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  1. Happy new year all! And let's hope 2021 will be better than 2020...
  2. I do, a combination of decades long of indoctrination that socialism = communism, communism = the devil and democrats have policies that have at least a flavour of socialism. Thus they are the devil. Oh, and they are pro-abortus, thus also the devil; A little generalizing: We all more and more live in our own bubble, strengthened by social media algoritms. What you are adviced to read/watch is based on what you have read/watched. So you see more and more of the same, with some more extreme videos/opinions popping up now and then. And because you've seen the normal ones a lot of
  3. And what is the problem as he really flees as he loses? Yeah, he evades justices if he has done bad things, but such a process will be highly political, increases rifts between democrats and republicans and take years. He will maybe even die or have serious old-of-age problems before this case will have a final verdict at higher courts... If he loses it will probably best for everyone if he runs away. Easier for Republicans to cast him away, easier for Democrats to not start a highly dividing 'witch hunt'.
  4. I guess they really are in the downward spiral to the end: Less players, so less income, thus less content, which needs higher prices, which makes more players leave, thus even lesser income etc.
  5. Well, I'd recommend it too if I was selling it and needed the money
  6. well, as long as Trump can still give orders the republicans have till january 2nd to push it through, no matter who wins in 27 days from now
  7. ouch, that doesn't look very healthy to be honest; That can't be good for his image, can it? why would you do such a thing to yourself, instead of taking it easy and just recovering?
  8. Trump has corona; Even though I don't agree with him, I hope he recovers quickly. And while he probably is in a higher-risk group (high age, overweight, probably not the most healthy person living) I would be suprised if he doesn't survive. It is diagnosed early, high chance he won't have severe symptoms and he will have perfect health care; But I can't stop speculating anyway if it will become serious; I'm not a citizen of the USA, so don't know how this exactly work. But if I understand correctly an appointed candidate can only be changed if he steps back or dies? And since it tak
  9. Well, I hope for the Americans here that a miracle happens and neither of those becomes your next president; you’ve got 300+ million citizens and these 2 are the best there is?
  10. Well, he lives in the USA and no part of the UK Royal house anymore. And I guess his wife can/will vote in the elections; Though I don't understand why you flee away from BorisJohnson and then choose the USA
  11. Well, an expansion you’d expect a new system, a new instance cluster and a bunch of quests; so they have some parts of that; if they had 2 regions/ a lvl cap increase to 135 I could have understood it. Now my reaction is, they charge VIP’s for a new region
  12. Depends what they think is mature and constructive; Just check the forums how they interact with their customers?
  13. Well, since there is no press allowed at the Republican convention, can't they just nominate someone else to be their candidate?
  14. Yeah, it's difficult what to hope for; Another Trump win will be sort of funny because of the rage of the losers; But I fear that will have a little more negative impact on me then Biden winning; Though I think the influence of the USA on the world/ Europe is overrated; It's because everyone says they have so much influence... But a landslide win of Biden would also be interesting to see, because of the reaction of Trump and his fans; And who-ever wins, I won't be suprised if he can't complete the full term because of serious health issues. So the VP is more important then ever.
  15. well, on the other hand (but maybe that's how the media reports it), in Europe we have it sort of under control, in many other countries (USA, whole southern america, India) it appears to become a bigger problem every day; It's brutal to the elderly/ those with health issues, but most people don't have serious issues; In a government report in the Netherlands last week they said that 98% had no serious health issues, 1,5% needed hospital care and 0,35% ICU care; I think the main problem is that you don't want your health care collapsing, that will cause many more deaths than this vir
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