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  1. Hmm, that's annoying.. Guess I'll turn the others back on then.. I prefer animations over malware/crapware.
  2. Advertisements update: I've removed all graphic ads. The site will now only show (if Google does it's job filtering ) ads in accordance to AdBlock Plus' Acceptable Ads policy.
  3. It's all the hot air Turbine spreads
  4. I think so. I only use adsense. I figure it's the VPAID ads, which must be something new.. It wouldn't make much of a difference. Probably a few cents (think less than 5) a month. Then again, if no one would whitelist the site, it would make a lot of difference I don't like ads that open popups, overlays, play audio or any of that crap (unless you click on it, that's fine), and I'll do my best to block any adprovider that uses those. I hate those types of banners with a vengeance and don't want to annoy anyone with them on my websites. I prefer banners that stick to the 720x90 rectangle
  5. Some folks are actually kind enough to disable it on websites they frequent. I'm very happy that some people are actually viewing the ads, and in return I try to keep the number of ads low and try to remove all offensive ads.
  6. I've disabled that specific category of advertisements. Didn't even know they were on to be honest. If any do still show up, please try to get the url of the ad, so I can block them completely.
  7. $6.66.. that should do well with the more religious playerbase
  8. When moderators start using the ignore function, it is always time to review the user being ignored, unless that moderator ignores someone for strictly personal reasons. In this case, it is concerning a user who everyone is starting to ignore because it's ineligible nonsense. Wouldn't you say it's entirely justified for a moderator to act against that user? Darmokk might have expressed himself a bit too strong, but I do support his reasoning. If people dump their annoyance at a politician in every thread they can get their hands on, that user is spamming and trolling and frankly a pain in the
  9. Nigel Farage is the ultimate elected clown.
  10. On the other hand, some websites just don't listen to takedown requests. Especially sites who run scraping services and just keep content that has been changed or removed long ago. The average internet user has no means of "going after them", as they're often hosted abroad and have offices abroad. Since search engines are the most common point of access to such information, it would make sense that the EU court ruled this way. As an example of the information: DNS whois information. Some websites just keep information about domain names that is no longer publicly available. SIDN (the domain
  11. Modbreak: Right. Can this topic return to talking about Game of Thrones?
  12. I call bullshit on that one. Seems pretty damned easy to blame Heartbleed. Someone was probably careless and leaked this. There is no way they could have possibly traced that the information of any amount of people was leaked.
  13. The level of tech-knowledge among the average visitor in the OF topic on this matter is deeply saddening...
  14. For people with less technical know-how, an excellent write-up of this problem and it's implications: http://security.stackexchange.com/a/55350/43874. If you're a StackExchange user, give this man an upvote. He deserves it.
  15. If it's still reporting as vulnerable, you're either looking at a false positive, or you forgot to restart all affected services like Apache and SSH.
  16. Of course. When the news broke, the first thing I did was check all our company servers (and my own too). This server was not affected to begin with, since it runs on the 0.9 branch.
  17. Actually, I'm not planning to change the forum software. IPB is by far the best forum software I've used in 10+ years. I'm just waiting for them to release IPB 4.
  18. There were actually 4 spellings allowed for Helm's Deep. I'll just change the question in it's entirety.
  19. I've had enough of this thread. If you want to discuss how good LotR:O was in it's early days and why it declined, feel free to start a new topic. This topic has gone from a decent discussion to personal attacks and pointless memes. If someone wishes to create a new topic, I would ask everyone to keep the discussion on-topic and not resort to personal attacks, and use reasoned responses, not just gifs or jpegs.
  20. Maybe you should give up on this place then. Your behaviour isn't really what I would call stellar.
  21. Well, I've always considered him rather stupid. Our other cat knows how to open doors, but she's not heavy enough to do so. He's been sitting and watching her do it for years and never has it crossed his mind to try it. I'm sure he would manage.
  22. Posting personal information about people is a no-no. Please also tone down the cussing. It's really rather sad to see cursing and name-calling all the time. You're better than that.
  23. I've actually built the konami code into a few sites.One of them was a redesign of a site that used to have this annoying sheep bleating at you. They wanted it removed, so I hid it behind a konami code. The business owner was actually laughing when I showed him.
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