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  1. I too had hoped they would do something about the global channels, in one form or another. I recall having a lengthy email exchange (I think with you Sincilbanks) about the possibilities of moderating those channels. GlobalLFF and its counterparts on other servers have always been the 4Chan of LOTRO. Too much random banter in a channel that everyone knows is meant for LFF. The policy was always lacking on this, which is regretable, though understandable.
  2. I'm guestimating a downtime of about 2 days to 2 weeks. Two days if they learned anything from the DDO disaster, two weeks if it's done with the same care as they've shown with DDO, the LOTRO website and .. most other things they touch. It must be frustrating for Codies too. Turbine at this point is saying "all communication must go through CM at this time", where CM is waiting for Turbine to stop contemplating the "what ifs" and actually give them something to announce.
  3. It's easier to just add the video
  4. I don't know about biographies. A list of alts is OOC. Someone's crits on Epic Conclusion or their killing blow on $mob/$monsterPlayer is OOC too. The latter serves no purpose, but can it be moderated?
  5. Not much different from the current policy (bar the horrid examples Turbine gives). The question is: how well will they enforce it?
  6. Use wound pots and take people that know how to play their class The main thing to keep an eye out for are the caltrops. It's very difficult to see them on the ground (Turbine should make them more visible), but they really add up in terms of damage. When moving around to avoid caltrops, I often see people running from one side of the area to the other. In the process, they spread a lot more caltrops, as those darn goblins throw an awful lot of em. Moving around carefully is very important in my opinion, it leaves more room to walk on. The fight can turn sour very easily if the gobl
  7. I could remove the CM banner below your name for a few days. No one will know
  8. I think that freezing was caused by a change they made to the launcher. Originally, when the server status of the server you wanted to join said "OK", you could join the server regardless of checks on other servers. Later, that was changed to require all servers to show at least some status. They are probably locking the window until they get all info and forcing you to wait.
  9. Freezes as in, becomes unresponsive and never returns to normal? Or does it just take a bloody long time for the servers to load?
  10. They're in the bestseller list because Turbine put them there. They were in that list from the start. The best seller list isn't populated by what actually sells, it's populated by what Turbine wants you to buy.
  11. So much for the 'conveniances, not advantages'.
  12. MueR


    Off it is. Though I like Trinsec's idea (and I know where he got it ), it's too much to change right now. Maybe in time, when I get more familiar with the inner workings of IPB. There is a "highlighted content" feature on X reputation though... hmm.. Scrap that. Apparently, Trinsec's idea is already implemented in IPB by default, it just required some reconfiguring. Reputation is no longer shown on a user's profile. Only positive reputation can be granted. When a post gets X votes, it will be "highlighted content". (No, I'm not telling you the number just yet.
  13. I would recommend not enabling it here though. I'm working on a feature for this, that doesn't require lorebook
  14. MueR


    No soliciting for rep !
  15. MueR


    Well, let's find out What do you think, should reputation be on or off? And would you care to share why? I can configure the number of posts someone can vote up or down in a 24 hour period separately or disable negative voting entirely, so it's up to you.
  16. Enough with the rep abuse, or your privileges of using the system will be revoked. I've compensated for the reputation, stop it.
  17. Hmm, I can't seem to find a setting to quickly change this. Seems like it auto-updates to your profile picture.
  18. I say "Hauberk of Victory". Still annoyed they put rare cosmetics in the store like that. They could have at least slightly changed the visual. But yes, they will make everything a big grind fest, to allow availability in the store afterwards. If everyone has it, there's little point as it won't sell as much.
  19. Heh. LM's are screwed. Who is going to take an LM when they have an optional healer?
  20. MueR

    400 up!

    I was a member before it was released!
  21. Warden-RK, Warden-LM and Warden-CPT are probably the best duos. Neither are very fast at killing, but not killed very fast. Wardens don't put enemies to the sword anyway. They kill by boring everyone else to death.
  22. Yup. Fire is moar dots. Fire is, in my experience, more power efficient in long fights though.
  23. Since I still live and he doesn't.. me
  24. http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?394788-Just-how-good-is-a-Warden&p=5378642#post5378642
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