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  1. MueR

    US Elections 2020

    No. He's an old white man who claims to be rich, yet somehow can't afford to pay his bills.
  2. MueR

    US Elections 2020

    https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/project-veritas/ Just saying..
  3. MueR

    US Elections 2020

    Right.. Obviously you don't know, since you're railing against the "illegal inquiry of the democrats". Okay, what I read matters greatly. I'll take that argument. Media bias is a thing. That's why there's sites like https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/. They objectively judge sources on left/right leaning, science or pseudoscience. So, when you disqualify my opinion because I'm European, it matters, but when I state that what the US does impacts the EU, you disqualify it? The EU is one of the biggest trade partners of the US. Get a fucking grip. Wake up call. China is taking over cheap labour. No amount of chest pounding Trump does will change that. Chinese workers accept much lower wages than we do, both in the US and in the EU where minimum wages are far higher. It's basic economics and you're guilty of it too. If you can buy product X for $19.99 in the US, or for $2.99 in China, you'll buy it from China. Trump's tariffs only mean it's more expensive for you to buy things manufactured with products from China (or any other country he hasn't slapped tariffs on). You do know tariffs are a tax on the consumer, not the producer right? Every president before Trump has been careful to keep long standing allies as allies. While not every president has been equally kind to trade partners and countries, they haven't just shunned all of them. Trump seems to only favour those countries that have dictators or strongmen leading them, like Russia, North Korea, Saudi-Arabia or China. The last only in private though, because the Trump family seems to get an aweful lot of trademarks pushed through.. Actually, the only thing that benefits China is exactly what Trump is doing. Making imports from western allies even more expensive with his silly tariffs. It makes for even higher cost disparities between European and Chinese products, leading to even more business going to China (and even more businesses in the US going out of business). Their abhorrent human rights policy has absolutely zero to do with the economics, that's just deflecting. Yes I suppose you would call it that, because I disagree strongly with your views. Your "MAGA!!!!!111oneone" ideas are just plain fucking stupid. Maybe move back to the bayou, live on a boat and stop pretending you can participate in intelligent discussion?
  4. MueR

    Forum migration coming soon(tm)

    I'll be migrating the website between Christmas and New Year's. A more exact date will follow.
  5. MueR


    Well, yes, but I thought I would leave out the insanely crazy for just the mildly "whatever the actual fuck are you talking about?".
  6. MueR


    The EU does not want a Brexit. Britain doesn't want a Brexit (unless you count the gullible idiots who fell for Boris' lies).
  7. MueR

    US Elections 2020

    Well, let me give you a quick course in civics and the workings of an impeachment proceeding. Yes, a European is giving you a course on civics. I've read up on it. The various committees in the House can investigate the president for whatever the hell they want. As you might remember, Republicans had plenty of investigations going on against Obama all the time. It's up to the Committee chair to start an investigation. Any evidence they gather, be it from documents or hearings, public or private, is to be sent to the House Judiciary Committee, as they are the only one that can bring impeachment votes to the floor. If the House Judiciary Committee finds that the evidence gathered is insufficient to consider articles of impeachment, that's the end of that. For reference, see the multiple Benghazi, Iran, US native and what not investigations the GOP launched against Obama. If they don't find sufficient evidence, Trump remains in office. However, if the HJC finds that the evidence is sufficient to support a full House vote, they send it to the floor. The full House will get to vote on whether or not to adopt one or more articles of impeachment. If that passes, Trump is officially impeached. Still in office, but impeached. The ball then gets passed to the Senate, as they are the courtroom for an impeachment trial, presided over by the Chief Justice. All evidence is brought before the Senate, witnesses get cross-examined, the whole deal you'll find on any trial. The Senate is the jury in this case, and they will vote on the outcome, guilty or not. A supermajority (2/3rd) must vote guilty if Trump is to be removed from office. If less than a supermajority votes to remove Trump from office, he's still impeached, but will remain in office until the end of his term (or second, should he win reelection). With the current Republican control of the Senate, that's unlikely unless some of them can actually grow a spine and objectively look at the evidence. This shouldn't be a party-line vote. This is a far more serious accusation than Bill Clintons, who only lied about getting a blowjob in the Oval. Based on the evidence (documents, quotes by Trump and his staff, testimony released so far), this is what the US Constitution defines as a high crime. This should be carefully weighed by each and every single Senator. This is not the Democrats impeaching Trump because he's a Republican, this is the House impeaching Trump because he comitted treason. It deserves their full attention. I can read. I read up on US politics pretty much daily. The fact that most Americans are only interested in their own country does not mean everyone else in the world is. I'm seriously interested in what happens in the US, because it has a direct impact on the EU. The current unstable buffoonery that Trump is calling "governing" is causing a very unstable world economy. His tariffs are seriously impacting industries both in the US and abroad, in a very negative way. His haphazard foreign policy makes the US a very unstable ally. That's dangerous and only benefits Russia and China. You should be happy that non US citizens are interested in your politics.
  8. MueR

    US Elections 2020

    There's no cloak and dagger. This is the process as per the rules that the GOP dictated in 2015. Similar to grand jury hearings, they're not open to the public. The public mind you, the GOP reps from certain committees can attend, ask questions and what not. They get as much time as any Democrat on the committee. They just lack any reasonable defense for Trump's obvious criminal actions and resort to publicity stunts such as "storming the hearing", which in itself is a criminal offense.
  9. MueR

    US Elections 2020

    Actually 12 (or 13, not sure) of them are actually on committees that would have allowed them to be there. Matt Gaetz certainly is. It's just a publicity stunt. One by which they violated security protocols and possibly are criminally liable. El Caudillo del Mar a Lago is becoming more unhinged by the day...
  10. MueR

    US Elections 2020

    Okay, first, there's three types of "abortion". The first is the morning after pill, which effectively is the regular anti-conception pill in a massive dose, designed to prevent any pregnancy from occurring after sex. While the massive dose of hormones might be not very nice for the body, I think we can all agree that's not what most "anti-abortion" people are against. Those that are, often are against it from a religious point of view I've found and I discredit views based on religion by the simple reason that your (not meaning you Bohemond, just your in the general sense) religion should not be forced upon me or anyone else, neither should your religious convictions hinder me in my daily life. Certainly not when that comes to family planning. The second is the medical necessity category. In these cases, it's the fetus comes out or the woman dies, or for example a child is put onto the world with severe medical defects which impact the viability of the fetus severely or have enormous negative impacts on the quality of life. Most will agree that in these cases there's some leeway. It is indeed a horrific process, these often late term abortions, but they serve a purpose. The third is the "regular" abortion. This is the one most "pro-life" people rail against. It's the process by which the clump of cells that has attached to the uterus is medically removed. Disregard all the horror stories about "the skull being crushed" etc, that's not the case here. Here's where the rubbish arguments such as "it's murder" come in, plus people thumping their bible. It's not murder. It's a clump of parasitic cells that feed of the host body for sustenance. There is no viability of life. So even the "sanctity of life" rubbish doesn't come in, as there is no sentient being. Unless of course we define a clump of cells a few weeks old to be a sentient being, but at that point you open up a whole other can of worms. We're talking unlawful imprisonment, guardians ad litem for any pregnant woman's fetus.. And most importantly: it's not your choice. It's the woman's choice, which is hopefully made with the full support of the man that was involved. It's her choice. Her body that will undergo hormonal changes for months, her life that gets dramatically altered if she carries a pregnancy to term. Most abortion laws in the US are drawn up by old men, politicians, some of which have demonstrated a truely abhorrent understanding of the subject matter. Politicians who will take lobbyist money and even complete concept laws before they will listen to experts. If you want sensible abortion laws, ask doctors. They too will include some who's religious views will include a complete ban on abortion, but the majority of the experts in the field will not, because they know what they are talking about.
  11. MueR

    US Elections 2020

    Well, the discussion about Trump's impeachment proceedings...
  12. Hi all, Just a quick heads up, I'll be moving the forum to a new server within the next few weeks. This will mean downtime for an hour or so as I move the site. I'll update this thread when I have an exact date.
  13. MueR

    US Elections 2020

    Okay, moderator time here.. this topic is veering off the US Elections and moving into a Trump topic. Either I split off the Trump discussion to a new topic, or we go back on topic and drop the Trump/Ukraine/whatever talk. Any objections to the first?
  14. MueR

    US Elections 2020

    This. Very much this. Authoritarian tactics, the "Whataboutism". What about Benghazi, what about Hillary's emails (what about the Ivanka and Jared using private servers), etc. Deflect deflect deflect.
  15. MueR

    US Elections 2020

    Please, re-read my wall of text (skip the biden part if you will) and respond.