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  1. This is not official Turbine data; do not imply that it is.
  2. How do you know if you are not currently playing the game???? There certainly has been a bump on Gilrain and on my second server.
  3. I agree its a sleazy piece of advertising.
  4. It could be that they will do more advertising when the last film in the Hobbit series is showing, given that the events in LOTRO take place after those of "The Hobbit" e.g. "Find out more about Gollum's ring" or "Help defeat the Necromancer".
  5. I just hope that Turbine are not making any rash decisions. In terms of scenery, I think that Riders of Rohan is their best expansion so far (I never liked two Moria zones which did not fit with the books) and also has a score that at least matches that of Mines of Moria. I have resubbed and bought the expansion and I am very pleased with what I have seen in Rohan.
  6. The Turbine forum is a cesspool: a Reputation cesspool.
  7. As someone who has not yet bought the new zone (the scenery is somewhat better than Enedwaith but still meh), I wonder if anyone knows whether the Small Fellowship The Defiler quest gates any solo content in the Wailing Hills?
  8. It would be a bad mistake for them to split up Fornost. It's perfectly doable on level if you don't make stupid mistakes and go for the West Gate key first. Once people get a high enough level for their class/gear they will want to have a good look round Fornost for lore reasons. That will not be the case if it is split up and ruined like Helegrod.
  9. The relic removal scroll drops do not satisfy me. Free per 10 level relic removal should be returned to the forge-master. They can still sell scrolls in the store for people who need a removal at some other time.
  10. Some peeps dont like the magic because it makes everything too easy for the magician. I like Game of Thrones; I dont like HP or Star Wars. Another reason for disliking Star Wars is that it tries to make out that its morality-imbued "Force" (another loaded Lucas choice) has anything to do with science.
  11. I fully agree that democracy is the best system of government currently available where it will work.
  12. I called the U.N. a real attempt at peace because it has (till now) been a partial success rather than the complete failure that the League was. This may well be because the U.S. joined the U.N. unlike the League. Perhaps history would have been different if Wilson had had his way.
  13. Personally, I find that Tolkien's work on LOTR is pitched just right given the evil (in my view) nature of the enemy that the Free Peoples were fighting at the time of the War of the Ring. I think that any perceived moral simplicity in LOTR is appropriate. This should be compared with some of the conflicts in the Silmarillion, for instance caused by the moral stance of the Sons of Feanor. Also in the Appendices to the LOTR, mention is made of Gondorian Civil Wars prior to the War of the Ring. I agree but authors are not stopped from exploring more than one theme in a book. 'Expe
  14. I know this has been discussed elsewhere, but I dont post in the insecure forums and I dont know how crazy their censorship rules are. Their lore-monkeys seemed to be missing the point. My post refers to this article. Assuming little censorship here, I would say that in the case of Lord of the Rings, the level of moral simplicity is appropriate to the war that Tolkien is describing. He is not describing a Vietnam-style war where there were a variety of opinions of the war inside the U.S., but rather the far rarer type of war against an aggressive tyrant out to subjugate all oppositi
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