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  1. Interesting Yes I used the same with Turbine. Today I received a 2nd email on another account register both at codemasters and turbine.
  2. Yesterday one of the emailaddresses I used on codemasters has been used to register an battle.net account using a chinese name. I thought they didn't get into codemasters account system? The emailaddress is too random to guess but not too random to randomly type in ( ), and I have not received any spam on it. It's just this 1 emailaddress that has been used to create a battle.net account. Any one else had something similar?
  3. Bah, this skill was doing like the name says. Now you get a freebie every 5 minutes.
  4. Before: ~20ms Now: 96ms - 105ms But I have not played 'for real' yet.. I don't know how it feels with this ping.
  5. Did anyone notice they are using data from before the 30th of may? I updated 3 of my accounts with new emailaddress on May 30th at codemasters and when I transferred them all 3 still had the old emailaddress and are missing the MoM code I applied + the month VIP that came with the box.
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