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  1. Office connection (50/50): Current home connection (120/10): Though the ISP at home wants me to sign a new deal, where my upload would be cut in half. "No one uses upload anyway" they say. Idiots.
  2. If you open a topic, please add the appropriate class tag via the "Topic Tags" field. Also, please check the "Use first tag as prefix" option. That makes the topics easier to filter. Thanks
  3. Here's the connection speeds I can get when they finish the fiber network in my neighbourhood this year: Still pondering if I should get the 100 or 500 Mb/s version
  4. To get everything a little more in order, I've moved some forums around. The class-specific forums have been merged into one, there wasn't much activity in them. Also, the Off-topic section has been renamed and moved to the generic LOTROCommunity category. Like it? Hate it? Don't really care much? Let me know
  5. Betas for LOTRO were never any good anyway. It's Isengard/Palantir where the real things happen. Even there, getting things changed was.. challenging.
  6. You should all know bettter than to respond to an obvious troll...
  7. Nigh impossible to do, unless you keep a list of "who" is in the post, which is dodgy at best. Even then it's simple to circumvent by typing the quote tags yourself and copy-pasting the post. Voila, I can't detect who you quote, so it gets through. Also, hiding posts simply because their name appears in it would pretty much destroy a forum. You would miss out on half the discussion.
  8. Come on, I would think you know better than to expect that. If the person who created that account is still reading this, he knows. And no Doro, while you might enjoy stirring things up, you prefer to do it under your own name, so that we can all get worked up over you
  9. I would like to be notified in advance if someone wants to make a satire account. This is simply unacceptable.
  10. As your forum admin, I must disagree with threats of violence. As a human, I must also protest this making fun of the unfortunate underpaid people who do that sheit for a living. As me, I had to chuckle though
  11. Modbreak: The namecalling discussion has been trashed in it's entirety. It's pointless and should not be here. Don't call people names simply because you can.
  12. I did what now? I think I've interfered in about three topics where people were really going at it. I've always made it quite clear why I edit or delete posts or close topics. That's what I've been taught to do as a moderator: explain your actions, let people know why you're doing things and allow them to question that (though not in the same topic). If someone has an issue with moderation, by all means, open a topic.
  13. Template cache started to play tricks on us. Should be fine now
  14. Well, Turbine always had issues with certain areas being far more populated. The only server where I've ever heard them say it's the hardware was the Isengard box(es), now known as Palantir. They seem to not want to admit that they are having a hard time getting the balance right. It's by no means an easy task to get this done right, but just being stubborn isn't going to fix it. Also, it's exactly what I said when CM was getting the boot: lag issues will increase due to the latency. Getting a lot of data through the line at a 110ms latency is going to cause more issues than having it come dow
  15. Consider yourself instructed. I am tolerant to some strong language at times, but you're crossing the line.
  16. Folks.. I've removed some unpleasant references, lets keep it civil.
  17. There is a new version of IPBoard out, I'll see if I can update it this week. Unfortunately, my time this week is limited, my girlfriends mother flies in today
  18. Well, the banner on the site is mainly there to pay for the license cost of the forum. The hosting is sponsored by my boss. It doesn't really earn any big money, it's roughly 100 euros a year, which compensates the license costs and coffee/cigarettes/energy drinks I consume when developing stuff for it (or fixing the server). I don't really care if people block the ads, though not paying for the license fully myself is nice. Having said that: if you see really annoying banners, please try and get the url of the banner so I can block them.
  19. Turbine can do things right too I wonder how much of the horror stories is actually true. Sure, some might be 100% accurate, but I think most are highly flawed.
  20. I'm not sure what you mean. There's no built-in spellcheck in the editor? Try and see if you have the same issues on http://ckeditor.com/demo
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