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  1. Actually it makes sense having your primary stat to affect all your offence instead of just affecting the skills you primarily use for offence. Hitting a mob with two stones the size of your own palm, is it really sensible that the more might you have the more you do damage with them? Considering these stones do damage in the form of lightning fire or frost, it's sensible to think the damage they do is more of a magical type than just raw muscle strength.
  2. My Rune-Keeper actually does 500 dmg on critical hits meleeing ... but doing consistent melee damage is where they lose, at least to my burglar
  3. This often happens when i reforge a weapon at Forge-Master, and then just esc out. The 'rank up' button just stays gray, and a tooltip appears saying i still have not finished with Forge-Master. Going out of the crafting hall doesn't help with this, as i did that and still had the button grayed out. Opening the Forge-Master panel and closing it again seems to be one of the ways to fix this problem. Really annoying to find out the button is grayed out after running out of the crafting hall.
  4. I wouldn't call these books a grind, at least for me they were not at all. All the pages needed to complete the deeds dropped during normal questing in the regions that are described in the deed log. Just don't expect anything else than humanoid mobs to drop them.
  5. I had similar problems in AH when i opened the panel right after the EU servers went up in US. Whenever i tried to list items by name, they would show in random order as if they were not sorted at all and clicking on next page would result in a blank page. But when i tried listing them by level, things went as they should. That has not occurred afterwards though. Another issue with AH is that the burglar class items are not properly listed (in Class items -> Burglar), all the legendary class items are missing from the list.
  6. Latency before ~70-80 ms Latency now ~140-150 ms So now, whenever an enemy starts doing an induction, and i do an attempt to interrupt it, it takes 0,82 seconds in an optimal situation to see if i did interrupt it. As opposed to 0,61 seconds that was before. (0,14 s to see induction being started + 0,4 s reaction time + 0,14 s for click to get to server + 0,14 s to see click being performed).
  7. I'm getting this odd green "Loading..." box on top of the forum home page, but it disappears when i click on any of the subforums. The page finishes loading on my web browser (IE, not the latest version, only browser i can use at work) but the green box remains even if i refresh the page and wait for it to finish loading. Doesn't bother me in the slightest since it only appears on the front page of the forums, just curious about what it is supposed to be loading Edit: Also, it only appears when i log in, browsing the forum as a guest that green box never appears.
  8. It's a TOAD! Took this photo a few years ago when i was living near a wet, swampy area where these creatures apparently had plenty of bugs to eat so they bloated to these huge sizes. Only saw one of these around there though and luckily i had a camera along with me when i spotted it
  9. Thuno


    Hi all, been a frequent visitor of the Codemasters forums since november last year, though i have only posted 14 messages under a different username. I do like these forums much much better than the slow and awkward looking US forums. Let's hope the people of Europe do use these forums instead of the official Turbine forums, especially if the Codemasters forums are going to be archived.
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