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  1. Perhaps they're bailing because you're being an asshole and they can't see any further point in trying to engage? A Freudian might read something into the fact that you chose the word "clashing" rather than, say, "discussing". No, you're not always like that. But sometimes you damn well have been. So, sometimes, maybe it's you, not them.
  2. I should go look for Patrick Stewart's version...
  3. Apologies are nonsense. You cannot apologise for what someone else did. Especially when the someone else was someone who lived 50, 100, 200 years before you. I'm English, in case it's not obvious. There have been a few calls from UK veterans over the years; the Japanese should apologise for the way they treated our PoWs! Why? They treated our PoWs according to their culture. Surrender was shameful, death was far better. Surrender made you less than human, so they treated PoWs as though they were less than human. It's not the way you think, it's not the way I think... Ultimately the All
  4. Rain - that's an interesting link, thank you. Unfortunately, most of what is quoted is rather after the fact. More pertinently, several of the quotes suggest that Japan was, in some way, ready to surrender. On the evidence I've seen, I can't agree that it was. It was in the hands of the militarists & they were not. A "short wave broadcast" as suggested by Hoover, for example, I wish it had been tried; maybe it would have worked. But, in the face of all the available evidence, I'm afraid I don't believe that it would have been anything other than disregarded.
  5. I'd agree. Very parochial & US-centric. If I find time & inclination, I'll do Cranky the courtesy of explaining why I think that in more detail later. However, your post isn't a lot better, Dan. Evidence? None. I've heard this "testing" argument before; I'm fairly sure it cropped up in the ten year old thread too. There's no evidence it's true, or even plausible. It's an argument advanced by the anti-bomb side of the argument because it sounds good & can't be proved or disproved. "Impossible surrender conditions"? What impossible conditions? No conditions were demanded. Jap
  6. I never said it wasn't possible. However, the cost of winning the war, or rather ending it, given that there was no doubt about the winning, was extortionate, prohibitive. As I have already pointed out! The US High Command had already estimated the likely cost of a conventional victory & they did not like the answers. Would you rather the war had been won conventionally at the cost of 5+ million lives instead of the quarter of a million (approximately & within 4 months of the bombings)? Yes, the bombs had a beneficial effect. Yes, they were woeful actions; they were actions full of
  7. OK, now I understand what you're getting at, but I disagree with what you're saying. Mostly because I think you've not entirely understood the scenario that you're using as an argument. Manchuria is an irrelevance to what is happening in Japan. It doesn't matter how up to date the intelligence that the Big Six have on Manchuria, because they don't care what happens to it. The relevant quote from my earlier post is: Essentially, screw Manchuria, screw Maritime Province. The only thing that matters now is making any & every assault so prohibitively costly that the enemy would rather a
  8. Sorry, Dar, not quite sure what you're asking. The Japanese didn't know that Manchuria had been invaded, but they had anticipated that it would be. Therefore they had fortified it. However, at this late stage in the war, they were well aware that there was no hope of holding on to it. More importantly, there was no value in doing so, either. What mattered was defence of Japan. So all the first class units had been brought back to Japan. They didn't know that Manchuria had been invaded, not least because (I imagine) their communications over long distances were probably shot to hell. They w
  9. Why you object to the word Community, I presume? Sorry, was the c-word referring to something else?
  10. I just did. Interesting, nicely written, but inaccurate in many respects; written by a journalist, not a historian. Very evocative, but... "Sixty thousand men vaporized in an afternoon is inconceivable"? Never happened. He's confused 60,000 casualties on the first day of the Somme (true) with 60,000 dead (not true), and even that doesn't excuse the use of "vapourised". Interesting, but do read it with a degree of caution!
  11. That wasn't a challenge, Doro. I don't think the forum would survive! And anyway, why would I waste the effort on the likes of you? I'm not that bored. Maybe later... Oh dear. Non-listener. Bye.
  12. Only in your non-native English speaker opinion. Others, some of them native English speakers, disagree that that was what was meant. Opinion! As if I was actually trying to do so!
  13. I could start with "Congratulations! You've missed my point!" That would be overtly sarcastic, and you might feel like responding. So might I, were I on the receiving end. I've written far worse than I've read in this thread, and even posted it. In fact, I've written worse things than Doro has ever posted & posted them. Over the years, though, I've learnt it might be emotionally satisfying, but it's counter-productive. It's like the boy that cried wolf. However important your message is, if no-one listens to it because it's you saying it... I still write walls of flame occasionally, bu
  14. Raedwulf


    Of course, if you want LoTR-related art, you could do worse than drop into the Bird & Baby. Alas, Nimlith has not visited for several years, but there is some absolutely fabulous stuff in there that she created...
  15. Are you serious? No, he wasn't. He accusing Bango of being a Keyboard Warrior - someone who behaves in a thoroughly aggressive fashion, in a way which it is highly unlikely he would be doing in real life. It's got sod all to do with courage, and everything to do with the fact that the internet is a place that has practically no meaningful sanction whatsoever. Someone can act like a complete cunt (it seems appropriate to use the word at this point, so I'm using it without apology) on the net & what's the worst that can happen to them? They cop a lifetime ban from a forum. Big. Fat. Hair
  16. For that to be true, calories would be a meaningful guide to nutrition & it's not. All exercise actually does, in terms of weight los As & ignoring other obvious health benefits, is make you hungry! As Taubes says of the calories in / calories out paradigm, "it is so compelling and so pervasive that it is virtually impossible nowadays not to believe it." Trouble is, when you look at the evidence as he presents it, it's just plain wrong. You're just... strange...
  17. Came to this slightly late, but on the subject of dropping the bomb, or the second one, I had this debate almost exactly 10 years ago (the first thing I'm about to re-post (now that I've got c&p working) was posted on the 8th Aug 2004). I'll apologise in advance for the tone of these pieces - the debate was pretty vigorous & I tended to be more acerbic back then. Please don't take offence; it's a bit strident in places, but that's not directed at anyone here - it'd just be too much trouble to edit it all down! If you're a tl;dr kind of person, because this will be lengthy, in a nutsh
  18. Actually, it's not high fat foods that are the problem, which is one reason why calorie counting is complete bollocks. It's high-carb diets that are the problem (and they, typically, are eaten by the poorer sections of any society because they're cheap, which is why there are many poor fat, yet malnourished people around). Try getting your hands on Why We Get Fat by Gary Taubes. You may not agree with everything in it, you may not change your diet as a result, but he has some very compelling arguments to make.
  19. Ooo! Is there a fight, Bas? Who do you reckon Vor is fighting? Which side do you reckon we should pick o.... Sorry? Vor thinks we're fighting each other?! Oh dear. {sniggers nastily} Is he ever in for a nasty surprise. Will you tell him or shall I... {evil grin} True, Spidey, but on Anet's forums, it must be borne in mind that kitten is an expletive. Only a Yank could do that to such a sweet and innocent... {ducks & runs}
  20. I've read Dreadnought more than once; it's one of the best written & well researched histories I've ever read. However... alongside Bel's "Germany's leadership were convinced that time was running out" (dammit, why does neither quote nor cut & paste work for me now? Gah!), you have to lay the fact that they panicked when they realised that war was unavoidable. There is an argument that The Great War was inevitable; that, I think, is wrong. There is another argument that A Great War was inevitable; a case can be made for that, although it will never be more certain than an intellect
  21. Wow! Doro finally got banned (albeit, only briefly)? That made my day! As to the rest of it, I don't hang around here much these days, so I don't know what Dar's moderation has been like (no, Dar wasn't the trigger for me mostly departing), but I do know that this, as it has always been, is MueR's forum. Now, mostly I trust MueR to be a miserable old git (despite him being rather younger than me), but I also trust him to run a forum. So I would suggest that the best course is to let him sort things out quietly & privately. Yelling in public rarely does any good. Especially on the intern
  22. Incalcuably so! For better or worse? There's an unanswerable value judgement...
  23. Raedwulf


    We're supposed to tell how, exactly? Argh. Shit. Happily, do no more than 2 days a week in the office, and they're allegedly making me redundant... sometime... (been extending me since Feb!).
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