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  1. A darker theme is certainly one of the things I'm considering. There is a lot of whitespace, yes. I might condense it a bit. Probably not too much though, as this theme is designed to properly scale on phones etc. The social buttons at the bottom of the page are just icons which link to the social networks. They link to whichever URL that particular network uses to allow external posts. Facebook (or any other) cannot track you while that icon is visible, unlike most sites which use the actual like buttons provided by FB.
  2. Yeah, that posts block is rather pointless. I'll look into making one myself. The old plugin no longer works, it barely managed to hang on in the previous forum update (from 3.3.x to 3.4.x), it did not survive the 3.4.x to 4.0.x move.
  3. There is a latest topics feature on the sidebar, that should show it?
  4. Wait, Grimdoin? That name rings a bell.. I think I need to go talk to an old kinmate of mine
  5. Changed the max width of the forum to 1200px (was 1340) to make it a bit less huge. Too wide forums annoy the hell out of me too
  6. ​The reputation system is set to "positive only". So once you upvote a post, you can remove that upvote if you wish. No info is displayed about the number of upvotes a post has received, though after a certain amount it will be apparent that a post is liked by a fair amount of users. ​Yep. I've already reported this to Invision. It's a bug in their system which annoys the hell out of me. Basically, they're pasting almost the entire HTML content of whatever you select into the editor and that just converts to HTML. While it will strip javascript and all that rubbish, there kind-of is a re
  7. So far, cannot find problems with IE really. The reply problems were a reversal of permissions in that particular forum. You're supposed to be able to reply there and not post new topics.
  8. No responses? Almost makes me think there's something wrong..
  9. Alright, the forum software has been upgraded. I will be changing the looks, but for now you can resume posting while I work.
  10. This might be due to the parser in the forum. It probably does not recognise the part after the hash tag. As I'm updating the forum tonight, I'll have a look after the update.
  11. Hi all, Tonight at 18:00 GMT, I'll be updating the forum to the next major release by Invision, version 4. The design might be a bit different when you log back in. I can't give you an exact time the forum will be back online, but it should not take more than half an hour. Thanks for understanding
  12. Not sure if serious.. this was an april fool's joke in the Netherlands. Could be that someone decided to actually work on it, but I think the BBC got fooled way after
  13. The UK doesn't have a two party system really. Their strange district voting system does basically guarantee a skewed result for the elections, with the Tories and Labour being traditionally the biggest. A vote on any other party is basically a lost vote as seen in the last result (Scotland being the exception). The US does have a two party system. If there's any third party with a substantial following, I haven't heard of it. Proportional representation like we have in the Netherlands has it's advantages, but it also has drawbacks. Since we have so many parties, there's always going to be
  14. I sort-of quit around the time Mirkwood had run it's course. Logged in for a while during the Enedwaith days, but haven't played since. So even if they were in, I doubt a level 65 hunter could solo a 60 group instance
  15. I prefer to say that I used The Force . I used The Force a lot on Isengard too, but in that case it was actually using the Dark Side more, as I broke my initial character so badly it was a total-loss.
  16. I mean Live servers yes. The items required to craft the lamps still dropped. Crafting the actual lamp (giving you the passive ability to use the doors) did not work. I used a Jedi mind trick on a GM when I couldn't get that to work. I didn't know they weren't in game, apparently he didn't know either. He added the passives to my character. Only later I found out that this wasn't supposed to happen. The doors were there, the instances were there too. They weren't spectacular and impossible to solo. I even posted about it on the official forums. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?34
  17. Actually, they weren't pulled.. these are screenshots from my production server character I could enter those doors and do the instances. But, since they were group instances, I wasn't able to complete them solo. Couldn't summon anyone in either.
  18. Here's an oldie.. I just couldn't get these guys to listen. I had a grand plan to push the forces of Angmar from Annuminas, but would they listen? To one who bested the Watcher, the Balrog and many other foes? No! A few more, from a place I was never allowed to visit. Instances in Moria that were never opened.
  19. Crafting was a proper nightmare back then, farming for hours to get that one crit component (you and fifteen others). Then again, back in the beta, farming was actually profitable.. The move to generic crit components was a nice improvement. I've always found it odd that you could only crit once you had mastered the tier though. In my opinion, critting should have been possible once you finished the first part of a tier, but without the option to add crit components. As a sort of "I don't know what I did different, but dang this turned out nice" part of mastering the craft.
  20. Well, if the misconception that people will be banned on the official forums if they post here still stands, here's something to kill it off. Turbine knows my username on the official forums, they've contacted me there a few times when this forum just started. I am not banned nor moderated on the official forums, probably because Rick never did manage to find any post that was worthy of a ban or even an infraction. If I, as the owner of this forum, wasn't on Rick's shitlist, well....
  21. Ooh, stalker raids. Those were fun too. Did a hunter-only raid too at some point (ok, two minnies for revives). Whatever got tagged, died. Twenty simultaneous heartseekers..
  22. Well, that feeling was pretty much mutual among the regular testers. We got a teamspeak server setup somewhere, we spent a lot of time talking about things.. He would log in during his days off and just talk, or help us do things if he had the tools available. A lot of personal stuff (though not too personal) passed on the kinship chat too, illustrating the level of trust people had. That dried up quickly when "strangers" came in. Yup. Especially during the semi-open beta. On Isengard, we typically had Jared with us to keep an eye on things. When I saw the Mirkwood raid after it was releas
  23. Hah, I remember Bogbereth. That was actually fun and intense. While she wasn't difficult, you couldn't really let your concentration lapse or you would be spider snack.
  24. Well, the content was utterly disappointing at that time. It just wasn't fun. The grind made it even more boring. In the post-Moria areas, there was no mob grinding to be done for things like reputation, it was all daily quests. Everything went from "here's the world, have at it, you might find something awesome along the way" to "Here's a daily, do it a million times or we won't give you a thing". No more stockpiling some reputation items to quickly level an alt's reputation. Oh no no, that would mean you could take shortcuts over the daily grind. The game became boring, tedious, repetitiv
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