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  1. I want those people fired who keep showing me ads for Walmart, questpacks, classes and subscription deals. I'm not in the US, I can't buy questpacks, I have all the classes and I'm on a lifetime sub. And I'm massively pissed off that they are incapable of making targeted arvertising.
  2. I noticed that as well, the store front loads immediately. The sub-pages still take ages to load though
  3. I agree with this post completely - fluff and charslot, content and storage unlocks are what the store should be offering, not ways to bypass game content. Oh right, how silly of me, I forgot their goal seems to be making such crappy "content" (the various grinds from virtues to relics) that people are even happy to spend money to bypass it... so they can do what?
  4. I think I got most of my non-rep pets as drops in the good old Rift.
  5. Sadly the only way a LTA player can show their displeasure is by not playing, because playing but not paying would still be contributing to the game. Rift/Trion Worlds' attitude and service is lightyears ahead of Turbine's.
  6. I guess the reason I really resent the latest Store additions is because the LI/relic grind is the last bit of character advancement I have left in the game (I gave up on the new armours because we'd be in Isengard by the time I finished one set). If I knew I could bypass that last bit of "content" anytime I wanted just by waving a credit card, it would kill the last bit of willpower I have left to do the relic grind; if I bought the buffs and bypassed the grind it wouldn't feel like much of an achievement, and if I really did the grind I just wouldn't be having fun - so I think I'll end up doing nothing at all.
  7. I just don't like being presented with unfun and grindy content (relic grind) and then being shown a carrot that makes that go away if I pay more than I already do. But yeah, it's still not quite "pay to win", it's just something that crossed the line of my personal comfort zone. The store doesn't really bother me that much when I'm playing LotRO, but now after spending time in a game with a classic subcsription model (Rift) I'm really starting to prefer a game where the sub gets you everything there is.
  8. Creating "content" and then making a store item to bypass that "content" ftl. I regret giving money to them if this is the crap they come up with.
  9. I just tested this with my RK's fire stone, and noticed the following: - "tactical damage rating" didn't increase initial damage on WoF nor Mystifying Flame, only the dot damage - "wrath of flame damage over time" increased both initial and dot damage WoF, Fiery Ridicule, MF, Scathing Mockery* - "fire skill damage" increased both initial and dot damage on WoF, FR, MF and SM* (*only compared these 4 because of the limit of 4 tooltip windows and I ran out of renewal scrolls)
  10. I'd slot Valour, Justice, Wisdom (replace with Honesty if/when your Will is at cap), Loyalty and a defence virtue depending on what kind of damage you're taking. It's a good idea to rank up a mitigation virtue for all damage types; Innocence for melee (good for solo), Compassion for ranged (good in some instances with ranged mobs that target healers) and Tolerance for tactical (raids mostly). Fidelity (for shadow mitigation) is also a good one, plus it's easy to rank up.
  11. I don't think there are actually legacies that reduce casting time, just traits (the fire trait line bonus, if I recall). I recently trashed my RK's lightning gear and now I only run with a fire set (stone+bag) and a healing set, and I think the fire traits are actually very nice also for soloing, or at least they don't feel worse compared to soloing in lightning traits/gear. Fire skills have a slightly longer range than the standard zap zap skills so soloing in fire traits feels more like playing a hunter (no running around, you pretty much stand still and pile fire dots on the target). Most heavy fire inductions need a lot of attunement though, so you want to pull mobs fast to keep attunement up between pulls. (my rk is mostly healing/raid dps, if I soloed more or played in ettens I'd go for lightning all the way)
  12. Lhasbelin


    Ooh hi Maneki !
  13. The way I understood it, the ones most unhappy about this is those players who've tried to make&keep roleplaying communities on other servers than Landroval - the RP and RE tags will probably siphon off a lot of roleplayers from those servers.
  14. From the new session play: I noticed there's some kinda Gondorian palace and an Argonath-lookalike near the horizon (I SO WANT TO GO THERE!!!!!!!!)
  15. I haven't drawn anything in ages, this one is from months ago but hey I want to contribute Kinnie friend's LM.
  16. http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?394056-A-Word-About-Turbine-Role-Play-Server-Support Rp tags and support will remain. Victoly!
  17. I think I heard something like 'x weeks after registering you can post anywhere', at least I can post anywhere I like on my US account and I've never spent a penny on it.
  18. I'd rather farm Real Life than grind mobs for TP ingame .
  19. How about one? For art, stories, screenies and videos. Edit. Just saw raedwulf's comment in the Art Thread
  20. Yup, it's all Finnish (edit) damn, Vardiel got in first. How do I deleted post?
  21. I agree, the US forums aren't very user-friendly. I hate having to load every page twice so that it keeps me logged in! Also the long lines in posts (since the avatar/user info isn't in a separate column to the left like here) make them harder to read - I think optimal post width should be between 500 and 750 pixels (US forums are about 900px wide). I've also blocked all the signatures and banner graphics with adblock . I like these boards, they're simple and they load faster .
  22. ...who are all pretty much carbon copies of each other . I think the series started as a pretty decent adventure story but it could as well have been compressed to about three volumes, the amount of filler is just staggering.
  23. You know the drill, post your most creative outfit combinations! Anniversary Cake.
  24. I'm thinking it'd be financially best for Turbine to keep the RP tag on formerly-EU servers and then cash in on server transfers. Still the complete silence about the fate of the RP policy is worrying.. even if they keep their word that at least server names+tags won't change, I doubt they'll make any other special arrangements for our benefit.
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