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  1. Okay, we're back. The migration/upgrade process went much faster than expected. Unfortunately, during the upgrade process 2 posts were lost. One in this topic, one in the US elections topic. Sorry about the inconvenience.
  2. Soo.. time to kick this back up. Tomorrow evening will be the day. I expect to shut the forum down temporarily at 22.30 GMT. Expected downtime is anywhere between 15 and 45 minutes.
  3. Having seen Trump giving live commentary on the impeachment trials and actually confessing to obstruction of congress at a press conference in Davos while the opening statements were made in his trial.. I sincerely doubt he knows what if any game he is playing. Or if he even knows what he did 2 hours ago. On the subject of deferrals, yes the president has the legal right to request a referral, but (s)he must do so via a request through Congress. This was not the case. The GAO has ruled so.
  4. You're basically saying fuck people who have a debilitating or chronic illness, I don't care, just don't make me pay a dime to help others. Let charities do it. Newsflash: charities work by donations by people who can miss the money. Another newsflash: it's usually those who can miss only a few bucks that do. I think I'm not even going to respond to you any more. You are a selfish, heartless, egoistic person. Sincerely, fuck you.
  5. Right. Now also watch the Democratic counsel's questioning. But yes really, Trump illegally held funds approved by Congress. Whatever the reason might have been, it was an illegal hold. He does not have that power. Not ignoring the investigation into Bursima, which was opened by a previous prosecutor general in the Ukraine. Shokin (the one that was dismissed after pressure from the US, EU and various financial institutions) however let that investigation die off. He was accused by many, both internally in the Ukraine and abroad, of protecting big business interests and the politic
  6. Actually, economic studies have shown that the cost of single payer healthcare systems generally are in the negative, meaning a significant cost reduction. Sources: https://journals.plos.org/plosmedicine/article?id=10.1371/journal.pmed.1003013 https://www.healthcare-now.org/single-payer-studies/listing-of-single-payer-studies/ there's about 20 national and 40 state-level studies here, varying from people like Gerald Friedman who is close to the Sanders campaign, to Kenneth Thorpe who leans more towards the right. Some studies focus on specific pieces of legislation, others f
  7. 1: Call me retarded once more, I dare you. I've warned you before. I'm trying to discuss this without resorting to namecalling, I do not take kindly to it. 2: I'm not in denial of anything. The reality is that Trump was impeached on two counts: obstruction of congress and abuse of power. There is ample evidence of the first, from his own mouth and certainly from his twitter thumbs. There is ample evidence of the second, though that evidence is more circumstantial. The testimony of witnesses can either destroy that charge or support it, so let's have those witnesses.
  8. You know even hearsay evidence is admissible? Funny thing is though, the initial hearsay is corroberated by the transcripts.
  9. This. Precisely this. Trump is setting a very dangerous precedent, aided and abetted by Mitch McConnell and the rest of the GOP. The nepotism, corruption and self-dealing in the Trump admin is so rampant and egregious that it should be stopped, he should be held accountable and he should be removed from office. Same for McConnell, as he violates his oath of office as well with his antics. But I'm sure the GOP will not mind while there's a Republican in office. Wait until a Democrat does anything remotely like Trump... they will lose their collective shit so hard that the Voyager will pick up t
  10. No. He's an old white man who claims to be rich, yet somehow can't afford to pay his bills.
  11. https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/project-veritas/ Just saying..
  12. Right.. Obviously you don't know, since you're railing against the "illegal inquiry of the democrats". Okay, what I read matters greatly. I'll take that argument. Media bias is a thing. That's why there's sites like https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/. They objectively judge sources on left/right leaning, science or pseudoscience. So, when you disqualify my opinion because I'm European, it matters, but when I state that what the US does impacts the EU, you disqualify it? The EU is one of the biggest trade partners of the US. Get a fucking grip. Wake up call. China is taking
  13. I'll be migrating the website between Christmas and New Year's. A more exact date will follow.
  14. MueR


    Well, yes, but I thought I would leave out the insanely crazy for just the mildly "whatever the actual fuck are you talking about?".
  15. MueR


    The EU does not want a Brexit. Britain doesn't want a Brexit (unless you count the gullible idiots who fell for Boris' lies).
  16. Well, let me give you a quick course in civics and the workings of an impeachment proceeding. Yes, a European is giving you a course on civics. I've read up on it. The various committees in the House can investigate the president for whatever the hell they want. As you might remember, Republicans had plenty of investigations going on against Obama all the time. It's up to the Committee chair to start an investigation. Any evidence they gather, be it from documents or hearings, public or private, is to be sent to the House Judiciary Committee, as they are the only one that can bring impeac
  17. There's no cloak and dagger. This is the process as per the rules that the GOP dictated in 2015. Similar to grand jury hearings, they're not open to the public. The public mind you, the GOP reps from certain committees can attend, ask questions and what not. They get as much time as any Democrat on the committee. They just lack any reasonable defense for Trump's obvious criminal actions and resort to publicity stunts such as "storming the hearing", which in itself is a criminal offense.
  18. Actually 12 (or 13, not sure) of them are actually on committees that would have allowed them to be there. Matt Gaetz certainly is. It's just a publicity stunt. One by which they violated security protocols and possibly are criminally liable. El Caudillo del Mar a Lago is becoming more unhinged by the day...
  19. Okay, first, there's three types of "abortion". The first is the morning after pill, which effectively is the regular anti-conception pill in a massive dose, designed to prevent any pregnancy from occurring after sex. While the massive dose of hormones might be not very nice for the body, I think we can all agree that's not what most "anti-abortion" people are against. Those that are, often are against it from a religious point of view I've found and I discredit views based on religion by the simple reason that your (not meaning you Bohemond, just your in the general sense) religion should not
  20. Well, the discussion about Trump's impeachment proceedings...
  21. Hi all, Just a quick heads up, I'll be moving the forum to a new server within the next few weeks. This will mean downtime for an hour or so as I move the site. I'll update this thread when I have an exact date.
  22. Okay, moderator time here.. this topic is veering off the US Elections and moving into a Trump topic. Either I split off the Trump discussion to a new topic, or we go back on topic and drop the Trump/Ukraine/whatever talk. Any objections to the first?
  23. This. Very much this. Authoritarian tactics, the "Whataboutism". What about Benghazi, what about Hillary's emails (what about the Ivanka and Jared using private servers), etc. Deflect deflect deflect.
  24. Please, re-read my wall of text (skip the biden part if you will) and respond.
  25. You know Interfax is a Russian state agency right?
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