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  1. Hi all, Thank you all for taking the time to reply This is all good advice and I guess I could spare LOTRO a bit more time...... My toon is on Eldar (which seems quieter these days). I'll have a look around and keep my ears peeled for more casual kin recruitment. Raedwulf makes a good point re leeching and thats what I would want to avoid at all costs. Just gets really frustrating not being able to advance the core quests due to not having a scalable quest option. So... to the fields! Cheers all.
  2. Hi Like a lot of players, I just don't have the time to join a kinship and so I find myself at the mercy of strangers to help with quest completion I've been stuck trying to finish Tomb of Elendil since Febuary and its getting really frustrating!!!!! I just needed to share that. Thanks for reading.
  3. Hi all, Hate my first post being a moan but I am having mega problems upgrading my premium account to VIP. Going on the "sorry...blurb" I get each time I try to upgrade, there's either a problem with my Visa/debit card (there isn't, its always in credit) or the "system" has failed. I know they are stil having transition problems but how long has that been going on for????? Anyway, came here becuase Turbine wont answer my support request. Sign of things to come? Probably not but not encouraging really.... My VIP account was successfully migrated several days ago apparently. Has anyone else had this problem? I'm based in the UK btw Thanks for any advice! Peace.
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