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  1. There is a way of making it bigger, but I'm reluctant to do so. Long signatures are annoying imho, they take up valuable space that could have been filled with on-topic content :P If this forum continues it's growth I'll look into the restrictions.

  2. Haha. I agree! We asked Satine about the subject many times, but they always said that spanish wasn't supported (and I was like: tell me something I don't know yet...). They didnt let us write in spanish at the forums either...

    I won't either, until there's a spanish subforum with spanish moderators ;)

  3. Maybe start a new thread on CMs boards advertising this one? I think the URL is perhaps lost in that existing thread.

    http://community.codemasters.com/forum/lord-rings-online-general-discussion-424/463149-introducing-lotrocommunity.html :)

  4. Maybe I'm just conservative when it comes to signatures. I'm used to the restrictions over at Tweakers.net, the largest ICT community in the Netherlands. While users are very limited in what they can do, it does help readability a lot. Large signatures get truncated to a maximum of 5 lines, use of colours are restricted to none in signatures and only three preset colours in posts. So yeah, large signatures 15 times longer than the actual post are not my cup of tea.

  5. Hi all,

    I've been doing some basic work on a new template for the forum. Since we all want to feel at home, I've kept it relatively close to our favorite LOTRO forum, so that we can all feel right at home.

    It is by no means finished yet. I'll be replacing a lot of the icons, will also change some more colors here and there. It is available as a beta style. If you see anything broken, out of place, badly readable, please let me know so I can fix it.

    Now, how to get this style: Select "LOTROCommunity v1 [beta]" in the dropdown at the bottom of the page (it should currently say "IP.Board" for you)

    Happy browsing !

  6. Give me time to get a proper template sorted out, then I'll see what can be done about signatures. The IPB defaults are rather strict, which I personally like. I've seen people with complete youtube videos in their signatures over at CM's forums (yet they don't allow images), which is just plain annoying ;)

  7. board looks great, love the speed d;)b

    thx for doing this!

    If you love the speed now, just wait until it's gets moved. The new server waiting for us is even bigger and better ;)

    Anyway, we are not lost anymore. We now have "European" boards and let us hope they will grow nicely. We should not make Turbine our main topic but rather have LOTRO as a main focus point.

    Turbine's actions be it good or bad will come up here during the existance of the game but at least here we will be able to voice our dissapointments about some changes.

    As long as it's not downright abusive, it should be fine. Heck, I've never been the nicest person on the CM boards either. I got slapped by Satine at some point. Constructive criticism is fine, Turbine should be able to take it, just as Codemasters does/did.

    I also hope Sapience and his moderator padawns will be aware of existance of these boards.

    If they are, they're welcome to sign up. If I can verify it's actually them, they'll even get a fancy blue name like Satine has.

  8. Concerning the guides, I would say: ask the authors if you can re-post them here. Or even better, if they would re-post them here :)

    I'm open to any suggestions for sub-forums, I just copied a few from the current EU boards. At the moment, I'm not too keen on setting up server-specific forums though, as there would have to be some level of visitors before that's worth the effort (considering the board is not exclusive to european players ;)).

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  9. That should be via Settings > Profile > Photo. Mind you, I might have accidentally disabled it. I'm using this forum as a practical test of Invision Power Board for my company, so I'm still trying to find my way around the various settings. They're quite different from the vBulletin forums I'm used to.

  10. I will be changing the forum skin yes. Even though I'm good at developing websites, I'm not fast enough to do an entire forum in one evening :P

    I can only agree with the hope that several people will join. I know that our favorite community rep at Codies has already registered an account ;)

  11. Hullo!

    Feel free to sign up to talk about LOTRO.

    Why would you do that if you can do it over on the official forums? Well, let's say we're a bit less sensitive when it comes to criticism. That's not an unlimited access pass to troll and curse though. You can get banned here too.

    Anyway, thanks for dropping by!

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