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  1. Flackadder

    [Snowbourn] Moria Defenders

    Cor!! Should check this thread more often, I am in all the pics in this thread. How my fellow kinnies put up with a incompedent, sad, forgetful, stressed out old git like me I will never know. They would suggest it's for my awesome hunter skills. I suggest, it's because Moria Defenders are social kin, that care for it's members and respect their aged members incompedence!! Yep, there is a wealth of knowledge, funny banter in kin chat or vent, help whenever needed for whatever needed, kinnies that can be considered friends and the knowledge that each and everyone has the respect of all is a real serious plus in my view........ ......and my view counts!! Just gotta love Moria Defenders
  2. Flackadder

    [Snowbourn] Moria Defenders

    We are doing really well in OD and having fun at the same time. Moria Defenders are a social and fun kin with awesome members.....and Flackadder !!! Fantastic website and well used forum, quiz nights, kin lotto, deed nights and raids are only some of the things that make Moria Defenders the place to be seen.
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    Umm!! How did I get here :-) Looks good.