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    yeah I loved when they raised the cost of rep accels in the skirm camp it was because "they wanted to adjust the prices based on the scale of how many marks we were getting." Than next update boom, mark gains lowered... than next update BOOM area with 6 tiers of rep instead of 4. And of course when the raised the skirm camp prices a few of us called it, and were silenced by the white knights.... you know, those same ones who asked for them to be lowered on the LS because the prices are ridiculous
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    i will actually give this topic a serious answer. based off the last 3 years represented in this image: if no external factors change... * Daybreak Games does not Implode ✔️ * Servers remain at 10 (+2) and are not further consolidated ✔️ * SSG avoids really big changes like they unveiled with HD trait trees, or other things to upset the apple cart ✔️ you are looking at another 8 years minimum (more likely 10). SSG could extend that out by simply consolidating a server or 2, over time. lets just say hypothetically they whittled the active server list down to one or two servers on each side of the pond (4 max.) that alone could add another decade, or more. by doing next to nothing, other than using the robust server transfer feature they now have, the game could go on for another 20 years. my only recommendation... it is more clever than a first glance could imagine... is Crickhollow is the first to go!
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    Looks like it's hit its steady decay period. The flesh has long since rotted off and it's just a slowly-dusting skeleton but it's still there. Either new players are equal to lost players, or there's no new players and no lost players, just a bedrock group willing to fund the game in whatever state it is.
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    They managed to fuck up old raids, too. Helegrod is currently granting L105 loot from the challenge chest, regardless of your own level or even needing to complete the challenge.
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    Zeitraum: 07.01. -13.01.2019 23:59 EU-Logins vergangener Woche (Datenwoche 449): Logins EU-LOTRO US-Logins vergangener Woche (Datenwoche 444): Logins US-LOTRO