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    There are one or two threads where folks are venting their disappointment. The only issue...SSG isn't doing anything they haven't done before (i.e. Mordor). All this anger over something that isn't going to change. SSG already showed you who they are--years ago. If you continue to stick around and play the game, you have no one to blame but yourself.
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    Back early in this thread Almagnus wanted us to take a test so he could adjust his responses. I am no fool. A person of conviction doesn't amend their opinions based on what others say. Its been more than evident for most of this thread Alamgnus has been baiting, to see what bites. When ever he is locked locked, he skips passed those questions or statements, because he knows they reveal flaws, in his logic and his choice of endorsement. Often lacking substance and even more so, absent of content containing objective truth. Constantly siting any link by others as biased, when at every step, Almagnus uses sites of equal or more to depth bias. The sad part about him is, he is a Trumpeteer, because he couldn't handle a woman as Commander and Chief. I didn't vote for Hillary Clinton, but not because she is a woman. Now, Almagnus is stuck supporting a moron, because it's, all he has. Choosing to wear one tinfoil hat as opposed to another one. Almagnus could wear Tim's hat, but what would Tim be without one? I'm convinced Almagnus might be good at one thing, but choosing a President isn't it. Nearly everything sited in this thread by Almagnus about how Trump is intelligent, insightful, and on track, is now proven to be false. Everything from world and domestic policies including industry, agriculture, health and human resources are falling down one after another like dominoes. It's expected a recession is in the works. Which means a rise in unemployment, increased housing prices, increase in commodities. The fact the Fed lowered interest rates again has further implications, problems are on the horizon. Investment brokers are hesitant and only seek short term goals atm. Having the president use any and all means to obstruct his impending, impeachment is also contributing to his bad policy choices. In turn changing, how the finance markets make their daily choices. Once, consumer confidence is shaken it's all over for Trump. Even now as I type this, Republican Senators are trying their best to find a way, to not convict Trump on the Articles of Impeachment, soon to be put in front of them. If Trump can't be put on a leash, Mcconnell will have no choice, but to urge his party to vote for removal of the President. All it will take is one word from Trump to piss off Mcconnell and its over. Honestly, I can see this happening, and at the end Trump will go apeshit crazy and call everyone treasonists, bastards. Do I think Mcconnell will stand aside and let Trump hang? You betcha I do. It has to be hard enough for Mcconnell to be the front man for his party, let alone having to deal with a crazy loon like Trump. So, you fuckin idiot. You want to quote me and quip off some dumbass remark, then go ahead. But... just know this. I got your number buddy.
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    Tonights my last LotRO log on. I won't bother updating MM. Twelve years is long enough to have Tolkien's story done. I ended the night after saying a few personal fairwell, then with this in world chat. The same words I hear, when I first enter Middle Earth, on my Minstrel Brammble twelve years before. Led Zeppelin's Ramble on. Leaves are falling all around, it's time I was on my way Thanks to you, I'm much obliged for such a pleasant stay But now it's time for me to go, the autumn moon lights my way For now I smell the rain, and with it pain, and it's headed my way Sometimes I grow so tired But I know I've got one thing I got to do Brammble on
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    Right.. Obviously you don't know, since you're railing against the "illegal inquiry of the democrats". Okay, what I read matters greatly. I'll take that argument. Media bias is a thing. That's why there's sites like https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/. They objectively judge sources on left/right leaning, science or pseudoscience. So, when you disqualify my opinion because I'm European, it matters, but when I state that what the US does impacts the EU, you disqualify it? The EU is one of the biggest trade partners of the US. Get a fucking grip. Wake up call. China is taking over cheap labour. No amount of chest pounding Trump does will change that. Chinese workers accept much lower wages than we do, both in the US and in the EU where minimum wages are far higher. It's basic economics and you're guilty of it too. If you can buy product X for $19.99 in the US, or for $2.99 in China, you'll buy it from China. Trump's tariffs only mean it's more expensive for you to buy things manufactured with products from China (or any other country he hasn't slapped tariffs on). You do know tariffs are a tax on the consumer, not the producer right? Every president before Trump has been careful to keep long standing allies as allies. While not every president has been equally kind to trade partners and countries, they haven't just shunned all of them. Trump seems to only favour those countries that have dictators or strongmen leading them, like Russia, North Korea, Saudi-Arabia or China. The last only in private though, because the Trump family seems to get an aweful lot of trademarks pushed through.. Actually, the only thing that benefits China is exactly what Trump is doing. Making imports from western allies even more expensive with his silly tariffs. It makes for even higher cost disparities between European and Chinese products, leading to even more business going to China (and even more businesses in the US going out of business). Their abhorrent human rights policy has absolutely zero to do with the economics, that's just deflecting. Yes I suppose you would call it that, because I disagree strongly with your views. Your "MAGA!!!!!111oneone" ideas are just plain fucking stupid. Maybe move back to the bayou, live on a boat and stop pretending you can participate in intelligent discussion?
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    False equivalence, because it implies everyone has to be equally as ignorant as you are.
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    they had to wait till they added the free pittance to the hobbit slot machines first... now they can sell the meatier version in the store, as was always the plan.
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    Now I'll be the first to admit I haven't been paying close attention anymore, but this weekend there is a +10% Embers and Motes boost to Lootboxes. I've never seen anything like this before, seems like they're not even attempting to hide how they're pushing people to the store for general gearing these days.
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    Again, and again and lol again. Did I mention its happening again? https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?676410-The-new-Minas-Morgul-Instances-are-only-available-at-Tier-1-for-launch-Tiers-2-and-3-will-be-available-soon Here is a post on top of fourth page. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?676410-The-new-Minas-Morgul-Instances-are-only-available-at-Tier-1-for-launch-Tiers-2-and-3-will-be-available-soon&p=7970976#post7970976 Now the pitch fork is out... I can trade for ember boxes min lvl 121 and get better gear than anything from playing the content. Not in line with the previous commitments made. Dissapointed is an understatement It took this post above to get SSG to respond. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?676410-The-new-Minas-Morgul-Instances-are-only-available-at-Tier-1-for-launch-Tiers-2-and-3-will-be-available-soon&p=7970991#post7970991 Cordovan says here. This is the result of T2 and T3 not being ready for a few days yet. However, this gear should soon find itself properly placed by later this week, when T2 and T3 are live. Then https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?676410-The-new-Minas-Morgul-Instances-are-only-available-at-Tier-1-for-launch-Tiers-2-and-3-will-be-available-soon&p=7971049#post7971049 What happen to brand new gear should NOT be earned for real money on release???? You linked to your own policy lol : "On the day that new content is released, players should not be able to get the brand-new gear with end game currency or Store purchases." This shouldnt apply or what? SSG Cordovan response below. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?676410-The-new-Minas-Morgul-Instances-are-only-available-at-Tier-1-for-launch-Tiers-2-and-3-will-be-available-soon&p=7971208#post7971208 Ultimately we had to decide if this was worth delaying the expansion by a couple of days for, and made the decision to keep on schedule, since the fix would be out within about 48 hours of launch. But yes, we do take this statement seriously. "We"? I started a post asking who the "we" is. I deleted it, because I knew, it would go unanswered. Currently lootbox gear is better than anything to be had in game. This is because the players are being spoon fed the content through a trickle one drop at a time. I expected that tbh. Anything to stretch the butter as far as possible across the last piece of toast. The kicker here is a key will get you the best gear in game for the moment. Again Turbine/SSG gives a small portion of the players a boon and again hiding it behind and oopsie. I gotta call bullshit! These aren't mistakes. They do this at each release. No SSG doesn't take ther policy seriously. They use their rules and policies when its to their benefit and only then. Other times its a. "Aww we made a mistake. Sorry guys." Anything to sell those fuckin keys. I stopped playing and just for reasons like this post. I haven't brought up the launcher and couldn't give two fucks, other than to affirm here the reason, I quit LotRO. One big shit show, who pander to dimwits, all the while shoveling shit down their throats and having those very dumbasses ask for more.
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    Groundhog day, SSG style. Except there ain't gonna be a happy ending here, folks.
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    This. But in order to do that you need to take 2 steps backwards and look at the bigger picture, then you soon realise that the same thing is happening over and over again; SSG screwing you over and you being angry and frustrated as a result. It's like you're stuck in a time loop because every year it's more of the same.
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    "Oh thank the lord we're no longer under the oppressive regime at WB. Daybreak is going to be totally hands-off. They're only publishing the game." Remember this line of thinking? LOL I cannot wait for this game to die, completely.
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    The game is expensive and the grind is there to direct people to the store, The problem is not the booster the problem is the idea of people having to pay just to skip stuff in a game, cause the grind is too extensive and simply not fun. Long time ago I realized it's not a game with a store, it's a store that have game.
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    The title reference from the movie A bridge too far is really appropriate here, you just can't summarise the bullshit from SSG any better.
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    Almost since launch, this company has failed to recognize that, given the IP, they are basically guaranteed money. Consequently, there's no reason to ignore player feedback or make this Lord of the Casino Online. But this is what they've done and continue to do. I've never seen a company so hostile toward its player-base and oblivious to its game's problems (although I hear ArenaNet is catching up to them).
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    I think they call that schizophrenia or psychosis. This second part is hilarious to me. As I stated before 95% of your sources are biased. I looked up the whole "whistleblower has been outed" after seeing someone mention Eric Ciarmella. The only sites that are reporting this are ones like Spectator.org, Realclearinvestigations.com, Washingtonexaminer.com, Redstate.com, OANN.com and my personal favorite... Glocktalk.com. Not a single reputable news agency is reporting what would be extremely newsworthy information. There is a difference between leaning one way or the other and reporting outright falsehoods as facts.
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    I would say I need to dust off my broken record of "but the whales will still keep paying", but at this point it doesn't sit around for long enough to gather dust.
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    You're all over the place. You cite Breitbart and something called "Conservativedailypost" and then claim that an opinion piece is "proof" that progressives are really racists. Shut the fuck up already. As far as Trump's appeal, his appeal was that he was an asshole. Government is not a business and should not be run as such. He's not only part of the circle jerk, he's the guy who eats the cookie.
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    i wish i could just say i imagined this... now you can't deny this either... kids... perpetually sniffing farts is a BAD IDEA! also apparently math, science and all forms of traditional education are racist. this horseshit is everywhere in academia now.
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    My bad. Sorry about that. I was having a delusional moment. It was merely coincidence my alternative reality and Trump's weren't in perfect alignment. Now I got my bearing back, its all good and Trump is my newest hero.
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    Incredible. Truly, incredible.
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    Here you go fuckstick, this one was a link I found in a Fox News page. https://www.scribd.com/document/431580579/SONDLAND https://www.foxnews.com/politics/bill-taylor-testifies-trump-used-ukraine-aid-white-house-meeting-as-leverage-to-get-investigations There now you can't accuse me of sourcing the link from some super liberal news agency.
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    You know Interfax is a Russian state agency right?
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    Women are very much responsible too. They should make a guy wear a condom if they can't take the pill, or maybe even if they do. There's also things like STDs. There's a reason the condom is the oldest and safest form of birth control. Your previous posts however seem to indicate that you think that if a woman doesn't want to get pregnant, she should just take the pill. As was explained to you, not everyone can. Second, no it is not better to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term and put it up for adoption. There's the socioeconomic reasons why it's a bad thing: the woman's life is on hold for a good half a year, meaning their education might suffer, or their career, or they simply can't afford the care they need while pregnant which in the US is hard enough with the religious right constantly threatening clinics like Planned Parenthood's. Then there's the psychological damage that can occur years down the road, for both the mother and the child. There's years of well documented studies on this subject. And I'm not even getting started on pregnancies resulting from rape or incest or the long term damages those can cause. Or on fetuses with high likelihoods of medical complications like down syndrome or severe physical defects. Third. Yes you have every right to say what you want, that does not however mean that I have to facilitate you on my forum. If I want to read "alt right" bullshit, I'll just read the Twitter feeds of the orange baby and his most ardent enablers in congress. I'm perfectly fine debating politics, but without "leftist" "libtard" and the likes. If you don't like that, fine, go rant elsewhere. Arnold shouldn't be president either. He sure is charismatic and did okay as governor. But what the US needs is someone who can fix the mess Trump is making of the economy and the political landscape, both domestic and abroad. Arnold just isn't that guy. I mean, his approval ratings weren't entirely on him, there was also the global economic crisis which made a mess of even California's economy, but he's just not the beacon of light the US needs. Then again, a chimpanzee would probably do better with the economy, social policies and foreign relations than Trump.
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    Okay that is just the most batshit answer you could give. First as previously mentioned, not all women can take the pill for a wide range of reasons. Second, where the actual flying fuck is the responsibility of the man in your "argument"? He can wear a condom or get a vasectomy. But condoms can break (happened to me) vasectomies can reverse themselves. Then there's a host of socioeconomic reasons why even a couple who would want a child and get pregnant decide that it's not in their best interest or that of the child to carry a fetus to term. And if you even fucking dare to say that the women can just put the child up for adoption, you are so fucking skewed and blind in your supposed moral "superiority" that I am immediately done with you. If you even dare to bring up that sort of bullshit, I will very "respectfully" tell you to FUCK. OFF. Get a fucking grip and take your "pro-life" bullshit elsewhere. I'm perfectly fine debating the morals of abortion, but not with someone who is this far up their own/whichever overly religious moron they follow's ass that they're completely incapable of reason. I speak from experience when I say an abortion is not something you do lightly, nor is it something without potentially far reaching psychological effects. Don't even fucking dare.