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    Can we not use the word faggot, if possible? I'm all for free speech, but when I see grown adults using that word I freely admit it triggers me. I'm not trying to derail the thread, but I've noticed it being used with more frequency (and not just by our moderator). I'm genuinely asking. Thanks.
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    I never said gay people are the only ones to ever suffer injustice and violence. They are, however, a select minority of people who have and continue to suffer injustice and violence simply because they are gay. That point can't even be argued. To even equate that with "No, they get beaten up sometimes just because they were standing there" is just you being disingenuous. You've pulled this shtick before over the years when people have politely asked you to tone your shit down--and that was before you were a moderator. And you always raise the freedom of speech/censorship banner like you are on some fucking crusade. At the end of the day, you just want a space where you can be a dick with no consequences and anytime someone threatens that or, god forbid, ask for a little bit of civility, you cry foul.
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    Rejoice! Today we are the furthest away from Christmas 2019
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    You're purposely missing the point. This is ridiculous, you've wasted your time creating a separate thread for this. I fully support your right to act like a 12 year old child and call other grown adults faggots. Carry on.
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    Words have consequences Nuff said
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    The entire thing is just so deceptive. It couldn't be simpler. SSG is charging players for an experience they could already be having at no cost on pre-existing servers (Stones of the Tortoise + like-minded players. It's been done before on nearly every server). SSG simply counted upon the gullibility and lack of common sense of its player base in order to squeeze out a little more $$$ prior to maintenance mode, and the true-to-form player base did not disappoint them. On the other hand, without $$$, LOTRO is going to shut down. So THIS is how SSG has chosen to generate that money. Not with better content. Not with upgrading the game engine to a 64k client (which we all knew was never going to happen, and so did Turbine/SSG). Not with overhauling gameplay and fixing the thousands of bugs players are currently pretending don't exist. Not with competent marketing (remember the Mordor trailer?). Not with better communication or customer service. But rather by rewarding LOTRO players' blatant stupidity by charging them a fee for what they already get for free. Which is going to make it all the sweeter when the players finally realize they've been swindled.* * but keep paying for it anyway, because they're complete idiots.
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    so in fact they are the same as most of us here, most don't want to play lotro either
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    MMT could just as easily stand for Mountain Moose Tits .... just saying 😀
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    Dwarves don't do festivities.... Though this picture from our Fashion Lady almost made me think twice.... And certainly made me check the beer in the fridge...
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    On one or two accounts, probably. But not on the third account they now need because they've filled all their slots and are looking to make yet another bard to stand in Bree all day, but this one will be different because they'll be from Gondor!
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    Zeitraum: 26.11. -02.12.2018 23:59 EU-Logins vergangener Woche (Datenwoche 443): Logins EU-LOTRO US-Logins vergangener Woche (Datenwoche 440): Logins US-LOTRO  Todo: Check Color-Managment.
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    Zeitraum: 12.11. -18.11.2018 23:59 EU-Logins vergangener Woche (Datenwoche 441): Logins EU-LOTRO US-Logins vergangener Woche (Datenwoche 438): Logins US-LOTRO 
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    these forum upgrades... it used to be when you posted a linked image, that was updated at the source, the image would update here as well. but it looks like in my previous posts both images aren't updating, but rather cashed here in static form... wonder if i can bypass the cache... now the above should be current as of this post... i hope. if they don't update, just click the image (in original posts) and it should pass you over to the live page, rather than a cached version here... or use these links: http://lotrostats.gefallenehelden.de/images/lotro-alle-gauge-3-year.png http://lux-hdro.de/images/live/lotro-population-anor.png is ironic back when i used to post these links a cached version would be handy as those posts were point in time specific & now i actually want it to update the way of things...
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    Landroval lost 100 AH pages in a couple of days. People there say those who left to LS will return anyways.
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    Welp, not looking too good: http://lux-hdro.de/hdro-live-anor.php Perhaps splitting the playerbase between two "legendary" servers wasn't such a great idea.
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    For the sake of Jesus' butthole they shouldn't be having queuing problems for less than 10k players. Unless it's a manufactured issue to give the illusion of high demand.
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    Zeitraum: 29.10. -04.11.2018 23:59 EU-Logins vergangener Woche (Datenwoche 439): Logins EU-LOTRO US-Logins vergangener Woche (Datenwoche 436): Logins US-LOTRO
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    Even worse, just another LotRO server with even less in it than the free ones. "Let's just take everything we've already got, cut loads of it away, then slowly re-release the exact same thing and charge people for the pleasure!"
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    Two posts from this thread: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?667628-Embers-Instances-amp-Locks to sum it up: Doing instances once a day for guaranteed good rewards like we had in Mordor now seems like a pleasant thing of the past, with this horrible new system they've cooked up. Here's what currently happens on Live: For clearing a T1 instance, on opening the chests: Final boss: If player has a Favoured pull left, they get [100 Embers of Enchantment], some ILI consumables and a chance for a purple gear piece. If the player has no Favoured pulls left, they get 0 Embers of Enchantment and a (low) chance for other items. Regardless of Favoured or non-Favoured, every chest will award some [Coin of Grárik] to every player. Other bosses: Every player, regardless of Favoured pull or not, will receive Coins of Grárik. Supposedly, Favoured pulls have better odds of dropping actual gear, but that's not really happening. Even on favoured drop rates, gear drop rates are absolutely horrendous. There are no ILI consumables or Embers in any of these chests. Only the final boss chest awards Embers and ILI consumables. For clearing a T2 instance, things look pretty much the same except you get 150 Embers from final boss chests instead of 100. T2 Favoured openings are limited to two per week per chest. T1 Favoured openings are limited to five per week per chest. After that you get another 20 chest openings with lower drop rates for the rest of the week. This information can be viewed per character by using the /raid locks command. None of the drops are disenchantable. Not from t1, not from t2, not from favoured and not from non-favoured pulls. Nothing. So... Do all your weekly favoured pulls, you end up with 500 (5x t1 thrumfall) + 500 (5x t1 glimmerdeep) + 500 (5x t1 thikil-gundu) + 300 (2x t2 thrumfall) + 300 (2x t2 glimmerdeep) + 300 (2x t2 thikil-gundu) = 2,400 Embers. For 21 full instance runs. A single piece of teal gear on the vendor costs 3,500 Embers. A purple piece costs 2,000 Embers. A single lootbox drops between 250 and 1,000 Embers + a piece of disenchantable gear (usually a purple worth 200 Embers) -- so at least 3 t2 instance runs' worth, even if you get unlucky. Crafted gear requires ridiculous amounts of materials, as well as multiple very rare Dwarrowgleam Shards. It's kind of obvious what the devs' preferred path towards gearing your characters is. Then again, that's hardly a surprise. Response to this post: Jesus, this is fubar. I'm glad I haven't gotten to the instances yet. The entire delayed barter system for the loot was to encourage people to run the content. Instead, they're punishing people for it. This is pathological. ----------------- My thought: SSG is digging an increasingly deeper hole. Instead of salvaging when it still had some resemblance of the game we knew, we are now left with an empty shell, in which everything you do is punished. You want quality upgrades? We will give you 7 Bullroarer rounds, because we don't have any testers left, and then we release a completely unfinished and messed up 'expansion' to you. You want VIP to have value? We don't, we want you to spend a lot more money because the game doesn't supply gear anymore. You want value for the 1995 LP you just spent? Too bad, you either become a hamster or you give us more money. You want to collect tokens or ashes or motes? Capped. You want to trade festival cosmetics? They are untradeable after you take them out of the box. You want to gear up? You can't craft it, you can't get it from questing, you can't get it from instances, you can't buy it in the AH. You want to collect keys in game for lootboxes? You no longer can, they will only come from the store. You like to quest and you paid for the quests? You will need xp axcelerators all the way through and it will not be enough to get to max level. You want to enjoy your instances? You can't. You get punished for playing the game, for wanting gear, for wanting to help your kin, your friends, for wanting to have fun. There are some new rules: 1. You will play the content. 2. You will not be rewarded for 1., but will buy your rewards in the store. 3. You shall not enjoy what you are doing - you will not receive anything 'good' from playing the game. You will only be satisfied when you show SSG the money: for keys, for a chance at something, from a box. 4. It's ok if you don't want to play the content, you can buy everything you want, in the store. Someone called it a 'loo-box'. I'll call it Lord of the Loo-box - Edition: one shit too far.
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    Saw this today, and thought it was strangely appropriate.
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    Yeah, Martin made the mistake of thinking he was cleverer than he is. He tried to set up twists and plots that he thought would be good, but because he was so slow at writing he gave his fans too much time to mull it over. I'm fairly certain now that he's been outclassed by half the fan theories that have come up, or they've been accurately guessed so he's trying to change it last minute to not get caught out. He painted himself into a corner and doesn't know now how to tie it all up without showing he was very, very lucky in his success with his first couple of books. It was pretty clear he messed up with timing of his plots too, since it should've all really ended after the War of the Five Kings.
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    almost. reason i haven't made a rundown myself here in print, is because huge chunks of this are twitter threads, with multiple deletions, archives buried in Reddit threads etc. big massive cluster fuck. so i just settled for windbag potatoes hour long version as it pretty much covered the main issues. anyway Doro, i will attempt a short list, with no links as that would take forever... Jessica Price makes 30+ long twitter (her personal account & part of what she latter claims is the reason for why she reacted) thread giving insight into what she considers the difficulties with writing for the MMO genre. GW2 vlogger & game player "Derior" thanks her for the insight and adds one "'slight" criticism. Jessica responds, "thanks for telling me what we do internally, my dude 9_9" Derior says he was just attempting dialogue & getting shut down is disheartening & apologizes. Jessica starts new thread quoting Deriors first response & plays the female game developer card... she frames his motives as harassment of women & from there it grew this back and forth is now happening in multiple different threads, with many participants. initially it was folk saying this doesn't seem to be what looks like misogyny, but rather a fan attempting interaction. Jessica continued to invest in the framing of women dev harassment & other parties also begin to re-enforce that frame... (i would even say create the issue/problem where none existed.) & she continued to use incendiary tweets... many have been deleted since. Peter Fires another GW2 story narrative dev jumps in to defend & ends up in the hole Jessica dug playing defense. as he now defends the framed narrative of harassment of women developers, he starts using incendiary language as well, accusing the convo to be one sided man-splaining. so whole thing is at cluster-fuck levels now, creating biggest reddit threads in GW2 history & this whole mess started July 3 & GW2 head guy shows up the day after the holiday July 5th & fires them both. & from there Jessica went on to do interviews with all the game-journo sites who had already started running sympathetic stories to her. Peter Fires went silent. Jessica Price was with GW2 for just over 1 year. Peter Fries over 12. that is about as bit sized as i can make it. thing i find most interesting in all this is the political agendas behind all this bullcrap & the methods employed by the actors involved. i think it is important to call out & counter at key opportunities: http://www.rockingphilosophy.com/2013/10/countering-alinskys-12-rules-for.html
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    Lord of the Rings Online should be renamed to Festivals Online. Of course that is after the incoming audit from the Treasury Department and the IRS. Class balance? I suspected from first hearing this, that the worst possible situation could occur. This being Hunters are currently hitting npc test dummies for over 1 million points of damage. Vastin seemed to have a notion of what he wanted, however it looks like he caved in the the complainers and now it appears to be far from what he originally said. Basically he probably screwed up the Hunter class so much it may never return to any semblance of falling inline of so called balance. Minas Morgul? I never saw this actually happening. To see it pushed back doesn't surprise me. Mordor, I used up LP I had for several years and purchased it. I approached the Black Gate and realized I had a quest ring lit up in the Waste Lands from previous content. I decide I should clean that up and then move on. Next I knew, unannounced I was watching Frodo cinematic of the ring being destroyed. Ten years, to have that moment essentially stolen from me, was to say the least depressing. Mordor grind, grind, grind, falling through the landscape a dozen times per session, and many other failings to numerous to mention. Allegiance, more grind and several of the instances for it are broken. To this day those instances are being exploited by circumventing the design. I couldn't bother to make a ticket due to knowing six months later they still existed as old content. Northern Kingdoms, the grind is real and often returns you to old Mordor, Allegiance grinds to progress. The staggered dailys in this region are mundane and boring. All that crap just for Essence nearly puts me to sleep. SSG said there would be no new level increase yet somehow they forgot that. 80 quest for 5 levels means even more repeat grind. PvMP, It is the worst I have ever seen it. I think it is atrocious and should be deleted from the game completely. That comes from a Creep only player for over 5 years. Lag,lag,lag. it won't ever be fixed and I know that. SSG empty words is all I hear about a new engine. Soon with Apple ending support for its 32 bit products, I expect the Mac version to disappear. Gold spammers, Ha Ha Ha I laughed when I saw Cordovan in a live stream where the gold spammers flooded world chat. How embarrassing that had to be. Its no wonder he does the live streams while stoned on pot. For me this game isn't nearly as fun as it once was. I don't drive myself mad like many of the truly addicted idiots that think this is good game design. The fanboys who constantly try to squash any dissent in game and on the forums will likely go through some counseling to adapt to the real world after this game gets shut down. Come June 5th I might get to see how the long the sun will be giving light. Cordovan will have to eat those words and I'll have no problem spoon feeding them back to him. I made a thread asking for SSG to not burn the community like many closing games do by telling lies and then dropping the bomb. I made that post because, I saw a possible impact from what the US Government was about to do concerning Russia and sanctions. I'll watch and see what happens. Moving on to Legends of Aria regardless. It will have many features I always wanted LotRo to have. RIP LotRo
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    When you reach certain points in the raid it allows you to use a banner at the beginning to port like a checkpoint system. Someone who is super tanky could run through the trash pulls and trigger the checkpoint. When they died they and the rest of the group could now skip 80% of the trash to the first boss. That fight has two bosses and three side bosses. The side bosses would spawn at certain morale thresholds and when they died it would heal a percentage of morale of the main bosses. You could ignore this mechanic by simply having someone tank and kite the side bosses until the main bosses were dead and still get the challenge. Bosses are dead there is nothing to heal. The second boss trash has ways to skip a large portion of trash and that boss fight had something to do with jumping on a broken pillar and avoiding all of the mechanics and damage. There might have been other methods but I don't know what those were. It was a broken mess and many of the "premiere" raiding kins found these on bullroarer and for about a month practiced the raid. On the day that it was released some kins got the "original" title in as little as 45 minutes to an hour. It was a total joke. Sadly several of the raiding kins and pvpers are just garbage human beings. The quality of the community has been circling the toilet for a long time and it's about time it got flushed.