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  1. I'm still in the first Region, playing on average 1 hour a month, but till now it's just a quest pack sold as an expansion
  2. Seeing those graphs, I think RoR also killed the game with the poorly executed lag-fest-mounted-combat and maybe even more the lack of a proper end-game instance-cluster
  3. Thrabath

    Cordovan Strikes with Banhammer

    so in fact they are the same as most of us here, most don't want to play lotro either
  4. Thrabath

    Cordovan Strikes with Banhammer

    You know Sapience is gone for some time now?
  5. Thrabath

    Legendary™ Servers

    I just read they want to launch a 2nd server tomorrow; Guess we will see a server merge in a month... And I thought layering would solve these kind of issues...
  6. Thrabath

    WoW Classic Details

    I think it will be a disappointment for most players, in our memory we remember the good things and forget the bad things that are currently fixed. Though it will be a lot better then the Lotro version of a legendary server
  7. Thrabath

    Legendary™ Servers

    I think it went wrong with MoM already with the radiance system which made the game a lot more alt-unfriendly. Itemization/gating has been a weak point of LotRO since Moria though you really started to notice that after Moria. Though I agree SoM really started the way down, the expansion was too small, but not that bad, the idea behind the skirmish system also not bad, but the execution was poor. They focussed after Moria too much on the - failed - console version and the poorly executed transition to F2P, which costed them I think more than a year of development time and thát killed the game.
  8. Thrabath

    Legendary™ Servers

    Yeah, but I think they need to do a shitload of rebalancing. I maybe will try it, I was already considering starting a new character, and now there is a small chance there is balance in lower-lvl-content, but since I'm a lifer, they won't get any money from me.
  9. Thrabath

    Legendary™ Servers

    I love the idea, I don't think the execution is that good edit: I think it will be extremely unbalanced.
  10. Thrabath

    What are you Listening to?

    Thx, good-bye efficient work-day And a piano that has these effects for real would be brilliant and i'd love to have one! To bad most of it is just great editing
  11. Well, I think it's a good idea. They 1. have a clear vision about loot distribution and that best gear will never have a store-only option and 2. make it very clear that lootbox is the pay2win option. Which is fine by me, as long as they are honest about it. Because that's the only way a small F2P game like lotro can get enough income. I only fear how they will implement it. Probably the raid-option will have enormous grind attached to it or be bugged or the lootbox will still have the best rewards directly available
  12. Thrabath

    Update 23

    Well, balance issues aren't a problem if BETA duration is long enough... I'm curious if it will be released this month since it's in beta for 2 weeks already And loot distribution/progression, especially with new updates, is THE greatest challenge for all MMO's and lotro is excellent in failing on this part of the game. While in the past, according to my memories, they had it good/much better how they distributed loot.
  13. Yeah, i just now realise how easy this is; You just act like a lot of whales and buy a lot of stuff from yourself and you have made the money from unkown sources, that won't be checked, legal
  14. Thrabath

    The Latest Debacle

    Maybe they did it on purpose, so now they can say "look, we listen to our customers" and in the unexpected situation that there wasn't an outrage, they could cash. So a sort of win-win situation
  15. Yeah, I'd thought the largest part of the population just wants to see landscape. If they release it this year it's a new multi-boss end-game raid for the 3rd year in a row I think?