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  1. I seem to remember reading on rockpapershotgun that TSW was delayed for an additional 2 weeks? If so, I take it as a good sign that they're delaying the game to squash a few more bugs or polish a few more features.
  2. Funnily enough, I'm going to try out TSW precisely because of AoC.
  3. Public sidewalks are also outside. The people you're interested in reaching are inside.
  4. Heh. What did Techland make? I've got Bioware knocking out Technland in round 3 in my brackets.
  5. The Escapist is having their annual March Mayhem Developer Showdown at: http://www.escapistmagazine.com/tournaments/mybracket/6/ Time to vote, or not vote, for your favourite developer in this popularity contest, and gloat when your favourite developer beats another, inferior developer. Voting starts the 8th march, but for now you can fill out your brackets with the developers you think will win(or hope to win). This requires an Escapist account. Certain prizes are offered according to how well your predictions came true.
  6. Pack Flayer... Awesome. Reminds me of the Challenge! skill from WAR Online, although in that game, the tanks got it.
  7. PVP'ers and PMVP-related topics has always been shunned from the General sections, or really, anywhere but the PVMP section. Can't let the entitled pve'ers have their feathers ruffled by realizing that PVP players are not actually trolls, griefers and illiterate children all. Talk about, say, raiding or housing in General, no problem. But PVMP, no way! For, as Agamemnon says, we're all stupid, self-entitled kids who wants to hog all the developer attention while leaving nothing but scraps, if even that, for the rest of the activities in LOTRO.
  8. I disagree, WAR Online implemented some nice features; such a shielding other allies, taunting(target deals X% less damage unless targetting taunter), blocking(allies behind you recieve less damage), knockbacks, challenges(you and a target in melee range are locked in place for 15 seconds) and let's not forget physical detection. PvMP could have been so much. Alas, turbine didn't care for it.
  9. I don't know how closely DDO follows the ruleset, but in D&D, going from level 20 to 25 is a pretty big deal. ... I really should start reading the replies before replying to the OP.
  10. ... Don't make me report your post to Failblog. In case you somehow missed what Failblog is about, it's this page where you can upload screenshots of stupid people and what they say. In this case; The joke here is that TheMJStevens somehow failed to pick up that The Hobbit is a prequel to LOTR. Merry christmas.
  11. Now what's wrong with some classic Medieval lego? I have a ~50-man medieval lego army stored away in my basement, complete with armour, steeds, banners, dragons, damsels in distress and everything else a medieval lego man could wish for. Never played any of the digital lego games, oddly enough...
  12. Oh, wow. That's pretty nice. I like the custom settlements. And yeah, and you probably meant "I NEVER cease to be amazed".
  13. Pretty cool, I played the previous version. I think. What's new in this version? Can't seem to find a patch list.
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