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  1. Thrabath

    How the electric car dies

    Yeah, I meant air quality in cities; Though they still need to find something for tire wear, since that is probably one of the main sources of bad air quality/ particulate matter coming from cars. Also true about noise, lack of noise had advantages and disadvantages. I don't have an electric car, but I'm responsible for the cars at my work (around 85 cars). Those range from a VW Polo to a Peugeot 5008 in size and everything and model in between. We have a couple of electric cars (Renault Zoe.... f.e. ) which has an 'interesting' range. And I hear and see that it takes a little more planning/preparation, but in the Netherlands for just normal travels there aren't any real issues. I've got 4 or 5 collegues that asked if I can find another collegue for their car so they can go for a Model 3; We don't have those yet, but the range of the Model 3 standard Range Plus is said to be ~320 km; That should normally be enough. And yeah, it needs modification at places, but the TCO (and range) is lower. With cars that have a 300+ range the fiscal stimulation makes the TCO lower, but when I see the developments I think those aren't needed in a couple of years. We are telling collegues that in 2022/2023 EV's are probably the only option for a new car, because of total costs and they are good enough for trips in the Netherlands. And it's region-bound, that's true. The big question will be, will our electricity network and will accu-capacity develop quick enough.
  2. Thrabath

    How the electric car dies

    The biggest advantage of electric cars is they don't have exhaust gasses and make less noise. If everyone in cities drives electric, that has a huge impact on air quality and ambient noise. And you can charge at home thus never going to a gasstation when you only drive smaller parts in a city. That is why in my opinion ICE's are fighting a lost battle for at least a certain part of the automotive market
  3. Thrabath


    I really doubt if you can say it's the will of the people if people on both sides on the spectrum are ill-informed and the final resultis 52/48. I still believe it was a mistake from the UK to vote leave, but the current situation really isn't healthy and no matter what happens - No Brexit, Hard-Brexit or May-deal (though it will probably be altered by changing a . or , somewhere and rebranded "Great Johnson Deal") I fear there will be no winners in the UK because a large part won't like the result. And the EU is an easy enemy to blame from all the mistakes, even if a lot of rules are ideas from the UK and the UK could have vetood almost everything. I fear the UK and the rest of the EU will suffer from this compared to the rest of the world, because both will lose a lot of bargaining power. It's easier to blackmail a small country than a large country. The rest of the World will profit from this and I think the UK and Western Europe will enter a long recession because of this. I really hope it's not too bad but I think people really underestimated the importance of frictionless trade on their common lives and the importance of being part of a large group of countries to withstand other large countries in the world
  4. Well, Brexit is a stupid idea; At least not done to help the citizens of the UK, but just to give some Politicians power and wealth Same goes for Lotro, as long as it gives some people enough money, it wil go on...
  5. Thrabath

    Breaking: New Race Announced

    I think enough people pay for it and it probably is easy to make
  6. Thrabath

    Breaking: New Race Announced

    Since Christopher Tolkien has left the estate as a decision maker, there appears to be more room for all sorts of creative additions (as long as enough is paid I guess...) In the Mordor storyline they had a ring of power and thought Sauron still had it. And I think it's also part of the instance cluster too (but haven't been in there). I am not waiting for this kind of changes/additions, but I think from a business point, in the current situation the game is in, it's a good addition. Especially the possibility to change to another race will be a potential cash cow - and I think it will cause a lot of bugs because of the race-specific quests
  7. well, I agree with them, we should stop with the artificial seperation based on a binary system like gender. Just one competition, no matter if you are male/female/neutral/anything else and the best players will earn the most. Equality, just like feminists want
  8. Well, if they manage to make a decent game that launches during/after the 1st season of their LotR-series, which will be of GoT-quality, the game will be a huge cash-cow. It all depends on how good the amazon-series will be.
  9. Maybe she has something like Parkinson? Or women aren't capable of ruling
  10. Thrabath


    Well, they did have virtues already for sale, didn't they? So not having those available would be a stupid decision from a business viewpoint... Especially because they just can say "look, we converted the virtue-specific store item to a non-virtue-specific store item
  11. Thrabath

    UK Perspective on UK Contempt of Court

    well, there is probably 1 person in the world who would like to use a spoon to hurt somebody, so we better forbid them, shouldn't we...?
  12. Thrabath

    UK Perspective on UK Contempt of Court

    They have gone nuts; But we knew that already seeing the Brexit-chaos they've thrown themself in
  13. Thrabath

    This is gonna hurt SSG

    well, it is good news, or it will prohibit selling most games to <18 or it will force game-makers to go back to the old design-days
  14. Thrabath

    64-bit gossip

    Yeah, dot's are great in instances but not so much on mobs that are dead before the 2nd tick lands...
  15. Thrabath

    64-bit gossip

    They should only have devised a system that was more alt-friendly and that didn't make the raids easier. Account wide-deeds for example. With the Rift, as I remember it, you could always enter the raid, but for the final bosses you'd either need the shadow-mitigation gear or execute tactics almost flawless. And having the complete set did give a small advantage, but it wasn't extremely and when you knew mechanics, you could also without to much problem join with alts. After that, gear had a much higher influence. The advantage of beating the raid and getting the gear, made the raid much easier and gearing up for the raid was much more time-consuming.