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  1. Ver un episodio de Friends y decepcionarte por que no pasa nada nuevo. :(

  2. I was just thinking the same... I hope it's an EU thing and not a hack.
  3. Has anyone played DA2? I never found the pirate girl :/

  4. Trastornado. Si, trastornado.

  5. Ese momento incómodo cuando te das cuenta de que te has escuchado tantas veces al artista que detestas, que sus canciones te hacen suspirar y recordar tiempos mejores.

  6. Acabo de tener el sueño más raro que jamás he tenido.

  7. I hope it's not a security breach... I would hate to change the passwords from all my accounts since I use the same one with little variations... Oh well.
  8. I like this idea. Let's see if we can do something similar at Evernight.
  9. Wow. Tenía tanto tiempo sin contemplar la luz del sol por la mañana, que ha valido la pena la ceguera resultante.

  10. El día empezó tan mal que temo preguntarme como podría empeorar.

  11. I screamed and screamed again. Okay, I did not, but I want to.

  12. ¡Feliz conmemoración del 5 de Mayo para todos! :D

  13. Ya tengo número de móvil de nuevo. No me lo sé. Yikes!

  14. Am I the only one who thinks it's horrifying to celebrate someone's death? How does celebrating Osama's death makes you better than him? Blood only calls for more blood. Haven't we learn that?

  15. LOL hoy leí algo gracioso: Karol Wojtyla, el papa amigo (pero de la gente equivocada).

  16. Tengo una política estricta de no ofender mujeres, pero hay una cerda mal educada a la que me gustaría decirle un par de cosas. :)

  17. Worn me down, to my knees (8)

  18. ¿Cuando van a dejar de asesinar personas? ¿Estúpida guerra en México! :

  19. Specially if the mages rank could be a random number lol... Imagine a kinship of rincewinds lol
  20. People who dislike seeing images at signatures can choose not to. It's there at the settings. You can even make it a default, and give a choice to those who would like to see/have pics.
  21. As far as I know, Sapience has stated that they're keeping the [RP] at the server's names, but he hasn't said anything about keeping the role-playing policies. My personal opinion? They won't do anything about it.
  22. I think I once read (altough now I don't remember where) Faya saying they had lotro licence until 2017.
  23. I also think it was a matter of money. But I think Codemasters had the rights to keep lotro for europe for longer than this, and when Turbine got Warner's money, they made them an offer they couldn't reffuse. You can also change "offer" for "threat".
  24. Louvre


    Haha. I agree! We asked Satine about the subject many times, but they always said that spanish wasn't supported (and I was like: tell me something I don't know yet...). They didnt let us write in spanish at the forums either...
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