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  1. I'm sure everything will work out just fine
  2. Most of you will have seen by now, but Doro was willing to step up and help keep things in line. Thanks Doro
  3. Well, the reason I add that is mainly because moderating a small forum like that doesn't really require a lot of action. It's typically a different culture. You rarely get the.. errr.. lively debates we have here. Experience moderating a large forum (5k+ users) is a whole different beastie. But like I said, it's not that relevant. More important is that you're able to detach your personal opinion on a subject or person when taking any action.
  4. Hi folks, Due to some issues in my personal life that are taking quite a heavy toll on me, I've not been around much. My life has pretty much been turned upside-down and inside-out with several huge shocks coming all in pretty much the same day. To ensure that everything around here keeps running smoothly, I would like to add some extra moderators. If you're interested, please shoot me a message. Experience moderating forums (not your 50 member guild site :P) is nice, but certainly not a requirement. Thanks
  5. There, definitive proof that Apple products are sheit. (my professional opinion as a software developer :P)
  6. This any better? edit: my edit screen is just full editor?
  7. Folks, can we tune down the conversation a little? No need to go namecalling.
  8. Fortunately, this one is not an upgrade. It's just an annoying bar that you click on once and will stay away until you clear all cookies for the domain. I really wish I could change the quoting system to something like the former version, but that is simply impossible. It would mean too much work and that would have to be redone every single time a security update comes out.
  9. Sorry to annoy all of you with that cookie banner thing, but I have gotten some annoying mails about not complying with certain regulations. I hate these cookie bars as much as you do, but it's either implement them or loose tracking and advertisements, which are the source of income for the forum upgrades.
  10. Have told it to do it's job. Not sure what caused it to stop working.
  11. You mean ? Still there under _O and - (without the and)
  12. Well, put your cursor on the location where you want to split it, Hit enter twice. Profit Sadly, they limited that option to those who also have rights to post HTML. And as much as I would love to give you the "source edit" option, I'm not handing out HTML rights.
  13. K, best of both worlds then. On small screens, the list will show at the top. On larger screens, it will go to the sidebar. I hope (just about) everyone can live with that
  14. Great actor and from what I've read a truly kind and generous person. He will be missed.
  15. Okay Didn't realize the upgrade disabled signature display. Ah yes. The forum software does that. It will keep your most recent editor entry in memory, to prevent loss of your text when you get an accidental page reload, or loose your mobile internet connection. When using quotes, it will also keep that in memory. It will cause some strange things when you hit the quote button a few times and navigate away.
  16. ​Fixed the error. Invision left an oops.
  17. A darker theme is certainly one of the things I'm considering. There is a lot of whitespace, yes. I might condense it a bit. Probably not too much though, as this theme is designed to properly scale on phones etc. The social buttons at the bottom of the page are just icons which link to the social networks. They link to whichever URL that particular network uses to allow external posts. Facebook (or any other) cannot track you while that icon is visible, unlike most sites which use the actual like buttons provided by FB.
  18. Yeah, that posts block is rather pointless. I'll look into making one myself. The old plugin no longer works, it barely managed to hang on in the previous forum update (from 3.3.x to 3.4.x), it did not survive the 3.4.x to 4.0.x move.
  19. There is a latest topics feature on the sidebar, that should show it?
  20. Wait, Grimdoin? That name rings a bell.. I think I need to go talk to an old kinmate of mine
  21. Changed the max width of the forum to 1200px (was 1340) to make it a bit less huge. Too wide forums annoy the hell out of me too
  22. ​The reputation system is set to "positive only". So once you upvote a post, you can remove that upvote if you wish. No info is displayed about the number of upvotes a post has received, though after a certain amount it will be apparent that a post is liked by a fair amount of users. ​Yep. I've already reported this to Invision. It's a bug in their system which annoys the hell out of me. Basically, they're pasting almost the entire HTML content of whatever you select into the editor and that just converts to HTML. While it will strip javascript and all that rubbish, there kind-of is a reason why no-one but Admins are allowed to post HTML.
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