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    I want a private reprimand as well, for liking this post. Then I will feel really at home (as on the OF)
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    Yeah that's REAL rich, coming from you... You've been one of the biggest asskissers on the OF for as long as I can remember. By constantly decrying criticism and feedback, YOU are partially responsible for the state of the game today, and jumping on the bandwagon in the product's twilight will not absolve you from that blame. And I really hope you get to read this before Doro deletes it and privately reprimands me for calling you out, you shameless hypocrite.
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    The two thing that basically pissed off the entire RP community against me was when I asked one of the Weatherstock people who were trying for a Guiness world record for more information on how they'd tally the population (as I was curious how they'd do it), and found out that they basically had used the record attempt as a marketing ploy then called them out on it. The other was when I had the temerity to suggest that Laurelin get coverted from an RP server to an RE server and pointed out that it was basically already there and had the RPers come out in droves and attack for suggesting I do that. The conclusion at that time is that the RPers are just bat-shit crazy. So while you were having "fun", I was taken aback by the vitriol of that part of the community. I want absolutely nothing to do with you, you toxic piece of shit.
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    Can we not use the word faggot, if possible? I'm all for free speech, but when I see grown adults using that word I freely admit it triggers me. I'm not trying to derail the thread, but I've noticed it being used with more frequency (and not just by our moderator). I'm genuinely asking. Thanks.
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    I never said gay people are the only ones to ever suffer injustice and violence. They are, however, a select minority of people who have and continue to suffer injustice and violence simply because they are gay. That point can't even be argued. To even equate that with "No, they get beaten up sometimes just because they were standing there" is just you being disingenuous. You've pulled this shtick before over the years when people have politely asked you to tone your shit down--and that was before you were a moderator. And you always raise the freedom of speech/censorship banner like you are on some fucking crusade. At the end of the day, you just want a space where you can be a dick with no consequences and anytime someone threatens that or, god forbid, ask for a little bit of civility, you cry foul.
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    I remember being taught as a child that snowflakes were beautiful and unique. They may be fragile, but do you know what happens when you gather enough of them together? They cave your roof in and shut down the roads. Pro-tip, when someone gives you the benefit of the doubt it's wise not to immediately turn into a Fox News meme.
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    Why would you expect any sympathy from us? We know you and your “here have a banana” attitude too well. The only reason you are not stalking the OF is because your former master Sapience got a dishonourable discharge and the current CM dislikes the game so much that he even ignores you shills. Also, you are such a pathetic attention seeker that you need to come here for conflict now that the OF is dead thanks to you and your peers.
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    The great thing is that the books still exist as they were written, and SSG can't change that.
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    I'd take a bet that he doesn't see the irony in writing his signature all in caps.
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    Maintenance mode? More like a "fuck you" mode. LI grind too much? Fuck you. Why are these last class changes not documented in patch notes? Fuck you. Where are the burglar changes we've been promised to get in previous update? Fuck you. Why didn't we even get to test any of these new changes on Bullroarer first? Fuck you. Hey when are the festivals gonna be this year? Fuck you. Hey where is the Producer's Letter that was supposed to be delivered back in December last year telling about this year's plans? Fuck you. Hey what's this new "Skirmish event" we can't find any details about it at all? Fuck you. Maintenance mode is so 2014 - 2017. Welcome to fuck you mode.
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    Made of Lions seems the only one left from SoA, that's about it. Other content-designer still remaining joined ca. 2011 (thePinion). Silorien the software engineer still there since late 2008, might be the last remaining one now that they lost DrOctothorpe to layoffs (and bet they lost more than him). Among QA personnel, DarthCeltics is still there since 2008. That's about it, as far as any semblance of a "core" team. Add to that a rotating carousel of lesser interns (less familiar blue names popping up with join dates ca. 2016-18), mostly QA personnel and thus more disposable and predictably less knowledgeable about game product they're tasked with. Vastin seems the only class developer left (thankfully tbh, he's got a head on his shoulders and communicates well, unlike previous dweebs), but he's a recent addition with a forum join date 2017 (might have been around longer in other capacities?) Not counting Cordovan and the joke of a producer, who are not only terrible at communicating and formulating articulate replies to interview queries but are legitimately clueless and lost when it comes to most rudimentary familiarity with product they're paid to oversee. Both are holdovers from D&D Online so perhaps no surprise they know a piss drizzle's worth about Lotro; being around since lat 2000s seems to have done zilch to their capacity to absorb new information and develop their skill sets. Which leads me to conjecture both are still employed due to knowing people who know people, and both are digging in their heels circling their collapsing SSG wagons knowing full well they're not worth much on the job market. Any self respecting PR hiring committee would see they're nothing but yesterday's nerds with good hook-ups, good for nothing but deadbeating around the office on company pay and kissing ass of higher ups to stay employed.
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    Rejoice! Today we are the furthest away from Christmas 2019
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    You're purposely missing the point. This is ridiculous, you've wasted your time creating a separate thread for this. I fully support your right to act like a 12 year old child and call other grown adults faggots. Carry on.
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    Words have consequences Nuff said
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    The entire thing is just so deceptive. It couldn't be simpler. SSG is charging players for an experience they could already be having at no cost on pre-existing servers (Stones of the Tortoise + like-minded players. It's been done before on nearly every server). SSG simply counted upon the gullibility and lack of common sense of its player base in order to squeeze out a little more $$$ prior to maintenance mode, and the true-to-form player base did not disappoint them. On the other hand, without $$$, LOTRO is going to shut down. So THIS is how SSG has chosen to generate that money. Not with better content. Not with upgrading the game engine to a 64k client (which we all knew was never going to happen, and so did Turbine/SSG). Not with overhauling gameplay and fixing the thousands of bugs players are currently pretending don't exist. Not with competent marketing (remember the Mordor trailer?). Not with better communication or customer service. But rather by rewarding LOTRO players' blatant stupidity by charging them a fee for what they already get for free. Which is going to make it all the sweeter when the players finally realize they've been swindled.* * but keep paying for it anyway, because they're complete idiots.
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    I'm not removing anyone just because they're a bit of a cunt (and I don't have the authority to do so without permission even if I wanted to). You don't need to act like that's even a possibility here. I'm just saying it's petty to use pass-agg if you have a problem with what someone else has said and that you do it a fucking lot. There's no moral superiority or maturity to being like that, nor can you act innocent after doing so (general you, not you in particular).
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    You think you're cute, you're just obnoxious. Of course I use a different alias here. I wouldn't risk getting banned from the game because you and your circle jerking friends would find a way to report me otherwise. And I'm no snowflake dear, I can live quite happily with the likes of you, but that does NOT come with a courtesy card. Whenever I feel like calling your bluff or just pissing in your general direction I'll be doing so. You know that you deserve it and besides you love it. And if you "very much like to read more thoughts of the latest news from LOTRO" go get them from the MORONS you encouraged to steal your game from you. Go watch some of their pathetic streams. Just get the fuck out of here, for Christ's sakes.
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    You wouldn't enjoy posting here if it were not for using the same name as on the OF. Your intent is to aggravate, otherwise you wouldn't be here. You don't even like us. I am sitting here laughing at your post with all those quotes. I don't want to use my OF forum name here, because I don't want run the chance of losing my accounts, because of what I say here. You don't have to fear being kicked out there because you sucking up so much, while here you don't have to fear a thing. That is the difference. I don't call what I do hiding. I call it sad necessity. To take the idea of strong snow a bit further, this is what happened in Fort Erie on Sunday, when individual ice molecules clumped together: You be warned.
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    That whole mess on the forums when they merged servers, with Laurelin raging about having to adapt to new players who didn't fit into their naming conventions. That was so damn obnoxious. It become abundantly clear to me that a lot of them didn't really care about the names, because they had names that actually violated their rules. It was simply a case of xenophobia. With that Banghole Twinkieass leading the charge. I wonder how many people left the game entirely due to being attacked by entitled douchebags.
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    Well that is quite a solid plan for the future, new 64 bit client in the work and also a new expansion on the horizon. Also glad they did listen to the feedback about Mordor
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    I'm glad I started that thread, because it turned into something quite magnificent.
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    Early February now. The game is running. I gave it for the new year and this shit show would be ended. With this said, It would be better if it had. Mainly for this fact. Many upon many over the years have stated about all the ineptitude beholden to Turbine and SSG. In many cases I agree with the general consensus. However these last two years I don't believe this is the case. Think about this for a moment. Most of todays so-called fuck ups aren't really by mistakes. No, No these are intentional and decisive choices. Anything from screwing up stats on armour to fucking up the simple structure of how a new incentive based feature is implemented. Often, there are convoluted paths to the desired gains where instead it could be strait forward. All these measure's players consider fuck ups are instead measured devices to keep the player logged on. Why? In the hopes the player will get frustrated and open the magic window. Pull out their credit card and be a winner. The difference now compared to years ago is this. Once they were subtle and left room for speculation for if they were mistakes, to now where there is no denying the manipulations. Today's path is always full of twist and turns and at no point will you ever feel like you can reach the goal line. This is intentional. You my fellow players have been part of one of the longest running experiments in the MMO world. An experiment where the producers of this game will continue to refine their machinations to a degree that has yet to be discovered. Under the guidance of DBG this will only continue. I have watched the subtlety of the psychology being used in this game. Knowing this decides for me what I do and don't do in this game and why. Others though seem so immersed in their desires and their needs to feel an accomplishment or reach a goal nothing is out of bounds. To the outsider observing the addicted player chomping on this carrot produced by SSG they would suggest the player be required to seek help for their disfunction. As often said in Eve online. "The only way to win is to quit playing". Try telling this to an ocd, idiot and they will hate you forever much like forcefully taking a bottle from a life long alcoholic. The experiment is to see how far the bar can be raised and I dare say it crosses the boundary of predatory. Predatory on the blind and dumb people who fall for such simple gimmicks. I said in one of my first post on these forums that I am an observer and this still holds true. I do still play LotRO but mostly I watch the players and how they react to what SSG feeds them. It is astounding how much shit a person will allow to be shoved down their gullet and all the while claim it tastes like ice cream.
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    Doesn't look like it. Then again, nothing happened when we found out much more major shit in the world (e.g. NSA was spying on everything, that tons of celebrities and politicians were using Panama to escape taxes, etc), so I'm not surprised. Human apathy is at its height.
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    I'm not concerned. Tbh it might be a good thing. The LotRO forums are loaded with cry babies and ass kisser's. Players asking constantly for stupid stuff all the while the game remains shit at its core. Yesterday I found a bug where a person can get endless Longbeard tokens. I was like wtf!. I'm sure others know of it and some are likely the beta tester's. I won't bother with a bug ticket because that thing is not well designed. Also LotRO QA isn't my job. So fuck CKA and the bunghole.
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    I think they misunderstood when some players said they wanted a classic server. I guess that's what happens when you supposedly "delete" the code for that stuff in one of your annual dumpster fires.