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    Dude calls himself (and lets himself be called) 'the Tolkien Professor" like a self-brand. Y'all heard of the Professor Tolkien, now get ready for... um... some random who basically claims the same exact iconic name with words rearranged. How does one measure an ego that size - in light years or in millimeters? Don´t look now but sounds like he and Druidsfire are a match made in... what´s a sad mediocre no-name equivalent of heaven these charlatans go to... an obscure unnecessary self-congratulatory gaming convention. Disclosure: I never checked out Corey Olsen's output in depth, my take is purely from my impressions. But those impressions are precisely why I never checked him closely. He may well be a nice guy who smiles nicely in photos. Like, ya know, Druidsfire may be a nice gal if you give her a ton of money and power. So I´m damn unrepentant when I tag both as attention-whoring ego-feeders. The only difference, he's got a more classy cover/face as the audience he's courting is higher up the food chain than Druidsfire's fodder. Let's take a closer look at Olsen. PhD from Columbia U (about the only thing it indicates is he could afford it and was railroaded well). Assistant prof at Williams College for a few years - which means tenure track; he left this position - which means he didn't get tenure and was let go. Tough break for humanities disciplines, especially 'English lit" profs that are a dime a dozen. Indicatively, didn't have anything to stand out from the crowd. Instead of pursuing academia, he leaves it and founds a for-profit business venture under the banner of Signum University (whereof he is now president), one of the countless online degree factories whose claim to attention is the literature-medievalist-fantasy-myth focus. a.k.a. where academia rejects go to lord it over the unwashed masses who are easily impressed by titles like "professor", who are easily intimidated into covering up their own ignorance like nakedness by holding everything that falls out of the "professor" mouths as Indesputable Big True, and who will relentlessly kiss every PhD ass in sight / on sight, so that these magic powers of knowledge will transfer from holy rectum unto themselves. In short: breeding ground for sycophantic circle jerks where education is commodified and "knowledge" is fetishized. This is not to piss entirely on situational merit of online learning resources. But to put it more tactfully, Signum and its Mythgard Institute (did you know, all you have to do to become an "Institute" is to call yourself by this label) tends to attract much of the same crowd as Weatherstock and its Lonely Mountain Band groupies. In other words, lore-jocks who are so unimaginative and untalented they have to tune in to those "Tolkien Professor" podcasts to know what to think about Tolkien. Did I mention English literature (yes, this includes modern fantasy and Tolkien) faculty and college courses are a dime a dozen? Druidsfire's link with Olsen is unsurprising and very intuitive, as both cultivate similar groupie followings, each in his/her own way. The audience they share is exactly the same. Low-self-esteem middle-class ($$) passive-aggressive "American Beauty" types who, in neverending quest to stuff inner emptiness with quick fixes of self-importance, would keep donating to the Druidsfire parasite to pay her through life, or buy online courses from academia rejects because it's "lore knowledge oooh". Same ones who then spend massively on Lotro because we already know why... and then spew their toxic sludge all over the official forums because any hint of Lotro criticism reminds them they are not self-important. How many academic faculty in the US teach Tolkien courses? More than one might guess. To be meticulously fair, let's exclude "adjunct," "lecturer," and "reader" titles and leave only the tenure-track or tenured faculty. I can still think of at least a dozen tenured (or emeritus) faculty with full academic affiliations who would qualify as "Tolkien" professors. But the temerity it takes to claim that tag as if it's a personal name brand... is astounding. (In the US, the title "professor" necessitates tenure: i.e. associate professor. Assistant professor denotes tenure-track, i.e. faculty on temporary contract under committee review, their permanency pending). He's a very successful business man who knows how to build himself up, and he does tend to cater to the slowest student in the room, i.e. enabling mediocrity to self-perpetuate, not challenging for upward growth. His Tolkien insights are what anyone could find there - if they stepped away from the damn screen and opened a book and trusted themselves enough to know their viewpoints are valid without any "credentials". Imagination and creative thinking are activities that don't require a PhD. The poor Lotro-types who buy into him/his institute/his online degree factory thinking they're buying lore wisdom, are deluding themselves. And selling themselves short, but that is the premise of his business venture and target demographic. If DF's driving his traffic, he probably won't distance from her. Both are podcasters first (whatever else they claim to be is second or third), they feed on the same livestream viewers. Of course, if he is tolerating her antics, he is getting something beneficial out of it. The instant it stops serving him, the axe comes out.
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    I don't recall anyone asking her to do anything. So, why is it a point, by her, to even comment, on something like that? SSG didn't court her. The players didn't ask for her. The only thing she needed to do "in the name of peace" was shut the fuck up. She has only herself to blame. I can tolerate an imbecile being one, but she is an indignant, imbecile. The sooner someone clips her wings, the sooner she can fall from grace.
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    I took one on the chin and listened to the archived version of her stream. She said that, due to the new job, she won't be here for the next two weeks, and she's not entirely sure she'll be back afterward ("there's a 50/50 chance I won't come back."). That certainly applies to her own show (Gondor Has No Druids) on lotrostream, and it sounds very much like she's no longer going to be on Cord Of the Rings, either. She hasn't been on Cory's Mythgard in Middle Earth stream in quite a while. She not going to stop streaming, however; she'll just be streaming exclusively on her personal channel. She mainly complained about she's been done wrong by both SSG and the community. She said that she's tried to be a liaison between the community and company, to bring questions and concerns to the team, but has gotten no where. She claimed that she created a document with all the questions that have been asked in the official stream, but no one at SSG ever bother to answer then. She also claims to have created training guides covering the basics of each class, but then got slammed for that content. She also seemed to slam Severlin for not managing the game very well. It does sound like Ballie's post is a huge part of her decision.
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    That is absolutely terrible! I am completely against antisemitism in all its forms and openly denounce such malicious spreading of harmful stereotypes, as well as fully support the noble state of Israel's right to exist as the only democratic and secular nation in the Middle-east. Their innocence and benevolence in all things cannot be overstated, and I hope one day that we can eradicate all prejudice against a consistently persecuted people! Have they gone yet? Shhhh, just let them pass. Good, it looks all clear. You are totally correct, by the way.
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    I'm not a fan of DF...Her moderation style drives me crazy. She's often just plain rude, and interrupts Cory or Cordovan to assert her power. I'll admit that I'm not the greatest of players. My main is a LM, and I really should have chosen an easier class. But I know enough that I don't often die (and enough to realize that I'm a liabity to groups). But I have listened in, and DF often gives incorrect information and advice. As far as I'm concerned, the SSG folks should regularly monitor their lotrostreamers and ensure that they are operating within some kind of truthful and helpful guidelines. And, frankly, DF needs to go. The only streamer with a modicum of knowledge and experience is Bludborn, and I he is no longer streaming on the official channel.
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    Ah the simple pleasures of not giving a fuck. Cord should have never had a "co-host." If he wanted to include "players" he should have gone with a rotating group of people. If you want to stream a game and can't find your asshole with a map, then fine. However, an "official" stream should not include the most ridiculous advice and suggestions. The official stream, if it's featuring game play, should have competent players who understand the mechanics. Otherwise, you're setting up new players for failure. There is plenty of time in the week to have a stream devoted to super casual play, but the only one hosted by an actual employee is not the time. I stopped watching lotro streamers a long time ago. You can only watch people level up a mini so many times before it gets boring. Watching people play badly and disseminate terrible advice stopped being amusing. In my opinion, which doesn't count for much, spending this much energy following and lambasting a total dipshit isn't worth your time. I can't sit and watch someone with a head that big wear a fez. It just looks stupid.
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    Done 😸 https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?675243-Dear-Devs-Suggestions
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    Doro what a shitposter you are ... look what you have started 😆
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    Keep ballin', intrepid one. Archiving post: What if you are a restaurant critic with an online blog. You have some weird tastes and the Restaurant management feels the pressure to cater to your needs for favourable reviews. All other critics have long since written off their culinary offerings only "The Fat Duck" name has gotten them any covers for years. Do they continue making Teriyaki Burgers dripping in fat or maybe get in Gordon Ramsay who might turn it around?
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    Haha, I suspected it might be someone around here :D I can't keep names well (except Splay = sapienze), not even in real life :p Very happy to help. Parting ways with old Kibi has been the hardest bit before finally calling it off honestly. I've loved the Guardian and still do, even during the 18.2 blunder, and when I log in every few months to pay rent it's always with Kibi. I was really tempted to jump in for a second but decided to laugh my ass instead :D
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    Cheers, you've spotted me on my 'main'. Interestingly, as soon as these points started getting traction, a blue name magically materializes fellating everyone for feedback. And not a moment earlier. Getting angsty there over the premise of cancelled subs. /out before everyone in there starts orgasming how SSG "listens to us", entirely oblivious of what it took to elicit such prompt attention. Smoove move to shut me down, red panda. Pulling blue strings is fun. (as an aside: recognized your toon name from sig, some years ago I asked nooby guardian questions in world chat, and you sent me a /tell linking a cross-trait-tree setup, back when guard dps was shit - thanks for that, had fun with that build and used it a lot!)