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    The most important posts are delivered by small Baltic grandmothers, who carefully and ritualistically carry the message across Europe to the Swiss interchange directly. Unfortunately, it can cause a minor delay in response time.
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    That's actually been making me smile recently. Gamers are looking at all these normies in lock-downs and going "this is nothing different". Back in its peak, I could go a month solid without needing to go outside, just wasting time fucking about with friends in LotRO and raiding with my kin. Absolute, mind-numbing bliss. But it was a very different beast then, with a very different community. I wonder just how many people will pick up their old WoW accounts though? That's got to have quite the uptake.
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    Did Severlin and SSG allow players to connect dots that aren't there? https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?679021-SSG-announcement-regarding-COVID-19 Is it a nice gesture on the part of SSG or is this driven by something else? The last expansion was released unfinished. Nothing new there. It was released and some would say was overpriced and not a real, full expansion. Was there an uptick after the latest expansion released or was it more of the slow gradual decline? The latest expansion became available about two weeks ago in their store for LP purchases. Did it not sell well? No where in the link does Severlin mention the direct reason for this change and yet within hours a player makes a direct connect between SSG's announcement and the current pandemic. In the thread SSG people post and neither confirm or deny the thread title as the reason. Some players might ask why would someone question the motive and tell them to stfu, because SSG is great, awesome and care about their player base. Is it a savvy marketing choice or a last desperate action to survive? SSG has been since their active development of LOtRO driving players more and more to their ingame store. This sudden change is rather abrupt to accept it on its assumed face value to be born from altruistic reasons. Will players who return engage in impulse buying QoL and consumables? I don't see that taking place. If they return it is because it is free. It is still the broken game it was last week and last year. Being free doesn't change this. Is it another example of how Turbine/SSG take a player value and later diminish it by making changes thereby lessening the value committed by those previous? One point came to my thoughts about this change. If SSG is floundering but not quite yet flotsam and jetsom type debris on the beach of bankrupt gaming developers, will they plead there impending death is due to current real world situations beyond their ability to draw revenue from engaged players? Hmm... I wonder...
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    As the title indicates, both a video and written highlights: http://www.mmo-central.com/2020/02/29/pax-east-2020-big-news-at-the-standing-stone-pax-east-meetup/ Here’s the highlights of the announcements: Recap of DDO Producer’s Letter (New Feywild expansion, new Shifter race) Summer in LotRO will focus on the wedding of Aragorn and Arwen New theme of orcs vs dwarves: The Legacy of Durin and the Trial of the Dwarves Two big updates in 2020 in this story Leads into a Gundabad-themed expansion in spring 2021 New content coming later this year: (1 endgame, the other scaling content called Missions so capped and lower-level characters can play together) Rohan housing will include stables so you can show off your favorite mounts Rohan housing due when Helm’s Deep is released on Legendary Servers Then there was an open Q&A involving both games, so here’s a summary of those questions. In DDO, they have plans to get to level 40 over the course of years. In LotRO, there will be more landscape updates, one upcoming tentatively called Mists of the Wilderlands that will include the Floodfells and points north. Ciccolini hinted at something called The War of Three Peaks that will have some new landscape created for it as well. He declined to answer what would happen with Minas Tirith in time for the wedding, that we would have to wait and see what they have planned. A player asked about what the DDO Feywild experience would look like, and they showed a piece of concept art with a twilit castle, but it would be all new geography. Then Jerry ‘Cordovan’ Snook pointed to one of their other projected images and revealed that there would be unicorns in that update. Yes, you read that right. DDO is getting unicorns before the end of the year. Ciccolini answered another question about whether he’d want to include psionics in the game, with the answer being yes, but he added that whether they would actually do that, the magic 8-ball answer to it would be ‘maybe’. A LotRO player wanted to know whether they would be going off the current map, perhaps to the East, and Ciccolini replied that the story people would love to visit Umbar or Rhûn first and that their longer-term plans may bring us into places like that – note the lack of a definitive yes or no or which specific areas. Then to a wonderful cosplayer’s question about whether the Shire would get Scoured, Ciccolini teased the crowd by saying that it may happen in a way we don’t expect. Next up was an intriguing question about megaservers from a DDO player, who wanted to know if that would be a possibility. Ciccolini said they were investigating the options, but if they would move forward, their plan would involve completely-new megaservers that everyone would need to transfer to for free. The benefit would be to clean up over a decade’s worth of idle names that players have not been able to use anywhere except on the Hardcore League server of late. The current stumbling block, he said, was ensuring that guilds could finally be able to transfer server to server. It must be stressed that this is not a definitive in-progress plan, but a long-term goal. It would be similar to LotRO’s server consolidation in 2015, except every active player would have to transfer to a new home. Someone else asked about whether LotRO would be going through a similar megaserver process, and Ciccolini gave a surprising answer. He said they are considering a new kind of Legendary Server with possibly different rules but he didn’t go into details. However, he did say they had no plans to do another server consolidation there. Next there was a question about the possibility of housing in DDO, and Associate Product Manager Johnny ‘SSG_RedPanda’ Liu replied, “Maybe.” It was a running gag throughout the evening where when players asked if something was possible or in the works, his answer was always a drawn-out ‘maybe’, with Ciccolini double-checking to see if he could say something specific about certain questions. Their main concern is how to manage personal housing, since guild airships are one per guild but take up a large amount of data. Liu chimed in to note they were aware of the threads suggesting Sharn apartment housing, and that they were in discussions, but of course the answer is still ‘maybe’. Ciccolini also hinted at their desire to possibly update guilds/kins in both games, but no current details at this time, although they were far more hesitant at the notion another player brought up involving DDO guild true reincarnations. The final question of the evening has been a hot topic in the LotRO community for ages. For those languishing in the Legendary Item system, Ciccolini there’s going to be a more short-term update to assist players more easily obtain Scrolls of Empowerment at endgame. Plus, they’re looking at an all-new system that’s more essence-based, with players being able to transfer the meat and bones of their current LI into it without losing their investment. Ciccolini hesitated to speak more about it because it’s still being conceptualized, but he was hoping it might come out this year, but might take longer depending on the tech needed to make it happen. So those were the highlights of the video above. We will be sitting down with Ciccolini next week to delve further into the big announcements and other hot-topic questions, and we’ll also be bringing you a world-first exclusive interview with LotRO head of QA and composer Bill ‘Darth Celtics’ Champagne, so keep an eye out for that.
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