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  1. So I wish I had listened to you all raving about this game years ago. I saw the new expansion coming out and thought I would give the free trial a go. I've recently purchased the game and expansions and am fairly confident in saying its the best mmo I have ever played and certainly has the best story. Thanks for the tip, I should have listened earlier
  2. Crusader Kings 2 is free on steam right now. Excellent game if you haven't played it yet
  3. I kind of think MMOs as we remember them are a dying breed now. I would be surprised if there is another LOTR one after this is over.
  4. I don't actually have an issue with the gambling aspect of lootboxes, I'm an adult, I can make decisions about how to spend my money. If people think kids will end up gambling addicts because of lootboxes then look at their parents for blame first. My only real issue with lootboxes is that, as we see with battlefront, major parts of the game are held behind a grind or a gamble. If you have already spent £60 on a star wars game you certainly would expect to be able to play as Luke skywalker without paying extra or grinding 40-50 hours for it. That annoys me. Limit lootboxes to CCGs and in game cosmetics (see overwatch) and I think they are fine to be honest, I can choose to ignore them. EU won't ban lootboxes, they may look at the age rating of games with lootboxes and probably ask companies to reveal the odds but they won't get banned completely
  5. Are loot boxes any different than over the counter collectable cards that people have been buying for decades? Just a question for debate purposes, not a fan of loot boxes invading video games myself, I do however not have a problem with them in CCGs So I think they are fine in games like hearthstone
  6. I don't blame a business for jumping at an obviously profitable new trend, no matter how much I dislike it, I can understand why when you see games like madden and hearthstone making a fuckton of money out of crates you might try the same thing.
  7. Lootboxes are here to stay, overwatch, hearths tone, dota, lol, fifa, shadow of mordor, tomb raider, madden... Etc... So many games now with loot boxes or packs, you can't blame ssg for jumping on that band wagon to be honest.
  8. So these are just cosmetics? Not sure I see how this is any worse than any other micro transaction stuff.
  9. You can try submitting a ticket to help.standingstonegames.com If you ccan access it! Twitter is /lotro
  10. We really need doro's opinion in this thread but I haven't noticed him around for ages
  11. You might try opening a command prompt window, type ipconfig /flushdns then try again
  12. I know it was garbage, the speed of the rescue, the sacrificial extras etc... It's still very entertaining garbage though
  13. Ok, well this was my plan, unfortunately no game in the history of crappy MMOs updates slower than Lotro.
  14. Honestly, if you are stupid enough or wealthy enough to drop $130 on a lotro expansion then you probably don't care that it's shite
  15. That bottom character is most definitely not an improvement. Was going to log in tonight and check it out, not looking forward to seeing what my characters are going to look like now
  16. I'm essentially playing lotro only occasionally and as a single player rpg with a chat room at this point. So yeah these prices seem a little high to me
  17. I don't know, it doesn't seem that bad to be honest. Some of the requirements are a bit grindy and a bit too much time spent travelling around but if you plan out your routes it's not too bad. I feel like if you are really celebrating a 10 year anniversary then you will likely have a character capable of doing most of these. If you have only been around for a year or so and don't have a max level character yet then you probably were not the intended audience for a 10 year anniversary celebration. A lot of things to complain about in Lotro but this doesn't seem that big a deal to me to be honest, I actually extended the sub that I intended to cancel so that I could complete this, it's actually kind of relaxing to take a break from whatever I'm currently playing (Typically ME:A or Overwatch if anyone is interested) and just spend an hour or so on progressing these a bit further.
  18. They already did. Standing stone games run Lotro now
  19. This is a good point, as much as I often shit on the current state of Lotro, of all the MMOs I have ever played the only one I still occasionally log in to is Lotro. I tired the last WoW expansion and wasn't interested, SWTOR same, GW2 I lost interest in years ago, Rift is a shadow of its former self, Archage is just too grindy. Lotro I do still occasionally log in to chat to friends and check out new content, seems strange when the others on the face of it seem like better games?
  20. I don't know enough about either obamacare or this new thing to say what I think is best (although I read that the new one would have left 24 million without health insurance, which seems like a bad thing) I just find it amusing watching Trump and the rests reaction I have no idea what this means
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