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  1. Neeeeed geeeeeear.

  2. This is a topic for posting all the cool/amazing things you've seen throughout your journeys!
  3. Here is Grymdark, new level 65 on Brandywine:
  4. As the topic says, what is your favorite Skirmish and why? I really enjoy Protectors of Thang├║lhad. The ballistas and the size of the attacks make it very interesting, even if it goes a little slowly sometimes. Mazaukal is easily one of my favorite skirmish boss fights as well.
  5. Grymdark


    Hello everyone, I'm Grymdark from the Brandywine server. Relatively new player who just got to level 65 last night, ready to start playing the game for real now! >:]
  6. Almost level 65! RAWR!

  7. What style of weapon do you go with and why? I personally use dual-wield because I like the faster attack animations, and seeing lots of numbers makes me happy.
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