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  1. Think I must look haggard , we were both in aldi shopping and Frank Doherty got id'd but I didn't , charming lol ! He'll be gloating all night now !

  2. Feeling reflective today and thankful , even though it hasn't been the best year at times and I'm having a few issues health wise when I look back to 2 years ago when I was in hospital and struggling so badly I thank my lucky stars that I'm here and have a wonderful hubby and great family and friends and how important it is not to take anything for granted :-)

  3. Another day another blood test at the docs ! This time they're checking my kidneys , bloody hell I don't want anything else going wrong on me I've enough already lol , did a bit of shopping after with Jean Doherty , I was staggering round asda , I'm sure people must think I'm pissed ! Looking forward to my bed now !

  4. Bloody hell my doctors are a nightmare ! I saw a doc 4 weeks ago who told me to make a follow up app for now so i tried at the time , no apps available try in 2 weeks , so i did and was told the same so tried again today and was told there were no pre bookable apps so i complained to the receptionist , she said oh i'll just check again and surprise surprise i have an app next wednesday ! Why lie about it , so frustrating !

  5. I knew it was going to be one of those days ! Slept terribly , woke up later than i wanted in a stinking mood , my teabag split in my brew , i walked into the cupboard which is going to leave a nice bruise , i stubbed my toe on the door and now the washer has semi flooded the kitchen and it's only 1.40pm !!

  6. Today I will mostly be a grumposaurous

  7. Love is buying your wife a memory foam pillow for her legs when you know she suffers from aching and restless legs , thank you so much Frank Doherty , I love you ♥

  8. Frank woke up last night , just for a second , sighed , muttered stupid turnips then rolled over and went back to sleep ! God I love that man :-)

  9. Me and frank were talking about Tony Blair being a gay icon (random or what ?! ) and frank said I guess gay guys have as good a taste in men as you do ! I said you mean like you ! Soon shut him up lol :-)

  10. Well my docs app was bloody useless , she refused to increase my treatment , put me on anti depressants , said my blood results were fine and booked me in to have a few other things checked out , i just wish they would listen to me , it's so frustrating , i'm in floods of tears right now because i don't know what to do next , i just want to feel somewhat normal again , is that too much to ask ?!

  11. Bloody hell I'm fed up of seeing the footage of Oscar pistorious crying in court , weeping saying she wasn't breathing , of course she wasn't breathing you tool you bloody shot her ! Pillock !

  12. Crap start to the day , didn't get to sleep until 8am , felt pretty awful all day but at least we managed to get to see Linda for the first time in ages , had a good afternoon , the pups had behaved themselves which is a bonus , looking forward to chicken curry for tea then relaxing !

  13. Saturday night , a nice bottle of red wine (thanks Jean Doherty + Sharon Varley ) bit of trashy telly and snuggles with Frank Doherty , sounds good to me :-)

  14. Well that's the most I've done for about 3 weeks , been shopping , had the pups out and actually cooked a meal from scratch for the first time in a couple of weeks , chicken curry , can't wait ! Feeling it now but the jab is kicking in , give it a couple of days and I'll be raring to go lol ;-)

  15. R.I.P Joan rivers , the world will be a duller place without you x

  16. Finally been for my injection at the doctors , spoke to the nurse who was brilliant , she took some blood , checked a few other bits , spoke to a doctor on my behalf and has got me an appointment next Friday to see , in the nurses words , the best doctor for listening to you and to help you , I really hope so , fingers crossed :-)

  17. Major facepalm from Frank Doherty , about a week ago he lost his bike key and had to drive the work van home and back to get his spare key , he searched for an hour for it , emptied bins etc... Anyway he's just got his wallet out to get his bank card and guess what he found , the bloody key ! All that faffing for nothing , I'd love to say this was an isolated incident but sadly not lol !

  18. Having a good Saturday night with my sweetheart Frank Doherty , love you ♥

  19. Been out today for the first time in a week , only shopping but it felt good to be outside ! Got a new duvet set too and got Claire Regan a birthday pressie , think I did well to remember ! And thanks to Jean Doherty we got a fiver off the shopping , pretty tired now though so my lovely hubby is cooking tea then a nice relaxing evening :-)

  20. I love my hubby so much bless him , I enlisted him on spider killing duties , he armed himself with his trusty loo roll and slayed the beast , or so I thought until upon further inspection it turned out to be some cotton ! Next time maybe his glasses would come in handy !

  21. Having a really bad day today , terrible sleep again , my legs are killing me , banging headache , absolutely shattered , feeling on edge , I've cried 3 times already , not got my injection until next week which didn't help my mood , had to cancel plans to see Linda and the dogs have been hard work this morning , not a happy bunny :-(

  22. In honour of national dog day , my two beautiful boys :-) ♥

  23. Had another productive day ( for me anyway ! ) Got another wash load done , made some soup and made a roast veg pie with garlic roast potatoes for tea , wiped me out again though and my legs and back are killing me ! A £25 lottery win cheered me up somewhat though , looking forward to a nice night with Frank Doherty , a few drinks and cuddles then an extra day with him tomorrow :-)

  24. Recently joined a great support group for Pernicious anaemia and one good suggestion was to write a little list everyday of things you'd like to do no matter how big or small and tick them off at the end of the day so you feel like you've achieved something even if it doesn't seem that big to other people ! So today I've done the washing , put clean clothes away , baked a lemon cake and made the tea , it took so much out of me I've been asleep for the last couple of hours but at least I know...

  25. Frank Doherty is so dopey sometimes ! He left his bike key on a counter at work , can't find it , thinks it might have been thrown out , he spent an hour searching for it and nothing ! He's having to drive the work van home , get the spare key , drive back then finally ride home , men lol :-)

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