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    The two thing that basically pissed off the entire RP community against me was when I asked one of the Weatherstock people who were trying for a Guiness world record for more information on how they'd tally the population (as I was curious how they'd do it), and found out that they basically had used the record attempt as a marketing ploy then called them out on it. The other was when I had the temerity to suggest that Laurelin get coverted from an RP server to an RE server and pointed out that it was basically already there and had the RPers come out in droves and attack for suggesting I do that. The conclusion at that time is that the RPers are just bat-shit crazy. So while you were having "fun", I was taken aback by the vitriol of that part of the community. I want absolutely nothing to do with you, you toxic piece of shit.
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    Can we not use the word faggot, if possible? I'm all for free speech, but when I see grown adults using that word I freely admit it triggers me. I'm not trying to derail the thread, but I've noticed it being used with more frequency (and not just by our moderator). I'm genuinely asking. Thanks.
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    I never said gay people are the only ones to ever suffer injustice and violence. They are, however, a select minority of people who have and continue to suffer injustice and violence simply because they are gay. That point can't even be argued. To even equate that with "No, they get beaten up sometimes just because they were standing there" is just you being disingenuous. You've pulled this shtick before over the years when people have politely asked you to tone your shit down--and that was before you were a moderator. And you always raise the freedom of speech/censorship banner like you are on some fucking crusade. At the end of the day, you just want a space where you can be a dick with no consequences and anytime someone threatens that or, god forbid, ask for a little bit of civility, you cry foul.
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    The great thing is that the books still exist as they were written, and SSG can't change that.
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    I'd take a bet that he doesn't see the irony in writing his signature all in caps.
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    Made of Lions seems the only one left from SoA, that's about it. Other content-designer still remaining joined ca. 2011 (thePinion). Silorien the software engineer still there since late 2008, might be the last remaining one now that they lost DrOctothorpe to layoffs (and bet they lost more than him). Among QA personnel, DarthCeltics is still there since 2008. That's about it, as far as any semblance of a "core" team. Add to that a rotating carousel of lesser interns (less familiar blue names popping up with join dates ca. 2016-18), mostly QA personnel and thus more disposable and predictably less knowledgeable about game product they're tasked with. Vastin seems the only class developer left (thankfully tbh, he's got a head on his shoulders and communicates well, unlike previous dweebs), but he's a recent addition with a forum join date 2017 (might have been around longer in other capacities?) Not counting Cordovan and the joke of a producer, who are not only terrible at communicating and formulating articulate replies to interview queries but are legitimately clueless and lost when it comes to most rudimentary familiarity with product they're paid to oversee. Both are holdovers from D&D Online so perhaps no surprise they know a piss drizzle's worth about Lotro; being around since lat 2000s seems to have done zilch to their capacity to absorb new information and develop their skill sets. Which leads me to conjecture both are still employed due to knowing people who know people, and both are digging in their heels circling their collapsing SSG wagons knowing full well they're not worth much on the job market. Any self respecting PR hiring committee would see they're nothing but yesterday's nerds with good hook-ups, good for nothing but deadbeating around the office on company pay and kissing ass of higher ups to stay employed.
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    Rejoice! Today we are the furthest away from Christmas 2019
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    You're purposely missing the point. This is ridiculous, you've wasted your time creating a separate thread for this. I fully support your right to act like a 12 year old child and call other grown adults faggots. Carry on.
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    Words have consequences Nuff said
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    The entire thing is just so deceptive. It couldn't be simpler. SSG is charging players for an experience they could already be having at no cost on pre-existing servers (Stones of the Tortoise + like-minded players. It's been done before on nearly every server). SSG simply counted upon the gullibility and lack of common sense of its player base in order to squeeze out a little more $$$ prior to maintenance mode, and the true-to-form player base did not disappoint them. On the other hand, without $$$, LOTRO is going to shut down. So THIS is how SSG has chosen to generate that money. Not with better content. Not with upgrading the game engine to a 64k client (which we all knew was never going to happen, and so did Turbine/SSG). Not with overhauling gameplay and fixing the thousands of bugs players are currently pretending don't exist. Not with competent marketing (remember the Mordor trailer?). Not with better communication or customer service. But rather by rewarding LOTRO players' blatant stupidity by charging them a fee for what they already get for free. Which is going to make it all the sweeter when the players finally realize they've been swindled.* * but keep paying for it anyway, because they're complete idiots.
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    Every time I see one of those posts I am reminded of a Louis CK bit, even though he likes to get caught jerking it.
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    I tried the Halloween festival and the Christmas festival when it was running recently, and I couldn't see the appeal. Grind a bunch of crappy daily quests for tokens and then trade those in for some cosmetics. Whoopty fuckin' doo, Basil. I have no idea how so many of these simpleton festival fags look forward to it, let alone put themselves through the repetitive grind of it. This weird digging thing has been even worse, just running around digging at holes, with all the shitty rewards being so expensive you'd have to grind it constantly where possible just to get even half of it. But I suppose if I understood why they like them, I'd be just as retarded as they are, so thank fuck I'm not.
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    I'm glad I started that thread, because it turned into something quite magnificent.
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    Say a guy called Tarantula with a huge creepy spider as an avatar 😉 Hope your girl is doing well though Could be worst 😁 Glad to see you guys still have a sense of humor. On topic: LOTRO is only a very pale shadow, faint memories of Middle-earth and epic stories I still love. I refuse to be a statistic, use the store or play a game just out of my passion for the work of Tolkien. The LOTRO I remember was awesome , not perfect, but a solid game, but this was many years ago. It is sad to witness its decline, sad to see how people prefer a mediocre/bad run instead of letting it go slowly and peacefully into the West. Anyway sorry about the 'creepy' avatar guys, I won't change it though, it has been with me for too many years and I am quite font of it
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    Zeitraum: 28.01. - 03.02.2019 23:59 EU-Logins vergangener Woche (Datenwoche 452): Logins EU-LOTRO US-Logins vergangener Woche (Datenwoche 449): Logins US-LOTRO 
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    yeah I loved when they raised the cost of rep accels in the skirm camp it was because "they wanted to adjust the prices based on the scale of how many marks we were getting." Than next update boom, mark gains lowered... than next update BOOM area with 6 tiers of rep instead of 4. And of course when the raised the skirm camp prices a few of us called it, and were silenced by the white knights.... you know, those same ones who asked for them to be lowered on the LS because the prices are ridiculous
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    and this trend will continue until the last 25 or so die hards will be crying in the shire the day the servers close wondering where things went wrong and what they could have done to prevent it.... completely missing all of the people who had been speaking out for years and they (and the CMs) silenced on the forums and in game. The game is now the game it's players deserve. They let it happen and kept coming back. It is pure Tolkien Derangement Syndrome (aka LOTRO Stockholm Syndrome)
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    Zeitraum: 17.12. -23.12.2018 23:59 EU-Logins vergangener Woche (Datenwoche 446): Logins EU-LOTRO US-Logins vergangener Woche (Datenwoche 443): Logins US-LOTRO 
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    Zeitraum: 18.11. -25.11.2018 23:59 EU-Logins vergangener Woche (Datenwoche 442): Logins EU-LOTRO US-Logins vergangener Woche (Datenwoche 439): Logins US-LOTRO 
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    This is not true. This week the number of Landroval AH pages has been slightly under 200. That's a bit lower than it was, but not a lot. If what you say is true, the AH would have been around 300 pages just before LS started. I've not seen 300 pages in a long time there. Lately, pre-LS, the Landroval AH did around 225 pages on weekends. Tonight it's 192. We'll see what this weekend brings.
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    I know, right? This attitude is what SSG was talking about in their Mordor video talking about the Ultimate edition - "This is for the players who love everything we do". The willingness of some players to continually come up with excuses for SSG's shenanigans is truly amazing.
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    Two posts from this thread: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?667628-Embers-Instances-amp-Locks to sum it up: Doing instances once a day for guaranteed good rewards like we had in Mordor now seems like a pleasant thing of the past, with this horrible new system they've cooked up. Here's what currently happens on Live: For clearing a T1 instance, on opening the chests: Final boss: If player has a Favoured pull left, they get [100 Embers of Enchantment], some ILI consumables and a chance for a purple gear piece. If the player has no Favoured pulls left, they get 0 Embers of Enchantment and a (low) chance for other items. Regardless of Favoured or non-Favoured, every chest will award some [Coin of Grárik] to every player. Other bosses: Every player, regardless of Favoured pull or not, will receive Coins of Grárik. Supposedly, Favoured pulls have better odds of dropping actual gear, but that's not really happening. Even on favoured drop rates, gear drop rates are absolutely horrendous. There are no ILI consumables or Embers in any of these chests. Only the final boss chest awards Embers and ILI consumables. For clearing a T2 instance, things look pretty much the same except you get 150 Embers from final boss chests instead of 100. T2 Favoured openings are limited to two per week per chest. T1 Favoured openings are limited to five per week per chest. After that you get another 20 chest openings with lower drop rates for the rest of the week. This information can be viewed per character by using the /raid locks command. None of the drops are disenchantable. Not from t1, not from t2, not from favoured and not from non-favoured pulls. Nothing. So... Do all your weekly favoured pulls, you end up with 500 (5x t1 thrumfall) + 500 (5x t1 glimmerdeep) + 500 (5x t1 thikil-gundu) + 300 (2x t2 thrumfall) + 300 (2x t2 glimmerdeep) + 300 (2x t2 thikil-gundu) = 2,400 Embers. For 21 full instance runs. A single piece of teal gear on the vendor costs 3,500 Embers. A purple piece costs 2,000 Embers. A single lootbox drops between 250 and 1,000 Embers + a piece of disenchantable gear (usually a purple worth 200 Embers) -- so at least 3 t2 instance runs' worth, even if you get unlucky. Crafted gear requires ridiculous amounts of materials, as well as multiple very rare Dwarrowgleam Shards. It's kind of obvious what the devs' preferred path towards gearing your characters is. Then again, that's hardly a surprise. Response to this post: Jesus, this is fubar. I'm glad I haven't gotten to the instances yet. The entire delayed barter system for the loot was to encourage people to run the content. Instead, they're punishing people for it. This is pathological. ----------------- My thought: SSG is digging an increasingly deeper hole. Instead of salvaging when it still had some resemblance of the game we knew, we are now left with an empty shell, in which everything you do is punished. You want quality upgrades? We will give you 7 Bullroarer rounds, because we don't have any testers left, and then we release a completely unfinished and messed up 'expansion' to you. You want VIP to have value? We don't, we want you to spend a lot more money because the game doesn't supply gear anymore. You want value for the 1995 LP you just spent? Too bad, you either become a hamster or you give us more money. You want to collect tokens or ashes or motes? Capped. You want to trade festival cosmetics? They are untradeable after you take them out of the box. You want to gear up? You can't craft it, you can't get it from questing, you can't get it from instances, you can't buy it in the AH. You want to collect keys in game for lootboxes? You no longer can, they will only come from the store. You like to quest and you paid for the quests? You will need xp axcelerators all the way through and it will not be enough to get to max level. You want to enjoy your instances? You can't. You get punished for playing the game, for wanting gear, for wanting to help your kin, your friends, for wanting to have fun. There are some new rules: 1. You will play the content. 2. You will not be rewarded for 1., but will buy your rewards in the store. 3. You shall not enjoy what you are doing - you will not receive anything 'good' from playing the game. You will only be satisfied when you show SSG the money: for keys, for a chance at something, from a box. 4. It's ok if you don't want to play the content, you can buy everything you want, in the store. Someone called it a 'loo-box'. I'll call it Lord of the Loo-box - Edition: one shit too far.
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    I guess they are counting on players skipping Moria these days (of course they are, with the $$$ from Aria of Valar) who would eat this up as excitingly new without recognizing where it's been nabbed from. *sigh* Reusing game assets is one thing... but plagiarizing ICONIC features is just self-rape. As someone who spent over a year questing in Moria with an experience disabler, didn't have to think twice to name the exact sources. The miners' arch is an architectural feature unique to Anazârmekhem as you leave the hub heading South. Its uniqueness is highlighted by featuring it on the Flaming Deeps map as a landmark. The cluster of three dwarf heads is from the Gate of the Seven Fathers, a distinct landmark featured in one of the discovery deeds, though if you cut off the other four heads you can't ever prove its origin, eh. The mindlessly reduplicated statues directly beneath is a copypasta fest of the statue of Helgi Goblinbane standing just outside the Chamber of Crossroads. You know, the one so distinct that a whole quest arc is devoted to locating and reassembling its pieces. I'm not even pissed or angry, just plain sad outside of any heated emotion. Resignation perhaps. Hell, whoever is tasked with "worldbuilding" in this update probably never played through Moria themselves. I mean, there's plenty of generic decor there to reuse outside of plagiarizing full on historically unique tourist attractios. What a sad carousel of rotating crews, half-baked intentions, and patchwork no one even bothers to at least polish for the vets who can see the proverbial emperor is butt-ass naked. When it comes to Lotro, it's not the pay-to-win, microtransactions, or the grind that turn me off... it's this mindless rotating carousel of little interns with tunnel vision who keep patching on their own little flair without respecting what came before, without addressing previous holes, and without any pretense at consistency. Not a doomsayer myself, but damn hurts to see it so mismanaged.
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    https://nos.nl/artikel/2247812-gameproducent-blizzard-stopt-in-belgie-met-loot-boxes.html Game developer Blizzard stops in Belgium in the short term with the sale of loot boxes in the popular games Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm. Blizzard does so in response to a judgment by the Belgian Gaming Commission that, like the Dutch Gaming Authority, thinks that the digital treasuries are against the rules of chance. Players can buy loot boxes to get new items, such as clothing or weapons. Buyers do not know in advance what exactly is in the boxes. As a result, the Gaming Commission sees it as gambling. To get rare items, they usually have to buy a lot of treasure boxes. Although it is impossible to buy loot boxes with real money, Blizzard wants the Belgian gamers to buy the boxes with points they earn in the game. The measure does not apply to Dutch players of Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm. Surprised Blizzard says to be surprised by the conclusion of the Belgian Gaming Commission and does not share the views on the loot boxes. Despite this, Blizzard sees no other solution than "to follow this interpretation of Belgian law". The company does, however, like to enter into a dialogue with the Belgian committee and the Ministry of Justice. The Dutch Gaming Authority previously ruled that the treasuries were designed as gambling games, with sound effects and visual stimuli that encourage them to continue playing after opening and to buy more boxes. The rewards can also often be traded for real money, which gives them an economic value according to the games of chance authority. That is also against the rules of chance. In June research showed that different game companies did not comply with the requirement to extract addictive elements from their games. Earlier this week it became known that the NBA 2K basketball games make it impossible in the Netherlands and Belgium to sell real money loot boxes or trade their contents.