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  1. Just changed mine. I use Password Safe it's free and brilliant.
  2. Laurelin was up about an hour ago
  3. I managed to create my forum account just after my migration yet I can't log into the forum, perhaps a little time is needed. Looking forward to not rocking the boat and getting the boot.
  4. It is up now I just transferred. Now more updates
  5. https://transfer.lotro.com/ Still down.
  6. Transfer website is down. You can open your client and it will update, then you will get the migration message. Hopefully the transfer site will be back up as Turbine tweeted that they were adding more servers to cope with the very heavy load! No shit Sherlock.
  7. Still not connecting. I got the splash screen updates yesterday like those above but still no migration yet. Should we start a sweepstake? I say at least 6th June before things start to happen. :$
  8. Thanks CM it was emotional!
  9. The final orders. The deep breath before the plunge. Charge!!.
  10. Attack of the zombie shrews.
  11. Bit unfair I know but back in Beta. Flying ore. A hair raising experience. Another bad hair day. It's only a flesh wound, come back you chicken.
  12. In post #47 Sapience says However on a social network site you at least get to say who your friends are and what information they can see about you. MyLOTRO is not a social network it is just an easily accessible database of all your character data. I would post this over there but I don't have a US account, yet
  13. ...perhaps this is the best option. Having read a few of the replies in this post I am glad we have an alternative. Edit. Removed words from post as I did not ask permission to quote said post.
  14. I have seen this on another board, I don't think it is anything sinister and more to do with admin. I could be utterly wrong there though
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