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  1. Yeah.. this sucked. Now everyone can see the insane amount of money I rake in through twitch. Which isn't much to be honest, I'm sure you can find me somewhere near the bottom of the list though.
  2. I've just set up a discord server for those who need it @Aegledor, https://discord.gg/j84V2wEZyT Thank you for the birthday wishes @Urwendil. I've just turned off registration on the forums. I've decided not to shutter it completely.
  3. If no one volunteers to take over, I'm more than happy to leave it online, though registrations will be disabled. If I stop funding the license, the spam filters will cease working. The same happened when Mirkwood was released. I was an alpha tester at that time. We tested and tweaked that area, the raid, the instances, the skirmish features.. Then, they shut down the alpha programme to go to the beta. And everything we did was undone at the request of the bigger raiding guilds. They were the reason for closing the alpha programme in the first place, because too many of them had managed a spot in the programme and only appeared to figure out tactics for a new raid. Never did they do anything useful.
  4. Dear all, It's been over 10 years since Codemasters had to give up the hosting privileges to Turbine, which started this forum. At the start, it was a bustling community, with many seeking to avoid the censor of the official forums. We've even seen Turbine and CM officials join to respond to matters being discussed here. However, the last few years have seen a steep decline in activity. This, combined with the hosting and license costs of running this community, has led me to this decision. The hosting costs are negligible, since the site runs on a server I operate anyway, and the license costs of about 25 euros per 6 months aren't a big expense either. Yet, over the past three years, I've been feeling more and more like calling quits, since activity is down. I'll be honest, during the early years, I would get a payout from Google Ads every couple of months, which covered the costs and allowed me to buy a case of beer or two. Those days are gone, years gone. This site was never about money for me, but with the current activity and a monthly "reimbursement" from advertising at 22 cents... yeah, I just really can't be bothered anymore. So, LOTROCommunity is heading west. I'm shutting down the site on October 1st of this year. That happens to coincide with my birthday, so I'll have a drink to all the good times we had here, all the wonderful people who made this forum possible. I want to thank all of you for making this site happen and be a success for so long. If someone wishes to take over and preserve the site, feel free to contact me. If someone wants to preserve the site, who am I to stop them? I hope you will understand. Again, thank you for being part of this experience with me. Kind regards, MueR
  5. And this is why I quit as an alpha tester after Mirkwood.... this was looming on the horizon. And the fact that "elite raiding guild" fucked up the raids I had tested and balanced for months.
  6. Yeah, but no. The fine print actually means that half of that money goes to an actual "defense fund" after the legal limit of $5000 to the turd campaign and $35.500 to the RNC is paid. It's a money grab. It was actually not "not right" when Obama did it. Obama had McTurtle who stonewalled every. single. bill. He still does. Congress is broken. McTurtle broke it. Harry Reid started down that path I'll admit that, but McTurtle took Reid's path and amped it up to over 9000. The fact of the matter is that the Democrats and non-Republican leaning population are in the majority in the US. The Electoral Collage system ensures that a minority rule is possible. As such, the GOP has power, far more than it deserves based on the popular vote. So when a President like Obama is faced with a Senate that stonewalls everything, one has to force policy by executive order. You could argue that Turd also had that right when the House flipped in 2018, but even when Turd had the House and the Senate, the GOP was unable to accomplish anything. Sure, they had their tax cut to benefit the rich, but for fucks sake, they wanted to replace the ACA with something more suiting their demented vision. They could have written up anything. They didn't, because even the most ardent Turd supporter knew that if they actually replaced the ACA, they would hurt their constituents. Two years they had to do so, they announced plans before day one. They are still talking about Turd's plan for replacing it. Ruling as President by executive order is not something that should be done. But in the face of a Congress that stonewalls, like McTurtle's plan has been for the past 10 years.. it can be needed.
  7. Which is exactly the same store, with the same shitty UX, but now in a full browser window!
  8. Hi folks. Apologies for the recent SSL certificate errors that were popping up on the site. Apparently the program responsible for renewing that broke on my server. I've been swamped with work and didn't notice until today. Everything should be fine now and no longer pose a problem in the future. Cheers!
  9. Well, not really, they kinda got trolled by some 50-ish year old grandmother (must be america at that age...) who got her tiktok followers to reserve tickets and it kind of snowballed... A good thing for public health I suppose.
  10. Well it's no surprise that the mostly democrat controlled cities have incidents. Most cities are democrat controlled, even in deep red states. Some of those headlines in the image are very odd though.. 1000 protesters did not clash with police and the secret service at the white house. The secret service (not DC police) just outright unleashed teargas and rubber bullets on them, also beating up anyone in their path, because the big orange baby with the tiny hands wanted a photo op.
  11. I wholeheartedly agree with this man. A lawyer who always tries to show both sides of an argument. What happened at Lafayette, beating, gassing and shooting peaceful protesters (including the fucking priest in charge of that church!), just so Trump could get a photo op.. where are second amendment goons now? This is _precisely_ what the second amendment was for.
  12. Hmm, odd. Then why the heck would Mr Fake News himself not dispute the claims? To be honest, this AP link is the only site that claims the lights were on that I can find. Most other news sites (including Fox) show the lights out.
  13. That was according to one of Trump's spokespeople. The lights typically remain on through the night, with an exception for the death of a president. If they had said "we turned off the lights to coincide with the curfew", it might have been a reasonable argument. This one was just nonsense.
  14. Right.. and done with this conspiracy theory bullshit. If you want to discuss the tensions at the Chino-Indian border, feel free to open a new topic. Without bringing up the protests in the US over the murder of a restrained black man by a man with a badge this time. Without linking it to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  15. Obvious racist post deleted. @LasraelLarson if I see any more of that shit again, that will be your last day on this site.
  16. And you just proved your own point. Deflect and deny. It's always someone else. I'm done with you. The corruption in the Trump admin is clear and well documented. If you're too blind to see it, fine.
  17. The American people expect a President, not some toddler. But then again, it's not Trump's fault entirely. Yes, he is an extreme narcissist, extremely insecure, a racist, sexist and unintelligent bordering on downright stupid. However, these characteristics get exacerbated by his dementia, of which he shows all the classic symptoms. Yes the Dems made an insanely bad choice picking Hillary as the candidate for 2016, any other candidate would have defeated Trump by a landslide. Many Trump voters regret their vote now, but hindsight is always 20/20. While many Americans might have expected Trump to be the dumbfuck he is, what they did not expect is how obviously corrupt he and his administration is. Nor did they expect that the GOP as a whole would heel and give him free berth. For the US to become a civilised nation again, Trump will have to go. McConnell will have to go, along with a few others like Graham, Nunes and Gaetz. These people are not governing, they are just obstructing everything. Now, we all know Nunes is a snake and Gaetz loves the spotlight. We also know that McConnell has had his panties in a knot since Obama won a second term. But Graham has disappointed. He used to be a man with a moral compass.
  18. He holds the office, he never acted like a president. Even George W, who I disagreed with on policy matters, was a President.
  19. Trump has never been a president. He's treated the presidency as one long episode of the apprentice.
  20. Well, technically, no.. it's not that far fetched. Trump, his campaign and some of the extreme right wing media are already working on building the narrative that the election will be rife with voter fraud. Just like he claimed in 2016 by the way, to which even his own "special committee" nor the Senate couldn't find a shred of evidence for. With the current COVID-19 situation and states moving to send everyone absentee ballot applications to protect the public, he's throwing a tantrum for the swing states or democratic states (the traditional red states are fine obviously), even throwing in "THEY'RE COMING FOR YOUR GUNS" bullcrap. The fact that Trump himself is using mail-in voting is obviously not an issue, after all, he's trustworthy right? The entire GOP strategy of closing polling stations in areas with a largely african-american or latino population, or even just democrat leaning voters, will be out the window. It's all fraudulent. Just look at his unhinged twitter ranting about it. It's only ok if it benefits the GOP. While it might sound far-fetched, Trump not accepting the outcome of the election is VERY realistic. He refused to state he would accept the results during the 2016 debates, spewing his usual rubbish. Then at his own rally....
  21. Hi all, For the few of you who have ads enabled (thank you, it helps pay for about 2.5% of the cost of running this site), you might have noticed ads popping up that promote bitcoin scams. Since Google broke the Publisher Toolbar which allowed me to quickly ban those ads, plus the "blocking controls" on the publisher panel, I'm having a very hard time blocking them. I don't want those ads on here, but unfortunately I can't fix it right now. To those who don't allow ads: I understand, but please consider whitelisting the site and maybe occasionally clicking one. The cost of running this website is about 75 euros a year. Currently, the ads bring in about ~30 cents a month. While I'm happy to keep it running out of my own pocket, every little helps. So if you want, please whitelist the site in your adblocker. I won't implement any sort of "you're blocking our ads" thing, I hate them as much as you do, I will just ask. Cheers.
  22. Well the spread really comes down to two factors: 1. How dense the population is. 2. How dense the population is. We're doing the social distancing thing here in the Netherlands. At first most people weren't taking it too serious, but now that there's fines imposed on gathering in groups (to the tune of 400+ euros for individuals), people are finally taking note and doing the responsible thing.
  23. My reply, yes.. about 6 hours ago
  24. Unfortunately I'm unable to investigate tonight. Will have a look tomorrow.
  25. Quick note, it might take a bit of time before it works for you.. please give it an hour or two.
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