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  1. Think I must look haggard , we were both in aldi shopping and Frank Doherty got id'd but I didn't , charming lol ! He'll be gloating all night now !

  2. Feeling reflective today and thankful , even though it hasn't been the best year at times and I'm having a few issues health wise when I look back to 2 years ago when I was in hospital and struggling so badly I thank my lucky stars that I'm here and have a wonderful hubby and great family and friends and how important it is not to take anything for granted :-)

  3. Another day another blood test at the docs ! This time they're checking my kidneys , bloody hell I don't want anything else going wrong on me I've enough already lol , did a bit of shopping after with Jean Doherty , I was staggering round asda , I'm sure people must think I'm pissed ! Looking forward to my bed now !

  4. Bloody hell my doctors are a nightmare ! I saw a doc 4 weeks ago who told me to make a follow up app for now so i tried at the time , no apps available try in 2 weeks , so i did and was told the same so tried again today and was told there were no pre bookable apps so i complained to the receptionist , she said oh i'll just check again and surprise surprise i have an app next wednesday ! Why lie about it , so frustrating !

  5. I knew it was going to be one of those days ! Slept terribly , woke up later than i wanted in a stinking mood , my teabag split in my brew , i walked into the cupboard which is going to leave a nice bruise , i stubbed my toe on the door and now the washer has semi flooded the kitchen and it's only 1.40pm !!

  6. Today I will mostly be a grumposaurous

  7. Love is buying your wife a memory foam pillow for her legs when you know she suffers from aching and restless legs , thank you so much Frank Doherty , I love you ♥

  8. Frank woke up last night , just for a second , sighed , muttered stupid turnips then rolled over and went back to sleep ! God I love that man :-)

  9. Me and frank were talking about Tony Blair being a gay icon (random or what ?! ) and frank said I guess gay guys have as good a taste in men as you do ! I said you mean like you ! Soon shut him up lol :-)

  10. Well my docs app was bloody useless , she refused to increase my treatment , put me on anti depressants , said my blood results were fine and booked me in to have a few other things checked out , i just wish they would listen to me , it's so frustrating , i'm in floods of tears right now because i don't know what to do next , i just want to feel somewhat normal again , is that too much to ask ?!

  11. Bloody hell I'm fed up of seeing the footage of Oscar pistorious crying in court , weeping saying she wasn't breathing , of course she wasn't breathing you tool you bloody shot her ! Pillock !

  12. Crap start to the day , didn't get to sleep until 8am , felt pretty awful all day but at least we managed to get to see Linda for the first time in ages , had a good afternoon , the pups had behaved themselves which is a bonus , looking forward to chicken curry for tea then relaxing !

  13. Saturday night , a nice bottle of red wine (thanks Jean Doherty + Sharon Varley ) bit of trashy telly and snuggles with Frank Doherty , sounds good to me :-)

  14. Well that's the most I've done for about 3 weeks , been shopping , had the pups out and actually cooked a meal from scratch for the first time in a couple of weeks , chicken curry , can't wait ! Feeling it now but the jab is kicking in , give it a couple of days and I'll be raring to go lol ;-)

  15. R.I.P Joan rivers , the world will be a duller place without you x

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