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  1. It's not supported by the software by default, but I might be able to work out some custom page based on RSS feeds.
  2. Can be done, by adding redirects.
  3. They aren't, Raedwulf has just made it his personal quest to prove that they are. They're good at what they do, very good even, but massively overpowered? No. The example given that a RK can beat purple mobs.. I did that on my minstrel too. If you turtle and get the occasional autoattack or skill to hit them, it will all work out fine. In the SoA days, Loremasters could solo Nemesis shard droppers, where no other class could do that. Hunters at that time could, occasionally, take on elites, but were mostly stuck on signatures. The Warden just happens to be very good at negating damage by
  4. They appear to be using some crappy loadbalancer with a shared session server. That's why it often redirects you back to where you came from, not where you want to go.
  5. Working on it, just not with Turbine's script. They include too much junk for my liking.
  6. Should be slightly better for those without admin buttons now
  7. You already smacked a few Russian spammers. Calm down, young padawan.
  8. Gimme loads of enemies and an RK to DPS. I'll do the rest
  9. Could you get me a screenshot of what you mean? I noticed the effect, but I figured it was down to the 7 or so icons I have listed there (you know, rename topic, close topic, delete topic, kill topicstarter etc )
  10. There was a limit set at 10. It's been raised. The fact that your posts got merged into the original is a feature of this forum. There are certain criteria under which double posts get merged together. Keeps the conversation cleaner. It's probably originally thought up to combat people who thought a post count matters
  11. What it is: Exactly as it says on the forum subheading, this is a place for RPing. Be it story, song, poem or picture, post it here! It is, of course, a LOTRO community, so the RP / art should be world or game related. We're not going to be too "biblical" about the lore – if you wish to refer to things the developers have put into the game that's acceptable; lightsabers aren't. Please be careful with player-generated names, though. Apart from the fact that you really ought to make sure any other players' alt's that you refer to are happy to be a subject, many player-generated names are,
  12. As Niels says, pretty happy with it. It's not vBulletin, there are some features from VB I'd like to see. It's also not phpBB, there's also some features from phpBB I'd like to see. But I had the same feeling when using a phpBB board, or when using a vBulletin board.
  13. It is. But the way I've seen people announce it as the haven to rant just isn't correct. The only thing you'll achieve is to get people in a much more defensive mindset. They'll be much more inclined to defend the policies as "not as bad as you say". This forum does have more free speech. But, and this is the inevitable but, free speech has it's limits. If everything is kept civil, write all you want (as long as it's not against the forum rules). If someone starts trolling or flame-baiting, you can expect a moderator to step in. Now, for those who don't like walls of text, here's the
  14. The way the thread was introduced really had only one possible outcome, so it is not surprising. I don't suppose I can say it often enough: This forum is not here just to rant at Turbine, nor as a completely unmoderated forum, stop portraying it as such.
  15. We have been talking about this on a few occasions, yes He did all the work there, I do the work here. In a way, we're working together to preserve the Codemasters' archive
  16. We are looking to move Aragorn, Boromir, Cirion and Denethor to their new home Minas Omines (aka our office) within a few (one or two) months, if all goes according to plan.
  17. MueR


    He's a Kiwi.
  18. MueR

    RSS Feeds

    To be honest, I thought it would generate RSS feeds for all forums automatically. Apparently, I need to define them manually. I've added one containing all forums. When I'm not at work, I'll add one per forum so you can include the ones you want.
  19. They'll do the same as they did with the LI panel. Invisible store buttons over the close button
  20. And for those who want to, you can add your Twitter to your profile settings.
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