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  1. It's probably Jared then. Rachel was more the "force in the background", only really available on the forums. That they were let go is a shame. He was a load of fun every day, randomly showing up in the Inn as a massive troll or balrog while we were working out how to break the next instance, or killing all NPCs so we could have a PvMP fight in the creep base... I did notice the huge amount of players that were never on, until rumours of an update surfaced. Suddenly, I would see them come in and signing up for that test-run of instance X. Pretty sad really. They were there just to figure out
  2. Aylwen, whatever happened to the guy who ran the in-game Isengard stuff? Mithlin or something similar if I recall right. He was just suddenly gone, the Isengard server just wasn't the same since. Was right around the SoM beta. They just got up and booted everyone outright, because there "were too many people who just came to play new content". Talking to a few of the folks who were on Isengard testing stuff just about every evening, it seems they actually removed all the proper testers and kept the idiots.
  3. Or when the rest of the group are just tools who grab too much aggro, not letting the tank do it's job. I can't even remember how often people would steal aggro off my Warden (and that was a difficult thing to do), because I had to change targets to prevent people dying after they would just attack anything. QA was fun times. Had loads of fun on the Isengard server before they booted everyone during the SoM release. Heck, I had to recreate my character because I screwed it up so much doing stuff that wasn't supposed to happen..
  4. Modbreak: Dear GameDev, Please refrain from posting personal information on this board. Given your geolocation, it might be perceived as a rather vengeful thing. Say hi to the rest of Turbine, will you? .
  5. Yep, I see that. Thanks for letting me know. However, since I'm going to a party tonight, I don't think I'll be capable of working on the code. Or rather, you don't want me to
  6. Ok, seems to work. The board has a new method of showing topic previews that is incompatible with this module. As I currently only have an unreadable copy of the board's own javascript available, I can't quickly find the new preview code. Will update later.
  7. Okay, recent posts block will be back online now. It will not auto refresh yet, I'm still working on it.
  8. Yeah, I've had some difficulty finding the cause. Will give it another go tonight.
  9. MueR

    Forum update

    The old "new posts" box caused a javascript error on the front page, leaving it not updating. I'll have some time to look into that tomorrow, so I'll give it a go.
  10. MueR

    Forum update

    That plugin seems to have broken on this forum version. Will look into that.
  11. MueR

    Forum update

    You might have to clear your browser cache. (Ctrl+F5 on Windows)
  12. Hi guys, Just a quick headsup that the forum is being updated (as I'm typing this message). After that, we'll be on pretty much the same forum, but here's what's changed:
  13. And I would like to reiterate what Doro said earlier: words like "genetic anomaly" or "mental disorder" are loaded with negative, but when objectively viewed are really just differences from what we consider "the norm". Dammit. Never thought the day would come that I basically agree with what Doro says
  14. Completely true. I would just prefer to use that term in discussions like this. I find that opponents of homosexuality typically use it in a negative way and I prefer not to be associated with that lot. Personally, I don't care what someone's sexual preference is and in discussions like this I think I would like to be described as "anti-opponent", rather than proponent. Purely biologically speaking, human homosexuality is abnormal compared to homosexuality in other species. The leap to mental disorders is a bit too far, though an argument could be made that homosexuals are mentally differe
  15. I think the abnormality of human homosexuality is best illustrated by humans being the only known species to be exclusively homosexual. Animals might engage in homosexuality one day and be "straight" the day after. Of course, there are humans who do this.. You are (sadly) probably right.
  16. True. However, in Usain's case, "not normal" hasn't been used by bible-thumping idiots to discriminate against fast runners. That's why "not normal" in this particular topic has a double meaning. It is norm for a good portion of the animal kingdom. Though that does not mean that a species engaging in homosexuality will have a large portion of it's members being exclusively gay, it is fairly common to see members of those species have sex with both same and opposite sex. That the development of society has altered our view of what is acceptable does not mean that society's view on all thos
  17. Wouldn't "different" be a better word than "not normal"? The latter has a rather nasty innuendo. I would actually state that homosexuality is normal, as it is widespread throughout the animal kingdom. Over 1500 species have been observed doing so. And with a part of the animal kingdom being hermaphrodites, well.. That there's a good bunch of humans who find it abnormal says more about them than about homosexuality.
  18. Well, there's idiots in every major religion, just as there are idiot atheists. I think we can all agree a minority of muslims are really causing a stink in the world with their bombings, shootings, beheadings and whatnot. However, remember that the same is done by christians (bombing abortion clinics anyone?). I won't even get started on the jews in israel with their actions against the Palestinians. Can we get this topic back to the Paris shooting and following events, not just randomly bashing muslims?
  19. Laurinaohtar: play nice. Or no cookies for you!
  20. MueR


    As eloquently written as ever. I'm sure you don't mean to say that what happened to her has no meaning or value. Rape is a problem in any country, and it is a horrible act. Having said that, I must agree with what Doro is attempting to say; I'm very sorry this happened to you and your friends, but it is a little off-topic. Now, can we get back to playing nice everyone? Please?
  21. Okay, this escalated quickly. Time to close this topic. OP: No one here is trying to say you're constantly demanding help. They were asking examples of what you find rude behaviour. Replying with "fuck you" would count as such. Please try to calm down a little in a new topic.
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