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  1. Well, it's no secret that Trump hates Obama with a passion. He started the whole bither nonsense and he's gone out of his way to reverse everything Obama did, regardless of what it was. With regards to the EPA, he's just an ignorant idiot who denies climate change and panders to his big business friends. He doesn't give a crap about coal miners, because if he did, he would subsidise plans to train them into different jobs. He cares about coal because his wealthy donors are in that sector. I'll agree that nuclear power is a viable alternative too. However, we should not rule out sola
  2. There's no criminal activity on the part of Biden, at least none that's documented with proper evidence. He, as VP, requested that a corrupt prosecutor was removed from office, that is true. He was however only the mouthpiece there, as it was a request joined by many European countries. Mike Pence.. no. He's worse in other respects. A creepy, homophobic, women-hating zealot. But that still does not mean that the impeachment proceedings should be halted. Trump committed an impeachable offence by using his office to (attempt to) extort the Ukrainian president into starting an investigation
  3. That sarcasm Anyway, the Kurds didn't fight in Normandy en masse, though a few did. They did fight in WW2 though.
  4. Women are very much responsible too. They should make a guy wear a condom if they can't take the pill, or maybe even if they do. There's also things like STDs. There's a reason the condom is the oldest and safest form of birth control. Your previous posts however seem to indicate that you think that if a woman doesn't want to get pregnant, she should just take the pill. As was explained to you, not everyone can. Second, no it is not better to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term and put it up for adoption. There's the socioeconomic reasons why it's a bad thing: the woman's life is on hold
  5. MueR


    A border between Ireland and Northern Ireland is the worst outcome though. Unless we want the Troubles back..
  6. Okay that is just the most batshit answer you could give. First as previously mentioned, not all women can take the pill for a wide range of reasons. Second, where the actual flying fuck is the responsibility of the man in your "argument"? He can wear a condom or get a vasectomy. But condoms can break (happened to me) vasectomies can reverse themselves. Then there's a host of socioeconomic reasons why even a couple who would want a child and get pregnant decide that it's not in their best interest or that of the child to carry a fetus to term. And if you even fucking dare to say that the
  7. The legal definition varies wildly, mostly based on how much religious influence was part of the legal process. For example, look at Alabama's (stricken down) 6 week abortion law, which is ridiculous on it's face, is heavily influenced by religious views. While we can argue back and forth about when a fetus is a person, there's two possible moments when one might say that it's no longer abortion. The first is the moment when a fetus is viable (ie, can survive outside the body of the mother) and no, a 20% survival chance isn't viable so let's say at about the 26 week point when the survival cha
  8. It's not. There's a very clear line when a fetus becomes a person: at birth. And before the standard strawman comes up, no I do not support late-term abortions unless out of medical necessity. I also do not support abortion as an alternate form of birth control, but that's a rubbish argument anyway, as any woman who's ever had an abortion can tell you it's not a simple thing that you just brush off and go to work after.
  9. I know Sapience left. Was just making a point.
  10. I'm actually surprised that I'm still not banned there. Granted, I don't post anymore, since I don't play, but I know Sapience was just gunning for a reason to ban me.
  11. Hi guys, The site was down the last few days because we ran into the data limit. Some stupid robot pulled about 28GB of traffic just this month, another added 6GB of data. Together they averaged well over 2GB of data per day. Normally, things like this would be picked up faster, but since the notification for it came exactly during a christmas dinner, it was missed. We're back online, the bots in question were banned. Cheers
  12. So.. are we able to read this now?
  13. You should be able to now.. something went wrong with a forum upgrade apparently, even though I didn't see it.
  14. We'll see.... http://lotrocommunity.com/forum/forum/83-ffxiv/
  15. This better? hadn't noticed myself guys, sorry.
  16. MueR

    Swearing policy

    Okay folks, I would like to put this topic to bed now. I think most if not everything has been said, hopefully everyone has taken some good pointers from it. So I'll close this topic for now.
  17. MueR

    Swearing policy

    As said, I asked for all off-topic posts to be deleted. If you did apologize, thank you for that (not doubting that you did). I would just prefer to handle this entire situation without issuing bans or what have you. If people really can't behave and I (and the moderators) have to start policing and babysitting, I can guarantee you that the entire issue will never happen again, since I have the time nor the will to do so for a forum that I run as a hobby. I would prefer to appeal to everyone's common sense, to avoid nasty situations in the future.
  18. MueR

    Swearing policy

    I will no longer respond to any posts specifically targeting Doro. Sorry, this is a problem shared by a few people on this forum and they should all take equal responsibility. Pointing the finger at one person when there's many that fight is not how it works, at least not in my book.
  19. MueR

    Swearing policy

    That was my doing. I asked Doro to just blanket delete everything in that bit that seemed the least bit off topic (since I really don't have the time right now). Okay, I certainly do not condone everyone calling each other names. Every time one of these threads gets out of hand, I've consistently said the same thing. Perhaps this time I'll say it a bit more forcefully: I would really like everyone to calm the f*** down and tone down the hostility. Secondly, and confusingly, I'll respond to point one of Jedy2's post. I do not believe there is anything schizoid about separ
  20. MueR

    Swearing policy

    Okay, I'll try again. I would prefer _everyone_ to tone down the hostility and swearing a few notches. Everyone is, first and foremost, a user on this board. The fact that some people have a title and extra buttons do not mean they have to act like saints in their every day posting. They are entitled to their opinion and should not censor it just because they are a moderator also. Where two fight, usually two are at fault, or in this case, more than two. Everyone is flinging mud and other brownish substances at eachother. I could pretty much delete the last three pages of that thread
  21. MueR

    Swearing policy

    I've read through that bit. I see a bunch of people acting like 8 year olds, why are you specifically targeting Doro here? He is not posting there as a moderator, he's posting as a user on these forums. If he would have done that while acting as a mod, then you could specifically target him. In general, I would like to see people take a less aggressive stance and particularly resort to name-calling and cussing far less often, but on the other hand I don't want to be spending my time policing every single post.
  22. Hello Cordovan! It's so very nice to see a Turbine face sign up here to say hello
  23. Sorry guys,had not been around the pc in the last few days (the weather was awesome) and didn't notice. A database table had crashed, once I restored that, everything seems fine again.
  24. Just a pointer. Daybreak authorized the predecessor of this project, I'm assuming that extends to this as well?
  25. Since the quote button is javascript only, yes, middle click won't work. Pressing enter will indeed trigger two line breaks, or rather, a new paragraph.
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