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  1. I'm actually surprised that I'm still not banned there. Granted, I don't post anymore, since I don't play, but I know Sapience was just gunning for a reason to ban me.
  2. Hi guys, The site was down the last few days because we ran into the data limit. Some stupid robot pulled about 28GB of traffic just this month, another added 6GB of data. Together they averaged well over 2GB of data per day. Normally, things like this would be picked up faster, but since the notification for it came exactly during a christmas dinner, it was missed. We're back online, the bots in question were banned. Cheers
  3. So.. are we able to read this now?
  4. You should be able to now.. something went wrong with a forum upgrade apparently, even though I didn't see it.
  5. We'll see.... http://lotrocommunity.com/forum/forum/83-ffxiv/
  6. This better? hadn't noticed myself guys, sorry.
  7. MueR

    Swearing policy

    Okay folks, I would like to put this topic to bed now. I think most if not everything has been said, hopefully everyone has taken some good pointers from it. So I'll close this topic for now.
  8. MueR

    Swearing policy

    As said, I asked for all off-topic posts to be deleted. If you did apologize, thank you for that (not doubting that you did). I would just prefer to handle this entire situation without issuing bans or what have you. If people really can't behave and I (and the moderators) have to start policing and babysitting, I can guarantee you that the entire issue will never happen again, since I have the time nor the will to do so for a forum that I run as a hobby. I would prefer to appeal to everyone's common sense, to avoid nasty situations in the future.
  9. MueR

    Swearing policy

    I will no longer respond to any posts specifically targeting Doro. Sorry, this is a problem shared by a few people on this forum and they should all take equal responsibility. Pointing the finger at one person when there's many that fight is not how it works, at least not in my book.
  10. MueR

    Swearing policy

    That was my doing. I asked Doro to just blanket delete everything in that bit that seemed the least bit off topic (since I really don't have the time right now). Okay, I certainly do not condone everyone calling each other names. Every time one of these threads gets out of hand, I've consistently said the same thing. Perhaps this time I'll say it a bit more forcefully: I would really like everyone to calm the f*** down and tone down the hostility. Secondly, and confusingly, I'll respond to point one of Jedy2's post. I do not believe there is anything schizoid about separating a post from someone who happens to have moderator powers and one from someone that does not. In fact, I've been doing that on another forum where I'm only a mere moderator for years. They've had that policy for 18 years now. If I am acting in my capacity as moderator (or in this case admin) I will certainly make that known, otherwise please just treat me as any other user. Call me out on things if I get it wrong (according to others, it happens, who knew?), but please don't put every post I make under a magnifying glass just because I have a ban button. Third, not in response to anyone in particular, I am aware that I've let this particular issue go unnoticed for too long. I've not been around much lately. I have a new job, where there's a huge amount of work to be done in a very short time, so I've been doing enormous amounts of overtime for the past month. That in turn caused my relatively new relationship with an absolutely wonderful girl to crash, so I'm not a particularly happy camper right now. I'm not mentioning this to get sympathy, just a simple statement of facts. Lastly, I will say that a discussion about this situation is underway (for a while now) in the moderator forum. I will also add that it wasn't me that started it, it was Doro. For those that doubt his ability as a moderator, he himself came and asked if things were handled wrong and how to proceed. The rest of that discussion will remain private, just thought I would mention especially the last bit for the benefit of those who think Doro has no business being a moderator.
  11. MueR

    Swearing policy

    Okay, I'll try again. I would prefer _everyone_ to tone down the hostility and swearing a few notches. Everyone is, first and foremost, a user on this board. The fact that some people have a title and extra buttons do not mean they have to act like saints in their every day posting. They are entitled to their opinion and should not censor it just because they are a moderator also. Where two fight, usually two are at fault, or in this case, more than two. Everyone is flinging mud and other brownish substances at eachother. I could pretty much delete the last three pages of that thread blindly and would probably not lose any post of significant value. Now tell me, is that really just Doro's fault, as some here would like to make it? No, all who participated are at fault. So, tell me, what do you want? Do you want us to police every post and delete/censor/ban anything that might rub someone the wrong way? I'm not looking forward to it, I can tell you that, nor do I really have the time to do so. Or do you think we could all try and grow up a little?
  12. MueR

    Swearing policy

    I've read through that bit. I see a bunch of people acting like 8 year olds, why are you specifically targeting Doro here? He is not posting there as a moderator, he's posting as a user on these forums. If he would have done that while acting as a mod, then you could specifically target him. In general, I would like to see people take a less aggressive stance and particularly resort to name-calling and cussing far less often, but on the other hand I don't want to be spending my time policing every single post.
  13. Hello Cordovan! It's so very nice to see a Turbine face sign up here to say hello
  14. MueR

    Error code: EX145

    Sorry guys,had not been around the pc in the last few days (the weather was awesome) and didn't notice. A database table had crashed, once I restored that, everything seems fine again.
  15. Just a pointer. Daybreak authorized the predecessor of this project, I'm assuming that extends to this as well?
  16. Since the quote button is javascript only, yes, middle click won't work. Pressing enter will indeed trigger two line breaks, or rather, a new paragraph.
  17. Sadly, I can't reproduce issue #1 since I don't have a mac (and neither should you :P) As for #2, it does leave room for a reply for me by default #3 probably has something to do with the fact that it wants to store your post in case you accidentally leave the page. Try opening the developer tools, go to Resources -> Local Storage -> lotrocommunity.com and delete any entries starting with "editorSave.reply". #4: quote button was indeed missing from the toolbar, added now
  18. http://lotrocommunity.com/forum/discover/unread/ (at the bottom, right)
  19. Aaaand a quick security upgrade was required, another hole plugged. Nothing that affected us, just a patch for something they found in the software. Sorry for the interruption folks
  20. It was barely visible at the bottom, changed the color a little and it's visible now ;)
  21. Sorry folks. Invision, in their wisdom, decided to change the server requirements for this software in a minor version update. Grand. So I spent the last hour migrating the site to a different server. Of course, more than just simply moving the site was required, as the template broke completely... Don't you just love it when everything goes as planned?
  22. Folks, play nice please....
  23. I'm sure everything will work out just fine
  24. Most of you will have seen by now, but Doro was willing to step up and help keep things in line. Thanks Doro
  25. Well, the reason I add that is mainly because moderating a small forum like that doesn't really require a lot of action. It's typically a different culture. You rarely get the.. errr.. lively debates we have here. Experience moderating a large forum (5k+ users) is a whole different beastie. But like I said, it's not that relevant. More important is that you're able to detach your personal opinion on a subject or person when taking any action.
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