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  1. Fortunately, this site isn't for the money. If it were, I am doing it wrong
  2. Well, I'm sure all of you have figured out by now that this website is merely a front for a combined CIA/NSA taskforce aimed at finding dissidents in the online gaming world, so I wouldn't exactly call all of his claims rubbish. That was hard enough to type up without laughing btw..
  3. That's usually how family ties start, yes.
  4. MueR


    This is true, especially in the US. Your police forces have been acting like bloody 5 year-olds ever since they got their hands on those new military toys. They're a bunch of idiots, walking around in full multicam, tac-vests and helmets, with armoured carriers to back them up. We've seen what a bunch of incapable twats they are in Ferguson. They're acting as if they're soldiers in down-town Fallujah, but lack any training in handling those weapons. For example, they are walking around in packs pointing their assault rifles at civilians. You DO NOT point a gun at someone unless you intend to shoot within 2 seconds. They are not capable of handling those toys, they should be taken away. Leave soldiering to soldiers and defuse the situation. By walking around as a wanna-be marine, you're only going to intimidate and frighten. On the other hand, your country is irreparably damaged because of the powerful gun lobby. So many people own firearms that they can assume that just about every call is legit. Heck, you have how many shootings a year? If a guy can just walk down to walmart and buy himself an AR15, what the hell is wrong with your country?
  5. MueR


    He probably can. The thing is, when a SWAT team is called out because of a shooting, they act as they always do, take down the threat. This guy was reported to have shot a few people. It doesn't matter if he's now calmly sitting on his chair gaming, he might be a psychopath. These guys are trained to act this way. The only thing I would really object to would be the fact that they went rummaging through his phone. No way they can do that without a warrant. Then again, I wouldn't like them to raid my home like this, since I have an L96, M4 and USP airsoft replica on the top shelf. That would raise some questions People should get really angry at the lowlife who called police. Police should get angry at that punk. They need to find him and fine/sue him for the full cost of sending out all that police, any damages done to any property in the building and damages for the gamer and any others involved. And then some.
  6. MueR


    The people who get angry at the SWAT team are not thinking clear. People should get pissed at the punk who called the police because his e-peen got stamped on. Sure, the SWAT team should not have been there. Sure, they should not have detained him. But they responded as they should with any call like that, as if the threat reported is real.
  7. Yeah, I've been challenged for that crap too. I've decided to ignore it.
  8. Nope, I'm Dutch (and living in NL). My girlfriend is Polish though, so I know a little about the country I agree with Anglion on their competence, but incompetent people with authority often means they're more trouble than they are worth. City guards have the same problems here; the overwhelming majority is incompetent, making it impossible for the few that actually try really hard to gain a bit of respect. In the Netherlands we have three levels really. Police officers, police volunteers and city guards. If you're ever in the Netherlands and see police officers with 2 stripes on their shoulder, but no side-arm, you're dealing with volunteers. Do not (I repeat, do not) make the mistake of putting them on the same level as city guards. They go through the same training as a professional, they just work when needed for events and large traffic-related police actions (think traps somewhere on larger roads where they check for alcohol, open fines, taxes etc). I've actually thought about joining.
  9. The Straz Miejska folk are not quite city guards, not quite police. They're a local police force, as opposed to the national "Policja". However, they have limited power and may not (at the moment) carry a firearm. They also are not allowed to investigate serious crimes. Technically, they cannot arrest you, but they can take you into custody and bring you to a police officer to arrest you. The term "city guard" isn't exactly appropriate, but I suppose it is similar depending on where you're from. For example, city guards in my area are really just overrated parking attendants. They can fine you for cycling in a pedestrian zone and parking wrong, but that's about it. Most of them don't even know when they can fine you, which is really aggravating. One tried to fine me for "parking" when I let someone out of my car in a no-parking zone. The difference between parking and stopping was a lesson this particular idiot missed. He finally decided to drop the fine when my passenger showed his police ID and asked the guy for his ID so that he could take it up with his supervisor.
  10. MueR


    I've tried to like it. I really tried. I just can't. It's Magic: The Gathering, but dumbed down. Why can't I decide how to block an attack, why can they decide to attack me directly. Meh.
  11. It's the URL. The forum checks for the image extension as a quick check to see if it is an image. Just add "image.jpg" to the end and you get:
  12. I find it hard to believe.. He probably had a damaged battery that caused a short. People hardly ever think about what a damaged battery can potentially cause.
  13. Paintball guns still look like toys tbh. There are a few guns that try to mimic real ones, but mainly they're the standard model with that massive tank of pellets on top, unlike my M4 (it's really only the "WARNING" label):
  14. I've tried them in one of my attempts to quit. They're cute for the nicotine, but they lack the "real feel" (I know you made that dirty in your head, you sick puppy) which is why it didn't work for me. Nicotine addiction is easy to get out of your system anyway, that only takes three days. I've quit smoking at home recently, only smoke at the office, that helps a lot. I went from a pack a day to just shy of a pack a week.
  15. Shooting human targets is also fun (when playing airsoft that is).
  16. If you don't like it here, go elsewhere. I'm really starting to get annoyed with your trolling.
  17. That's not how this works.
  18. I've told all I care to tell. It has nothing to do with open or civil discussions. By the way, where's your story anyway?
  19. If I wanted to give details, don't you think I would?
  20. She lived in a different country, over a thousand kilometers away (though the 666 miles was more fun to see ).
  21. I'll always remember him for Jumanji and his stand-ups.
  22. I can almost copy-paste this, except I was the raid leader, it was The Rift, we haven't planned our wedding yet and my girl and I have been together for over 5 years now.
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