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  1. Thrabath

    Black Friday Sale (and New Item)

    2 at most For a new character it's something like this (I calculated it for my 2nd LT account if I had enough LP collected through the years for a cheap near-end-game alt) 1. Valar is 6.995 of 7.495 I think; 2. That new LI package is 4.995 and if I understood correctly you need 2 of those; so 10k points 3. 10 tiers on every legacy with MC, so 140 tiers = 1400 MC? 250 for 2k points, so 12k points; 4. You want to be up-to-date with crafting, 3 crafting proficiency's, 1.4k each, so 4.2k points 5. You want some XP-gains, I saw they have a 200% XP boost these days... 1.2k points if I remember correctly 35k in total, which you think I need for travel-skill-cooldown, that better crafting-thingy from the guild, some black keys for lootboxes? So the 150,- pack is really good, you buy 1 fresh lvl120 maxxed character* 120,- more for the xpac, because as RK, which is I think the best class, you want to have the new-dwarf race because of the fire-damage bonus *and yeah, you are overpowered, a kinmember used the valar on a rk, is 125 now and has replaced only 1 gear-piece till now and he has been an end-game raider for a long time, so he knows how to play the game.
  2. Thrabath

    Black Friday Sale (and New Item)

    If they released this combined with a reliable way to get those catch-up items ingame, it wouldn't be that bad; But they just never learn...
  3. Thrabath

    US Elections 2020

    I think the Republicans have the same problem; But it's easier to see the mistakes of the other party then your own. That's the big disadvantage of the current technological advancements. We can read much more and get in contact with many more people very easily, but because we can't have contact with everyone, so the big tech companies made algoritms to filter the information. The effect is that we have more and more contact with people with the same opinion, who reinforce each others opinion. So the democrats are getting more and more convinced that A is the absolute truth and B isn't because almost everyone they speak with agrees with them. And the regpulbicans are getting more and more convinced that B is the absolute truth and A isn't because almost everyone they speak with agrees with them. This problem appears everywhere more and more. And 2-party-systems, like the USA and UK, makes this effect even stronger. Because if you have 5 groups, for A, B, C, D & E and none of them has a majority, you have to talk with each other and find a compromise. In a 2-party system that isn't necessary. And the USA has the luck that Senate, House and President can have different parties as majority, the UK is even more f*cked. Replacing all current politicians in Senate, House, President, Governors, party leaders etc. would probably the best for the USA (and many other countries)
  4. Thrabath

    US Elections 2020

    Death is also a health issue, not a very nice one though But I can think of more health issues that can make him unfit; Anyway, I wouldn't be surprised if the next President, be it Trump or the Democratic nominee, won't fullfill his/her term, because of health issues. Most of the candidates will be above at least 75 and some of them above 80 at the end of the term. That is an age that a lot of people will have a lot of serious health issues. And I, of course, meant the Senate part of the impeachment process. I think it is very likely the house will convict him and the senate won't. Because what I said earlier in this threat. And I don't see the democrats alienating themself/ you can say the same about the Republicans. I fear for the USA that they are tearing themself apart in 2 groups, roughly: Democrats/Cities/coastal areas vs. Republicans/Rural/inland. And that isn't strange, since the needs and issues of those regions are really different. And issues you don't have, while somebody else does have them, are much more difficult to identify yourself with. And yes, of course I'm generalizing.
  5. Thrabath

    US Elections 2020

    Now I'm curious how much you earn On a more serious note, based on what is said and what I see/hear in the news here in Europe I'm quite convinced that Trump crossed one or more lines he shouldn't have crossed. But I also think it's true that, like he said himself, he can shoot somebody on the street and get away with it. There are 2 ways I see Trump leaving: 1. He has a health issue, so can't continue; 2. Republicans will stop supporting him because of a reason and will help getting him impeached. If they see he is losing, they will, like almost all politicians, just say they never really supported him
  6. Thrabath

    US Elections 2020

    True, I've always wondered why Presidents are term-limited and other public elected functions are not, in almost all countries of the world; And having it a little longer (president 8 years, other public functions 16 f.e.) isn't that bad, since experience is a positive factor - and almost all becoming president already have political experience - but too much increases the chances of corruption.
  7. Thrabath

    US Elections 2020

    Well, I think everyone knew already that there aren't really high chances that Trump will be impeached, because around 1/3rd of Republican senators will have to vote in favour. As long as Trump doesn't do something really stupid, which can't be denied/ignored ánd also alienates a huge group of the republican voters, a senator will commit political suicide by voting for Trump. And since most politicians are attached to their power and have that power by the grace of their voters, they won't quickly vote for impeachment. And some will/can be persuaded, but not enough. The question is, if you truly believe Trump is misusing his presidency for personal gain at the cost of the USA, should you start, even if it is with only a small chance of succes, such a procedure. I'd say yes. I'd prefer a politician that does what he believes is good for the country instead good for himself. Though a part of the democrats will probably do it for personal gain. No difference between democrats/republicans i guess
  8. Thrabath

    Just Another Day in Monetezation

    Come on, this one isn't a change from the past, they quickly started selling virtues after going F2P and I was surprised they didn't introduce these right away. If you didn't see this one coming, that's just a little weird...
  9. Thrabath

    Minas Morgul Preview

    After I wrote this I played a part of old Anorien (okay, not MT itself...) and that isn't much content/area, so I sure hope it's bigger
  10. Thrabath

    I guess it's happening...

    Well, in the last update we saw Elrond and Arwen travelling towards Minas Tirith; They just crossed the misty mountains
  11. Thrabath


    The FPTP system can create very strange results this time, especially with the Brexit Party as an uncertain factor; If they go all in with "we CAN deliver" they eat away votes from tories mostly When I look up a recent poll, these are the percentages: Conservative: 36% Labour: 23% LibDem: 18% Brexit Party: 12% Green: 6% Other: 6% If brexit party grows with 10/15% it can be anything as a result
  12. Thrabath


    why do they say then that they won't do one instead of we have one? And calling people traitors on a referendum that is by law advising and not binding, where options aren't binary, but because multiple options won't work in a referendum they are put into a binary option, where only 73% voted, with a 52/48, thus almost split result, and those affected most (younger people) had the lowest turnout (yeah, their own fault) and both sides, but leave more than remained, lied about the effects, is just stupid. I still think they should respect the referendum result, even though I'm convinced it isn't a good decision for the UK, but not respecting it gives also a shitload of problems and distrust. And I don't see the problem in delaying it a little more so the deal can go through the lawmaking-process in a normal way instead of a rush. It is one of the most important laws in recent UK history after all. And if this won't pass it will probably a hard brexit after all beginning next year.
  13. Thrabath


    and the soap continues...
  14. Thrabath


    Well, they fear it's the start of the reunification of Ireland - which I do understand because there will be some sort of difference between NI and the rest of the UK; And yeah, they have that decision, but as I understand it, Sinn Fein must also agree or something like that; Though I've seen a lot of different versions, so not totally sure what the current idea is. There is a huge chance that this solution will prove to be eternal in practice, a.k.a. the backstop just renamed. And it could also just be a way to get more UK-money to NI
  15. Thrabath

    Minas Morgul Preview

    Well, the idea to see Dor Amarth ~3.000 years before Mt. Doom erupted and be a part of the last year of the 2nd age is a nice one; And it looks better/friendlier than during Mordor based on a quick scan. But the total area feels small. I think, based on the map and seeing the size of Minas Morgul on the map, that the Morgul vale is larger than Old Anorien, but because it's probably a lot of mountains the accessible area is probably smaller. And now it's for 10 lvl's;