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    (snip) Cordovan modelled the desired behaviour: valar and skip Skip the time, skip the grind, skip the game He did it without even pulling his wallet, which tells the audience: yes, it's that easy Those who followed suit are now willing to buy lootboxes as well WAI
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    https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?672055-Why-is-there-still-no-improvement-about-the-scrolls-issue-grind-SSG&p=7975292#post7975292 Wait... What! Reading the bold line above was like getting hit in the head with a club. 5% bonus club bonus for being a Hobbit. Cause this one left a mark. And before morning coffee. Three minutes later and I'm still bring to absorb this. Ten minutes now, and still, this is real? I see the words and am at a near complete loss to comprehend these implications being applied on a micro and macro scale. I am concluding for this moment, I am speechless. 2nd cup of coffee and I'm still scratching my head, but I'm not giving up, to wrap this up in some condensed form for mental digestion. Last I knew, Cordovan was somewhere before Rohan. If such was the situation, then that means Cordovan skipped all of Rohan. Skipped all of Gondor. Skipped all of Minas Tirith. Skipped all of Ithilien. Skipped all of Mordor. Skipped all of Northern Mirkwood. Skipped Mounted Combat. Skipped Epic Battles. Skipped every deed throughout all those areas. Skipped every daily in those same areas. Skipped half of the game and the Middle Earth map. Oh, and here is a big one. Skipped half of the Epic story. The story the whole game is based upon. Well, that is unfortunate. It would have been a benefit for all concerned to have SSG see the game first hand in some real time scenario, so they could assess the multiple shortfalls and search to provide a means for repairing them. This includes the length and tedium incorporated into character progression. This now will not happen. Ever! I can't give my headspace anymore time for this. SSG, Enjoy your game. Sometimes WTF! doesn't come close to what needs to be said. After a few moments, to grasp what I read, I had a lot to say, but didn't. It sure as fuck wasn't because of fear of being banned. The care factor dropped into minus numbers. I can't say, I ever had that take place before, in my life. Period. Usually for me its just a 0 sum, which I view as neutral. This however fell into a bottomless pit of hearing fuck you's during the free fall. I don't think this was Cordovan's decision. At least not in whole. That places the onus on that freaky fuck Severlin. (Let his ghost troll an empty game for all I care.) Though I quit LotRO and do not plan to return. Ever! It would have been a nice thought that eventually, at some point, there would be a reckoning. An awakened moment where these people at SSG would have to openly and honestly accept they inherited a shitshow and would be willing to confront this truth and set things on a path to be considered right, correct, and proper. Having Cordovan Valar his main character is proof positive SSG will not accept their due destiny to endure all the bullshit they put all their customers through. Though willing participants, the players begrudgingly endured all their manipulations, they too deserve the fate they signed up for by continuing. In short there is no justice in Cordovan's actions choosing to use a Valar. No justice at all. Had I been him, I would have not agreed to do this, but instead created a new character with a Valar use to appease his freaky overlords. Thereby retaining the somewhat viewed as "original goal" which was to showcase LotRO by playing and leveling a character and using live streams as a Promotion as well as a connection to the customer. Play his main for fun and play the Valared for current content promotion. SSG in every way is challenged averse. These fuckers always choose the path of least resistance, only to choose easiest path, even if it creates other problems. Putting themselves in some circular stupidity I can't comprehend. Edit: I went back to the forum page I quoted and reread the quote I responded to. Which is this. "Alas though, the CM has decided to bypass it and bring in a brand new Valared level 120 character" This seems to be as stated a "brand" new character. Imo as I said above would be an acceptable choice to me, but here is the kicker. Will Cordovan still use and level his original character? I doubt this, but time will tell. Even so, I can't be dissuaded. I'll still not open up the launcher either way.
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    I can see the thread being locked soon. Other postings are leading it to that sort of dead end. I threw out some thoughts and a couple questions in a post I included to the thread. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?676872-New-Lotro-Interview-articles-19-11-20&p=7974731#post7974731 Deepthroat that Funberry Before I forget. I wanted to ask in the thread what race would Severlin's ghost be? I know the answer. TROLL
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    If people stopped just throwing their money away on the crap offered we'd get a better game but they just can't see it. The more they pay the worse it gets. Their claims of "supporting SSG" is supporting them in extracting every last dime out of these numpties. Mac
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    Is Olivetti trolling players/readers by placing a "Play LotRo for Free" button inside the article?
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    Watching to see if the Curator philosophy gets expanded to other barter type exchanges in the future. I read the post with the mention of Puppy-Huggles and noted the Post Script added at the bottom of their post. I so want to make a post asking if their puppy fetish is attributed and enhanced by meds. Also to look for a meme of a person strangling a puppy to death with hugs. On the subject of the Task wallet thinger. It kind of amazes me that all these players praising it haven't noticed that the higher priced LP sale includes a medium version. This implies a large version in the future. I also imagine all the addicted players still call the Double LP Bonus as a double point sale. Completely passing by them it isn't a double LP sale. It's possible in their minds these sales have been around long enough they no longer make the distinction between two very different amounts and how they are recognized. If this is the general case, someone at SSG gets a win there. LotRO players can't math. I sure would like to see the data on who, why, what, and how much players spend. Also to see how the data changes an SSG broadens their manipulative shenanigans. Somebody in their marketing understands how to prey on addiction. That's too bad really. They could be marketing to bring in new players with a more honest approach. Instead they've chosen to prey on their existing player base. I guess it is easy to abuse your family than to find strangers who will endure the same abuse.
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    https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?677037-The-Curator-has-returned-from-Vacation "This Dummy?-- WAY useful!!! Sending a fortune in puppy-huggles to whoever thought it up!" Disturbing that players respond like this. I know, it has nothing to do with the topic of this thread. Just struck me. Just as it strikes me that players continue to expand on their excuses to give SSG money despite being disappointed. I saw one person write 'as long as we can continue to play'. Paiz was right.
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    Trump would totally Colonel Jesop during the impeachment trial in the Senate. (Reference to A Few Good Men.) The question is, is it okay to ask foreign governments to dig up dirt on your domestic political rivals? And to push them to do it by withholding Congressionally approved funds? The evidence points to the course of action by the administration being consistent with seeking dirt on Biden (it's right in the summary of the call, after all) and withholding funds. Heck, Trump even called on China to dig up dirt during the days after the whistleblower's complaint surfaced. Republican goalposts keep getting run over faster than they can move them on various spurious defenses. Sad, really, that a once good party has sold their soul for a demagogue who totally trashes what the party stood for. Trump is the ultimate RINO.
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    I learned why Tim always wears a hat. Tim has a tattoo on the back of his head saying, Horcrux space for rent. Presently, Trump placed a part of his soul into Tim. If the hat were to be removed we'd see a Trump face on his bald head. Every time we hear Timhat say things like this below, we can know its Trump talking. I want nothing. I didn't know them very well. It was perfect. I did nothing wrong. Timhat doesn't realize it, but every time he pushes his glasses up, its because Horcrux Trump and Timhat share the same ears. You can tell Timhat struggles for dominance, since it takes both hands to move his glasses. This is a result of the Horcrux Trump attempting to always look to the right, which gives Timhat the appearance of looking left. Timhat is unaware atm but soon Timhat will be marketing a Trump hat. The hat will be a molded face of Trump which will fit perfectly to the Horcrux face on Timhat's head. Timhat's TrumpHat will have the unique distinction of having the hat's eyes removed so the Horcrux Trump can see. The unintended side benefit to Timhat is he will no longer need to push his glasses back up with both hands. You'll know when Trump no longer inhabits Timhat's head when Timhat stops wearing the TrumpHat. This will be because a larger, more wealthy, person has placed a part of their soul and face on Timhat's head. After all, it is a rental space.
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    Skip the time, skip the grind, skip the game He did it without even pulling his wallet, which tells the audience: yes, it's that easy Those who followed suit are now willing to buy lootboxes as well WAI Someone on the OF is claiming that this was done in response to end-game players requests, and that Cord should be praised for "listening to the players" or some-such BS.
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    You know, monetizing a game, often announces a fundamental change to any game. Especially older games such as LotRO from its inceptual days of being a sub based game. It should be so, but often is not the case, when going into monetization mode, from a subscription based origin means, knowing your product. Using subtle changes/manipulations that go in stride with already established implementations and or mechanics. It really makes a huge fuckin difference if you know the developed game by playing it. (Cordovan as an example doesn't meet this standard. Not to slight the guy, but his presence is more PR than anything else. Ofc he would not deny this.) Generating revenue ultimately must happen, but... And holy shit this is huge. Admitting it as such, makes the truth upfront and understood to anybody. This total omission by SSG does not go without notice and often comes across as devious manipulation instead of guided, transparent, integrity. This combination of lack of ingame progression knowledge and monetary hidden pitfalls, yields a plus sum of broken non-existence consistencies. That in itself is frustrating to players, who with patience attempt to endure these monetary type transitions. Frustrations often described by players, who know they are at or near a breaking point, by saying the developers don't care as they once did. I read this almost daily in some capacity of the OF's. I can on many occasion conclude these statements are 100% true. I can also say, in my 12 years I played LotRO (notice past tense 😀) deem that some at SSG truely only see LotRO and DDO as a job. Put in the time. Get a paycheck. Pay their bills. Which brings me to this. I played this game before LotRO. I put many hours in it and had many sessions of fun. Met many nice, decent people, in that time. https://www.pcgamer.com/the-9-year-journey-to-explore-each-of-eve-onlines-7805-solar-systems/ Eve online has had to deal with declining population in its last half of its life. They too like LotRO have their resident dedicated fanbase. Eve has also had to change it revenue model and more than once. Eve has also had to deal with the intro of monetization tools. Seems same, same doesn't it? Yet it is so much different. Eve has never denied why they introduced skill injectors. Which if people don't know is a near equivalent to a Valar. Near I say, because of the obvious differences in game approach. Ya, Near is a good a fit as any. Eve players are as nuts about ship skins as LotRO players are about armour cosmetics. Things that made Eve a great game to play is the developers also played the game. It is well known the original founders of Eve were themselves PKers in Ultima Online. If you've ever played both games you can't but help to understand the similarities to both games. Perhaps products of their time more than actually defining qualities inherent in gaming. This meant when Eve's developers made changes they fully understood how they changed their game. This can be debated at length but I'm really referring to its first half of existence. As the old guard developing Eve slowly ended their employment (CCP Guard, CCP Falcon being the last) things did take unexpected turns. CCP Seagull had a vision but over time it became diluted by player politics and powerplays. You'd know the extent I mean (Eve is so much more than a spaceship game) if you knew who those are. Eventually CCP Seagull left and so Eve had no pilot. CCP being sold recently marks a full end to those old standards. I expect a full monetization effort in the coming years. With developers who are decried much the same as SSG developers are today. The link above is a monumental moment in the twilight years of Eve Online where the company who developed Eve, not only played the game, but recognized players and their achievements. In the Eve universe the quest to visit every system is a huge monumental task. To do it and never have a ship destroyed is beyond imaginable. Thus yielding a Guinness world record. Nine years and having CCP at the end acknowledging the journey may be the last of its kind in the MMO world. Take a look at the one screenshot where it shows 2 dozen CCP developers logged on to celebrate this one players quest. Logged into the game to celebrate the completion of the 9 year quest. Developers taking a few moments to show they give a fuck. Priceless
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    We are the A Team now guys! https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?676837-Yula_The_Mighty-missing&p=7974309#post7974309 "Many escaped the stockade of these forums, admonished for infractions they claim innocence (partially). Going underground to fight injustice they can help you, if you can find them." Mac
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    Err hehe hell ya! Ballie workin the board. <------------Carpentry speak https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?676840-Holy-purple-poodles!-Valar-buff-to-120-vs-played-to-120&amp;p=7974307#post7974307 I believe the virtue tomes from doing the quest were bound to char or intended to be and will be stated as so in the update slated for this week (last Monday). I have to wonder at the people making these decisions at SSG who just have no appreciation of what efforts players have put into progressing their ILIs, virtue ranks, trait points and gear. I'd ask them to take a wander around the Eyes & Guard tavern and remember the input of all the names, do they even know of them any more? It seems like the latest valar is designed purely to progress Cordovans's valared character to a point his free LP can finish off the final build to a point he has the chance not to suck so much. Is he remotely likely to read what his skills do all of a sudden and understand how to get the most out of them? But in creating this bypass product for cheats who never could be bothered to play the content of these forgotten devs and properly learn to play and progress they get to pass all the folk still on their struggle to progress. We do the right thing and anyone can just pay their way passed you. The marathon runner slogging away to be beaten by another taking an Uber to the finishing line and extoling how virtuous they are with thousands in charitable contributions to their cause. But the whales are maybe too dumb to know the gift they have been given to fix their chars and waste the opportunity. Those that could only reach these heights by paying can't sustain that level through their own efforts, they don't make any effort. Others a "free" toon to "harvest" for their mains. I hope the delay this week is some realisation of what damage they have done to the game, but it's unlikely they care enough given recent history. Layin that shit down the center of the road.
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    The mental gymnastics going on in that thread by the "regulars" is astonishing. The gem is Arnenna who claimed she wasn't going to be buying the expansion because of how it was being monetized (wait for it...she bought it) and now she is trying to claim some type of high ground because she isn't spending money on other things in-game..."Leave those that wish to feed the monster - face the monster. Imma be a million miles away from that, just playing the game..." If you bought the expansion and are actively playing the game you are feeding the fucking monster. It doesn't matter what SSG does, let's be honest. Those type of people won't--can't--log off, uninstall, quit, etc.
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    they had to wait till they added the free pittance to the hobbit slot machines first... now they can sell the meatier version in the store, as was always the plan.
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    Now I'll be the first to admit I haven't been paying close attention anymore, but this weekend there is a +10% Embers and Motes boost to Lootboxes. I've never seen anything like this before, seems like they're not even attempting to hide how they're pushing people to the store for general gearing these days.