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  1. I don't think this is as big a threat as some think. Those who got dissatisfied with LOTRO and left long ago may well try the new MMO. But those long term LOTRO players who have invested a huge amount of time and energy into the SSG game are not going to through in the towel just like that. Many aren't "gamers" in so far as they just play LOTRO and are used to the way that game does things, despite the fact that it has the game mechanics of a decade old MMO. I would hazard a guess that the new Middle-earth based MMO will have all the modern trappings of the genre, such as action combat, as well as more flexible class and build designs. ESO springs to mind as a potential role model. I can't see a bunch of LOTRO faithful making an easy transition to such a radically different game environment. It believe it ultimately comes down to whether ME are happy for two Tolkien based MMOs to exist concurrently. If they are then I think they'll simply appeal to different market sectors and they be just a small amount of crossover with gamers that play both MMOs.
  2. I read "pounce" as "ponce". My bad 🧐
  3. Moderate Peril

    Update 23

    I bitch about The Eyes and Guard Tavern here if anyone's interested. Here are a few more pictures from Bullroarer.
  4. Moderate Peril

    Update 23

    They've employed someone from what I've heard who is working on the x64 client issue. I've not heard anything of any breakthrough or progress in that respect. Beyond that, what exists both on the live servers and on Bullroarer continues to stutter etc.
  5. Moderate Peril

    Update 23

    I quite like the Grey Mountains and the Iron Hills. They are spacious zones and are a welcome change to Mordor, where I'm still stuck. With regard to re-using assets, it can be a lazy option if over done, but I feel that SSG have managed to maintain a sense of continuity (by using the old) while still adding a veneer to Dwarven culture. There's a distinct Easterling influence in the zone and the Dwarf armour is quite different. I could do without the extra five levels, bringing the cap to 120. More details of my thoughts here.
  6. SSG posted a statement by DGC today. They said nothing themselves but simply cut and paste a press release from DGC. It is factually "questionable". Then we have the layoff today at DGC today, following the departure of Chief Publishing Officer and former Senior Vice President, Laura Naviaux. This story smells so bad and DGC are making such a hamfisted attempt to cover their tracks by deleting tweets, and editing Wikipedia, that finally the "big boys" of game industry journalism have caught on. Here are my thoughts on the matter. May be tomorrow will shed further light on the matter. Bummer for those who lost their jobs today. Hope they find gainful employment elsewhere soon. Hopefully with a "better" company.
  7. Moderate Peril

    Bullroarer Update 22 (Build #1)

    Build #2 was released today. we now have a region map and a revised Rhovanion map. Plus, there are folk queuing for the privy in Lake-town
  8. Moderate Peril

    Bullroarer Update 22 (Build #1)

    I only had time to check out the map and didn't do any "digging" to find out about new gear. I suspect more information about such things will be in the next test build.
  9. Moderate Peril

    Bullroarer Update 22 (Build #1)

    We're going to Northern Mirkwood and the Dale-lands in the next update. Anything is better than Mordor! The fist test build was available on Bullroarer this weekend. Here are a few pictures. My summary of things so far is here.
  10. Moderate Peril

    Give away - LotRO Europe stuff

    PM'd you Mr Banks about the boxset
  11. Moderate Peril

    Amazon: Lord of the Rings for tv?

    It looks like Christopher Tolkien is out of the picture, having resigned as the director of the Tolkien Estate. I guess that coupled with the death a while ago of Saul Zaentz means that a lot of the "obstacles" to making more material available for adaptation have now gone. http://www.theonering.net/torwp/2017/11/15/104426-in-historic-move-christopher-tolkien-resigns-as-director-of-tolkien-estate/
  12. Moderate Peril

    Morder Pre-Purchase Packages Announced

    No Almagnus1. No one is triggered (which is a trite phrase that doesn't feature in serious debate). You simply presented me with an easy writing opportunity. Yes, I have a "soap box on the net" because I'm a writer. Funny that isn't it? I'm happy to put time and effort in to generating traffic for it. I and others have written sufficient here to address your erroneous arguments. I have a rule these days, of not getting bogged down in lengthy, circular internet debates. And your ongoing replies validate this. But thanks for the traffic.
  13. Moderate Peril

    Morder Pre-Purchase Packages Announced

    "You're playing wrong"...
  14. Moderate Peril

    Morder Pre-Purchase Packages Announced

    Oh look, yet another "you're playing wrong" post. The very concept of "forcing people to be social" is inherently anti-social. The clue is in the use of the word "force". It seldom yields positive results. Give players choice. It is possible to accommodate both play styles. At present running group content in LOTRO gains players better gear anyway, so I do not see socially disposed players as being disadvantaged at present. The only time I've ever come across this debate and vociferous demands from both sides, has been on forums. As we all know forums do not represent the majority world view of LOTRO players. I have written in the past about the average LOTRO player and they're far from a needy group. Posts like this always smack of "you're play differently to me and I don't like it", which is a odd mindset to say the least. Sadly it's all too common these days and impinges upon far more important matters than gaming.
  15. Moderate Peril

    Mordor Preview

    I've spent some time looking around test build 2 of Mordor. Have written a few thoughts on the aesthetics of the Black Land here. Will it be too dark & gloomy for some players?