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  1. I came to that conclusion today also and as I know her login I can just get the code apply it and get one of the pre-orders for myself too.
  2. I'm wondering if the price of the expansion ingame is already known because you might be better off buying the expansion now then having to buy TP to buy it ingame as that might be more expensive. Sodt is right when he says that we were aware of the fact we'd have to buy the expansion when we entered a lifetime subscription. The option to buy it ingame with TP is an added bonus but I do like the fluff and it might be handy to buy one for my girlfriend who is F2P and refuses to pay for online games so I have been grinding for TP on her account but if I buy the expansion it gives some quest packs that she doesn't have yet and I might get away with her not wanting me to spend any money for her on TP I only have to ask what colour horse she wants now or maybe get legendary for her
  3. Well I'm not fused by the pricing as I'm lifetime sub anyway and haven't bought TP sofar but the TP prices seem to be lower on the US side so if I do buy it's good.
  4. Victory gave you an answer... or what they feel passes for it and closed the thread.
  5. I have met an American who thought that the Netherlands was a province of Germany so when I told him "Yeah! and Alaska is part of Russia, right?" he started to explain to me that it was in the past but the US bought it from them... my sarcasm was totally wasted on him Oh yeah, thanks for the welcome and welcome to our little forum
  6. I really have a very good connection so: Before 2ms. After 82ms. No noticeable difference for me but it is a lot higher.
  7. Yes a warm welcome to Turbine and I'm looking forward to being able to play Lotro again and wonder if I'll ever notice any change.
  8. I have used my reactivated account to see if anything has changed and it's a fun game to start with but I stopped because there wasn't really much to do except for the same 4 mansion when I was lvl68 on my Dark Templar. I thought that F2P might be interesting but when I found out that I wouldn't be able to play my Dark Templar and my next character was a lvl30 priest of Mytra I decided to let it go without another thought..... I think they shot themselves in the foot on this rule becuase many potential returning players will feel this way.
  9. I'm pretty sure they have every intention of having us being able to play in 2 or 3 days because they do want us otherwise they'd left the service in the hands of Codemasters. We just have to hope the transistion goes well but remember they have a running serverpark in place already so it's just a matter of adding these servers to it and merging the login database so we are known to them. You know there is always Aion who have a welcome back to old subcribers from june the 3rd to June the 13th so that might keep me busy if Turbine messes up
  10. Well whatever works don't laugh but my girlfriend thinks my warden kills mob so fast that she doesn't have much time to kick in her slow casting Lore Master skills The real treat comes when fighting elites or signature because that is when warden and LM are at their best.
  11. Same here I'm happy with this little spot on the web where we can hang out and read/write post without Turbine CM hovering over us.
  12. I for one love my warden while playing with my girlfriend on her Lore Master. It's really a superb combination.
  13. Which one would you suggest I try next hunter or champion. I kind of want to try champion becuase I never leveled one above level 10 so it might be fun to make one.
  14. I'd say a warden because the class deeds are easy enough to do because the initial damage is so low so you can even get the right gambit combination on low level mobs and for the shire the 25% run buff is good
  15. Seems like it's a CM problem indeed as I can't get into any other CM game forum either... that's internet for you sometimes it just goes down and nothing to do but wait for the site to come back up again
  16. For a minute I was thinking this was an actually Turbine plan because it was worked out so well and then it hit me! it was worked out too well and there was no downside to it so it couldn't be from Turbine! I hope they take notice of it and give it the attention it deserves.
  17. Densar


    Hi Saelanna and SoDT I'm stilling alive and kicking... eventhough the kicking doesn't start untill I've been up for at least an hour Don't know if you'll see me much on Snowbourne but definitely on these boards, say hi to the other old gits for me.
  18. I really enjoyed fighting Thorog. Very impressive boss and very hard to get him down and keep everyone alive too
  19. Nice job on the forum it has the Lotro feel but is a little cleaner..... so maybe even a little beter.
  20. Densar


    Hi Everyone! I see lots of familiar names in here including Satine! and Sodt too I hope you remember a funny old Dutch player by the name of Minyathir because i'm back playing with my girlfriend on Laurelin but still remember the good times on Snowbourn with you Grumpy old Gits
  21. I have always found it to be funny the US forums of any game is more strict then the European once it seems that the land of the Free isn't that free after all but it would also be good if Sapience and other Turbine moderators join this forum so they know that is going on in the community and take notice of it without them having the power to ban anyone.
  22. Playing on Laurelin myself I have been keeping an eye on this development and I have seen that many RP'ers from the US will stay on Landroval and roll a new character on Laurelin. I haven't noticed that we need lots of enforcing on Laurelin and that it's the community that makes sure things don't get out of hand. I'm sure there will be some grievers but you get them everywhere and they can be taken care off even without special rules for RP servers.
  23. I personally hardly looked at the server forums and sticked more to the general, newbie, class forums and occasionally the crafting forums so I don't really see much need for server forum especially when there are not that many members yet as you'll end up with too few people over too many forums.
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