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  1. Well, they've also updated their terms of service: you are now allowed to gift someone a single game from a bundle (as long as you don't claim it yourself). Selling individual keys is still a no-no though, which seems right.
  2. Also, no more manually copying each key to steam! They're now just automagically added to your account, which is awesome.
  3. Right, I know what you mean now. Apparently, it's a bug. That shouldn't have been taken out. Unfortunately, the fix version is the "soonish to be released" IPB4. Bug thread: http://community.invisionpower.com/resources/bugs.html/_/ip-board/cannot-break-out-of-quote-r41796
  4. MueR


    So, what would you like me to do then?
  5. Right, I've changed some things that should force your browser to reload all javascript and stylesheets. You could still try to force a reload by pressing Ctrl+F5 (or whatever that may be on apple devices). If you haven't already, you could also still try this:
  6. They're working on version 4 of the software. You should be able to use the "switch" button on the topleft corner to trigger a normal textbox where you can just enter bbcode.
  7. Then you should see the quotes properly.
  8. If you click the link I posted, do you see the following text roughly halfway through? blockquote.ipsBlockquote {
  9. And fixed. A ctrl+F5 should fix it for you. If not, open http://lotrocommunity.com/forum/public/js/3rd_party/ckeditor/contents.css and press CTRL+F5 on that one, then reload this page.
  10. Seems to be a missing style for the editor. Let me look into that.
  11. So.. yesterday didn't go as planned.. I came home from work, had dinner, sat down on the sofa... and woke up this morning I did the upgrade just now, hopefully no one had difficulties while the upgrade was in progress.
  12. Hey guys, I'll be performing some maintenance on the forum software tonight which means I'll be taking the forum offline for a few minutes. I'll be upgrading the forum to a newer version and fixing some minor issues. Expect the forum to go down at about 20.30 CET (that's 19.30 UTC). I don't expect it to take more than a few minutes, so the forum should be back soon after. Thanks for understanding
  13. Blocked a whole lot more of their accounts. Problem is, they use anonymous adsense accounts, and lots of them, so it's hard to block them all.
  14. MueR


    Well, it's twofold. I don't keep up with LOTRO any more. I don't keep track when they start betas, I don't keep track when they drop the NDA. I don't know what stuff has been released already even if an NDA is still in effect, so I rely on people who do still play or read up on news to make that judgement. I don't read every post here, but I read every report that comes in. So if I start getting reports about a topic, I'll read up and take action if needed. In this case, I should have probably taken action sooner. I could start about work being busy, other games taking up my free time.
  15. MueR


    I didn't personally remove anything. One of the moderators did. They felt that the information wasn't supposed to be here and decided to hide the topics. According to the forum rules, they aren't supposed to be here until NDA is lifted. While Turbine does not govern anything on this site (the notion that this site is subject to their terms is laughable on so many levels), I do not appreciate people violating the NDA they accepted and as such it is in the board rules. During my time on Isengard I've seen stuff leak from there and that made me angry every time. It must be said that the alph
  16. I tweaked the script a little. Are you still having an issue now?
  17. MueR


    Artamir, that's really not needed. Responding with a GTFO image is hardly civil.
  18. MueR

    The Witcher 3

    I thought Witcher 2 was a great game (got myself the Collector's Edition ) and I had great fun playing it. Most missions were well worked out, others felt like they would need some polishing. It's annoying that you sometimes get a mission that's really a bit too high level for you, especially early on. That particular mission requires items or use of spells.
  19. Oh, I'll have to have a look at it then. The whitelist in Adblock is "don't run on pages on this domain"
  20. MueR


    I'll just add this in response to the OP: If you feel that something isn't right, please please please use the "Report" link that can be found on every post. I keep a much closer eye on reports than I do on every single topic and post, since that's just consuming too much time. Report the content, preferably with a description of why it should be removed/edited/whatever and I'll look into it.
  21. I'm wondering why Sapience chose to name this site "a well known violator of their terms and agreements". When last I checked, I'm not subject to their terms and agreements. Would be kinda fun if I could have a site taken down by claiming they violate terms and agreements I randomly come up with.
  22. What browser is that? That thing should only pop up if I detect that ads aren't loading.
  23. I do have paypal, but I don't want to accept donations for now. At present, the single advertisement at the top pays for all license fees and other costs with a few euros to spare. That's enough. I don't need to make money on this site. That's also why I don't really mind if someone blocks the ads. As long as I can cover the expenses, it's fine.
  24. And I've added something a little extra If you're blocking ads, you now get a placeholder image. Not that I mind if you block ads, as I said before, but just to make people aware they are blocking them, as most folk don't even recall installing the adblocker..
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