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  1. Exploration deeds (I believe LOTRO did this first and then other games, like WoW took after) and other non-combat type of questing like running with mail bags and hot pies in the Shire.
  2. If there's a thread covering this topic already then feel free to move/delete/lock etc but it seems to me that the confusion caused by the Isengard 50% off deal in the Web Store (but not the Lotro Store, nota bene) deserves it's own topic. Anyhow, it wasn't until I read through the "Instance Finder"-thread just now that I actually realized that the "┬┤Turbine Web Store" and the "Lotro Store" are in fact two different things. I have always assumed it to be one and the same, and i can't be the only one (I hope ) Too bad, Turbine, if you are reading this know that you probably lost out on a lot of potential sales on the 25/11. I haven't bought Isengard as of yet but might have taken into consideration spending some real cash on the offer but I just couldn't find the proposed deal in the Lotro Store on the 25:th so I just assumed the offer was not on. Oh well, life goes on, with or without Isengard.
  3. Possibly The Wheel of Time-MMO, if they (Red Eagle Games) are still working on it. Would coincide nicely with the release of the final WoT volume.
  4. They're flying a select group of players to Iceland to discuss the current state of the game?! , Why doesn't Turbine do something similar with it's playerbase, with WB backing them financially they should have the cash to do it
  5. Don't know if it's just me, but I find it just a little bit annoying, having to download all these French and German loading screens ever so often on startup, usually after every maintenance. I don't recall having to do that under Codemasters and with the euro client. And it seems to be taking quite a long time for each individual screen as well to load up. In this day and age, one would think that a couple of loading screens would take less then a second to download but oh well, guess it's anannoyance that can be lived with, just had to vent a little
  6. Up and running on Evernight, well done Turbine for a quick and painless migration-process
  7. Worth mentioning for lifers is that you do not have to enter any credit card information when that particular request pops up, just click "skip", your lifetime status will still be intact, at least mine seems to be.
  8. Minstrel has a skill he can throw at the guardian at the start of the fight or at any time really when it's needed (have forgotten it's name atm, the one that has a different effect depending on what class you use it on), giving the guardian some extra agroo and damage-dealing for 10 seconds or so
  9. I got the email that my account was re-activated, but upon logging in it says account is "frozen" and needs to be "re-activated", is this how it's supposed to look and will I be able to play anyway when client is downloaded?
  10. Poor bugger with his head in the wrong place.
  11. Some footage from the end of the EU beta, more to come :
  12. Nice view up here on the mirror. The result of hitting the Play Dead-button while simultaneously being knocked back by a troll in Foundantions of Stone:
  13. http://www.abebooks.com/books/RareBooks/hobbit-tolkien-signed-mandela/most-expensive-mar11.shtml
  14. A Game of Thrones, although that franchise might be more suited to a big-scale strategy-game with lots armies and kings clashing etc, although I'd love to play a single toon mmo-style and roaming that world, plus it would be really cool to see The Wall in-game
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