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  1. You have one friend (aww). Unless you changed a preference, everyone can add you as friend without approval
  2. I believe it's a friend indicator.
  3. If there's a need for bans I can randomly suspend some accounts in this thread for a day or two?
  4. I think the Ola Raedwulf is referring to is a different one I've met up with those mentioned by Raedwulf (as I'm in his list of folk anyway). I've met up with my fiancee as well
  5. I have some more stats for you guys One month has passed and we have: 552 members, of which 37 where automatically banned as they were spammers (yay spam-ban feature) 21,419 visitors to the site (averaging about 713 visitors per day) 6,489 unique visitors 169,496 pageviews (averaging 7.9 pages per visit) The top-3 countries where these visits came from: Germany (41% of total) United Kingdom (23% of total) The Netherlands (8% of total)
  6. MueR

    Edit post timer

    Hmm, I had hoped disabling the "allow group to remove edited by legend" would just hide the tickbox for you, not the rest. Reverted the config, should work as normal now.
  7. We promise to stop (with the majority of it) the moment he signs up.
  8. I cannot put it better than I have.
  9. Making progress, will probably be in and working by tonight:
  10. They probably want to flush the outrage over the store relics out of people's view
  11. MueR

    Non-combat pets

    My LM has collected all pokemon pets
  12. Carebear hit them, they think it's too much work, who knows?
  13. Compensation for what exactly? The time we cannot log in to a free2play game? I suspect that, should downtime be excessive, they will probably give us a little something (however useless it might be). The only ones that have a valid claim for compensation is those who paid for monthly VIP. I can't see Turbine dodging that one.
  14. If they have any form of semi-competent IT staff, they are already copying data. The way I would do it, keeping in mind that this is a huge database, is do a complete copy of the game database about two weeks ago. After that, I can just take a daily backup of the changes. Cons: - Requires more data being copied Pros: - I get a daily check that the data is being copied properly. - I get a daily copy of the actual database. - If faeces hit a large rotating object, I can sort out those problems well before the actual final merge.
  15. I doubt that Trinsec. They'll bring the servers up, which should then automagically appear in the launcher for everyone. Perhaps they'll sync that with weekly maintenance, so they don't have to bring the login servers down for the change.
  16. Yep, once they are written, the rules will be stickied. (though they are accessible through the link "forum rules" at the top-right). Other stickies are available when written and when useful. Useful being: send me a PM, get a certain amount of "+"-votes on the opening post..
  17. Sure, why not. 'Foreseer of Downtime' is up for grabs
  18. I too had hoped they would do something about the global channels, in one form or another. I recall having a lengthy email exchange (I think with you Sincilbanks) about the possibilities of moderating those channels. GlobalLFF and its counterparts on other servers have always been the 4Chan of LOTRO. Too much random banter in a channel that everyone knows is meant for LFF. The policy was always lacking on this, which is regretable, though understandable.
  19. I'm guestimating a downtime of about 2 days to 2 weeks. Two days if they learned anything from the DDO disaster, two weeks if it's done with the same care as they've shown with DDO, the LOTRO website and .. most other things they touch. It must be frustrating for Codies too. Turbine at this point is saying "all communication must go through CM at this time", where CM is waiting for Turbine to stop contemplating the "what ifs" and actually give them something to announce.
  20. It's easier to just add the video
  21. I don't know about biographies. A list of alts is OOC. Someone's crits on Epic Conclusion or their killing blow on $mob/$monsterPlayer is OOC too. The latter serves no purpose, but can it be moderated?
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