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    I enjoy my life,but life can't be complete if you don't have a person to share it

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  2. That was freakin' amazing! Holy smokes. 3 choirs, 200 musicians .... Lump in my throat when Gandalf went down and the Boy's Choir and the soprano solist started singing. Already have tickets for next year's performance of The Two Towers. Can't wait!
  3. Looking forward to see tomorrow's performance as well. First time movie + live music for me, but have been to several performances of the movie music before: Have been to Lord of the Rings Symphony where Howard Shore & London Philharmonic performed in 2004 in the Royal Albert Hall (only music, not with the movies) - was awesome. In 2003 (I think), I also visited The Lord of the Rings in Concert, by the Dutch Theatre Orchestra, in Amsterdam. Christopher Lee was there to recite a few poems to accompany the music.
  4. Before: 20-30 msec After: 100-120 msec Not noticed any negative effects yet
  5. Have the same 4 installs in the same partition on my computer, and can confirm it works fine. You can even run 2 clients (eg US and EU) at the same time without problems.
  6. "Free People of the four Races of Middle Earth, unite under the Banner of the Horn, despite your differences. Wanderers of the Wild I call, skilled in scouting the lands and leading the way into the frontlines of Battle. United we stand strong to the shadows from the East, to shield the Free Peoples of Middle Earth. Vows you have taken! Oaths you have sworn! Now Sharpen your Blades! Gather your Arrows! Polish your Shields and Staffs! Prepare for battle when the Horn of the Rangers sounds! For we shall not despair!" - The Master of Rangers -*-*-*- The Rangers Mix
  7. Recently, we have been doing skirmish raids with our kinship, and I have to say it turns those skirmishes in a whole new experience. Gondamon is hilarious (and quite tough) with 12 players + 12 soldiers.
  8. Great news indeed. I do find some North Americans on the Turbine forums to be overly pessimistic - like doomsday has arrived for Landroval. I can see a lot of new possibilities for roleplay, also on Landroval. What I am curious about is how all this is going to change the timing of the regular RP events on Laurelin. The current timing (7-8 pm UK time) is mid-day for North Americans. I still think that adding localization tags (despite the fact that Turbine wants everything to be "global") to the servers could be good. Another thing I'm really surprised about are those North America
  9. Just wow! On those kinship ideas. I'm in my third year as a kinship leader now, and some of these features (roster, alliancing, calendar) we have implemented through our website. It would be just great to have those things available ingame- and a reward system for kinships.... Awesome. Good motivation to do more together. Two thumbs up for those great ideas. They have promised us "Month of the Kinship" way too long ago. if Turbine is serious about keeping people ingame, this should get priority after they finish class overhaul. I'd say: Implement it with Isengard.
  10. Must say I like these forums. They have a simple clean layout, and the mobile version is just great. I'm an admin myself at my kinship website, where we use good old phpBB in combiation with Joomla and phpraider. This board got me to reconsider our current forum. Are the admin options comparable in the versitility of phpBB?
  11. You meanie! *sends in the Bubble* ack..... Too late. *sends in the AoE rez* On your feet, Maggots! *shouts at the LoreMeanie* Hehe, I like the shouting. It's heal-kite 'n shout-heal-kite 'n shout......
  12. It's hard to judge from the side you are on, so I forgive you for being wrong Harmo is one of the best raid leaders I know if it concerns positioning. And the RK frustration.... Old news. I play with all the creepside leaders (Harmo, Palinkir, Kepnak and recently Lyvins on his creeps) and all have their strenghts and weaknesses. I enjoy playing with all of them, though.
  13. O.o you are forgetting personal flaming! But... But... I know one: I really think Harmo is behind all this - he just wanted a connection with less latency xD
  14. Let's at least conclude that our UK overlords weren't as bad - though we have all had some points in time where our faith in them was tested. They brought us RP servers, GM support of events in the past, and a forum with lenient moderation. *bows for Satine & Co.*
  15. I don't think Turbine will enforce the RP server rules either. But let's be honest: Codemasters didn't actively enforce them as well. I think that Laurelin has shaped itself, with the RP tag serving like the Sign of the Prancing Pony. In a mature community, you do not need to enforce much. But I don't want to loose that sign hanging outside, clear to see for every new player: " Watch your step here! This is no ordinary Inn,"
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