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  1. Still enjoying the game - also those of my kinship.Actually more and more Player who left for GW2 or SWTOR are also returning.LOTRO is not perfect but still a very nice game.
  2. Actually I am in an ettenmoor Battlegroup on Maiar. I asked in teamspeak if anyone had an account which was hacked. One of them told me that his account was hacked and he noticed this on a Saturday when he logged in and all chars were deleted. He was told to use a special link on a turbine page to raise there a ticket. On monday he got everything back and restored despite the money. For the Gold he had to raise an extra ticket and finally he also got this back. This was not the kinshipmember. he is actually not online but I will ask him how he got his chars restored by Turbine after his account was hacked and will post it here.
  3. Last year the account of a kinmate of me was hacked and all chars have been wiped out. He called the phone support and all chars were restored within a week. Also he got back his equipment. I am not sure, but I think he got everything back beside the Gold/money. I will ask him, when he is online again for more details because I just remember that his chars were deleted by the hacker and later he had them back again full equipped, but needed money for repairs after a raid (and he had before the hack much Gold). Also he missed only one of our weekly raids we performed in this time-period, so Turbine was able to help him within 7 days. Maybe he can tell me additional informations which will help you. Best regards.
  4. Again: Greek Hoplites are slow heavy infantry who are not throwing javelins but use spears - like in the image shown you posted. The wardens in LOTRO are mobile medium infantry who are throwing javelins. If some people inspired by this 300-fantasy-film are equipping their warden-chars like ancient greeks this does not change any facts about the combat system of the warden in game or the lore.
  5. I never understood why people compare the warden with greek hoplites. A classic greek hoplite is a heavily armored warrior with an heavy shield, the hoplon, and mor like the guardian. A hoplite uses a thrusting spear/sword and not a javelin. Even later, when the greeks served as mercenaries for the persians and switched from heavy to medium armor they still didnt used javelins. The LOTRO-warden is a warrior in a medium armor with a shield which is by far not so heavy like a hoplon. Also he throws a javelin. So its more like a roman legionaire with his Pilum. Or like thracian peltasts. Despite this historical comparisons why shouldnt there be warriors in middle earth who fight like the old romans? I cant see any lore breaking in the warden-class.
  6. Here the newest outfit of my warden http://tirn-en-amarth.xobor.de/g2p3-hyda.html
  7. That is fine for me. I have to main chars: My captain and my warden. Both are top equipped and while I am disappointed about the fact that I can trash the might-based jewellery I prefer agility for the warden. Most time I play the warden in the ettenmoors as a tactical debuffer and damage dealer with a group. With his ability to debuff the heal of a target by 50% the warden is a very good fighter in the ettenmoors. And with the switch from might to agility he will get more advantages in this role IMHO.
  8. Its indeed an interesting thing, that so many of the "old" LOTRO players actually returned to the game. I left LOTRO at the end of 2011 for SWTOR and returned shortly before the RoR-release. In the last weeks I noticed (on the german server maiar) that many players who left the game in the last 24 months to games like RIFT, SWTOR and/or GW2 returned. Those I could contact via Teamspeak told me that they missed the story/world of Middle Earth and that the other games became boring. I also think that the Hobbit-Film, which is a great success, motivated players to have again a look in LOTRO.
  9. One thing which I really love in LOTRO is the possibility to equip the chars with cosmetic outfits. With RoR it is possible to put on cosmetics on the warsteeds. Here 3 of my chars: Hansilein with the Jule-Snowcreature-Outfit I gave his steed a skin which is similiar to the forochel winter pony. Hydarnes: he got the equipbox of the Jule-feast. That was a tough grinding but I am quite happy with the result. Shiromir: He wears a special 2hand-sword from the ettenmoors. How does your chars and warsteeds look like ?
  10. For me the shop is helpful because I have 2-3 hours when I decide to play LOTRO per day. In this relative short time I want to enjoy the game and not waste time for grinding. So I like the option to get items from the shop instead of grinding them in skirmishes or dailies. For example the attribute-scrolls for legendary weapons. Also the cosmetic items for the chars and the warsteeds. It simply saves time and dont have so much time to put in 4 hours every day in a week. Not for a virtual game
  11. Yes - I agree to this statement. I play LOTRO since 2007. While I tested several games including AoC and Rift I left LOTRO for 3 monthes to STO and for 8 months to SWTOR. I am a huge fan of the great storylines llike the Star Trek universe, the SW-universe and especially the world created by Tolkien. This is maybe the reason why Rift or GW2 didnt faszinated me - they have (from my point of view) a boring storyline. Since september 2012 I returned to LOTRO. Despite all the valid critisism to the several bugs and some decisions of Turbine I think that LOTRO is still a very good and faszinating game. I dont agree that Turbine is making everything wrong. As a LOTRO-player I really enjoy the game, I also like the shop-concept because I dont like to waste my time for grinding items and consider the RoR-update the best since MoM. And I also see old comrades coming back to LOTRO leaving the games they played during their game-hopping. For example 12 from my kinship first left LOTRO to Rift then left Rift to SWTOR and then SWTOR to GW2. Now after RoR they are all back and playing LOTRO. So while they know all these mentioned games they today prefer to play LOTRO. This is also an interesting fact.
  12. OK - maybe my English in not good enough, so sorry for this. Nevertheless I will try to explain it in more details: I did not use the Level 50 char of my friend for my test but created a new char. I just used his account on Drakkan See/Drakkar Lake [DE] while I was viting my friend on a weekend. When I test a MMO then I wait during the leveling and exploring of the world if the game is fascinating me. In german we have the expression "Der Funke springt rueber" - but I dont know the english expression. Its like an Aha-effect if you are totally fascinated by something. This effect happened to me in the last 5 years only 2 times: When I played LOTRO and then again in SWTOR. Other games like Aion, Rift, STO, AoC and also GW2 were not bad but also not fascinating me. Even STO despite the fact that I am a fan of Star Trek. LOTRO and SWTOR have fascinating background-stories, the world(s) are shown in a "realistic" way. When I am in Bree it looks like the pictured I had when I read the books of Tolkien. The same feeling was present when I was on Coruscant or Tattoine in SWTOR. But in GW2 there was no feeling like this. The world is nicely done. But not impressing (at least not me). Also I absolutely dont like "mega-weapons" like 3 meter long swords whielded by tiny one and a half meter creatures. In LOTRO and SWTOR the equipments are looking "realistic" while in GW2 or Rift they are too exaggerated. Other players surely like those designs but for me it is a negative aspect. But before you misunderstand me again: That was not the only reason why I was not impressed by GW2. I leveled my new char and some hours later I watched the level 50 char of my friend, when he showed me parts of the world. Finally I decided that GW2 is not interesting for me to invest time or money in this game. So - despite my bad english I hope it is now more understandable why I personally dont like the game.
  13. Because I tested GW2 on the PC of a friend of mine who is actually playing the game. If I remember correctly his main char was level 50. And as I wrote: I was not impressed at all.
  14. I am not impressed by GW2 so I won´t buy this game. But I hope that Turbine will take from all new MMO´s new innovations. Not all, because not all new game-elements will fit in LOTRO. But maybe the postal-system of SWTOR (so you can send up to 8 items with one ingame-letter instead of only a single item). Or the crafting-system of SWTOR, where it is possible to craft items even if you are offline. (Its more than boring to stand for hours to create things and to be blocked to play the game.). But I would also like to see some specific LOTRO changes. I like extremely the wardrobe system of LOTRO. But it would be fine to replace shields and weapons with cosmetic designs. So a dwarf-guardian in a cosmetic dwarfen outfit would not be forced to run around with a gold-glittering elven-shield because this has the best values.
  15. As an Iranian this question seems to me quite sarcastic. Especially if you consider that the so called civilized western nations destroyed actively the iranian democracy and replaced it by a dictatorship. But lets turn the time back to WW1. Iran, which was called Persia by the western nations in these times, declared its neutrality when WW1 occured. This neutrality was ignored by both sides, so in the northern part of Iran ottoman-turkish and imperial russian troops were fighting each other. After WW1 the iranian Kadjar dynasty was overthrown by the Pahlavi-dynasty. In WW2 Iran again declared its neutrality. The iranian Shah, Shah Reza Khan, was a friend of the German Reich, but not allied with axis powers. The allied powers wanted Iran to expel all germans out of Iran and become part of the allied nations in the War. Mainly because of the land-route to support the USSR and also because of the iranian oil ressources. Iran refused and was attacked by the so called "good" allies. It was occupied, its Shah was deposed and died in South Africa and iran was forced to join the Allies. During the occupation thousands of iranians were killed by soviet and british occupation forces. So its no wonder that there is no sympathy for these two nations in Iran. After WW2 Iran turned to the USA. This "new player" was fascinating for many iranians. In the 50ties then one great iranian came to power: His name was Dr. Mossadegh and he was the prime minister of Iran. He deposed the Shah and sent him in an unbloody revolution to exile to Italy. Mossadegh was from the Kadjar-bloodline, but instead of declaring him a new Shah or dictator he wanted to change Iran to democracy. Then he cancelled the oil contracts with the UK. The british influenced the USA by telling horror stories and lies - like that Mossadegh was a communist and wanted an alliance with the USSR. That was nonsense. But finally the CIA and the UK-secret service performed the "Operation Ajax". Mossadegh was deposed and the Shah reinstalled. To repeat this: the democratic leader of Iran, who wanted to continue the democracy process in Iran was deposed by the democratic western nations of USA and UK and a dictator was reinstalled. To ensure that the Shah could not deposed again, the imperial secret police of Iran, the SAVAK, was changed to a mighty suppressing instrument. Like the Nazi Gestapo the SAVAK killed and torturd for the next decades thousands of iranians. The iranian people were so frustrated about these developments that they just wanted to depose the Shah. Finally the bloody islamic revolution happened. And the mullah pack around Khomeini took their chance. They have been the best organized group and took the power and Iran was since then in a new dictatorship, even worse than during the Shah-reign. So again: When today western politicians demand the iranians to change their country to democracy it is like a blow in the face (I hope that there is a similiar english expression. If not please consider that English is the 3rd language I learned). Iran (unlike germany which was forced to democracy after WW1 or WW2) was in 50ties on the right path to change to a democratic country. Then we would have had three non-arab democracies in the Middle East: Israel, Iran and Turkey and a much more stable situation than today. Also it is quite funny (sarcastic) that Iran is blamed for so many crimes while the ally Saudi-arabia is ignored. But if you check Saudi-Arabia you will find out that this country has a very similia dictatorship. There are much more archaic and religious motivated rules in SA than in Iran. Saudi Arabia supports terrorists like Talibans and Al Kaida, they even have much worse women rights than Iran. The women in SA are even not allowed to driv a car. Dont misunderstand me: I dont want to defend the crimes in Iran but I want to raise the question why no one seems to be disturbed by the crimes in Saudi Arabia. When the syrian Assad butchered the democrats with his tanks we got many pictures and films but when Saudi arabian tanks did the same to the democrats of Bahrein no one cared. But this is the reality. It is not important, if you are a bloody dictator or not. Its only important if you are the bloody dictator who is allied to the West or not. Remember that even Saddam was once the ally of the West and when he used poison gas against Iran and even his own people the UN-resoultion was blocked by the Veto of the USA. And these are things which are not forgotten by iranians who are trying to find a way to depose the mullah-regime. There is simply no trust in the western nations because of their actions in the past.
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