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    And then they take it further by setting up alt accounts for their kids, paying for those too. While game companies definitely target gullible children... The hyper-focus on kids in all those news stories could well be a projection screen for their game-addict parents (the interview sources for such reports) too stuck up their own ass to admit their own issues. How thinkable is it for a kid to pilfer a parent's credit card? Chances are, if kids resort to such behaviors, their parents are (a) enabling them (b) absent and not giving attention/a fuck (c) both at the same damn time. Wouldn't be an issue in the first place if those same parents didn't plug their kids into tech devices to shut them up, which of course frees up the time to...plug themselves into the same devices like the mature adults they are. Just the mindset to hook their kids on the same pill, then point fingers to deflect responsibility. Of course, the news reporters don't ask "where were the parents" because underage gambling addiction gets more clicks and outrage points than the basic vanilla kind. The real "RPG" in Lotro is all those stagnant cucks roleplaying functioning adults. I cringe at the premise of making game accounts for (no shit) six-year-olds, or at the thought there actually are upper teens out there who've been plugged into that game by their parents since age nine because same parental figures don't wanna be alone in their misery and "play as a family." Some people shouldn't reproduce.
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    Ah, a long known truth of life... feminism, with its varied guises of other 'liberal' -isms, is but a social platform for histrionic tantrums, micro-aggressions, and macro-resentments, tailor made for, and by, borderline personalities on antisocial rampage because they weren't luvved enuf in their formative years or whatever. As ideology, it's entirely vacuous and as empty as their own suits, premised on tearing down others instead of building anything up - existing solely to give meaning and expression to their destructive urges. It's nothing else than a set of manipulative strategies of self-validation, re-coloring these pathologies as socially virtuous. Its doctrinal posturing of enlightened clarity attracts the weak and insecure eager to up their social rep, whereby its genius as a pyramid scheme: it is driven not by altruism, but by angst and fear, perpetuated by fragile egos too terrified of others' opinions of themselves. Expecting logic or reason out of this pyramid scheme is like expecting Cordovan to fart diamonds. Its whole attraction lies in being a refuge asylum against logic and reason, whose adherents can mask their intellectual deficiencies in critical thinking by lining up to get their pats on the head and virtue stickers for their profiles, clutching feel-good vibes like alcoholic clutches a bottle to distract themselves from their depression. It's why they get offended by everything that contradicts or disagrees: it reminds their pathological safety bubble may burst any moment, and fear of their negative thoughts getting in triggers that frantic shrill defensiveness. Just another symptom of same toxic mental disease. As is immunity to facts. So much easier to avoid when adjusting expectations accordingly.
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    I watched this at 6:30 am. Put on my headset and turned it up to 11. Walked out the door for work and said "Fuck Ya!" This world's got nothing if you can't go apeshit at a football game. Might be just the reason I need to take a vacation and head across the pond for a month or so. American sports seem a rather boring affair in comparison. The tribalism is magnitudes beyond insanity.
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    I agree, there should be equal pay... so let's pay the women less. By fraction of the revenue generated by matches, women are vastly overpaid compared to men. Something like 20% of revenue generated goes to female players, while only 7% of revenue generated goes to male players. In their desperate bid to "equalise" pay, they've ignored entirely that women don't draw the same sort of attention, and so don't draw the same amount of money.
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    I believe the reason Tolkien's son stepped down was so he could keep his word and at the same time open up the Tolkien universe in ways not known before. He he, ya not a bad filter in deed. SSG like Turbine hardly gave a shit about LotRO except to siphon off revenue for disasters like Infinite crisis and to keep their beloved DDO still online. The thing about all those addicted Lore junkies and nerds is they have all been sedentary while consuming their addiction. 12 years of playing 12, 14, 18 hours a day. Most of them will be dead or near worthless physically so much they'd have a hard time wiping their ass. I see them, in my evenings and occasional way early log on times. Now with a stable of 20, 30, 40 alts and they are still worthless in any group situation let alone an endgame raid. SSG can't keep the lights on when all the retards drop dead. So, if this new MMO ever comes to fruition LotRO has what? Five years to milk the insanity?
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    Jedy throws a tantrum and rage-quits.
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    Easy to tell it wasn't a correct map of the oceans contamination by way of lack of sanitary means to dispose of human waste. As you stated its has a Noaa.gov tag at the top. Some segue narratives are too good to pass by. 😁 Also the largest world population along likely one of the largest rivers showed nothing highlighted. This being the Yangtze River in China. One among many others who have killed off any coral growth or other plant life off the coast of any large city near the ocean. Wouldn't this apply anywhere in today's world job market because of the #Feelingsmatter hysteria of today?
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    Question: Is this human or animal poop? I mean, it's not like there's fish taking a dump in our rivers, lakes, streams, and oceans or anything....
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    but Gupta, do you not trust the Brahmin caste to assign a social credit value for all humanity? https://futurism.com/china-social-credit-system-rate-human-value https://pjmedia.com/rogerlsimon/chinas-scary-social-credit-system-made-in-usa-by-google-facebook/ has it not worked soo well for India? no thanx. pull the plug! break this company up NOW!
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    For an extreme analogy, imagine a children's charity that's majority staffed by paedos brushing it off with "yeah but the company doesn't diddle kids" and expecting people to accept that. The company is abstract, but it's still made up of leftists who turn all the cogs. They can try to claim their company "values" aren't anything to do with their personal ones, but they're already letting slip in every leaked memo that this is not the case, and someone had to lay down the values to start with so there's no way they picked a load of things they didn't agree with. It's fucking ridiculous. "We'd just LOVE to pay more tax, but all these loopholes we exploit keep getting in the way, and the government just won't accept our money!"
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    Last time a political ideology was left to go to the extremes, we had a world war, and leftism gets to fascism just as easily as the far-right. But the pendulum always swings the other way eventually, and they're just fuelling a bigger swing. It's ironic that these fascists (and they're the extremes of the leftists, just as leftists are the extremes of the left-wing) are directly causing an increase in equally unwanted far-right sentiment in their bid to try to make everything far-left. People generally sit in the middle, and don't like having their beliefs mischaracterised and then demonised, and they especially don't like hypocrites trying to dictate what's acceptable. It's at the point now where there are people genuinely being labelled as Nazis with absolutely no query over it, when they've done nothing to warrant that at all. It's becoming white noise to throw about buzzwords like racist, misogynist, etc. to the point where they feel like they can casually dismiss and condemn people whenever they want. In the vid with the pirate Republican guy tearing Google a new one, they made it so clear that's what's happening. Their internal references to people like Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson being "Nazis" just because they don't like what they're saying shows the sort of culture they've got going over there. They say there's such a thing as "protected groups", people they've decided are more deserving of special treatment for nothing more than being a part of an arbitrary group Google considers to be important. No wonder that other fella got the boot when he sent that gender memo around; it didn't follow the leftist agenda, so he wasn't welcome.
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    Ireland, Dublin. and it did not go unnoticed. you can either use the multi-quote feature, which is messy to manage... or just highlight the text you want to use and mouse back over the highlight and a quote selection will appear, click it and it will add quoted text to your response. can do it multiple times as needed. oh ^^^this^^^ is a gem.... yes, they absolutely baited Jen Gennai with the perfect fish hook that had her biting. had they not played the "Ally Card" and instead said they were looking to find out if conservatives are being censored & suppressed via AI being fed to reflect a bias, Jen either would not have shown up, or if she did, she would not have been so candid. that was the whole point, to get her get her to talk like she would to someone she considers and "Ally." to be honest and candid. & that is exactly what happened. and yet Jen fails to provide a single link to any proof of actual debunking, let alone conclusive proof. i just typed into google search, "men can " and got back these exact auto-complete results: - men can get pregnant - men can have babies - men can have babies now - men can have periods - men can cook - men can think about nothing Jens debunking claim falls flat on its face. the claims in the video are reality for search function, it no longer auto completes based of most popular or top searches. not one thing has actually been debunked, regardless of her empty claim. so excuse me Jen if i don't take your word for it.. oh Jen you you lie so poorly. Jen Gennai is the lead of "Responsible Innovation" @google and before that position, she did, as she herself claims head up, "Trust & Safety" she is involved, which is why she can glibly say things like this: and yet Jen Gennai repeatedly stated many times, "the Trump Situation" rather than stating foreign interference. which it should be pointed out was "facebook groups" created to sow divisions, IE: black lives matter. or in the case of google, user data, that ended up in the hands of firms that paid for that data, "Cambridge Analytica" being one of many, MANY such firms. & there is that whole issue with what does google do with all that user data, or who has access to it & at what cost? ... https://www.nbcnews.com/tech/tech-news/google-sells-future-powered-your-personal-data-n870501 ... but Jen just misspoke, stating, "the Trump Situation"... repeatedly. so no i don't believe for one second she meant foreign interference. nothing she said indicated the actual interference that took place. Jen was very candid and honest, because she believed she was speaking with "allies." it is no surprise Jen leads her post with this crap: ... yes yes, feel sorry for me because what i am about to say won't be very convincing, so i need you to know i am scared and would like your sympathy instead of having to labor with convincing you i was not in fact being candid and honest to people who i thought were allies... fuck off with that bullshit! the only danger Jen faces, is having to deal with people en mass knowing what she is actually doing at google, with full company consent. indeed. there have been company leaks from actual employees... of internal memo's. actual company conferences. the actual executive spewing pretty much the same stuff Jen Gennai candidly talks about in the undercover video. Full Video here.
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    This particular video isn't the first time Google's internal bias has been shown, though, it's just one in a long list. And even Google itself isn't the entire issue, it's one part of a much larger cultural/societal issue that's spreading, they just happen to be one of the big, powerful companies that influence the wider public on a huge scale. You're looking at a raindrop and dismissing the storm. If you're trying to say it's us in the echo chamber, and that we're doing nothing but creating our own issues, you are you're completely off base. The problem is lots of people do listen to it, and those people have a massive impact on your life because that's how democracies "work". You could ignore it. You could say it doesn't matter. Yet the world around you isn't ignoring it and it does matter to them. It's the only reason I still give a shit, because if none of it actually impacted me I sure as hell wouldn't care, either.
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    This is why I use the term leftist. It's this sort of shit. There are genuinely people in positions of power in large companies and media outlets that subscribe to this extreme left-wing, fascist mind-set of "everyone has to believe what I believe or else". Anything they don't like is hate speech and should be banned, with the people who say it being ostracised and having their lives ruined, but anything they do agree with is free speech and should never be challenged. The hypocrisy of it is insane. Their issue with "fairness" is a perfect example of their need to try to shape reality to their agenda. They want to make sure everything is artificially tweaked so that outcomes are more in favour of their views, be it forced diversity, controlled information, or manufactured controversies. If it doesn't benefit their agenda, it needs to be smothered, and they'll feed biased data into their algorithms to do so. This is something happen across the board and in multiple forms, not just at Google with algorithms.
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    Yes there is. https://freetrial.finalfantasyxiv.com/gb/ Here is the terms of the free trial, biggest one is only reach ;eve; 35 https://support.na.square-enix.com/rule.php?id=5382&tag=freetrial
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    The new "plastic bad" meme has been amazingly well received by the normies. They get outraged at the mere thought of plastic... while they busily go about indulging in all the other things that negatively impact the planet without any hint of self-awareness. But "plastic bad", and I'm surprised it took Trudeau so long to bumble his way onto that bandwagon, considering how on point he normally is for the manufactured outrage crowd and whatever trend gets their attention at the time.
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    Just for disambiguation... Autism is a neurological condition marked by sensory disregulation (of which its mildest form was known as Asperger's Syndrome until 2013, when it was reclassified as part of autistic spectrum to account for multimodalities and variation in its expression, per DSM-V). It's not a disease. Lots of pejorative ignorant stereotypes still circulate, unfortunately, so wanted to clarify. The oft-stereotyped "social handicaps" originate not from any mental deficiencies but from increased sensory sensitivities (leading easily to sensory overload) wherein cognitive processes that for most people are automatic require conscious effort to operate. If anything, it is a systems-based logical thinking capable of hyperfocus, excelling in pattern recognition, and requiring predictable structures to comfortably function. (The give-and-take of social banter is of course anything but predictable or patterned). This is as contrary to a manipulative mindset as it gets. Often leading to too much honesty for one's own good. This inability to grasp others' intentions or read between the lines can make autistic folks (even adults) prime targets for naricssists, abusers, etc. That being said... The Vanya creep is obviously a mentally ill sociopath, but please don't lump autism into this psycho shit. Just a toxic and fucked up personality. Interestingly, there's a trend among borderlines/narcissists/antisocial-personality-disorder-types to self-diagnose themselves as "autistic" then come online playing victim, because autism is received with more sympathy in today's culture than the toxic pathological BPD/NPD mental disease shit. Can see through these from 1000 miles away. Has nothing to do with any real actual autism, and all it does is contribute to negative stereotypes as they bring their toxic borderline/narcopath bullshit along. Social posturing and attention-seeking is as opposite of autism as it gets. (You can tell these fakes apart by their persistent self-labeling themselves as "Aspies", obviously ignorant of the fact that this term was clinically retired years ago and has since been replaced by level 1 ASD. Anyone claiming an outdated colloquial term for attention is a red fucking flag.)
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