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    Haha, I suspected it might be someone around here :D I can't keep names well (except Splay = sapienze), not even in real life :p Very happy to help. Parting ways with old Kibi has been the hardest bit before finally calling it off honestly. I've loved the Guardian and still do, even during the 18.2 blunder, and when I log in every few months to pay rent it's always with Kibi. I was really tempted to jump in for a second but decided to laugh my ass instead :D
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    Cheers, you've spotted me on my 'main'. Interestingly, as soon as these points started getting traction, a blue name magically materializes fellating everyone for feedback. And not a moment earlier. Getting angsty there over the premise of cancelled subs. /out before everyone in there starts orgasming how SSG "listens to us", entirely oblivious of what it took to elicit such prompt attention. Smoove move to shut me down, red panda. Pulling blue strings is fun. (as an aside: recognized your toon name from sig, some years ago I asked nooby guardian questions in world chat, and you sent me a /tell linking a cross-trait-tree setup, back when guard dps was shit - thanks for that, had fun with that build and used it a lot!)
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    Been there a long while (till last year actually) ZaklanoSrce so I know what you mean. When I finally quit it helped me though. Now I can enjoy other games I've loved for years and try the newer ones when I have the time and budget. I agree on the point of whales vs. subs. I suspect even if all subbers quit today they would still keep afloat. It's the few whales who spend a lot and the gamble-to-win types they rely upon. That "raiding" kin which moved en masse to Landy to steal the server first title for instance. People were saying the leader himself paid for the transfers... That was the case way back in RoI/GR days too; I remember an old kinnie who would buy every virtue point etc. on top of his sub. Wound even mock us when we went out to grind deeds etc. That's the way of pay-to-win, with or without gambling.
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    That V-pedo has multiple forum accounts, who knows but he might've been stirring the pot in HD closed beta under a different moniker. His current account and "forum persona" only goes back to 2017, but ranty gibberish aside he's fully capable of putting out articulate sentences and "blend in", so to speak. Was likely found out and abandoned whatever previous account/persona he had, putting on a new mask. His account's already been through 4 name changes since '17, so Cordovan is very much aware and involved (takes a CM to change forum handles). Current moniker translates as "Vanyamotherofgod." *passes barf bag* I'm sorry. Speaking of Cordovan's involvement: A year ago I was exchanging messages on OF with forum poster Decrepify (friend of zipfile, who passed me photo/video evidence of Vanya rank-farming that I linked in other thread). This was shortly after I received an infraction from Cord for making a post warning others not to feed a Vanya-made troll thread, as did several others who attempted to call out that troll. Decrepify was coordinating a group effort in-game to get V-pedo banned by GMs (collecting evidence, etc). He told me he received a forum message from Cordovan warning him to get off Vanya on the forums, allegedly all because an "investigation" was already in process and in the meantime they didn't want anyone engaging/interacting with V-pedo until it concludes. Which sounded like a bogus circular logic excuse exactly in Cord's bumbling style. The result? A few days later Decrepify happily messages me with news that V-pedo was banned from the forums (can tell by viewing forum handles, banned posters have several command prompts missing). Sounds good, right? Now we can all drop the case and go back to normal, etc. I was thinking, too good to be real, you're being played. So what happened next? Just wait a week or two. Sure enough, the Vanya pedo was back on the forums, under a new shiny name. Same 2017 account, same forum signature link to photo porn starring himself. Takes a CM's direct action to authorize a name change and approve active users. Funny how that works, isn't it? And in the meantime, I notice Decrepify being perma-banned. Because "accusations, abusive words, name-calling", all directed at this poor new user with a new name. Can't have that on the forums, not at all. So my educated guess, this Vanya pedo was one of Rick Heaton's favorite ass-gnawers under a different name/persona, and probably a very substantial donor to Heaton's Extra Life posturing. I mean, he obviously loves kids, right. And a cosmetic whore can't pass up all those extra perks Heaton was throwing around for high-end donors. Gotta keep them donors on good terms so they keep propping up your ego and your "community stature", showing off how grandiosely "altruistic" you are. Do any forum twats still believe it was a "charity" drive for "kids"? Heaton was running a pyramid scheme of publicity stunts as transparent as it gets. Remember his entire clique showing off on forums how "generous" they all are? So many ego points to go around. And after he actually "transitioned" to a full time "job" at Extra Life, how mysteriously silent everything became - on Lotro forums AND the fucking Extra Life forums he was purportedly "managing." Where'd all those generous donors go? Oh, the mystery. Plot thickens. What's astounding is this is no mere guesswork, it's all becoming damn substantive. Cord and Sev have been around with DDO during the time that Heaton was with Lotro. Sharing same office space, coffee breaks, gossip-mongering etc. BFFs 5evR. When you're appointed to management role in a game/community you've no experience with, wouldn't ya go to your veteran best bud for tips and advice? How did Cordovan magically know to put so much trust in Druidsfire to begin with? Who tipped him off on protecting the Vanya sex offender on forums, going against the grain of 100% player consensus reports for multiple harassments and CC violations? Remember the "original" Cordovan in 2016 who came to these forums trying to be open and learn from the past, fresh in his new CM role? I still believe that really was an honest effort, guy was in over his head and looking for tips and pointers from literally everywhere. And then as time passed, the curious 180-degree paradigm shift that spread like cancer until official forums became a toxic sludge as if Sapience never left. Well fuck, he never left! If it looks like old bullshit... and smells like old bullshit... it's clearly a new fragrance from Chanel. Both Snook and Heaton still live in same area and they're not just staying in touch but actively sharing Druidsfire in their threesomes. Rick Heaton such a good guy he hooked up his bud with all the sycophantic perks he's been enjoying before getting the boot. Who's to say this isn't all a payback on Heaton's part, as far as his controlling megalomania and propensity for pulling the strings? Wouldn't put it past him at all. Targeting and marginalizing the same exact player demographic that was responsible for driving him out of power (a.k.a. anyone who isn't an ass-eater and actually plays Lotro as a game). Favoring the same toxic personalities while pissing on/banning productive contributors. "Hey Jerry, here's a list I made ya of players you can trust, anything they say let it go because they keep ya relevant and make your job easier, don't listen to anyone demanding accountability or feedback, ban that shit keep the forum nice and positive. Here, put Druidsfire on your show to indicate the attitude we're endorsing, anything else can fuck off, and stay away from raiders they're out to ruin you, your rep, and your game with their trolling." Explains this mind-numbing (and frankly old and tiresome) "anti raider" bullshit Cordovan is endorsing, all without anyone catching on it's a fucking bogus label strategically used to discredit and to marginalize. Oh Jerry, so many people pulling your strings, what a naive padawan you are.
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    Good thing you posted those snippets. All those linked posts have been deleted by the time I went to check. Who was it, Ballie? That one's got some balls (hence the name?) to be upfront in that circus clusterfuck. Couldn't possibly fathom the tenacity of Druidsfire's attention whoring in SSG-endorsed spotlight, until this new plot twist revealing Rick Heaton ties. Well damn, indeed. Not only the same toxic pattern, but they're all fucking inbred with each other. And have been, before it was as visible as now. So DF didn't "gain" a foothold on SSG streams, she's been their chronic ass-eater all along with tongue inserted so deeply it does qualify her as an "insider". Usurping the role Frickenmuck made vacant and improving on it by fellating two dicks with one Druidsmouth. (Funny, not a hint of Frickenmuck ever since Sapience went bye bye in 2014. I hope that toxic cunt choked to death on her own vomit.) Reading about Druidsfire's eBegging scams, honestly not surprised. Lotro players/SSG fanboys co-dependent to pathological extent and gullible with money? Hell, it doesn't take any smarts to start taking advantage of them and milking them for all it's worth. Cash flows easily from the tits of chronically imbecilic. She's not even camouflaging her parasitic predation and they keep clapping and giving her more. It's like some fucking Bruegel painting from the Renaissance, showing decadent charlatanry in full swing to convey the apocalyptic lows humanity has fallen to. The officially endorsed, public media face of Lotro/SSG, can't make this up. The social parasite will leech them bone-dry and move on to greener pastures. As she is, indeed, already appearing to be doing. Leaving worse PR in its wake than SSG's incompetent bumbling idiocies combined. The latter shit is visible only to the Lotro-aware, the former steaming pile is broadcast worldfuckingwide.
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    Druidsfire co-host on the Friday Cord of the Rings live stream. Self-absorbed game dev junkie/stalker. I'm already making the supreme sacrifice watching the drivel that Druidsfire is spouting out as content.
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    She defends DF and admits not watching her streams. Literally can't entertain looking at the evidence in case it challenges her opinion. Once refused to come here for a look around! DF has opened Pandora's Box however: She has had someone make her a second age songbook. She didn't have the gold to buy a first age symbol on the AH. She was scrambling around for Star-lits for the pre-imbue LI. Had to do a cross server transfer to get them. On levelling up the songbook she chose Raise the Spirit above Cry of the Chorus cooldown. Then asked herself why wouldn't you Imbue once it was complete? Her followers didn't pipe in with - Because you have zero resources to make it as powerful as it is pre-imbue. No Smiths token for empowerments, the last of the Star-lits all but used up pre-imbue and complete failure to cycling through levelling LIs for much of any IXP runs. Years of advocating dressing up barbie and supporting SSG with purchases beyond her lifer account she is (I still think out of a job) on a limited budget (still free) and relying on a recent stream freebie to buy 10 keys mostly up shit creak without a clue.
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    The small population that already play on Anor will completely die out with RoR - Many players have been on\off legendary servers in the wait of this update (Isengard) Now that this seems like a failure as well there really is not anything left.
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    They are now 2 months ahead of the original release schedule. I think Mirkwood came early because of the many completionist in Moria were blowing virtue exp gains. Fixing the issues being beyond their ken they figured to just apply the same fix, up the level cap and have space for that vxp open up. I think they have the merest grasp that they have reached the golden era of Lotro at this point on the LSs. Cord made mutterings that the next release will come later. But if the subs drop again then the bean counters will push the LSs over the precipice into the carnage years of lotro. The biggest failure for LSs is that they didn't open them up on beta first and sort out the balance before release. Time and again they fail without help. It would have flagged the symbol availability also. Numpties. You can think yourself smart if you are stubbornly ignorant. That's the message form the Friday Stream apparently. A delay in Rohan may get us a pass on the mounted combat but at this stage I can only expect them to make it worse than ever and only achieve in pissing off the crowd who have mastered it.
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    Cordo said it on a live stream (a friday i think it was) It was then released the next tuesday. Patch notes came late monday. Was like that with mirkwood as well.. Officials said they release update the day before it went live. Seems like they rushed the release of Isengard as quickly as possible as the cheer interest in this exp pack is way higher than anything else. So far there has been like 200\300 non anon players online even at peak times.. My live server (Evernight) has usually 700\800 in peak times. They really should combine Anor and Ithil right away and also consider combining many of the EU servers to one.
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    That thread is ridiculous. She goes on saying that SSG should recoup the FA symbols that people grabbed from the Skirmish camp (mistake on SSG's part for having them avail for barter) and then later admits that she, herself, got one from the skirmish camp. WTF? I always feel like I need to wash my brain out with soap after reading that forum.
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    Yep, same here. Sometimes the bullshit from the Turdbine/SSG fanboy brigade is just too much to bear in silence.
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    Good point. If that were Turbine 2.0, we'd mock them relentlessly for it.
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    I did know this and when I saw your post figured the outcome would go like this. How did I know? Well, hehe I'm collecting infraction points for lolz. Here is one you and others may not know. Report a creeper enough times and you get a forum IP ban. Lets just say, its a temporary inconvenience.
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    You have received a warning at The Lord of the Rings Online Forums. Reason: ------- Community Rules Violation: Please read the Community Rules and follow them. Don't use loaded words to insult a group of players: The use of the words, "fanboy", "fanbois", "cheerleaders", "haters", or similar-meaning language, is insulting and not okay. ------- Original Post: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?p=7955902 Originally Posted by icefriend Cord mentioned it on his stream a few hours ago. Lol, can't make this up. I guess the product is so underwhelming they only dare mention it to a an auto-cheering clique of fanboys rather than run a promo campaign to increase awareness and hype. It is almost like a concentrated effort to suppress the hype. Oh wait.. Warnings serve as a reminder to you of the forum's rules, which you are expected to understand and follow. All the best, The Lord of the Rings Online Forums Did you know, "hater" , "fanboy", and "cheerleader" are now infraction-worthy "loaded words to insult a group of players". Because "vocal minority" were not loaded words to insult a group of players in 2013 and 2014, not at all.
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    Hello everyone, well this is my first post on these forums, although I've been reading them frequently over the past years, even since the shitshow of HD expansion. I've found this on reddit about Alywen's daughter who posted some of his story and some of his ingame pictures from 2008. In case you haven't seen it yet, here's the link to that sub-reddit. It's another interesting read. Just shows, how much he loved the game.
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    The game will end when Daybreak isn't getting a commission check. As long as some money is coming in, at least enough to cover overhead(with some profit), the game will continue ad infinitum. I haven't given them any money in over a year. Once in a while a friend will ask me to hop in and help them with something. It's a great feeling when you can say, "sorry, I'm not vip, I don't have access." Rest assured that we won't know the end is near until they shut down the game. I'd hazard a guess that players will get a month of warning, at best Announcing a closure further out would cut into their bottom line.
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    I remember this whole bit of insanity. There was a player on Landy who instantly bought a load of keys just to get that very horse. Once he had it he stood atop the West Bree stable master gloating how he knew the horse would be removed and he'd be a few who could proudly mount his rare store bought horse. I had a chat exchange with this player. Who by the way is terrible on his Champ and Reaver. In this exchange he attempted to suggest my Hobbit looks bad and looking good is far better than being good in game and real life. My Hobbit wears a tattered tunic and trousers colored black. His Champ is always decked out in the newest store cosmetics. He stood there for days wanting attention so bad. Right on the spot of the stablemaster. So eventually I told him he was a store bought bitch and that looking good in a game is something but being bad at ezpzy pve is just terrible. He rode around me on his unearned steed and did laugh emotes. Until... I place my Fashionable title for him to see. Then he went silent and stopped moving. In a short moment he put in world chat he had placed me on ignore. Oh it was justice. To this day he hates me and tries to troll me through say chat on the occasions he logs on. I found out later when he did a spar with his kin leader and lost, then he left that kin. Looking good is fine and well in a game and in real life but if you are a worthless fuck who looks good you have very little value to anyone anywhere. Least of all to yourself. This guy I describe is a classic example of who SSG wants as a customer. Someone who impulsively spends their money on useless items and then leaves shortly after. Maybe to return one day to do it all over again. The customer they don't want is someone who displays some sort of loyalty by knowing quality when they see it and are willing to be honest and even critical when needed, to keep a product to a standard considered quality.
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    Every time I "almost" feel bad for this Tolkien sim, I bring out a vivid little memory from last year... Beta in early 2018: Some players spotted undocumented change that wasn't in Bullroarer notes: a new [pick-a-mount box] added to lootboxes, containing steeds from raid meta-deeds. (Like the Steed of Many Colors, and other ultra rare steeds earnable via challenging game content). I started a thread about it, which quickly filled with so much player rage (rightfully so) that DrOctothorpe came in, apologized, and promised to remove these raid steeds from lootboxes before it hits live servers. This was done. Summer 2018: Another update hits live servers, and some players spotted undocumented change that wasn't in live release notes: a new [pick-a-mount box] added to lootboxes, containing steeds from raid meta-deeds, such as the Steed of Many Colors. But wait!... This horse has now been renamed as Steed of Shifting Hues, so nobody can ever claim or prove it was the same steed - per SSG logic. And sure enough: multiple rage threads over the broken dev promise got infested by the full army of SSG brown-nosers with their usual derailing, heckling, and ad hominems claiming this steed is "different" and "obviously not the same". This is on live servers, btw, so by the time the shitstorm brewed some idiots have already spent cash on lootbox keys to "buy" this steed, so it's a massive legal mess on top of an already PR disaster. It was getting so damn ugly, Severlin was obliged to insert himself into the thread giving some bullshit shady words like "oops this was a mistake we don't know how it slipped in there, we're seeing what we wanna do." No bans or infractions, of course, on toxic turdlets openly attacking/ridiculing anyone expressing indignation over the whole thing. A week later: The "promised solution" arrives. And what is it? A new steed is added to the Isengard raid meta-deed. And how does it look? An exact copy of the Steed of Many Colors, but repainted in shit-stain colors that alternate in a brown shit-stain smudge. I am not joking. What's more, the horse under this shit-stain caparison is an exact copy of Forochel reputation mount - again no joke. And a terrible eyesore of color mismatch. Hurray, now you get this "new" shit-stain steed for completing the raid meta-deed. While the actual, original, Steed of Many Colors was basically stolen and trivialized by becoming just another lootbox item any fat idiot can buy without playing the actual damn game. You'd think they could've shoved this new shit-stain horse into the lootbox, while leaving the raid meta-steed alone, but nope. So every time I get nostalgic about Lotro, I think of this and nostalgia instantly dies. I also think about the time and effort spent earning the original Steed of Many Colors, which was my most prized steed (I did the content on-level). All those good memories of raiding with friends, now re-painted in shit stains. What kind of company fucking hijacks their own game content *and* shits on its players to this extent, all at the same time? No better cure for Lotro nostalgia. Ironically, the only way left to "preserve" the Lotro legacy is for SSG to croak before they mutilate the game's earlier (more 'classic') content even more. Btw anyone who was following along with the above drama, and yet still gives them money after all that, deserves a lobotomy.
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    Doro, you have an excellent grasp of the overall big picture when it comes to our ecosystem and how humans affect its change. Historically those in Brazil employed slash and burn for farming. The difference now since a global economy and big business comes into the picture is those farmers don't move on to the next piece of fertile ground. They keep those previously cleared out areas and expand on them. What was once done, actually promoted natural growth in a forest. Now its just a slow ever-expanding, depletion dependent on petroleum based fertilizers. Also as you elude to, the need and available resource of fresh water for an ecosystem to survive comes into the math as well. Much the same was done in the United States during the peak of the Colonial era. The Appalachian mountain chain along the east of the US were originally Chestnut forest. Huge trees felled for making ships. Those mountains since that time have been completely stripped bare from Maine to Georgia six times. Though since the late 1960s the forest have become managed in a way that is better than all the previous times. Using selective methods rather than the complete clear cut strategy. I don't even understand how Brazil can come into any discussions, when it pales in comparison to what China has been doing for some 40 years. At least India with its 1 billion plus has breathable air, where as China's air can corrode the body off a car in ten years time. That's not even counting for how it affects a person. Perhaps the amount of pollution China creates will kill off enough of the Chinese to help contribute to some closer notion of balance in regard to the human incursion on this planet. I don't see the fictional planet of Coruscant, as a place I like to live. Sure looks cool in a movie, but give our species another 500 years and it will be close enough to reality. What's a tree precious? Never seen one, but I'm sure we can find a picture of one archived on a website.
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    It's all virtue signalling and fear-mongering yet again. Brazil's had forest fires before and there's been much worse (interesting that a lot of media outlets keep showing a graph of increased forest fires, which conveniently only goes back to 2013 to hide the actual comparison). The amount of rainforest actually on fire is miniscule, and even if 100% of the fires are intentional (which they aren't), then it's being fuelled by a need for farmland because the West keeps relying on it for beef and soy products. Yeah, let's shove our demands over there to rid ourselves of responsibility, then act all indignant when a new moral outrage is manufactured. It's hypocrisy to ask another population to provide for you while also demonising them for doing what you'd already done yourself. All of it pales in comparison to the true concern of the ever-expanding human populations (with China and India being the biggest players in it). CO2 is pretty much nothing in the grand scheme, especially when you take trends over the last 50 million years for both atmospheric CO2 and temperature. They keep saying about the global average increasing by 2100 to as much as 2 degrees Celsius since pre-industrialised times, and yet urban heat islands already create a 2 degree Celsius difference compared to surrounding areas without even trying. Wipe out natural areas to replace them with concrete jungles, and that's what you get. And you can't even try to revert back by planting the amount of forest needed because (even ignoring land use) the sheer amount of water needed would once again be incompatible with the demands of a overpopulated nation. Modern humans are just a disease.
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    Well, Brexit is a stupid idea; At least not done to help the citizens of the UK, but just to give some Politicians power and wealth Same goes for Lotro, as long as it gives some people enough money, it wil go on...
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    Just now looked at the numbers per Lux-hdro. Both Anor and Ithil have lost anything close to a bare minimum which could be considered critical mass. Even Landroval and Gladden could be put in that category as well. I'm seeing recently staunch supporters of the LS venture come back to Landy and wondering where everyone is. Each level cap raise on the LS soon after, has the continual decline. Minas Morgul will hold the original servers at their current dismal state but again the decline will continue. PvMP is nonexistent on 80% of the servers. Festivals aren't holding up well as they once have. Lore is being broken and outright destroyed, pushing away Lore Fanatics. Now, the new Lore mutation is Isildur became a Shade and Aragorn brought the Scepter of Annuminas to stir the Shades memory likely so Isildur will confront Karaz-something and have the players help defeat the last foe of Sauron's dominion. MoL is really dicing up the Lore in ways not seen before. Raid kins are being pushed in to raid kin pugs for survival. The only players who don't see the decline, are fuckin morons who wont look you in the eye, who would just as soon place everyone on ignore, because they can't control the chat box and freak out, if someone says something at all. The newer players haven't a clue on how to manage the UI, follow quest progressions, build their characters, or even understand the stats to choose gear. Its really a complete breakdown of the game and its social existence. Meanwhile idiots showcase the game via livestreams who just make the situation overall worse. Anor, Ithil server merge is inevitable and that will alienate even more because of the naming policy. I took a recent look at the usual game sites who have been selling accounts and gold for near 20 years, and in those you couldn't give away a LotRO lifetime account. They aren't buying or selling them at all. Was a time where a lifetime account was for sale at over $500. Also their gold selling prices for LotRO aren't even 10% of what they were at the games peak. I follow such reputable sites as a monitor for years. Not these, recent shit Russian scabs who stole accounts just by looking at their site. Also many so-called whales have been washed ashore and have become dead carcasses, alongside the flotsam and jetsam already littering the shores of Middle Earth. All in all, I can say with clarity, this game is nearing its last sunrise. You'll know this day, when suddenly SSG fast tracks to the "Sailing off into the West" by the fellowship. After that its 100% maintenance mode or an outright lights out situation. Edit: Just found this. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?674713-The-ability-to-transfer-character-from-a-legendary-server-to-live-as-a-one-way-one-time-only-ability Only reason to want this is reaching level cap and not wanting to wait for a new one and knowing the LS gimmick is failing.
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    The only reason I've been keeping logging on every couple months since I quit. As for the 64 bit client I've noticed virtually no performance increase whatsoever. I paid maintenance on Landy (gonna do on Crick but need to ask fr some gold from kinnies apparently), rode to Ost Guruth for old times' sake, parked back and quit (with the usual memory leak, force shutting down the new client process as I ever did the old one). Been playing AC Unity (had been free for a week after the Notre Dame fire) and Witcher (too late!) when I get a chance. Made me realize how much I missed SP gaming since LOTRO gradually grew to be by sole game (with fleeting exceptions of M&B WB and EB2 for M2TW) through the years. I semi-accidentally joined a 4-man run in AC and it felt like the stale Sammy spam-runs a few years ago. Not again. The latest added region is the first one I've not been to in the entire world of LOTRO. Next ones -if any- will pile up unvisited too. Took a peek at the OF and saw that they've begun to bullshit in earnest story-wise fucking up the lore beyond repair on their way as well (Radagast being responsible for Beornings and other shapeshifters, who had never been shapeshfters to begin with...) Hopeless attempt at catering to X-Men fans maybe? Shame on me for being a MoL fanboi for so many years.