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  1. She lived in a different country, over a thousand kilometers away (though the 666 miles was more fun to see ).
  2. I'll always remember him for Jumanji and his stand-ups.
  3. I can almost copy-paste this, except I was the raid leader, it was The Rift, we haven't planned our wedding yet and my girl and I have been together for over 5 years now.
  4. A total of 37 threads on this board have been closed. That is out of 2952 threads. Of those 37, 5 were bug reports which serve no purpose after being solved. 4 were announcements. So, less than 1 percent of threads on this board gets closed. I think you're overreacting. But hey, if you don't like it, there's other forums you can visit. I'm not forcing you to stay here. I will lock this thread though. It's off-topic and serves no purpose other than to aggravate people.
  5. There is a part truth in this, and a part not. I did hide a few posts because he is indeed an idiot, I did not ban him. I think I can count the number of bans on this forum on one hand (maybe two), not counting spambots.
  6. Everyone else is too late now
  7. Modbreak: Okay, can we stop using derogatory terms in this thread just for the purpose of using them?
  8. So basically I can now lock this thread, since you've weighed in?
  9. My sentiments exactly.
  10. Well, I took it as such and adjusted your member title accordingly.
  11. Uhm, okay.. I decide to go offline for a weekend of airsoft and this thread poppes up and explodes. I'll need some time to work through all of this and pick out the valuable bits of info. I will say two things already: I've already had a discussion with Doro and Darmokk regarding the incident leading up to the ban of the former. I consider that matter unfortunate, but closed. I would appreciate it if we don't get into a discussion about which derogatory terms or references to sexual organs are considered harmful, offending or otherwise not appreciated. I'm sure everyone can use their ow
  12. Can we make the random crap thread about any random crap that is not the bickering between Doro and Darmokk, or an in-depth debate on the forum rules? If you want to do that, please make a new topic.
  13. It's not my intention to offend anyone. And sadly, just about everyone knows someone who knew someone on the flight, which is inevitable when such a large number of people from all over the country perishes. A friend of mine lost his uncle, aunt and nephew, as a posted earlier. I completely agree with the government's decision to give every coffin the same dignified treatment as they have for the first few, those directly involved deserve no less. I will not presume to be mourning as much as those directly involved, but suffice to say that I fully support every action that has been taken s
  14. Forgive me if I sound a bit annoyed, but I am. The two planes arriving with the remains today got a ceremony with almost military honors. I'm fine with that. The only thing I'm annoyed with is that they're going to be doing this for every single one of the victims. Including closing the roads. Getting home after work is going to be a nightmare for the next few days, since all of them will land at about 16.00, ceremony done at about 18.00, so roads closed. Bah.
  15. Watching a live stream now.. it's eerie. I can hear the trumpet and drums from my desk.
  16. Expecting massive madness here. The Netherlands has declared a day of national mourning, the first since the 1960s. I work about 100m from Eindhoven Airport, where today the first plane containing the victims will land. A convoy of 50+ hearses arrived this morning, quite a surreal sight.
  17. The number of confirmed Dutch victims just went up to 173... Among them was a man who took this photo before takeoff. For those who don't read dutch, his words are: "should it disappear, this is what it looks like". Eerie.
  18. An acquaintance told me yesterday that his uncle, aunt and nephew were on that flight His niece was not. She's devastated. There were 154 Dutch on that flight. Terrible stuff.
  19. I will not even bother repeating this. Next person to mention nazis or related topics will be banned. This is a topic about football.
  20. Moved this to LOTRO General Discussion, as the Suggestions forum is for site related suggestions
  21. The Annuminas area was very nice. Evendim itself was a nightmare having to cross that bloody lake all the time. I had great fun playing there. The dungeons were pretty decent, though you did need a decent group. Randoms were pretty much a no-no.
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