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  1. Looks like LOTRO may be getting a console conversion Some links to some interesting info: https://tagn.wordpress.com/2020/12/02/daybreak-revealed-in-enad-global-7-presentation/ https://massivelyop.com/2020/12/02/everything-we-just-learned-about-daybreak-thanks-to-eg7/ Also, here's the investor presentation PDF from EG7. It's odd the way the information tap has just been turned on, as we move from a privately held company, Daybreak, to a European public firm, EG7. EG7-Investor-Presentation-Dec-2020-Acquires-Daybreak-Games.pdf
  2. Here's the pricing for the so-called "mini-expansion". It's all kicking off over on the official forums.
  3. LOTRO: Bullroarer Update 28 Preview #1: When is an update not an update? When it's a "mini expansion". A few thoughts on the new zone preview along with a gallery of pictures. http://www.containsmoderateperil.com/blog/2020/9/24/lotro-bullroarer-update-28-preview-1
  4. I spent several hours exploring the Elderslade on Bullroarer last night. Unless I've overlooked something, this is just a bog standard content update and I can't see anything justifying the term "mini expansion". I think SSG are being forced to sell Update 28 by Daybreak due to a hole in the Q3 financial returns. So it look like Update 28 is just going to be a standard content update with some cosmetic trinkets thrown in. The Guardian nerf doesn't seem to have gone down well either. I'll write a more detailed breakdown on my blog. I think this may be the beginning of the end for LOTRO.
  5. Well a solution to the RDR2 PC problem has been found by players and not Rockstar Games. If you have an AMD Processor and your BIOS has been updated to include AGESA ABBA support, then it won't run the game. You have to downgrade your BIOS so that it has the earlier AGESA support, then the game will run.
  6. I bought Red Dead Redemption 2 for the PC last week and preloaded it. It officially unlocked at 3:00 PM GMT on Tuesday 5th November. I haven't played the game since then because it simply won't launch. Rockstar Games put out a 2.98 GB patch last night. Made no difference whatsoever. The game fails to start when you click "play" on the new Rockstar Games launcher. The technical advice available on the official support page is arbitrary to say the least. There doesn't at this point, seem to be an easily identifiable common factor to the problem. Some PCs are running the game. Others aren't. The
  7. The Conservative party has to win an election and secure a sizeable majority to deliver Johnson's version of Brexit. All the various opposition parties have to do is deny them this. Then there's the potential for a coalition of other parties and possibly scope for a second referendum, for those invested in such a thing. As ever it will be all about targeting marginal seats. So overall this is not an equitable fight. Different parties have different objectives. The MP in my constituency, James Brokenshire, has a 15,000 strong majority. It is a safe Tory seat. He can theoretically afford to
  8. Minas Morgul Preview (with picture gallery). A compact and dour zone. I suspect player's opinion of this forthcoming expansion may well depend on how they felt about Mordor. There may also be issues over the value of this expansion
  9. I just logged into Bullroarer and mapped to Minas Tirith before the battle. I rode from the entrance of the main city gate, right the way to the top. The hitching and stuttering is significantly reduced. The main issue now seems to be the mount moving smoothly and the environment juddering occasionally. Also noted, that the overall performance got better as I got nearer to the citadel at the top. I play LOTRO with the graphics set to high using a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti. Screen resolution 1920 x 1200. I rode across Rohan Yesterday evening and that also seems smoother. Not saying it's perfec
  10. It's a pleasant lush and verdant landscape. You can access it via the Misty Mountains, Lothlorien or the Mirkwood Forest Gate. Judging by the map we may get a Upper Anduin region that include Mount Gundabad. Also There may be an Eastern connection into the middle area of Mirkwood that we don't have at present. They've incorporated the existing Beorning starter area well. The Beorning settlements are suitable rustic but when you look hard, a lot of the building asset are weathered and lichen covered Rohan architecture. However this is a test build and fine tuning may be done. The Gladden fields
  11. Bullroarer is up as of tonight (UK) time. 64 bit client is now available to test. So far, less hitching. Generally smoother performance.
  12. I don't think this is as big a threat as some think. Those who got dissatisfied with LOTRO and left long ago may well try the new MMO. But those long term LOTRO players who have invested a huge amount of time and energy into the SSG game are not going to through in the towel just like that. Many aren't "gamers" in so far as they just play LOTRO and are used to the way that game does things, despite the fact that it has the game mechanics of a decade old MMO. I would hazard a guess that the new Middle-earth based MMO will have all the modern trappings of the genre, such as action combat, a
  13. I bitch about The Eyes and Guard Tavern here if anyone's interested. Here are a few more pictures from Bullroarer.
  14. They've employed someone from what I've heard who is working on the x64 client issue. I've not heard anything of any breakthrough or progress in that respect. Beyond that, what exists both on the live servers and on Bullroarer continues to stutter etc.
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