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  1. Thrabath

    UK Perspective on UK Contempt of Court

    well, there is probably 1 person in the world who would like to use a spoon to hurt somebody, so we better forbid them, shouldn't we...?
  2. Thrabath

    UK Perspective on UK Contempt of Court

    They have gone nuts; But we knew that already seeing the Brexit-chaos they've thrown themself in
  3. Thrabath

    This is gonna hurt SSG

    well, it is good news, or it will prohibit selling most games to <18 or it will force game-makers to go back to the old design-days
  4. Thrabath

    64-bit gossip

    Yeah, dot's are great in instances but not so much on mobs that are dead before the 2nd tick lands...
  5. Thrabath

    64-bit gossip

    They should only have devised a system that was more alt-friendly and that didn't make the raids easier. Account wide-deeds for example. With the Rift, as I remember it, you could always enter the raid, but for the final bosses you'd either need the shadow-mitigation gear or execute tactics almost flawless. And having the complete set did give a small advantage, but it wasn't extremely and when you knew mechanics, you could also without to much problem join with alts. After that, gear had a much higher influence. The advantage of beating the raid and getting the gear, made the raid much easier and gearing up for the raid was much more time-consuming.
  6. Thrabath

    Amazon: Lord of the Rings for tv?

    Well, not much is written about that period by Tolkien, so it gives them a lot of freedom to have lots of political intrigues, lots of elitist decadence, add a dragon or 2, add some other mythical creatures, some magic in it, numenoreans a sort of super-humans. I guess it will be sort of GoT 2.0 Though I'd love to see good adaptations of the period before the 2nd age, that is much more interesting I think
  7. Thrabath

    Warframe drops x86 in February 2019

    You know, I sometimes play an MMO that's 10+ years old that is even considering starting to support 64-bit
  8. Thrabath

    Moria soon on LS?

    It would be fun to use them with a large group in an PvP raid and make the game crash. But for that you need large groups in ettenmoors (6+ people should be enough) and i doubt so many still play PvP
  9. Thrabath

    22 Hours

    I logged in yesterday to play a little, still first region in Mordor and I can't remember having so much lag/stuttering. I normally play on highest/ almost highest settings, i've lowered them to the lowest possible within a couple of minutes - though it didn't improve the situation much/at all...
  10. Thrabath

    22 Hours

    but the latest tweet isn't an extension-tweet, it's a tweet that announces a possible announcement in the relatively near future Don't know what to expect with relatively near...
  11. Thrabath

    22 Hours

    I can't almost imagine that, I just looked back how the last one went: https://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Server_Moves_and_Migrations That's 3 years ago, so those servers are probably around 3,5/ 4 years old. That's not that old. And that move also gave some problems I see
  12. Thrabath

    22 Hours

    and 6 more, so 39 now. Who said 44? I'm beginning to believe you have inside information And if I remember the last database-disaster, I thought they had moved it somewhere external... I've got to say, I'm curious to know what went wrong. A blown power supply without having a spare part? Someone accidentally let drop a server blade?
  13. Thrabath

    22 Hours

    and 6 hours more, 33 now. I'm curious what they are doing, it feels so extremely long to just move some servers.
  14. Thrabath

    The Elusive Producer's Letter

    Yesterday, I nearly finished the first region of mordor and it doesn't feel like the stronghold of the enemy that has just lost the war. And I think they did make it easier than it was, I died twice because I pulled a little too much on my champion, but the first time I walked into Mordor, I think more than a year ago, I should be carefull with all my pulls, now I could pull a lot more mobs. And to be honest, it wasn't bad to play, yeah, graphics are getting old etc., but that's what you expect of a game that's 10+ years old. But playing only one area for a couple of hours doesn't give the "look, same quests again" feeling yet. Curious to see how that is if I continue to play.
  15. Thrabath

    Laissez-les manger du g√Ęteau

    I have the opinion that a lot of the critisism on the EU is populistic fear mongering and that a lot of the problems people like to point to the EU isn't an EU-induced problem, but a world-wide-society problem. Local politicians can't solve our problems, so they blame the EU. We, as western society, can't deal in a good way, with problems caused by mass-immigration, mass-tax-evacuation by the wealthy/corporations, the changing of reality/society by technological developments, the ongoing robotization and globalization, the increasing gap between the have's and have not's, changing climate etc. The main problem with almost all politicians is they lack a realistic futureproof vision and don't tell the truth about their goals. More EU on certain policies isn't a bad idea. Here in the Netherlands some parties want to shut down the remaining coal power plants this/next year so our CO2 emissions drop fast enough. When that happens, we need to import more energy from our neighbors, so they need to use more coal power plants. And in Germany they use lignite instead of coal, which has more CO2 emissions. So our CO2 emissions drop, those in Germany rise and the world wide CO2 emissions rise. Same for taxes, it's too easy to evade taxes, there should be some harmonization in Europe what is taxed and how