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    I dislike the Bloodthirsty Dwarf writing in the GoT. He's a decent writer, but I got pissed off reading his series around 2005 (A Feast for Crows). Ages later, I got dragged into watching GoT (intro music, clothes) and was surprised by the good quality of the series. The final episodes, while visually interesting, are an exercise in imbecility as far as plot, military strategy, character development, and idiotic behavior of the protagonists. So yes, I sometimes dislike the G.R.R. Martin hype, but at least he is a writer. What passes as writing in the final series is ... I have no words. For idiots, by idiots.
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    Came to this thread in search of some recommendations, as other have before me... Strangely, feels good to have my suspicion confirmed that MMO market seems to be ailing and there haven't been any standout titles that didn't fall into the same old predatory milking cashcow formula. Perhaps the MMO phenomenon is reaching the end of its shelf life, having only been successful when it was a new experience to the now-veteran gamers. That sense of adventurous innocence of early MMO gaming era, once trampled on by developer/management ineptitude, can never be restored or replicated. This may sum up why the well of MMOs has dried up. Imagination and critical thinking are becoming such damn perishable skills in these days of 1.6-second attention spans and compulsive smartphone clicking, the mainstream is not even catering to anyone with average/above average comprehension levels. I know the whole ´generations getting dumber' trope is as old as time, but both tech and tech addiction are accelerating so fucking fast it's like watching the crowd get progressively dumber in real time, now at accelerated pace. Who needs content with intellectual complexity when you can shit out pixel-clickers that charge real cash for interacting with their fandom logos? For every intelligent gamer (who would immediately see through this bullshit, thus not worth marketing to), there's several dozen no-ones shambling through their non-lives who would excitedly pay to become co-dependent on mindnumbing content distracting them from their issues, interpreting consumer abuse as token of attention and marketing exploitation as love. Case in point: Users orgasming at the mere premise of paying more.
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    I've picked Runescape back up again. It's amazing how far it's come, even if it is still visually an absolute mess. I think it's only the nostalgia in me that's got me interested, considering that was the same reason I was playing the LotRO limited servers. But I've said it before and I'll say it again: MMOs just don't hold the same appeal to me as they used to. There's too much grind and too much time invested for it to be played properly, when it could all get snatched away from you by a single shitty dev decision. The hardcore MMOers expect insane levels of dedication and socialising, while the casual crowd that's mostly catered for are effectively retarded and so are given mind-numbing content in return. It's just not worth the hassle any more.
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    It's a pleasant lush and verdant landscape. You can access it via the Misty Mountains, Lothlorien or the Mirkwood Forest Gate. Judging by the map we may get a Upper Anduin region that include Mount Gundabad. Also There may be an Eastern connection into the middle area of Mirkwood that we don't have at present. They've incorporated the existing Beorning starter area well. The Beorning settlements are suitable rustic but when you look hard, a lot of the building asset are weathered and lichen covered Rohan architecture. However this is a test build and fine tuning may be done. The Gladden fields are interesting as there are abandoned dredging equipment and half orc dredgers. This may well be a nod to the fact that Saruman made extensive searches to find the ring. First impression is this is a pleasant zone and a good "filling in of the gaps".
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    The green grass of LotRO was polluted by the wrong fertilizer and killed large portions of the yard. In those dead areas other species emerge take root and gradually change the look of the yard. The passerby looks in disgust and ask what the hell happened to that beautiful yard? It is always hard to predict what will crop up when a niche becomes available. I cant play a Minstrel, so I'll highlight player homes and make it sound super cool. Hahahahaha!
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    She is already that monster and has been for quite some time. Remember back in the day when Sap gave a forum member a special title for transcribing his streams and that forum poster became a monster acting as if they spoke for Turbine (even stating it in a few threads).... that is what is happening with this person. They act as if they are part of the company and speak for the company on the OF and in streams. Cord has given these streamers to much rope (hell they moderate his official streams and silence people with honest questions) So, yeah, that monster already exist sadly. On another note, a family member decided to play Lotro today for about an hour..... they called me and said, "Is the game always this dead? Isn't this the anniversary?" They logged in, started grinding tokens before they checked the rewards and were more pissed they just wasted an hour. Made me laugh and tell them "See why I barely log in anymore lol"
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    Thanks for a wholesome laugh, for real though. Before that sideshow came on board a year ago, Cordovan's streams at least contained bits and pieces of relevant info (like, actual content that draws people to tune in, who'da thunk?). I'm no media user but even I tuned in sometimes just to hear what's cooking. Stopped watching the moment that sideshow took over, I mean can that WASP nasal accent get any more abrasive? Damn, my ears. If SSG team had more intelligence, I'd be tempted to see this luring in of "streamers" as strategic diverting of attention onto random nonsense, letting themselves off the hook for giving any kind of real updates/answers - but obviously this is too much mental gymnastics for the likes of Cord and Sev, so I'd just chalk it up to the irresistible feel of saffron lipstick on their obese glutes. The more I read blue name replies on official forums (even MoL is picking up on snark, team spirit must really be rubbing off), the more I see the entire SSG operation as mere clueless bravado of a bunch of nerdy cucks who think "owning their own business" equates failure immunity and automatic omnipotence in all business matters - they really do think the sun is shining out of their asses. I've never owned my own biz so obviously can't judge, but when a noob like me gets a feel they're committing every single mistake and walking into every single delusion trap a business noob can possibly commit and walk into, the actual bullshit must really be exorbitant. (I still miss some posters here who were sharing some pseudo-corporate observations on Lotro team's ineptitude back in 2013-15) Maybe that's the saddest part (sad as in just sad, not even haha sad). It's no ulterior greed, no masterfully manipulative business model, no elaborate fleecing schemes. Just a bunch of unwashed nerdy cucks who own a share in their own company, entangled in a pathological kissing fest with their Cluster B personality-disordered customers and feeding off each others' narcissistic supplies. Each side literally bloating and feeding off each other to own advantage. It's a fucking mental health hazard. This toxic psychological shit is for real. (Edited to add: After writing last lines above, being on this forum is starting to feel like being a fucking survivor of emotional blackmail/narcissist abuse/whatever, it's all there is to that whole official Lotro "community" circlejerk. Looking back on earlier discussions here starting with post-Helms Deep beta and onward, hard not to see it in those terms, especially when freshly-banned newcomers arrive to gain some mental clarity and closure. Mental health is real and mental hazards are real. No hobby gamer in their right mind would suspect what ill convoluted mental shit is being enabled by Turbine/SSG/CM's behaviors, and by the time they find themselves personally affected (after denials, dismissals, brushing off, all staple coping patterns) it's hard to rinse and purge. Really not much of exaggeration to have called this forum a support group between 2013-15, so damn much there needed venting and airing. Reading up on borderline/narcissistic personality disorders and behavior patterns really puts much in perspective. Certainly makes one spot it from a thousand miles off.)
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    I got my Cleganebowl, that's all I ever wanted. It wasn't as long as I'd liked, and the editing was rough as all hell with all the constant cuts, but at least it's done now. They can finish up rushing the hell out of the story without me expecting anything.
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    So after seeing ep 5... I'm convinced the only winner is HBO.
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    not what i am saying. the only things that hit somewhat hard are the adult gwibers and the giants & while those things aren't every 5 feet, except a tad bit with the giants in giant home... even there you kinda have to purposefully ignore everything around you to get a second by accident. what i am referring to is the generic wimpy mobs (orcs, dunlendings, wargs, wolves, cunannun, wights, tree trolls and the slightly similar to limfram lights) literally every 5 feet that aren't remotely hard to fight, but it is like clearing 300 trash mobs before reaching a Boss fight in an instance... filler. it's like the back and forth for the Hobbits in Staddle, except there are 50 fly swarms between each hop. i should also point out i am not referring to those in and around the little villages either, or a wolf den, or place where you would expect to see an enemy mob in some concentration. i am talking all over the landscape willy-nilly. i think the design was intended for landrushers so they wouldn't fight over mobs, or be like the faggots of yore needing to form a queue line for quests & or spawns... if the above was still commonplace in design & player made queue lines were still a thing... no damn way would i ever touch this genre. but generic trash landscape mobs every few feet so the hordes of players on launch day & for the first couple months have plenty to kill; becomes a time wasting nuisance when the zone is no longer populated with hundreds of players. there isn't much difficultly until you get an adult gwibber, or giant, which is a segment of a zone segment (Thrors Coomb.) it also looks UNNATURAL as fuck, but then so does Enedwaith itself in some regards. every few feet just some random eazzie-pezzie mob, so even kiting, at some point you will have to stop and dispose of the remaining train. nothing difficult, but moving around the zone is just tedious. unless you are over-leveled. all that said, this is LOTRO and i am sure there are some folk who will have difficulties fighting even a couple generic mobs, but most players can kill them easily enough. yellow champ could dispatch any train easily. if you think these things are difficult, you are probably doing something VERY wrong. if you are the kind of person who likes fighting 300 trash mobs just to get to a challenge, well... until you enter giants home, or face an adult gwibber... you shouldn't have to manage much of anything. giants home doesn't need any changes. tiny villages, animal dens, camps etc. would be natural places for mob density. even having a roaming hunting party, or something like that. but trash mobs every few feet is just liter & once the land rush of post launch ends... just bad design. the only reason to have it like that is when there are actually hundreds of players in the zone. even though it does look unnatural, it kind of has to be that way initially. 1 or 2 or 5 years later though... ;)
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    Zeitraum: 06.05. - 12.05.2019 23:59 EU-Logins vergangener Woche (Datenwoche 466): Logins EU-LOTRO US-Logins vergangener Woche (Datenwoche 463): Logins US-LOTRO
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    Time to fess up Doro - you probably have Notepad, Wordpad and/or other text editors (Sublime comes to mind) - and we all know that's how scripting starts you bad boy đŸ™‚
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    You've got your wires crossed. If it entails any kind of cooperate oversight or regulation, it's the republicans who will knock it down. Dems would surely support something like this.
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    Zeitraum: 29.04. - 05.05.2019 23:59 EU-Logins vergangener Woche (Datenwoche 465): Logins EU-LOTRO US-Logins vergangener Woche (Datenwoche 462): Logins US-LOTRO
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    There aren't any good MMOs out there today. They're all toxic cesspools of entitlement, exploits, and corrupt developers who couldn't give less of a shit about their player base. Gamers have largely moved on from those halcyon days of camaraderie and cooperation for a common goal. Today, it's all about instant gratification, pay-to-win cash stores, and bad-mouthing kids on the other side of the globe through comms/Ventrillo/Teamspeak/Discord for the lulz.
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    Actually, I hope it does. Many thoughts here in this lotrocommunity thread seem spot on projecting the outcome of the Virtue revamp. Comments like this quoted below ensure the shitshow grind increases. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?672629-New-Virtue-Traits-Panel-Charity-Nerf "I really love SSG for revamping the trait system. It looks great and it will be a hole new experience. Yes, there will be some grind, but it's better than beeing on virtue cap all the time. So we have something to do and aren't limited to the specific region deeds. If a similar system will replace the current LI system, that would be great!" SSG reads post from retards like this and tell themselves they struck gold. Fair percentage of the existing playerbase. -------> Drooling, thousand yard stares, while spurting ejaculate just because another virtual box gets filled with pixels. It's no wonder anyone, I met from the early years, I would remotely consider worthy of friendship has long moved on. All that is left in the barrel are the dregs.
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    I just logged into Bullroarer and mapped to Minas Tirith before the battle. I rode from the entrance of the main city gate, right the way to the top. The hitching and stuttering is significantly reduced. The main issue now seems to be the mount moving smoothly and the environment juddering occasionally. Also noted, that the overall performance got better as I got nearer to the citadel at the top. I play LOTRO with the graphics set to high using a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti. Screen resolution 1920 x 1200. I rode across Rohan Yesterday evening and that also seems smoother. Not saying it's perfect but a positive improvement. However, that is just my experience. I'm sure they'll be more in-depth feedback left on the forums.
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    She's just a groupie. Turns up at some event and suddenly all these folk are her personal friends. The morons who lap up the attention and give her an inch are the enablers. SSG's DDOers running things need these deluded players to draw more half-wits into the game and bolster their broken egos. The few "devs" with some self-awareness just hunker down in their own specific bubble and ride it out. Literally they don't care; today's patch notes talk of Monster Hip Points - Straight out of the AD&D Monster Manual. It's not just the failure of the CM to even notice this error it's that the note creator has their mind on the other game too, and it's their fuckup that reverted the previous fix and the general mob "difficulty" on the LSs. But if the official streams could pull in new players then what does it say for the game SSG want to produce.
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    I get that this person is incompetent, and likely with more than just the game, but it feels like you guys are giving her far too much attention and importance. I wouldn't have known who she is at all until people here started posting links to her streams and giving her a spotlight, which is often what streamers want. They're a literal nobody, but there's a growing theme here like she carries any weight (no, not like that) in the "community". Careful you don't create your own monster.
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    Was my very thought as well.
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    GW2 announced a while back that they would be moving from Living Story 4 right into Living Story 5 without an expansion between them. That was before the big employee purge. Now they've said they're focused on GW2 instead of being spread across all those unannounced, now-cancelled projects, so maybe they will decide to work on an expansion for the future. Living Story episodes are free to everyone who logs in while they are current, so they only bring money in for people who missed the login window and want to play them. And now they've been running a "return to Guild Wars 2" thing where they're giving away the Season 4 episodes one each week leading up to the release of the final episode soon. So they do need a money-maker in the pipeline soon. But I don't think it's in a death spiral yet. Also I do WvW zergs on occasion and it can get laggy for me, but my laptop is ancient and it's nowhere near as laggy as LOTRO is in normal open-world questing. The zergs are a lot of fun! Edit: voted for Secret World Legends.
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    Secret World Legends. They already shot themselves in the foot when they "re-released" Secret World and didn't transfer paying customers' characters over, but they've also been having insane client issues with lag so bad it's practically unplayable. There's no dedicated, in-depth wiki either like bigger MMOs have (which LotRO also lacks now), which doesn't help the appearance of a healthy game.