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  1. Yeah, it's difficult what to hope for; Another Trump win will be sort of funny because of the rage of the losers; But I fear that will have a little more negative impact on me then Biden winning; Though I think the influence of the USA on the world/ Europe is overrated; It's because everyone says they have so much influence... But a landslide win of Biden would also be interesting to see, because of the reaction of Trump and his fans; And who-ever wins, I won't be suprised if he can't complete the full term because of serious health issues. So the VP is more important then ever.
  2. well, on the other hand (but maybe that's how the media reports it), in Europe we have it sort of under control, in many other countries (USA, whole southern america, India) it appears to become a bigger problem every day; It's brutal to the elderly/ those with health issues, but most people don't have serious issues; In a government report in the Netherlands last week they said that 98% had no serious health issues, 1,5% needed hospital care and 0,35% ICU care; I think the main problem is that you don't want your health care collapsing, that will cause many more deaths than this virus; And I think we are just beginning to discover what measures help and which don't help; Being in the same room for a longer period ==> high risk; Being outside ==> almost no risk; And if people stay at home when feeling ill, it probably prevents a lot more diseases from spreading
  3. Welk, since they are still 5 months away you can’t dat anything yet, of riots stops, protests continues and economy won’t recover, I don’t see Trump winning; of protests get put of hand, economy recovers Trump had better chances I guess
  4. Yeah, I don't understand why they suddenly stop being so strict with measures; Especially because there are enough possibilities which are more covid-19-proof to express your anger and the funeral will be live-streamed if I understand it, so no reason to be there if you aren't family. In the Netherlands we have lower than expected deaths for the 3rd week in a row according to our national statistics centre.
  5. If I understood it correctly the buff would stay, so you could oneshot a raid too f.e.
  6. You'd expect in the older population more females to die, because we have more elderly females, since their life expectation is higher; You'd expect more males because smoking is a risk-factor and more males smoke --> maybe more males with lung cancer who have died? You'd expect more females because they have a higher risk of getting Covid, because we have more females in healthcare/elderly care on the other hand, they have more protection there, so they should have less chance of getting it because of the protection. So I've got no idea
  7. This is a good idea I think, makes powerlvling a little more difficult I’m curious how this server will work in a population not used to pvp...
  8. I think Belgium counts everyone suspected of Corona as a Corona death - if you have symptoms, aren't tested, but dies, you will be counted in the statistics. So Belgium will probably have one of the smallest differences between the reported Covid-numbers and excess-death statistics.
  9. well, to me it isn't very surprising that a special election because of the former representative having to resign because of improper behaviour causes a flip in a swing-district; I won't use this as a prediction for the presidential elections; With corona going around, and the economic problems because of corona, and the uncertain future for the next months, it's difficult to say. If the corona-shit hits the fan in Wisconsin now s.c. ended the lock-down or if nothing happens there, will probably have more impact f.e. And I still think that it isn't unlikely that one of the candidates will suffer health issues before elections are there. So as far as I am concerned, those who say Trump will win are probably republicans, those who say Biden will win are probably democrats and I'm just a stupid European watching from far away
  10. Well, maybe the only 3 ways out of this shitstorm is A. accepting it is here and will stay here or B. getting everyone infected asap so that temporary herd immunity arises or C. complete global quarantaine for 4 weeks so it just can's spread. well, reading that back there is only 1 option, and that is A because no politician/ policy maker will chose for option B. and C. won't work because it only works if 99% of the population joins and the 1% that doesn't go into quarantaine (to make sure utilities stay available) adhere to strict hygiene measures and keep distance from each other. So still our only 'hope' is a vaccin/medicine...
  11. well, seeing the numbers in other countries who don't count those cases and comparing them to normal mortality numbers I think the Belgian numbers are closer to the truth than in most other countries.
  12. In the Netherlands the mortality rate is normally around 3.000 a week, Corona counted deaths are around 1.000 and the real mortality is around 5.000, so the real number of corona deaths is around twice as high as those who are 'counted' as corona-deaths. I expect that after Corona those numbers will be lower than normal for probably 1-3 years, because a large group of those who died of Corona would have died anyway in the coming years.
  13. I also live to a relative large cluster (above 0,2% of the population tested positive) in the Netherlands; Though that is mostly because it are smaller regions and people in nursing homes for the elderly attracted it. Especially deaths/100k population are high. I've got 4 relatives that have had Corona-like symptoms (one sat in a train next to somebody coughing heavily couple of weeks ago, one has been in a meeting with 2 confirmed cases, 1 had nursed a patient) but none of them tested because symptoms were mild (no hospilization need is mild these days...) And some collegues too with possible corona symptoms, but none tested as far as I know Maybe I've had it too, really mild symptoms, and my wife too, 2/3 weeks ago; But that likely was the flu or common cold. 3 young kids going to school/kindergarten is almost a guarantee for getting that a couple of times/winter
  14. well, both ways of calculating, deaths against recoveries and deaths against total cases, should be made; And total death rate will be somewhere between those. And even then it won't say that much, because here in the Netherlands we only test health-care-workers and those with serious issues. And that will probably the case in many countries. And you'd like to differentiate between age group, gender, existing conditions etc. And if you have cancer f.e. and also you also get Corona, you probably won't survive. But are you counted as a Corona death? Or not? And that probably also varies within and between countries. Even ICU admissions can't be compared between countries. In Italy they try to save everyone, but ICU's are/ were full, so admissions are limited by availability. In the Netherlands you sort of have an individual choice if you want be on the ICU for weeks, being in coma probably. And if you survive, especially after being ventilated for a prolonged period and being of age, you will have serious health issues. So many 80+ patients won't go to the ICU here in the Netherlands. Thus very difficult to compare.
  15. Yeah, and that's why it's so easy to criticize governments. They almost all try to do what's best (I have my doubts about Brazil...) based on the incomplete information. It's based on guesses, so some will be wrong, so easy times to be the opposition, because mistakes will be made, because of that lack of complete, perfect, information and as opposition, you don't have to make decisions.
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