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    If people stopped just throwing their money away on the crap offered we'd get a better game but they just can't see it. The more they pay the worse it gets. Their claims of "supporting SSG" is supporting them in extracting every last dime out of these numpties. Mac
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    Is Olivetti trolling players/readers by placing a "Play LotRo for Free" button inside the article?
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    Watching to see if the Curator philosophy gets expanded to other barter type exchanges in the future. I read the post with the mention of Puppy-Huggles and noted the Post Script added at the bottom of their post. I so want to make a post asking if their puppy fetish is attributed and enhanced by meds. Also to look for a meme of a person strangling a puppy to death with hugs. On the subject of the Task wallet thinger. It kind of amazes me that all these players praising it haven't noticed that the higher priced LP sale includes a medium version. This implies a large version in the future. I also imagine all the addicted players still call the Double LP Bonus as a double point sale. Completely passing by them it isn't a double LP sale. It's possible in their minds these sales have been around long enough they no longer make the distinction between two very different amounts and how they are recognized. If this is the general case, someone at SSG gets a win there. LotRO players can't math. I sure would like to see the data on who, why, what, and how much players spend. Also to see how the data changes an SSG broadens their manipulative shenanigans. Somebody in their marketing understands how to prey on addiction. That's too bad really. They could be marketing to bring in new players with a more honest approach. Instead they've chosen to prey on their existing player base. I guess it is easy to abuse your family than to find strangers who will endure the same abuse.
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    https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?677037-The-Curator-has-returned-from-Vacation "This Dummy?-- WAY useful!!! Sending a fortune in puppy-huggles to whoever thought it up!" Disturbing that players respond like this. I know, it has nothing to do with the topic of this thread. Just struck me. Just as it strikes me that players continue to expand on their excuses to give SSG money despite being disappointed. I saw one person write 'as long as we can continue to play'. Paiz was right.
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    Trump would totally Colonel Jesop during the impeachment trial in the Senate. (Reference to A Few Good Men.) The question is, is it okay to ask foreign governments to dig up dirt on your domestic political rivals? And to push them to do it by withholding Congressionally approved funds? The evidence points to the course of action by the administration being consistent with seeking dirt on Biden (it's right in the summary of the call, after all) and withholding funds. Heck, Trump even called on China to dig up dirt during the days after the whistleblower's complaint surfaced. Republican goalposts keep getting run over faster than they can move them on various spurious defenses. Sad, really, that a once good party has sold their soul for a demagogue who totally trashes what the party stood for. Trump is the ultimate RINO.