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  1. Chipmore

    [Snowbourn] Moria Defenders

    Had quite a few new additions to the kin family since I last posted here and just wanted to let everyone know we are still here and still going strong I am just back from a 7 week trip for work and enjoying the new content Big hail fom Moria Defenders everywhere
  2. Chipmore

    [Snowbourn] Moria Defenders

    Welcoming to the Kinship family: Ruhael A Dane to add to the international mix of the kin
  3. Chipmore

    [Snowbourn] Moria Defenders

    Welcoming to the kinship: Luccaran Enjoy your time with us
  4. Chipmore

    MyLoTRO comes to EU...

    May take them a while to assemble my Snowbourn family!
  5. Chipmore

    MyLoTRO comes to EU...

    2 of my withywindle have appeared also
  6. Chipmore

    [Snowbourn] Moria Defenders

    Ahh Flack you my friend are far from incompetent but the rest is all true
  7. Chipmore

    [Snowbourn] Moria Defenders

    Welcoming another social member to the family: Tarphor Hope you enjoy your time with us!
  8. Chipmore

    [Snowbourn] Moria Defenders

    Hey Snowbourners! Still open to recruit a champ interested in raiding. On the other side of things we are still drinking tea in the shire and loving it Open to all classes who wish to join as casual/social players. More details can be found on our app about that! Moria Defenders: Succesfully drinking Tea in the shire since Aug 2008! (Killing raid bosses as we go)
  9. Chipmore

    Kinship recruitment - updates

    I note you mention SoDT only having one person posting but to be fair most kins only have one person running recruitment posts as they should not be a conversational spam thread, thats what Kins have their own forums for I personally have never had a problem updating my recruitment posts when we get a new member or have a significant event that needs publicising, I cant see anyone would have a problem with that. Both of your kins are great kins with great people who are passionate about their Kin's future unfortunately though Weirdy still smells of cabbage!
  10. Chipmore

    [Snowbourn] Moria Defenders

    Welcoming another social player to the kin family: Inogath Enjoy!
  11. Chipmore

    [Snowbourn] Moria Defenders

    welcoming another Social member to the kin: Ethelryth enjoy!
  12. Chipmore

    Warning: Renewal Scrolls

  13. Chipmore

    [Snowbourn] Moria Defenders

    Welcoming to the kin: Garun Although Recruiting is closed to all classes except Champion atm we will still accept applications from completely social players as we cannot guarantee places on raids into OD or BG atm.
  14. Chipmore

    [Snowbourn] Moria Defenders

    Tonight I had the great pleasure of promoting one of our long standing Kinnies into an officer position. One that he has thoroughly earned over the years. Congrats to our latest officer and the new MD Social Shizzle Man! Jaras
  15. Chipmore

    LOTRO completely not working anymore ...

    In your in game sound settings make sure the renderer is Software and not hardware, I know thats the cause of a lot of crashing issues, I hope it gets sorted for you mate.