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  1. I haven't logged on for months. I never thought I would quit Lotro, but after the release of Rohan I had little choice. The game became so unbearably buggy for me, with it crashing every few minutes, it has been unplayable, and the few times I have checked back on since the release, it has been no better. What has surprised me so much is how little I am actually missing the game. I truly loved this game when it came out, and I carried on loving it through Moria, Mirkwood and yes even after the FTP and CM transitions. However in the last year things have changed for the worse. Maybe I am not missing it because I played it too much and it is good to have a break. Maybe it is because I am now busier in real life. Or there is the possibility, much as I hate to admit, that it is no longer a particularly good game...
  2. At work, please can you copy + paste and post it here.
  3. Ask them what the promised content VIP's would get in this update which will not be free for everyone else?
  4. I think the idea and concept of this forum is a great idea: a place where you can discuss important issues without turbine's censorship. However it now seems slightly that nothing is discussed on these forums about the game itself. The huge majority of topics discuss turbine. For this forum to become a genuine alternative to the 'official forums' maybe we could start actually discussing lotro instead of turbine. Because currently I think a lot of people are not interested in posting here, because they look at the thread list and only see threads bitching about turbine. Thanks for reading. p.s I agree with most of you about turbine, I just think we should start discussing the game a bit more instead of turbine's issues.
  5. I will be honest turbine probably has the worst marketing and customer relations team from any game company I have come across in the past. There seems to be little contact between the devs and the marketing people e.g. (php zone in Isengard). Sapience is a sneaky liar, he runs the forums like the Gadaffi regime, closing threads and banning people when he doesn't like what he hears and then lying about it and blaming a forum glitch. Sapience also communicates in cryptic, leaving the players to have to a 3rd party website to find out what they were trying to convey. I love this game and this is not a dig at the developers whatsoever, but lets be honest the community and marketing team are fucking useless.
  6. Please may you copy and paste the blog post, my work blocks the lotro website. Thanks
  7. Any pictures of the new zones, please paste if you can
  8. It seems like the improved sure strike will make the renewed-voice trait fairly redundant?
  9. Is there any other new info on the site about the expansion?, can't access from work.
  10. Thanks for posting, I also hear there has been a new blog on freep rewards, please may you paste that as well. Thanks
  11. Are you able to copy and paste it can't see it at work?
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