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  1. I am starting a new online project that requires a forum. I have been looking at the options that are open to me and would like some advice regarding what may be the most suitable. One option is to try and integrate a forum into Word Press itself. I have looked into this and it seems viable, but I have a feeling it will be high maintenance. Also there is the issue of the extra demands it may put upon bandwidth. The other choice is to simply look for a hosted option. If so who is an appropriate vendor? I not looking for any freebie services. I do not want the forums ruined by adverts or anything of that nature. I also want the forum to be relatively easy to administer.I may well have assistance at a future date, but to start with all the work will fall to me. Finally, if the word press site and forums are separate entities residing with different hosts, how can you easily link them with a single domain name? It may be easier to find a hosting company that can provide both services simultaneously. All sensible advice is appreciated.
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