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  1. I've actually built the konami code into a few sites.One of them was a redesign of a site that used to have this annoying sheep bleating at you. They wanted it removed, so I hid it behind a konami code. The business owner was actually laughing when I showed him.
  2. Guys.. let's not start calling out names of any sort.
  3. Ugh. If that had been here, I'd leave the folks who post "reported" in every thread banned. I don't care how many reports a topic gets, the forum software is smart enough to group them in one giant report for that topic. Same thing for another forum where I moderate: we prefer 10 reports over 1 post that says "reported" or starts flinging forum rules, since that typically only triggers aggression from the topic starter. Then again, looking at the posts djheydt makes, I'm more aggravated by his incredibly annoying habit to press enter as soon as the text reaches the end of the editor. So I'd
  4. Tone it down a little folks. This conversation is heading towards locks and sanctions. Post nicely or don't post.
  5. While this discussion is only theoretical, I must note that should someone stumble onto a private server for LOTRO, or wishes to pursue making one, I'd rather not have that discussion here. For the moment, you're fine though
  6. For that, we must go back to summer of the year 2000 of the Third Era.
  7. Guys, let's not start stating that people are suffering from certain physical or mental conditions. Keep it civil.
  8. Now I'm starting to get confused. What are you trying to accomplish here? Are you attempting to piss everyone off? I politely suggest a slight change in your tone.
  9. MueR


    My current wallpaper at work (from Warframe): Previous dual-monitor ones I used:
  10. Hi all, Please welcome Darmokk as a new moderator on the forums. He'll be helping keep the forums clean
  11. Well, I budged. There's a donate button in the sidebar now. If you want to use it, feel free
  12. Well, an explosion next door seems like a perfectly sound reason for something to go completely wrong, or for you spilling your tea . Improper failover on your power supply for a DC is stupid, and your second backup not having diesel because you forgot is inexcusable.
  13. Sadly, I have. It was one of the biggest datacenters in the Netherlands. Their main powerline went down. No problem, backup system kicked in. Except, that wasn't done properly, everything switched to the backup at once, causing that to fail due to a power surge. Again, no biggie, there's a large diesel aggregate outside to power everything. "Why isn't that kicking in guys?" Yeah, uh, we kinda forgot to fill the diesel tank. It's dry. Never did a DC empty so quickly.
  14. She was found "safe and well" according to police, after being spotted by someone on their lunch break. Her parents just posted a message on facebook thanking everyone for their efforts sharing on social media, posters etc.
  15. She has just been found by police. I'm so relieved. Still waiting for word from her parents, but let's not think the Met would put out such a message if they weren't 100% sure.
  16. A little different from games and all that.. http://www.ilfordrecorder.co.uk/news/news/missing_ella_hysom_15_last_seen_in_goodmayes_on_monday_afternoon_1_2988846 The daughter of a very close friend is missing. Since they're in London, all I can do to help is generate as much publicity as I possibly can. If you're based in or near London, please share this article via any media you can.
  17. @@||lotrocommunity.com/$document is what I have. That ^ is messing you up I think
  18. MueR

    The Witcher 3

    On an only slightly related note.. The Witcher 2 was so popular in Poland that the Polish Playboy actually had a "photoshoot" with Triss. My mother-in-law got me that copy
  19. Guys, threats of violence, even if thinly vailed... just no.
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