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  1. I'm sure the server is up to the task. It's not really stressing under the load right now.. (yes, the server is called Boromir)
  2. If they would only start crawling a site when the owner approves, they would be useless. Three quarters of the internet would not be found if that were the case. Any site administrator knows (or should know) that it is easy to block a search engine by means of a robots.txt file.
  3. No, that's Soon™. I'm using soon™.
  4. Is already in the works. More info soon™
  5. Yup It's open for now, since I am lazy by nature and don't want to add all of em myself.
  6. That Angmar pony will soon get a different skin though. That's the Dunedain War-steed skin, it's not supposed to be on the Angmar horse.
  7. "MueR has no profile comments yet."

    How depressing.

  8. By request, here's a kinship recruitment forum. Currently available for the global service. Here's a few guidelines: Add server name to title (eg "[Laurelin] Kinsip X") If they ever need to be moved, it's easier to do it this way Please *do not* bump topics unless you have a significant update. I've seen thread bumps like "still looking for what we asked for last time (times 5 posts)" on the CM forums a lot and it's not desired.
  9. My grandfather had one. He lent it to someone. Never got returned
  10. Hmm, I'll have to see what's causing that.
  11. Perhaps, I got them to bounce with my minstrel's Piercing Cry (crit)
  12. Morroval, while suspended on cave roofs. They are awesome when you stun them. They bounce.
  13. The mistake CM made there is not adding subforums, but forcing them. The 'Eldar' forum should be as is, with additional subforums for 'Trade' and 'Kinships'.
  14. If you manage to kill Googlebot, you'll get the title "World Renowned", a special cosmetic outfit, a cozy room in a hotel near you (bars in front of window included) and a brand new serial number!
  15. Which is nice, since I didn't even submit the site to Yahoo.
  16. Sort of what Erudan said Since I don't want to make it EU only, I would also have to add a truckload of US boards. Since that is quite a bit of work, I'd rather the forums are being used more first. We'll see in a week or so (or perhaps sooner )
  17. It could be, but we are not able to help with that. You should write an email to cogsupport@codemasters.com detailing your problem. They can help with billing issues
  18. MueR


    I don't see why not. They allow links to hundreds of kinship sites, alliance boards and whatnot.
  19. Well, the current forum rules need some work Once they're done, they'll be noticeable everywhere.
  20. I think Doro is referring to Udunion and the likes
  21. Ooh, Elder Scrolls.. Can't wait for Skyrim! Yes, I would like an MMO based on that.
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