit: This was an unboosted character. Other stout axes I talked to were also around lvl 47-52 RACIAL TRAITS ALSO BUGGED: Enmity of the Orcs and Enmity of the Cultists both reward the Heart of Fire trait. A classic example of Tragedy/comedy duality of LotRO and SSG/Turbine. No Stout Axe Dwarves can enter the beginning part leading to Moria. No Stout Axe Dwarves can obtain Legendary items. Whats more concerning to me is posted later. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?675548-Stout-Axes-unable-to-enter-Moria&p=7961386#post7961386 "Well, tbh, although he exaggerates, he is right. I cannot understand why you do not see that. They sold a race which is unfinished and cannot have access to crucial parts of the game. I mean, come on, this is unacceptable. And it is very ominous about the new expansion they are selling. They could not make it right so a new class have access into Moria, are you optimistic that the new expansion will be playable at first days with 1 or 2 rushed beta tests in one month? Let's be reasonable here, shall we? It is a mistake, a serious one, and it is a clear sign of what they are selling and what is coming. My only hope is that this is a wake up call for them. I really do." Its always something with SSG. Always
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    The fact that this pre-order went out without any preview of the content on BR should be a red flag.
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    Dude calls himself (and lets himself be called) 'the Tolkien Professor" like a self-brand. Y'all heard of the Professor Tolkien, now get ready for... um... some random who basically claims the same exact iconic name with words rearranged. How does one measure an ego that size - in light years or in millimeters? Don´t look now but sounds like he and Druidsfire are a match made in... what´s a sad mediocre no-name equivalent of heaven these charlatans go to... an obscure unnecessary self-congratulatory gaming convention. Disclosure: I never checked out Corey Olsen's output in depth, my take is purely from my impressions. But those impressions are precisely why I never checked him closely. He may well be a nice guy who smiles nicely in photos. Like, ya know, Druidsfire may be a nice gal if you give her a ton of money and power. So I´m damn unrepentant when I tag both as attention-whoring ego-feeders. The only difference, he's got a more classy cover/face as the audience he's courting is higher up the food chain than Druidsfire's fodder. Let's take a closer look at Olsen. PhD from Columbia U (about the only thing it indicates is he could afford it and was railroaded well). Assistant prof at Williams College for a few years - which means tenure track; he left this position - which means he didn't get tenure and was let go. Tough break for humanities disciplines, especially 'English lit" profs that are a dime a dozen. Indicatively, didn't have anything to stand out from the crowd. Instead of pursuing academia, he leaves it and founds a for-profit business venture under the banner of Signum University (whereof he is now president), one of the countless online degree factories whose claim to attention is the literature-medievalist-fantasy-myth focus. a.k.a. where academia rejects go to lord it over the unwashed masses who are easily impressed by titles like "professor", who are easily intimidated into covering up their own ignorance like nakedness by holding everything that falls out of the "professor" mouths as Indesputable Big True, and who will relentlessly kiss every PhD ass in sight / on sight, so that these magic powers of knowledge will transfer from holy rectum unto themselves. In short: breeding ground for sycophantic circle jerks where education is commodified and "knowledge" is fetishized. This is not to piss entirely on situational merit of online learning resources. But to put it more tactfully, Signum and its Mythgard Institute (did you know, all you have to do to become an "Institute" is to call yourself by this label) tends to attract much of the same crowd as Weatherstock and its Lonely Mountain Band groupies. In other words, lore-jocks who are so unimaginative and untalented they have to tune in to those "Tolkien Professor" podcasts to know what to think about Tolkien. Did I mention English literature (yes, this includes modern fantasy and Tolkien) faculty and college courses are a dime a dozen? Druidsfire's link with Olsen is unsurprising and very intuitive, as both cultivate similar groupie followings, each in his/her own way. The audience they share is exactly the same. Low-self-esteem middle-class ($$) passive-aggressive "American Beauty" types who, in neverending quest to stuff inner emptiness with quick fixes of self-importance, would keep donating to the Druidsfire parasite to pay her through life, or buy online courses from academia rejects because it's "lore knowledge oooh". Same ones who then spend massively on Lotro because we already know why... and then spew their toxic sludge all over the official forums because any hint of Lotro criticism reminds them they are not self-important. How many academic faculty in the US teach Tolkien courses? More than one might guess. To be meticulously fair, let's exclude "adjunct," "lecturer," and "reader" titles and leave only the tenure-track or tenured faculty. I can still think of at least a dozen tenured (or emeritus) faculty with full academic affiliations who would qualify as "Tolkien" professors. But the temerity it takes to claim that tag as if it's a personal name brand... is astounding. (In the US, the title "professor" necessitates tenure: i.e. associate professor. Assistant professor denotes tenure-track, i.e. faculty on temporary contract under committee review, their permanency pending). He's a very successful business man who knows how to build himself up, and he does tend to cater to the slowest student in the room, i.e. enabling mediocrity to self-perpetuate, not challenging for upward growth. His Tolkien insights are what anyone could find there - if they stepped away from the damn screen and opened a book and trusted themselves enough to know their viewpoints are valid without any "credentials". Imagination and creative thinking are activities that don't require a PhD. The poor Lotro-types who buy into him/his institute/his online degree factory thinking they're buying lore wisdom, are deluding themselves. And selling themselves short, but that is the premise of his business venture and target demographic. If DF's driving his traffic, he probably won't distance from her. Both are podcasters first (whatever else they claim to be is second or third), they feed on the same livestream viewers. Of course, if he is tolerating her antics, he is getting something beneficial out of it. The instant it stops serving him, the axe comes out.
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    Some names I recall, and I'm not even that active there anymore. It's been a while since the last run-down, but I see some new and some usual suspects on this list so I'll take a stab at filling some in with own experiences. Arnenna - publicly cancelled her VIP and is critical of SSG, but makes the mistake of engaging (and continuously baiting) forum trolls as if they're capable of honest mature discussion. Too polite and circumspect for a lotro forum, strikes me as genuinely nice person blinded by own inexperience of dealing with toxic personalities, thus unwittingly enabling them, to the point that her (rather substantial) criticism of Lotro management not only loses its edge but is downright hard to even detect, negating the very point of outspoken critical feedback. Bohdb - a self-precious snowflake, immediately palpable by custom pet photo avatar on a fucking game forum. Textbook cluster B personality disorder specimen, whining on forum about whining on forum. Enters threads to distract self from obvious self-resentment and excrete on others' views. Pathological toxic turdlet. Boraxxe - 2013 player council member, in other words a good-for-nothing useless mouth who thinks he's good for everything. Anyone with an urge to insert their own real-life selfies into their online game forum sigs reveals their IQ even before anything is posted. Inane, irrelevant posts with forgettable content, made by a stereotypical extrovert who needs to dump his excess energy at anything that breathes. Self-aware of own mediocrity, hence the idiot selfies in signature to attract attention. Obviously it worked, as it's the only damn reason I even recognize this fucking name. Dinara - no recollection of this one, other than seeing similarly vague generic 'female fantasy' name handles on forum posts that get easily butt hurt over anything that doesn't clap and cheer for SSG. Goes hand in hand with black and white thinking, picking sides, triangulating, and other 3rd grade slumber party bullshit these name types never seem to outgrow. djheydt - pathological narcissist sociopath incapable of basic human empathy or reciprocity. Is only into Tolkien and Lotro insofar as it creates a platform for trumpeting one's own "expertise" - since no other author and no other game generate such promising yield of worshipers. Predatory. Enough was said about this one over the years in these forums. I'm just gonna say I'm glad I studied some psychology and can pull the plug on some forum personalities without garnering them with the same human regard that they lack. dsltn07 - no idea who the fuck this is. Probably some sock puppet account of another name on this list, sounds so try-hard generic it seems contrived. jakeatkisson - never seen this one around. Langie - no recollection of this one. maartena - stopped posting and isn't around on forums, for very obvious reason... things have been quiet and non-controversial lately for the most part, so no "hot issues" to excrete unsolicited opinionated mental diarrhea at. Perhaps licking his hurt oversensitive ego after being taken to task in his Legendary sub-forum thread about "asshole in Misty Mountains". Surprisingly easy to shut up and take down, if publicly catching him at his own inconsistencies. Just a small-office-administrative weasel type, sickeningly smarmy but hilariously soft target. Dramatically losing forum "relevance points" now that SSG moved to livestreamers/twitch as their ass-kissing sources (clearly alien turf to him). Known for giving "personal opinions" on Bullroarer content without actually having logged into Bullroarer to "personally" see and test such content first hand - per his own admission. SSG and Lotro development is standing on the shoulders of these feedback giants, obviously. Mar-Evayave - never posts anymore, and good fucking riddance. Going by how much she was fellating Turbine's management and Lotro's development, you'd think she would be active on forums giving advice to new players, answering questions, posting screenshots and game experiences, etc - Funny how that ain't so, ain't it. Made herself scarce soon as Sapience got the boot. I had a lot of fun trolling her in 2014 by calling out her self-righteous BS, wherein her best attempt at trying to shut me down amounted to resorting to her bogus morality posturing, then curling up into a ball and whining when that didn't work. (Incidentally, that was in a thread started by a member of Lonely Mountain Band bragging about contacting Guinness World Records to count Weatherstock attendance. Which quickly descended into a shit-flinging fest of hurt fragile egos, when this announcement wasn't greeted with the orgasmic excitement they were expecting. Still a fun thread for the lols, reminding how fucking culty and toxic the Landroval RP cummunity really is.) MAWorking - vaguely rings a bell. The only thing I remember about this name is how forgettable it is. Nymphonic - a gloomy self-resenter, as evidenced by forced excited inanities he only ever posts. Never engages in actual conversations or discussions of on-point issues. His contrived mask of pro-Lotro cheer has multiple cracks: such as his own self-admission that he never spends real money on Lotro (all expansions bought with LP from lifer stipend), or his repeated claims that Lotro is just one of several games he's fiddling with and that he'd abandon it anytime it stopped serving his needs and never miss it. You can smell some antisocial-narcissism here, but he's far more emotionally intelligent than Bohdb and camouflages it far more subtly under his cheery hobbit mask. Inserts self into critical threads to shoot down others' opinions/experiences while passing himself off as a winsome exemplar by never actually getting argumentive but trying to overwrite others by sticking to his scripted "well I'm having fun." Looking at his post count, one has to wonder why someone who has so much fun in Lotro spends all this time on internet forums claiming to have fun in Lotro, instead of in game actually having it. Funny how that goes. Radhruin_EU - thicker than a gelatinous soup from Soviet communal kitchens in which cooks wash their feet. Claims to have "decades" of RPG "experience", which gives good indication of his personal life status and demographic he falls into. Imbecilic mind-blind hypervocal turd who gets off on trying to get the last word in everything "lore" related. Pathologically incapable of recognizing difference between his own convoluted interpretations and objective textual affordances, as well as difference between own head and other people's minds. Shits on others' creativity and imaginations, obviously incapable of creating or imagining anything of his own due to being dropped on his head hurled against the wall when born, repeatedly. I hope someone curb-stomps him, what a waste of tissue and organs. The only twat on my ignore list besides the Vanya pervert. thinx - I'm most certain he does not. Trobon - never heard or seen this one. Vanyaerunanethiel - plenty said already in another thread about this sexual predator still running loose and ban-free. Coming soon to a child Lotro player near you. whheydt - still out there in the wild, but posting privileges have been suspended years ago and good riddance. Wolfhelm - no recollection of anything worth noting. YvainBlakhart - never encountered this one, and I'm sure I'm not missing out. Fun group. Lotro official forums are a hoot. So is the game development. "Powered by our fans."
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    And then they take it further by setting up alt accounts for their kids, paying for those too. While game companies definitely target gullible children... The hyper-focus on kids in all those news stories could well be a projection screen for their game-addict parents (the interview sources for such reports) too stuck up their own ass to admit their own issues. How thinkable is it for a kid to pilfer a parent's credit card? Chances are, if kids resort to such behaviors, their parents are (a) enabling them (b) absent and not giving attention/a fuck (c) both at the same damn time. Wouldn't be an issue in the first place if those same parents didn't plug their kids into tech devices to shut them up, which of course frees up the time to...plug themselves into the same devices like the mature adults they are. Just the mindset to hook their kids on the same pill, then point fingers to deflect responsibility. Of course, the news reporters don't ask "where were the parents" because underage gambling addiction gets more clicks and outrage points than the basic vanilla kind. The real "RPG" in Lotro is all those stagnant cucks roleplaying functioning adults. I cringe at the premise of making game accounts for (no shit) six-year-olds, or at the thought there actually are upper teens out there who've been plugged into that game by their parents since age nine because same parental figures don't wanna be alone in their misery and "play as a family." Some people shouldn't reproduce.
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    vBulletin's moderation is a straight forward when it comes to permissions. There isn't really anything complicated about it. Cordovans experience using the forums over time, has shown his knowledge of it, is limited. Think about this for a moment. There is no sensible reason to allow the CM of LotRO the "actual" Admin of the forums. This is why when a forum user get a ban that can never be lifted he can't change the permissions to allow you to be active. Its because the CM didn't place the ban or when the CM uses this choice they can't undo it. Also worthy to note is, when no reason is specified, its likely the CM had nothing to do with it. Who would have the top level admin of the forums? Hmm... Also there is this. If you are willing to contact vBulletin explaining the situation with Cordovan's mail exchange with you, there is a chance you can have the permissions reset by them. ofc with the SSG nod. Though this would bring into light the Admin forum chain at SSG isn't performing as one voice. This is why Cordovan tells you its easier or best to just create a new forum account. Which by the way means creating a fully new account for game and its forums. This reads like you had a smokescreen thrown at you from SSG via Cordovan passing the buck because admitting fault or ineptitude isn't acceptable.
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    The most important posts are delivered by small Baltic grandmothers, who carefully and ritualistically carry the message across Europe to the Swiss interchange directly. Unfortunately, it can cause a minor delay in response time.
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    The entire process is wrought with constitutional issues, which Trump will likely have legal recourse to challenge. I operate under the assumption he is guilty as all politicians are corrupt to some degree, and nothing I have seen so far is precedent setting given the many other shennanigans that have gone on in washington. The main constitutional issue Trump has as his fall back (thats assuming the senate convicts which is unlikely) is Senators are required to take an oath for the impeachment trial, I believe this is in Clause 6 in the constitution under Article 1. This oath requires all senators to uphold impartial justice, which seems dubious given 3 senators are running for the nomination of the opposing party to replace Trump. Their interests conflict clearly with this mandate and that alone is a basis for Trump to argue the validity of those 3 votes, again assuming that there are enough votes to convict him in this matter. I think Trump is a blowhard and a snake oil salesman but based on what he has done so far he's been a better than average president. I think the real issue here is not the narrative that the democrats want to undo 2016, but they are acutely aware that they dont have a good platform or candidate for 2020. Trump went populist in 2016, a very simple message meant to appeal to masses and it worked. The question the democrats arent answering is why did it work? They are attacking the pied piper and not understanding why his tune got so many to flock to his banner. Many of the same working class people that voted for Obama voted for Trump for the same reason, they want washington to dial back globalism. This talk of 3d chess being played by Trump is laughable, he's a populist, and populists always succeed when they time the message right.
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    Implying Trump is from the working class is probably the most ridiculous thing I've heard. This week.
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    Is this the new thing? The fact that you use this as a dig only shows that you lack the ability to have an original thought. Trump's a boomer and the majority of the people that voted for him are probably also boomers. Ergo, voting for Trump was bad. Thanks for finally admitting that.
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    You know, monetizing a game, often announces a fundamental change to any game. Especially older games such as LotRO from its inceptual days of being a sub based game. It should be so, but often is not the case, when going into monetization mode, from a subscription based origin means, knowing your product. Using subtle changes/manipulations that go in stride with already established implementations and or mechanics. It really makes a huge fuckin difference if you know the developed game by playing it. (Cordovan as an example doesn't meet this standard. Not to slight the guy, but his presence is more PR than anything else. Ofc he would not deny this.) Generating revenue ultimately must happen, but... And holy shit this is huge. Admitting it as such, makes the truth upfront and understood to anybody. This total omission by SSG does not go without notice and often comes across as devious manipulation instead of guided, transparent, integrity. This combination of lack of ingame progression knowledge and monetary hidden pitfalls, yields a plus sum of broken non-existence consistencies. That in itself is frustrating to players, who with patience attempt to endure these monetary type transitions. Frustrations often described by players, who know they are at or near a breaking point, by saying the developers don't care as they once did. I read this almost daily in some capacity of the OF's. I can on many occasion conclude these statements are 100% true. I can also say, in my 12 years I played LotRO (notice past tense ?) deem that some at SSG truely only see LotRO and DDO as a job. Put in the time. Get a paycheck. Pay their bills. Which brings me to this. I played this game before LotRO. I put many hours in it and had many sessions of fun. Met many nice, decent people, in that time. https://www.pcgamer.com/the-9-year-journey-to-explore-each-of-eve-onlines-7805-solar-systems/ Eve online has had to deal with declining population in its last half of its life. They too like LotRO have their resident dedicated fanbase. Eve has also had to change it revenue model and more than once. Eve has also had to deal with the intro of monetization tools. Seems same, same doesn't it? Yet it is so much different. Eve has never denied why they introduced skill injectors. Which if people don't know is a near equivalent to a Valar. Near I say, because of the obvious differences in game approach. Ya, Near is a good a fit as any. Eve players are as nuts about ship skins as LotRO players are about armour cosmetics. Things that made Eve a great game to play is the developers also played the game. It is well known the original founders of Eve were themselves PKers in Ultima Online. If you've ever played both games you can't but help to understand the similarities to both games. Perhaps products of their time more than actually defining qualities inherent in gaming. This meant when Eve's developers made changes they fully understood how they changed their game. This can be debated at length but I'm really referring to its first half of existence. As the old guard developing Eve slowly ended their employment (CCP Guard, CCP Falcon being the last) things did take unexpected turns. CCP Seagull had a vision but over time it became diluted by player politics and powerplays. You'd know the extent I mean (Eve is so much more than a spaceship game) if you knew who those are. Eventually CCP Seagull left and so Eve had no pilot. CCP being sold recently marks a full end to those old standards. I expect a full monetization effort in the coming years. With developers who are decried much the same as SSG developers are today. The link above is a monumental moment in the twilight years of Eve Online where the company who developed Eve, not only played the game, but recognized players and their achievements. In the Eve universe the quest to visit every system is a huge monumental task. To do it and never have a ship destroyed is beyond imaginable. Thus yielding a Guinness world record. Nine years and having CCP at the end acknowledging the journey may be the last of its kind in the MMO world. Take a look at the one screenshot where it shows 2 dozen CCP developers logged on to celebrate this one players quest. Logged into the game to celebrate the completion of the 9 year quest. Developers taking a few moments to show they give a fuck. Priceless
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    This. But in order to do that you need to take 2 steps backwards and look at the bigger picture, then you soon realise that the same thing is happening over and over again; SSG screwing you over and you being angry and frustrated as a result. It's like you're stuck in a time loop because every year it's more of the same.
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    You don't know what foisted means. My opinions on abortion should be not used to dictate the decisions made by the other 350 million people in the country. Just like using subjective religious beliefs should not. Do you think it would be ok for a vegan president to outlaw consumption of meat?
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    Women are very much responsible too. They should make a guy wear a condom if they can't take the pill, or maybe even if they do. There's also things like STDs. There's a reason the condom is the oldest and safest form of birth control. Your previous posts however seem to indicate that you think that if a woman doesn't want to get pregnant, she should just take the pill. As was explained to you, not everyone can. Second, no it is not better to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term and put it up for adoption. There's the socioeconomic reasons why it's a bad thing: the woman's life is on hold for a good half a year, meaning their education might suffer, or their career, or they simply can't afford the care they need while pregnant which in the US is hard enough with the religious right constantly threatening clinics like Planned Parenthood's. Then there's the psychological damage that can occur years down the road, for both the mother and the child. There's years of well documented studies on this subject. And I'm not even getting started on pregnancies resulting from rape or incest or the long term damages those can cause. Or on fetuses with high likelihoods of medical complications like down syndrome or severe physical defects. Third. Yes you have every right to say what you want, that does not however mean that I have to facilitate you on my forum. If I want to read "alt right" bullshit, I'll just read the Twitter feeds of the orange baby and his most ardent enablers in congress. I'm perfectly fine debating politics, but without "leftist" "libtard" and the likes. If you don't like that, fine, go rant elsewhere. Arnold shouldn't be president either. He sure is charismatic and did okay as governor. But what the US needs is someone who can fix the mess Trump is making of the economy and the political landscape, both domestic and abroad. Arnold just isn't that guy. I mean, his approval ratings weren't entirely on him, there was also the global economic crisis which made a mess of even California's economy, but he's just not the beacon of light the US needs. Then again, a chimpanzee would probably do better with the economy, social policies and foreign relations than Trump.
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    Been there a long while (till last year actually) ZaklanoSrce so I know what you mean. When I finally quit it helped me though. Now I can enjoy other games I've loved for years and try the newer ones when I have the time and budget. I agree on the point of whales vs. subs. I suspect even if all subbers quit today they would still keep afloat. It's the few whales who spend a lot and the gamble-to-win types they rely upon. That "raiding" kin which moved en masse to Landy to steal the server first title for instance. People were saying the leader himself paid for the transfers... That was the case way back in RoI/GR days too; I remember an old kinnie who would buy every virtue point etc. on top of his sub. Wound even mock us when we went out to grind deeds etc. That's the way of pay-to-win, with or without gambling.
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    They are now 2 months ahead of the original release schedule. I think Mirkwood came early because of the many completionist in Moria were blowing virtue exp gains. Fixing the issues being beyond their ken they figured to just apply the same fix, up the level cap and have space for that vxp open up. I think they have the merest grasp that they have reached the golden era of Lotro at this point on the LSs. Cord made mutterings that the next release will come later. But if the subs drop again then the bean counters will push the LSs over the precipice into the carnage years of lotro. The biggest failure for LSs is that they didn't open them up on beta first and sort out the balance before release. Time and again they fail without help. It would have flagged the symbol availability also. Numpties. You can think yourself smart if you are stubbornly ignorant. That's the message form the Friday Stream apparently. A delay in Rohan may get us a pass on the mounted combat but at this stage I can only expect them to make it worse than ever and only achieve in pissing off the crowd who have mastered it.
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    You have received a warning at The Lord of the Rings Online Forums. Reason: ------- Community Rules Violation: Please read the Community Rules and follow them. Don't use loaded words to insult a group of players: The use of the words, "fanboy", "fanbois", "cheerleaders", "haters", or similar-meaning language, is insulting and not okay. ------- Original Post: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?p=7955902 Originally Posted by icefriend Cord mentioned it on his stream a few hours ago. Lol, can't make this up. I guess the product is so underwhelming they only dare mention it to a an auto-cheering clique of fanboys rather than run a promo campaign to increase awareness and hype. It is almost like a concentrated effort to suppress the hype. Oh wait.. Warnings serve as a reminder to you of the forum's rules, which you are expected to understand and follow. All the best, The Lord of the Rings Online Forums Did you know, "hater" , "fanboy", and "cheerleader" are now infraction-worthy "loaded words to insult a group of players". Because "vocal minority" were not loaded words to insult a group of players in 2013 and 2014, not at all.
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    but Gupta, do you not trust the Brahmin caste to assign a social credit value for all humanity? https://futurism.com/china-social-credit-system-rate-human-value https://pjmedia.com/rogerlsimon/chinas-scary-social-credit-system-made-in-usa-by-google-facebook/ has it not worked soo well for India? no thanx. pull the plug! break this company up NOW!
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    My old potato laptop finally died last night, and I went out and got a new one this morning. I'm currently downloading LOTRO only so that I can keep up the maintenance on my houses. I have them all set up with decorations I earned from doing the epics and various festivals, and it's a nice reminder of all the years I spent enjoying the game. I may log in and ride around to see how the 64-bit client performs on this machine, but I don't see myself ever seriously playing again. I don't miss it at all.
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    The reason why it works in DDO is that some of the items (like a cloak from the halloween festival) make sense to grind out multiple times as you can get versions at various levels, and as the cloak is a particularly good cloak that you can build around, it makes sense to do this especially since you carry all of your items through a reincarnate. In LotRO, however, this doesn't work as LotRO needs to be a WoW clone that's good... so this kind of busywork just doesn't work.
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    But that's not Turbine/SSG's fault. Tolkien designed the city. It's essentially a 7-walled city, with the ramps and tunnels under the prow acting as choke points. The buildings and streets were designed so that they could also act as additional choke points. Turbine/SSG's quest design was horrible...many of them take you up one level, down three levels, back to the Citadel, and all the way back down to the Main Gate and out to the Causeways at Osgiliath. And then kills some random number of things until the RNG was kind enough to drop the item you need. And the back trough the Main Gate, back up to the Citadel, then back down three levels before returning to the original quest giver on the original level. Or run repeatedly through the Cisterns.
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