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  1. I'm sorry ? I don't understand
  2. Title really explains it =] I was wondering what other games people might have noticed that are coming out soon. I know there's the new Star War's one but personally again not that interested in that also Guild War 2 was forecast to be released this year but they've gone all quiet again anyone know any others ?
  3. Here's The link =] Personally I couldn't stand the trial more than 14 hours; with which I really don't think I'll go back just to advance a couple more levels and find out if it was worth playing longer. But what are your opinions?
  4. Only problem is, is that you have to have shared storage to trade between alts. You can't just mail them. So some peopl eare going ot have to spend 1,000 turbine points just getting some of that
  5. It was not my fault, When ever it was on sale so for us below £200 it never showed that for me, So when most people got it for £75-£100 it still showed on my account that it cost £200. So it wasn't my fault as codemasters never replied to my massive amount of emails.
  6. I agree with this. Paying VIP's are the only people that bring money in ( minus people who buy instore points ) I've paid nearly 4 times as much as a life time cost because of a fault codemasters showed me. So I think people who've played for years should or have them much lower. But we know this wouldn't hapen.
  7. Here's the link They also did Wound Tier 2 without challenge. Also their video on Durin's Bane from Minstrels perspective
  8. WOOOOO !!!! 1000th member is.... *** DARKFANTXT *** Woo
  9. Yeah annonying and as you said = Yeah that's why I think you get stuck in combat aswell Another thing Erm pretty much haha, I try to do it so I don't get hit as much on the stone tile ones but usually I'll just get half way then activate sprint on my champ and run the rest just taking the damage. Final thing. This is not true, I ran IoF just after I had read this twice in tier 1. Second time I got one mark from the left chest also Tier 2 whenever I've completed it; only had 1 mark and it's always been in the left chest for me. Maybe it's just completely random Thanks for the clarification on the Inn mark, yes I meant the gauntlet before the rows of Sarcophagi, the bones piles all activate so if you dont kill them, adds will always spawn and get stuck in there and poss keep you in combat (My theory) I just run my guard through it after taking out the 1st two bonepiles with my bow and take the 4K damage the roating blades give you till I get to the other side. ReD KOFACME
  10. Done this and got the stuff .... BUT it said click the subscription again if your VIP ... so I did that but i don't know if it has actually charged me for two of them ... which if it has I want £89.99 if not .. THANK YOU
  11. Anyone here help me? got my code but when I put it in it says " A payment method is required to activate this Product Key. Please select a payment method below. " But I've paid for the pre order ... anyone able to help?
  12. Feel like the whole game is against me ! Shouted in global lff in gilrain and no one knew the answer
  13. Right I've brought it and got my code unlike my brother's who just put his code in and was given the stuff, I put my code in but takes me to the subscription page and says " A payment method is required to activate this Product Key. Please select a payment method below " ... I have already brought the 12 month sub so I'm not paying anything else ... Help?
  14. Strange with people getting options, I brought straight from the link. Brought the legendary as I'm not lifer or anything and logged on about 5 minutes after I had brought it and BAM got everything
  15. AWHH ! I thought I was first! *cries*
  16. On tier 2 once you beat the what's it named guy as you try to walk of the boat the plank of wood falls into the water and you fight the spirit of the necklace even on level 20 tier 2 if you do him you get the mark possibly 2 !
  17. The forsaken inn solo with heavy and get the mark is easy Do it level 20 like you've been doing then when you've killed the last boss you'll be stuck in combat. Just invite a friend to come in then you leave and come in again and there's that path that open's to the boss so you will get the mark and your friend will get a free one aswell done it with kin and now got over 40 marks ! !
  18. sure I pretty much did a computer wipe, and reinstalled everything. Only thing that worked for me. Also when reinstalling LOTRO don't use the media pando thing download the zip file and install using winRAR to open from the turbine site.
  19. I live in the UK and apparently UK banks don't support pay by cash without paying what amount it is to the bank to do the bank transfer. My brother wanted some in game points before so he gave me the money ( £40 ) to buy them. I went to the bank and they said although would in the end be able to do this bank transfer it'd cost £38.99 just to do the transfer so it would of been nearly £80 just for points when if using paypal or debit it'd cost just the normal £40.
  20. Happy Birthday! :)

  21. Yes I fixed it with no help from turbine Could MueR or another admin delete the mass of posts from me in the tech support bit to free up some space as it's not needed Thank you for those's that tried to help !!!!
  22. got to about 9% and came up with the same message after abotu 30 seconds of moving around in LOTRO " LOTRO Client has crashed " That's it ....
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