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    That scene was appalling. I said as a joke "and now he stabs her" and my partner was midway through saying "yeah, that would be pretty obvious" when he actually fucking stabbed her. Then the dragon melts the fucking throne, a throne made with fucking dragon fire before without melting it completely (which seems to do whatever's needed, like it used to just melt stone like at Harrenhal, now it explodes stone like TNT). Really? The dragon got the symbolism of the Iron Throne did it? Or did it think "oh no, mummy been stabbed, must be stabby chair"? Their desire to rush to the end left them with nothing but hack moments. I mean, come the fuck on, why is Branston pickle now the king? He made it clear he wasn't a lord or any of that shit any more and was well above it, suddenly he's like "yeah, let's king this bitch up". He's pretty much come out of nowhere to all the other lords and either they didn't tell anyone else he was magic until then or they all just accepted it really easy. Gendry had the strongest claim after Jon, considering he was a legitimised bastard Baratheon, and even he would've made a better choice than Richard Branson (still a bad choice, but you work with the shit you shit up). Arya's magically an explorer now? Made more sense in the books, they set up that sort of a person, but for the TV show she didn't really have any of that. She fucked off to Braavos after her dad popped his clogs, trained to be an assassin, became an assassin, used her power once, did some zombie killing, then got scared of zombies, teleported behind the Night's King, and never did any ninja stuff again. Cool, it's all over, I'mma fuck off in a boat to the west to see what's going on in Americaros. I've got to stop now before I start getting more annoyed. I could re-write that whole fucking season to make more sense, and I think that's what annoys me the most; if an amateur could do it, why the hell are those couple of fags getting paid hundreds of thousands to do a hack job?
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    As it stands on BR you could be Middle-earth's greatest deed completionist and when you hit cap you'll have gotten around rank 25/60 on all virtues and some alt veteran slacker gets rank 50 on them the day U24 goes live. It's all about harvesting the morons and attempting to garner support for the system by the old timers who get a skewed initial rank. Sap/Cord have done their best to get rid of those who don't rely on belief systems to arrive at their opinions, I will expect those who have exposed them will be joining us soon. It's like the rep you need at each new area' if you don't use rep accelerators throughout you end up half way to kindred. Virtues will be earn half from what's available in game and half from the store. But e-commerce rules the roost the devs and systems guys can knuckle down or walk.
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    yeah because she hopped on a pale horse as the bringer of death... or something. >.> or was it a white horse... so judgement?! just another flimsy excuse to appear deep, but end up looking like a shallow end of the pool wader. i did not say it was good. i said it made me happy that someone finally killed that... whilst in keeping with a total Mary Sue, couldn't have Arya kill a sister either... Jon had to finally play some part, as he was inept in dealing with the Wight King. also providing some ridiculous excuse to ship him off North, so he could finally pet Ghost. Danny making all the way to the end, only to look like a complete & utter fanatic: Tyrion could have pushed her down the stairs and broke her neck for all it mattered: the soul crushing effect of all those who hung on her as Queen of the Seven Kingdoms was the only salt i was after. show has been utter garbage for at least 3 seasons now.
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    I dunno.... at least the dragon had good sense to destroy the one thing that was causing excessive strife in Westeros.
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    My thoughts exactly. Thanks for posting that. I can't wait to see how people try to polish this turd on the OF.
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    Blessed was the day I walked out of this wreck.
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    There's not enough boobs worth seeing in the world to save the final season's bad writing....
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    I've been starting to doubt that more and more lately. There's something about his work that suggests he either got very lucky with his initial ASoIaF books, or he had only managed to properly plan out the story up until the end of the War of the Five Kings. Everything before then was fairly grounded, with plots that felt pretty solid and made some sense (considering he was taking so much from history, it's not surprising). Then he started to get slower and lazier in his writing, which I can only attribute to either apathy to his work, or a lack of creativity, and I tend to lean to the latter. He can't figure out how to tie up the loose ends in a satisfying way, especially if the show is along the same lines as he suggests he's aiming for. It doesn't help that he's also being outmatched by his own fans, who come up with much better twists and solutions than he ends up revealing, or in a lot of cases they've managed to guess before he could get there first. That's got to be a hell of a blow to a writer's ego and I don't envy him if that's the case.
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    I dislike the Bloodthirsty Dwarf writing in the GoT. He's a decent writer, but I got pissed off reading his series around 2005 (A Feast for Crows). Ages later, I got dragged into watching GoT (intro music, clothes) and was surprised by the good quality of the series. The final episodes, while visually interesting, are an exercise in imbecility as far as plot, military strategy, character development, and idiotic behavior of the protagonists. So yes, I sometimes dislike the G.R.R. Martin hype, but at least he is a writer. What passes as writing in the final series is ... I have no words. For idiots, by idiots.