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  1. I remember suggesting, along with others, that the move to F2P was a last throw of the dice to make it profitable. This was flatly denied by both Codemasters and Turbine representatives on the CM's forum in June 2010. The game was in good financial health we were assured. I also remember Codemasters suddenly selling Lifetime accounts three weeks prior to the F2P announcement. I thought at the time it was fishy and given the news of the financial situation there was with the game, it smells even worse. Although, I can no longer bring myself to log in to the game it has given me the most enjoyable initial period of any game. Middle Earth recreated beautifully on my PC. The initial purchase gave me virgin zone after zone of land to explore. There was so much to explore, so many sights to behold. The mad run Eastwards at level 11, getting killed repeatedly on High Moor to be rewarded with the breathtaking first sight of Rivendell. SoA spoiled it for me by being so good. It has been a steady decline since although MoM had its moments. I actually hope they kill it off quickly so that someone with business acumen can have another crack at it before I am too old. It still amazes me that any one can fumble the ball this badly when they have THE IP license. I play Guild Wars 2. I enjoy it. The quality is high and there is new content. It is financially viable. But I find the story turgid and have actually stopped bothering to follow it. How difficult could it have been to make a success of the second best-selling novel ever written? Probably just unfortunate that it coincided with the rise of Farmville.
  2. Speaking of such things.... I read this article yesterday and apart from its apocalyptic headline it seems bang on the money. A lot of it applies to LOTRO and much that is discussed on this forum. http://www.cracked.com/article_20727_5-reasons-video-game-industry-about-to-crash.html
  3. Or you could go back to Evernight and see the Kinship you used to lead. Still struggling on last time I looked.
  4. Like clockwork, they never fail to disappoint. You could almost say that they are professional in their unprofessionalism.
  5. With the ongoing kerfuffle about heavy handed moderation on the official forum, I delved back into time to find the original thread on the Codemasters forum where we discussed the need and viability of a separate EU Lotro forum. 26/04/2011 Muer considered it and a day later it was up and running. I don't really bother with Lotro anymore but I always drop in to read the heat being generated. Thanks to Muer for allowing this to happen. Have a read of the original thread, the fears people had about the moderation style of Turbine and smile that two and a half years later it still surprises people when it happens. Find it here
  6. Well my post was post was removed. All I said was that some people reminded me of that guy ranting on about . I didn't mention anyone by name. I guess he has a guilty conscience. All those exclamation marks and uppercase, he comes across very emotional. Also five spelling mistakes per post doesn't help. Just scanned 19 pages of his posts. Always confrontational, often illogical and frequently rude. If he was on the other side of the conversation he would be taking an extended, enforced, forum break. Also strangely contradictory. Some gems considering how he is acting in the wardrobe thread... "Oh so now you think you have the right to tell people where when and what to post. LOL Guess what this is a open forum anyone has the right to post thier oppinion where and when the decide to do so." Followed by his oft used go and write on a blog reproach "I never told anyone not to post here But I have ben told that 4 times now including by you. I said if your not open to opposition posts that a blog may be more to thier forte as a blog does not allow desenting oppinion." "If you can not handle disagreeing views based on reality posting a blog may be more your forte" Slight moment of lucidity "I am not in disagreement that Most will asuume. i am simply saying that unless it is clearly spelled out, especially with Turbines History, you are much safer to believe otherwise. Yes it is up to Turbine/WB to decide on interpetation I just always assume they will do so in thier favour. On the plus side I like the fact he writes in very short sentences and his posts look like verse. Unfortunately it is never poetry to my ears.
  7. Just my luck. Make a humorous aside about the tone of some participants on the thread and who should appear (after a well deserved break) but Nick and made a post just before me. He obviously didn't like the inference and took it personally. Negative rep, called a troll and reported. No sense of humour some people. I worry for him, i think he may explode.
  8. Apologies if my comment was flippant or insulting. I was just taken aback by the force and long winded nature of your expressed feelings. I understand when people stay around to criticise some of the decisions Turbine have made/are making regarding LOTRO. Turbine have sole use of the Tolkien license, they originally started the game with immense promise and players in some cases have invested years of time into characters and a game that they really cared for. So I understand why they hang around on Turbine's forum commenting on the changes, even when they are hunted in packs and told "if you hate it so much why are you here?". I am a little surprised that you feel so strongly, about this forum, to return and berate it's members and tone. In this case it would seem sensible to ask "if you hate it so much why are you here?" It is only a forum and if it doesn't please you, then spare yourself the trouble and move on. Much easier than expecting the other members of the forum to change their attitudes and feelings so as to placate you. This level of angst I would expect at the end of a meaningful relationship, not over a forum.
  9. My wife gets a bit like this once a month but at least she has an excuse.
  10. Dudu, offensive? Really? Good job I didn't say "poop" I would probably be looking at a lifetime ban. Two nations divided by a common language.
  11. Not me. More worried about the fragile souls who I offended by saying dudu.
  12. 3 negative reps in 10 minutes! Honestly, is this really so offensive or are there some really cranky characters on that board?
  13. If the store went one of these two ways, which would you prefer? Obviously, there are other directions but for the sake of argument.... 1. Turbine adds a variety of End gear, Relics, Legendary Weapons in store for purchase as well as leaving the opportunity to acquire them in game through an average, moderate playing style (rather than infinitesimal chance drops). 2. Turbine adds Relics and certain other "advantage" items to the store that are exclusive and are not attainable through gameplay. I would go with option 1 as I am not an uber player, enjoy the game mainly through exploring and don't use the store and never will other than to purchase future content. It doesn't impact on my playing style if others (who have little time or simply a lot of cash) decide to attain items through the store (although I am aware that others feel differently about this). To me using the store for advantage is like using using cheat codes to dumb down PC games. At first liberating but then soul destroying as it removes the challenge and reason for enjoying the game in the first place. With this option many would go the play to acquire route and a great deal would splash the cash, so Turbine would still win. The second option (and one currently being implemented) is just plain wrong to me both financially and morally. Making everything available to everyone, whatever their playing style, is fair and still a money spinner. The idea of spending my non working hours grinding deeds to accumulate 5 and 10 Turbine points to scrape together enough for a Relic is obscene and is the polar opposite of my idea of what a game should offer me. When I sign up on the Turbine forum I will use the following text (from Hurin in the original Turbine thread) as my signature. And. . . Finally. . . Begging Please Turbine. As a loyal customer, and vocal advocate over the last four years, I'm literally begging you not to go down this road. Please don't disillusion and disappoint those who gave you the benefit of the doubt this whole time and stuck up for you even as the slippery slope started appearing ever more steep. Yes, we can all make up our own minds about what's a deal-breaker for each of us as individuals. And ultimately, we can all "just quit if we don't like it." But, I'm asking you to please not force that decision upon us. Don't make us choose. Because we don't want to go. We want to stay. But many of us can't stay if this is the way it's going to be. Can't anything be done? Hurin
  14. Turbine have now locked the original thread because Hurin was making too much sense and they were still looking ever more devious.
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